Ludacris Fires Shots At Drake & Big Sean On "Badaboom"

Luda takes aim at the rappers for stealing what he says is a flow that he pioneered.

On his freshly released mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts , Ludacris assumedly takes aim at Drake and Big Sean on the track “Badaboom.” The DTP leader, who has previously spoken out on rappers stealing his “Supa Dupa” flow (denoted by one-word punch lines at the end of sentences), fires subliminal shots at the rappers on the cut for claiming they invented the style.

“Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing they flows / But I can’t steal what you never made up, bitch! / Y’all some duplicate rap cloning niggas / I manufacture you hoes put on your makeup, bitch!” he raps. “Let me explain, nothing’s been new since Big Daddy Kane / Flows been recycled passed around to different names.

“Eleven years and still counting / And y’all get a couple of hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting?” he continues. “You lyin’ to yaself, just admit it / May not like the way I used it, but you know you ain’t invent it, boy / Do your research before you make a claim so bogus that’s disrespecting pioneers in the game.”

Big Sean previously took credit for inventing what he deemed the “Supa Dupa” flow, which Drake later popularized in his rhymes

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  • Simple like ABC, 123

    I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me... ^^^^^^^^^^ Inspectah Deck-Triumph(Wu-Tang Forever 1997)

  • Jesse Andersen

    Luda's whack Sean's whack and Drake is far from lyrical (good listener tho), so this whole topic is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    ya know, these young cats can get on Drakes dick all they want and I'll even admit Drake is one of my favorite lyricists in the game, but Luda could wreck Drake or Big Sean anyday, he started this punchline lyracism before Wayne even came about. Best lyracists in the game right now 1. Eminem 2. Lupe Fiasco 3. Los 4. Ludacris 5. Tech N9ne 6. Chamillionare 7. Drake 8. T.I. 9. Wayne 10. Big Sean

  • Steven Hii Power Loran

    luda that nigga idgaf...

  • rg

    horrible flow anyways. I love how drake said...a couple rappers killed the flow...including ludacris...and its played out now. this was like a year ago. and Wayne and Nikki still use this shit like its hot...'im a star....shariff badge!"

  • Nico 3

    This article has nothing to do with Vanilla Ice or Hammer. Drake isn't the best, but in terms of sales, popularity and hype, he is better than Luda, who had his time, but who has evolved into other things as he should. To say record sales don't mean anything defeats the whole reason why sales have even been tracked in the first place. Sales mattered to Jay. Eminem. 50. Diddy. Basically anybody successful. Anybody who says they do it for the art, or who are still stuck in the Rakim era, need to dust off their brains and realize that if Rakim would have let Dre mold him, he just might be somewhere today other than the corner freestyling "Know the Ledge" to a group of homeless crack fiends.

  • joe

    Listen to comeback season or goodnight and good luck or good riddance drake can spit and luda is whack

  • youngold

    joe you ignorant cat!

  • joe

    Luda is irrelevant today and Drake spits he would kill luda #Goodnight and Good Luck

  • Anonymous

    Young cats have to get disciplined, son! Get em Luda!

  • Anonymous

    is that the flow these young cats talkin about ? ahah

  • Retro L

    HipHopDX editor is wrong for saying Luda said that flow is something he pioneered he never said that he said he is a pioneer in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Yall mis interpreted me..ethers a great song.....but its not true. Ill take truth over a good song. Go back to when large professor even confirmed that nas's first time seein a tek was with them in dc. The only fact ether had was that em killed him on his own shit...yet we dont have a real nas and em collab..wonder why.

  • (. j) a v i e r

    "Supa Dupa" flow...? I thought those type of lines were referred to as 'grocery bag' rhymes.

