Crooked I Reveals Tracklist For "In None We Trust - The Prelude" EP

UPDATE: The Slaughterhouse member enlists Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B. and more for the project.

Crooked I has announced the digital release of his In None We Trust - The Prelude EP, dropping on December 13th via Treacherous Records/COB Music Group/EMPIRE Distribution.

Though details are scarce surrounding the EP, the Slaughterhouse member enlists Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B., Horse Shoe GANG, Conyac and K-Young for the record.

[November 16]

UPDATE: Crooked I has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming EP, due December 13th.

01. Ssuut x 2
02. Pocket Full Of Money
03. Roll Call f. G. Malone, Coniyac, Jay Rock, Mistah Fab
04. Diamond In The Back f. K-Young
05. Drum Murder f. Horseshoe G.A.N.G.
06. No Competition
07. Goin Bad f. KeyAna
08. Game Time (Bonus Track)

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  • Count

    man oh man,anything with Crooked's name on it,i cops it and straight it goes to my 'classics' collection!This dude is a fucking maniac on tracks man,he blends completely with whatever song he is on and the flow,the wordplay and the metaphors are mind boggling,fucking great lyricist..COB all day nigga!

  • Anonymous

    Crooked I has bars for daaaaays! He's got a solid flow and a great presence on every track he hops on. He had a very hard time when it comes to hooks though... just like Buddens or anyone else on Slaughterhouse. As a collective though.. they are a FORCE! Besides, you can always drop some dope sampled hooks and get Skylar, etc. haha! Nothing but success to Crooked, should be a solid EP. -------------------------------------- FOLLOW @TalentDisplay

  • fitzillaDAmonsta

    i cant believe crooked got so meny haters. scratch that, if he wasnt killin it on every record he wouldnt have any haters. hahaha keep posting ur bullshit faggets

  • ronny

    first off young money is wack and how u gonna call crooked i wack like ur gonna say weezy is the best my ass he so shit i'd say drake gave him a bigger spot light lyrically crooked i and slaughterhouse will eat yall favorite rapper "lil wayne" alive and rebirth 2 and im not a human being 2 will be shit

  • tino

    fun facts - crooked i is 46 years old - he's never released an album that didn't suck - never dropped a solo album - suge knight bloodied him and made him quiver like a crack head bitch with no crack rock he's an internet rapper that you can get on your record for beer money. been in the game 25 years and still looking for his chance. if royce wasn't a dick suck apologist all of slaughterhouse would currently be homeless. a group of losers that forms a losing super group.

  • Jermaine Jgthebarber Guidry

    he always spits fuego ish.

  • Dylan Davies

    crooked sucks lyrically. go listen to some drake like a true hip hop fan.

  • piggface

    crooked is a fuking beast. He wants to drop a mainstream debut, the industry is fucked up, can u blame him?? plus it wouldnt make any sense if he dropped his album before the slaughter/shady album.

  • Anonymous

    Horseshoe G.A.N.G.+Slaughterhouse = Greatness

  • Anonymous

    Needs a Slaughterhouse feature..

  • Anonymous

    preview the album here

  • So Icy Boi!

    who? lmao Im waitin for Rebirth 2 & Im not a Human Being 2. swag YOUNG MONEY WE DA BEST!

  • toppa shot

    lol!! Crook been in the game for about 12 years now and still has 0 solo albums to his name. Why waste time with an ep? Just put those songs towards a full length project already.

    • Anonymous

      cause he does what the fuck he wants to

    • Anonymous

      ^ you sound so naive fam. Its been 12 years!! 12 YEARS!! What process???getting what right!?? Fuck outta hear man! You in denial like shit!

    • Anonymous

      It's all about the process man! Dude gotta get shit right! He's getting the right things connected right now. All the slaughterhouse peoples are kind of sending out EPs and mixtapes right before their big debut and then their solo shit will probably come after that and I guarantee that they will all get solo deals with Shady and if that happens! It's going to be a rap! It's like WU-Tang all over with multi-album deals with all of these crazy lyricists (Joe in my opinon isn't the best with it but he still has skills) I can just see those steps behind the scenes. Crooked is playin it smart!

  • shady

    lets go crooked!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm Crooked

    i dont need to hear an album by Crooked to crown him king of the West. this guy is ill as fuck, an album will send most of this rappers to hell with shame. The shit he did in the past to the shit he's doing now proves enough.. only rapper iller then Crooked rapping right now is on the east coast and thats either Nas or Pharaohe Monch. those that comes close are Elzhi, Slaughterhouse, Jay Electronica etc

  • Brandon Nixon

    Cant wait for this shit... and i want that Million Dollar Story Gatdamnit!!!! Ssutt2x !!!... HSG and Crooked untouchable

  • Sonny James Rene

    I hope to god he releases his debut next year.

  • jesterxxl

    I know Crook hasn't delivered an album but we can't fuckin complain he's kept us on the edgeof our seats whether it be through freestyles, features, mixtapes & EP's unlike say ummm... uhhh... what's his fuckin name... uhhh... ummm... Andre!

  • ETK

    ABOUT TIIIIIIIME go in, crooked, go fuckin' IN

  • Uknowwhat

    I don't think that Crook "debut" album will drop anytime soon. Personally I don't even care anymore, grew tired waiting year after a year, plus all the streetstyles and them got boring after a while, as I wanted to hear full-fledged songs from the dude not random verses over someone elses beats. Don't get me wrong, dude is a beast on the mic, I'm happy for him as his career seems to be finally taking off strong, and I will cop that real album when/if it drops. I just don't anticipate it anymore.

  • LukeSoup12

    Crooked has the sickest flow in the game.

    • Anonymous

      yea who got bodied was at mistah. how you gonna say he bodied someone whose responses you never even heard because they dont exist? lol dickrider exposed

    • war22

      lol "Who got bodied" was a diss for Mistah Fab...he dissed Benzino on "40/40" and "No coming back from that"

    • Anonymous

      Word. ''Who Got Bodied'' destroyed Benzino off delivery alone. Unbelievable flow.

    • FLOWJO

      No sir...that title is reserved for Royce Da 5'9''. NOBODY flows over beats the way he does...not even Em. Now as far as a word play and etc. over Royce then that's debatable...actually I think they're very comparable...and that's why they compliment each other so well on songs.

  • Anonymous

    I love crooked but why won't he drop his debut Album? this guy was signed by a major at age 16 is 30 or something and still hasn't dropped his first album. I just don't understand.

  • CapitalP

    Looking forward to this. Should hold me over before "That" album we all waiting for.

    • Jon

      Crook sure knows how to keep his fans occupied before "That" album drops! 2 weekly series, EPs, mixtapes and tons of freestyles! Hopefully it drops soon after Slaughterhouse's Shady album

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