  • Fuck a luda crishna

    Ludacris is washed up...ignore him Drizzy and he'll go away...he needs you to respond to be relevant again... ...I think you pussy cat...HELLO KITTY! - Lil Wayne

    • Anonymous

      You think Luda is washed up? Luda don't need those dudes to make him relevant. He can make those same as boring tracks they do, but he is way more lyrical than those dudes in doing it. Kind of like Fabolous. Radio cuts, but still his wordplay is better. And the fact that you quoted that wack ass rhyme like it was the shit really let me know your hip hop intelligence level. There is nothing complex about that shit. A seventh grader could have wrote that shit. most of the times when those dudes do that "supadupa Flow" that shit don't make sense.

  • 50cent

    this new generation get so emotional they remind me of my bitch i smell pussy is that you drake? i smell pussy is that you wayne? these niggas is pussy.

    • jason

      This is my argument about these new cats yall emotional ass hell about your favorite artist. When Ice Cube and NWA had beef I can remember in school us listening to the songs and laughing at how they was killing each other on wax. Same with Common and Cube, lord knows I like both artists wasn't about to cry about it like yall do. Then you scream somebody gay but go outside with you pants pulled below your ass as if you barely escaped the dude in the woods.

  • cominfromthecold

    so can somebody tell me where drake comes into this again? Luda's got beef with bigsean. The idiot (big sean) said he invented it, COMMON SON. Luda and drake have popularized it over the years. so? big deal.Big sean is the one with the big mouth and no respect for his elders. so again i ask, where does drake come into this?

    • Donny Dickshinski

      and then you get nikki on drakes song going i'm a star.. shriff badge........

    • Anonymous

      Drake comes into this because in an interview, the question was asked about the super dupa flow. Drake then said that flow has been "killed" by many rappers. He then goes onto say something about rappers are doing it wrong and then uses ludacris line from my chick's bad "coming down the street like a" as an example to show how rappers are using it.

    • asdfasdf

      In an interview drake basically shitted on ludacris saying a lot of rappers have "killed" the super dupa flow and then begins to say you should never use that flow like this "coming down the street like a" which luda said in his verse on My chicks bad.

    • asdfasdf

      In an interview drake basically shitted on ludacris saying a lot of rappers have "killed" the super dupa flow and then begins to say you should never use that flow like this "Coming down the street like a parade...Macys" which was a line luda used in My Chick Bad.

    • asdfasdf

      In an interview drake basically shitted on ludacris saying a lot of rappers have "killed" the super dupa flow and then begins to say you should never use that flow like this "Coming down the street like a parade.. Macy's" which was a line luda used in My Chick Bad.

  • Jay Serius

    How y'all know this is shot at them? U dont.

  • Mars

    I think whoever wrote this article is misinterpreting Luda's words. Luda never claimed to have invented the style. He says it's nothing new and it's been done since the 80's... He's putting Drake and Big Sean on blast cuz they claim THEY pioneered it, which is a load of BS. Listen to Luda's mixtape, peep "History Lesson."

  • rick

    Luda...please shut up! And youre saying that you didnt BITE anyone else before you? C'mon son!!! You might be one of the few COMMERCIAL MC's that spits nice but uuummmmmm! yeah...NoT original..

  • Money First

    Real Shit! Tell these dummies Luda! Ain't no flow new in hip-hop period! If you do your research its all be done before believe that! You know the gap with cats knowing there history is starting to get real disrespectful at this point and and its time for some cats to get put in the trunk-literally!

  • Anonymous

    I'm the one-man army, Ason I've never been tooken out, I keep MC's lookin out I drop science like girls be droppin babies Enough to make a nigga go cra-a-azy Energy buildin, takin all types of medicines Your ass thought you were better than Ason, I keep planets in orbit While I be comin with teeth, bitin more shit Enough to make ya break and shake ya ass Cause I create, rhymes good as a Tasty Cake, mix This style, I'm mastered in Niggas catchin headaches, what? What? You need aspirin? This type of pain, you couldn't even kill with Midol Fuck around get sprayed with Lysol In your face like a can of mace, baby Is it burnin? Well fuck it, now you're learnin How, I don't even like your motherfuckin profile Give me my fuckin shit, CH-CH-BLAOW! Not seen and heard, no one knows You forget, niggaz be quiet as kept Now you know nothin; before you knew a whole fuckin lot Your ass don't wanna get shot! A lot of MC's came to my showdown To watch me put your fuckin ass lo-o-ow down As you can go, below zero Without a doubt I've never been tooken out By a nigga, who couldn't figure Yo by a nigga, who couldn't figure Yo by a nigga, who couldn't figure (Brooklyn Zoo) How to pull a fuckin gun trigger I said, "Get the fuck outta here!" Nigga wanna get too close, to the utmost But I got stacks that'll attack any wack host Introducin, yo FUCK that nigga's name! My hip-hop drops on your head like ra-a-ain And when it rains it pours, cause my rhymes hardcore That's why I give you more of the raw Talent that I got will riz-ock the spot MC's I'll be bur-r-rnin, bur-r-rnin hot Whoa-hoa-hoa! Let me like slow up with the flow If I move too quick, oh, you just won't know I'm homicidal when you enter the target Nigga get up, act like a pig tryin to hog shit! So I take yo ass out quick The mics, I've had it my nigga, you can suck my dick If you wanna step to my motherfuckin rep' CH-CH-BLAOW! BLAOW! BLAOW! Blown to death You got shot cause you knock knock knock "Who's there?" Another motherfuckin hardrock Slackin on your mackin 'cause raw's what you lack You wanna react? Bring it on back...

  • triPAUD

    Key word "assumedly". Yo why doesn't HHDX focus on some more real shit instead of trying to be a fuckin hip hop tabloid. SOHH was already bad enough ...and ppl wonder why hip hop isn't taken seriously.

  • Bub

    As far as who created the flow, yea all 3 of them sound dumb because neither Big Sean, Drake nor Luda started that flow. But Luda still has a valid argument. He may not have started it, but he brought it back (and was damn good at it too). Luda used that flow as good if not better than anybody. But the thing is, unlike Drake and B.Sean, Luda wasn't like "Oh, I created this shit" back then. The "Supa Dupa flow", or whatever you want to call it was dead before Luda revived it, and he made it hot again. Since then, lots of artists have continued to use it like crazy, simply because he brought it back and made it hot. You look at the ENTIRE Young Money crew, that's mostly what they use now, as well as other artists. So I guess that while Luda shouldn't be upset at anyone for using something he copied himself, it's still pretty disrepectful for two guys who are clearly riding off his momentum and his revived trend to be like "I made this shit, and other people are copying me"

  • kurtousy

    And the headline for this article is dead wrong. Luda never said he started that style.....Listen to the fucking mixtape and see what he say's about those that have been using it over a decades ago...

  • keepITreal

    luda lost it the day he collaborated with that obnoxious imp justin bieber

  • kurtousy

    Say what you want about Luda, but the nigga is still a beast. Big Sean and Drake (Drake fan myself), they started this with their comments about Luda using the style. Big Sean really believes he started this style, fucking idiot. Like I said before, Luda is a beast, and handles his shit with rap beef (ask T.I.) Remember when T.I. said that slick shit on Young Buck track called "Stomp", then Luda came thru on the same track and punished Tip real quick. T.I. tried to retaliate once more, and Luda shut him all the way up with a couple more tracks.....So, with that being said, Big Sean definitely don't want it....Not sure if my boy Drake can handle Luda....but I have heard Drake punish niggas on wax a few times, but they were not on Luda's level....

    • David Peralta

      Drake has said he would never battle rap cause he doesn't know how to do that and doesn't want too. That doesn't sound like someone who is a real rapper. Drake is soft

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    go make so more movies Luda, your flow is not relevant no more. People listen to chainsaws cutting thru cowshit.

  • Anonymous

    i thought ludacris was a bigger man then this lol

  • Jason Williams

  • drake#1fan

    drake responded very quick

  • matthew

    riiiiiight cuz ludacris sings

  • s gooddmusic

  • ETL

    I can't stand pop rappers acting like they invented shit when all they did was take either an old or an underground style and made it "popular". This is one of those cases. Let me school youngins, the first time this technique was used was by ODB rest his soul and everybody knows the line "I get psycho killaah/ Norman Bates". Fast forward Dipset "put my 2 arms up/touchdown". Fast forward to 05 Sean Price he did that a lot on Monkey Bars and Jesus Price Supastar and he did it better than how they do now "Don't make me pop ya/ ya black eye blue bitch Frank Sinatra". So Luda, Big Sean, and Drake didn't invent shit

    • thats whats really good

      good call on the odb i was even thinking that far back but i was gona say my nigga sean price been spitting like that for years and hes the best at it, so fuck a drake and no way he started it, hes one of those bitch ass niggas that chose to rap at a later age cause he saw there was money to be made hes not into making good music

    • ETL

      Damn I forgot Finesse, but we know that nobody claiming to have started it now didn't.

    • Anonymous

      Can you confirm that ODB line was "the first" time it was done? I'm sure we could go back and find Finesse and others did it. Don't yall realize Lord Finesses pretty much invented the modern day flow?

  • Anonymous

    I really hate this new generation. Ether didnt do shit and was full of bullshit and clever lyrics the takeover fucked nas up baad. If you think jay lost that battle ur to young to comment on it.

    • Anonymous

      Off subject, but Fuck it. I thought Nas took that shit. The Takeover was a monster. I thought NAS was done. I was like there is no way anyone comes back from that shit. Mobb Deep took a minute to recover and Nas responded with Ether and knocked down The Roc building. I know, Jay rich still moving money, but the Roc itself was destroyed by that. David I am sorry that super Ugly shit was wack as fuck. Cause he responded right away don't mean shit if it didn't come across right. It was like someone getting taken and can only respond, Yo Mama. Jay had to get way personal and it wasn't even lyrically nice. (btw, fuck Angie still for acting like she had nothing to do with it, but was all over it like it was hot).

    • David Peralta

      I like Nas a lot but I Co-Sign that statment. Jay-Z went at a few people and spoke facts. Something most people don't do in battle rap. Plus although I like Nas, he used takeover to write ether and took some time to do that while jay responded right away with another diss track called super ugly talking about Nas baby's mother and how she was cheating on Nas and hooking up with Jay. Im sorry I think Jay won. Regardless a lot of people think Jay lost and maybe that made Jay the man he is today. who I just wish it was like it use to be, when rappers had cradibilty. All the new guys really suck!

    • HHFAN1

      This ''HHFAN since the 90s" says Jay Z resurrected Nas! LOL WTFF!!?? Nas chose to stay under the radar while JayZ sold his soul for riches.. read between the lines. Obviously u never heard the song: Nas - Last Real Nigga Alive"


      HOMIE ITS 2011 Y U BRINGING UP OLD SHIT FROM 2001 EVERYBODY (Jayz included) knows nas bodied jay, get over it

    • Ellis

      To young to comment its funny... Jay Z BluePrint 2 admits he lost to NAS....I guess your to fuckin stupid to know YOUNG ONE

    • HHFAN

      Jay-Z (Def Jam Boss) signed Nas to Def Jam (Employee). He controlled his budget, marekting and then some. He was the bigger man and reached out to Nas because the two were friends at one point. He resurrected Nas because to me HHID was the best Nas Album since Illmatic- period. Ether was a battle but Jay won the war.

    • Anonymous

      im a jay-z fan but ether was the better diss....fuck the money and who got more.

    • ETL

      Jay Z won if you look at the bigger picture, but Ether was the better song. If we just get past who Jay is in the industry or who Nas is and that was a regular battle you would agree.

    • Anonymous

      what did either do to jay? not a damn thing

    • Phil House

      youre an idiot if you think nas didn DESTROY jayz with ether hop off hovs dick bitch


    I think Drake is okay and I've never heard a Big Sean song, but I feel I have to point this out. I'm a hip hop fan since the 90's and a Luda fan but his flow borrows HEAVILY from REDMAN. Soooo.....

    • Anonymous

      HHFAN are you serious? Luda borrows from Redman? GTFOH. Luda is underated by a lot of hip hop fans cause he has commercial success. Luda punchlines are untouched. Luda and Redman are completely 2 different styles. Luda is not as rugged as Redman, but he is nice with the lyrics. Let either one of these dudes respond and we'll see.

    • jason

      Even if you think ether was better I dont but Jay killed him on blueprint 2 and if he won that battle Jay won the war he got nas doing his salute.

  • Anonymous


  • Ahmad Dickerson

    Bout time sumbody got at pussy ass drake and big sean

  • Ludacris

    I'm making a new song with Samwell. It's called What What In Butt (Badaboom). Get ready for some male booty work and me using the same flow with my lame non-cursing verses like I've done in my recent pop rap songs.

  • SMH

    I SWEAR, THEY SHOULD NEVER HAD MADE A COMMENT SECTION FOR SONGS ON ANY BLOG OR WEBSITE THAT POST MUSIC, YOU GUYS SOUND LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE SCHOOL GIRLS GOSSIPING AMONGST EACH OTHER, "OMG!!!! I CANT BELIEVE LUDA DISSED THEM"" OH DRAKE AND BIG SEAN ARE GAY" "LUDACRIS FELL OFF" "BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKIN BLAH" u niggas have really turned into hoe ass bitches that are in everyones business, he dissed them not you, so shut the fuck up your opinion and thoughts don't matter, u guys going back and forth with each other is fucking pointless, y'all act like u know them and shit, who gives a fuck, along as its good music then bump it, if not press skip and move on to the next track, Im sorry for the out of no where comment, but after reading y'all post's, I cant believe these are guys gossiping, man the fuck up

  • SuperGucciRap

    I don't get why Ludacris is upset over stealing a lame flow that was founded by two wack rappers like Flake and Little Sean. Both are wack. But I haven't talked about Ludacris. He is a decent rapper at times but here's where his flaws work: He got murked by Justin Bieber aka Shawty Mane in the song "Baby" a true Hip-Hop classic. He went out to make one of the most irrelevant Southern Rap song in that Country Shit Bullshit with Little KRIT and Bun Bitch. Pimp C must be rolling his grave on having that Pimp C wannabe taking his style. Taio Cruz and Enrique Iglesias are homos. So Ludacris went on their tracks cuz he hates women. Taio Cruz only goes in relationships to break their hearts and Enrique rapes the girl and he joins them. Jesse McCartney murked him in his "How Do You Sleep?" song. His only good songs were How Low even though Fred Figglehorn murked him, My Chick Bad even though Nicki Minaj murked him and Why You Up In Here where Gucci Mane and Flo Rida murked him. In fact, all the songs he's good in, he still gets murked by the all-living God Gucci Mane. It's Gucci Time! PS- Fuck this YADIG bitch for defending Drake. He sucks and Fuck Big Sean too.

  • Nico 3

    Luda's jealous because he's been shifting away from music and doing movies. Here comes Drake stealing the thunder away from harder acts, and making more tour money than anybody. If I were Drake, I wouldn't apologize for anything. If you think you're the shit, act like it. It just puts more pressure on the older dudes to beat your sales.

    • jason

      Records sells dont mean you better if that the case Vanilla Ice and M.C. Hammer would be considered the greatest rapper of all time. The style started in the 80's, do research on the History of HIP HOP before you diss your peer. Eminem said he copied Rakim flow like most artist did. Nas also copy Rakim flow. Rakim was the first God M.C.. Love this HIP HOP you only can fake it for so long.

  • Anonymous

    its ridiculous that this argument still continues.niggas are basically saying they invented similes because all the supa dupa shit is is similes without "like"

  • Anonymous

    be on the look out for some new kid g-infinit he a problem

  • Anonymous

    Note the "assumedly" at the beg. of the article...Luda was prolly just making a generic diss aimed at no one

  • jay

    I don't think Luda has any room to talk after that PATHETIC verse he spit at the BET Award Cyphers. If you forgot, go back and listen again. One of the worst verses I've ever suffered through. Sounds like Luda's butt-hurt.

  • jr88

    drake only has 2 albums out and he is acting like he is a like both of them but lets be real if drake chooses to be a rapper( depending on the day) you can compare the two....and luda is better by far but drake has lyrics...comeback session is my shit but he is not better than luda....and lets not talk about album sales and money cause luda sold more when records were selling and he is in huge movies that drake wishes he was

  • Kyle Barboza

    there was no name drops hes just brought up some good points about todays so called rappers

  • venom aka venominal

    i am a drake & big sean fan but i do have to ride with luda on this my opinion i think that wayne uses it the best especially on all of the lights remix, john & 6 foot 7 foot

  • Fado

    I will agree that Luda has been making some wack music lately. (although I expect this mixtape to be real dope), I have been hearing Luda rap on tooo many pop artist tracks. Justin Beiber Luda really? With that being said Luda still has it, listen too his verse on the B.E.T. cypher. He has some of the best punchlines in the game. I just want his next album too be. Release Therapy was his last really good album. Theater of the mind was ok. Battle of the sexes was wack. Stop comparing Drake and Luda on sales. Luda is one of the highest selling southern rappers ever. Drake is only 2 albums in.

    • Fado

      I understand by getting on a track with Beiber he reached out too his huge fanbase. And when the 12 year old beiber fans listen too Luda on their favorite pop artist tracks they are probably gonna resort too listening too Luda in their later teen years. Its a good business move. I just dont like the results cus im in my later teen years already. I wouldn't call it selling out but I can understand why people who are fans of Luda for certain reasons arnt feeling some of his decisions.

    • ^^^^ @DOC

      haha U said have sum dignity and then brought up AREA CODES, haha SMH how is " I GOT HOES" having dignity when your downgrading woman, him rapping with Justin Bieber does not hurt his career, it only helps because now he has reached a whole other level of fans, Dumbass you guys don't know what it means to "KEEP IT REAL" STFU nigga talking about selling out, U have to remember this is a business and this is his JOB, someone said hey write me a 16, and I will pay you sumthin like 50-100 Gs and u know its gonna get spins, which means more money from royalties, then shit y not, y'all hate on Justin Bieber cuz he's white and a teen bopper, Y did know one hate when T.I did a song with Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake was in Nsync, for crying outlaid, so now T.I aint a real nigga and he sold out GTFOH u fuck boy, Eminem performed with Elton John a Gay person, does that mean he sold out to? u must be like 15-17 cuz your mentality is immature NIGGA, haha I guess Luda will stick to making money, well your at home typing on blog sites

    • the Doc

      I got to disagree with the dude above me...people tryna justify Luda goin in with Beiber as payday...u gotta have some dignity Isnt hip hop about respect and bein real? You cant possibly throw classicls like cadillac grills, area codes, saturday and then do a joint with justin beiber just for money its called sellin out mo fugga

    • Anonymous

      Them joints with T-Pain and Trina were fire so I can't hear that wack music lately jibber. YOU don't like Beiber, but he's a payday for any rapper with a publishing catalog. Think about it Fado.

  • Anonymous

    I love luda but dude didnt name drop either of them..why is every diss in todays hiphop scene so pussyish? Everyone knows u gotta hit em up..

    • Anonymous

      Really cus they aint even close to the only ones using that flow..nicki minaj has the same one and even khalifa rocks it. To me that aint even firing shots just another bar. It aint a diss till u actually mention names and have at least a whole verse deicated to it. I think the last good diss made was joe budden dissin the shit out of prodigy on blood on the wall.

    • Anonymous

      Willy said it. And yes today rappers are bunch of pu$$y

    • Willy

      I don't think mentioning names was necessary. Like most "subliminal disses" it was pretty obvious who it was aimed at.

  • Willy

    I love Ludacris. I don't see how people can say he isn't/wasn't good. I still bump Back for the First Time. That Phat Rabbit song was so fucking dope. As for battle rapping... Listen to War With God. He put the entire southern rap scene in it's place with that shit.

  • Anonymous


  • truthhurts

    Drake is a dirty wog lookin nigga softer than pu$$y juice. How the hell he gon disrespect ludacris! They can all shove their superduper flow up each others super gay assholes. the flow been dumbin hip hop down. fuck it.....they ain't even hip hop. drake in a whole other genre......HIP POP!!!!! FUCK HIP POP!!!!!!

  • remaster

    they all gonna end up doing a song together anyways

  • Anonymous

    ludacris is better than them. But since like 07 he has been making a bunch of crappy ass records nahmean?

  • Anonymous

    Damn Luda just killed these niggas with a couple punch lines. Respect is something alot of these new rappers in the game don't have. Do you your home work before you disrespect a vet like Luda

  • Fuck Lusa

    Ludacris is over the hill in the rap game. Drake will sell more in his first week than Luda did his last album up to date. Luda sold 600,000 records on his last album. 700,000 before that with Theater of MInd. Those numbers aren't bad at all but he still isn't fucking with Drake in todays game. Only reason he is trying to get at them is because he's droping a album soon. This nigga really gonna call them gnats but fired shots at them....FOH.

  • Anonymous

    If you know luda would body drake ass.....FOLLOW @Lunnic88 on twitter!

  • bryan

    @ Jr88, your argument is null. Drake doesn't always use that "Supda Dupa Flow" or w/e ppl want to call it. Comparing two rappers that rap in two different ways for two different purposes would be like comparing a movie to a cartoon. For one, luda writes songs to attract a completely different audience, the same audience that statistically doesn't buy complete albums. Drake on the other hand, writes pop songs and has a higher chance at selling b/c of it but that doesn't mean that luda can fuck with him lyrically... go listen to Drake on come back season and luda on Back for the first time, there's really no comparison lyrically.

  • jr88

    luda spit the truth on this record..omg...this is dope...i like drake and big sean but luda has the stats that these 2 dudes dont have....drake would be destroyed by luda and drake doesnt want it with luda cause drakes credibility has gone down in hip hop after releasing take care cause that shit is an rnb album.... only teens are saying drake is better than luda but i dont blame you guys most likely started listening to hip hop so you dont know any better...

  • Fado

    some of yall are really trippin. Luda is a better rapper then Drake and Big Sean. Big Sean is wack too me. I like that supa dupa lemonade and 2 other songs thats it.Big Seans voice wouldn't sound right on a soulful, jazzy type beat so he has to rap on pop sounding shit. Drake is good but hes not great. Everything Luda said is true. Peace.

  • guger

    Rap as a genre is based on recycling someone else's beats, rhythms and rhymes. These fools build a career on sampling and have the nerve to call someone else a thief.

    • guger

      The only way rappers get a decent beat these days is through sampling. The lyrics are wack regardless and they jack someone else's beats. At least De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising had lyrics. Spin it however you want. Sampling someone else's music and bringing absolutely nothing new to the genre is where rap is today. So again, I find it comical reading about this fake beef about who stole who's flow. These men must be on their menstrual cycle, talking about flows.

    • @ guger

      EPIC FAIL little man. Sugarhill and Enjoy Records used LIVE BANDS. Go listen to the "The Message" and when you're done hearing no samples, sit yo ass down and open a book.

    • irv

      thats not true not all producers and sampling a beat is more hip hop than actually making your own you changed up the beat completely with lil or more similarity to it

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Luda is wack as ish but he does have a great point and pulls the ultimate card on Big Sean and Drake. Niggas talking about they made up a style that they didn't even make up. LOL! I remember Sean Price was utilizing the "Supa Dupa" Flow years ago. No ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun...


    the bulk of the comments under me are fucking ignorant...not all but the bulk....ludacris was just saying that "no idea is orignal" especially nowadays big sean did bring the supa dupa flow back & drake did make it popular again with his forever verse & they both threw shots @ luda for using it...them young niggas dont want none of luda....they wont say anything back cause drake & big sean aint built for battle rapping...ludacris is...& i like all 3 artists but luda is a legend....them young boys better fall back....ya'll know if wix khalifa went @ snoop ya'll would have a why drake & big sean get a pass?????

  • Agghh

    I'm a fan of Luda, but it really doesn't the anti-Drake-and-what-he-represents camp when the people who diss him are consistently washed up, ages past their prime rappers (remember Cormega?). It all stinks way too much of bitterness than any kind of concern for the direction of hip-hop. That being said, fuck Big Sean.

  • Obi Patrick

    ludacris is so right about those clowns...pure recycled garbage

    • truth

      I dont even think Drake was a real target at all...I think both Drake and Luda are goin at Big Sean...this dude takin credit for the flow. Drake never claims credit.."your flows bore me-paint drying/And I aint never trippin off somethin that aint mine"-Over My Dead Body...and the use of "boy" in both Drake and Ludas rhymes...clearly aimed at Big Sean

  • leaf

    he took them to school but dont get it twisted, canada runs you ignorant americans! questlove said it..hip-hop was invented in canada..(watch his interview with narduar) and drake the biggest thing in rap since pac is canadian. you ignorant inbred americans only know about n.r.a, republicans,guns,dope,and pimping.. when your country gets taken will beg us for our water!! and when you try to take it by force..well we've got a surprise, and we've been waiting for you!! support peace, insult your local american.. thats the new slogan, roll with it..or get rolled over

    • Americans are gay:

      @Canada is gay wtf yU TaLkin ABout? im FrOm the StaTes and i KnoW CanaDa is betta cus americans cant even write ProperLy

    • follow mw @ dbarnes

      canada didnt invent hip hop but the first hip hop record ever made was sampled off a canadian artist i agree that most americans are inbreds but why mention something that the whole planet already knows as for luda he really was just putting them in their place smart people know hes just jealous because drake earns more per show than him off one album

    • anonymous

      canada runs the world

    • Canada is gay

      wtf are you talking ehboot aye?you must be slurping maple syrup aye?Your from Canada so your opinion doesn't matter aye.Drake is a closet homo and your country produced him aye.If it isn't related to hockey you should keep your mouth shut aye.

    • nate the big black snake

      The last place anybody cares to hear u talk about how ur pussy smells is a fuckin hip hop site. talk about luda goin on drake or some shit nigga fuck canada

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up clown

  • TylertheDestroyer

    He shouldnt be dising anyone with those side burns... they are LUDACRIS!

  • kennyken

    whew! badaboom! shit man i think i wanna hear this mixtape

  • rapfan

    DX got it wrong in this description. Luda aint sayin he invented that flow...hes mad at Big sean for saying he invented it and mad at Drake for saying luda used it in horrible fashion...which is the truth but its suprising Drake would say something that could start a beef.



  • asia

    nicki minaj used it alot in romans revenge and lil wayne does too so wtf drake talkn about?

  • A-Game

    I agree with Luda. Big Sean is cool but for him to say that he invented that rap style is ridiculous. There have been rappers over the years who have used different versions of the Supa Dupa flow.

  • Nick

    Honestly, Big Sean is s chump, but Drake could BODY Ludacris. Drake like to make 'soft' music and shit. But when he goes in he goes IN. Ludacris has been whack his whole career, that isn't going to change. Drake hurt Luda's feelings when he said, "I hate that rappers picked that flow up. I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] 'Its a parade! MACYS!' At that point, you never want to use it"

    • This dude ain't serious

      I checked 9am in Dallas. I'll give it to you dude can rap when he's motivated. But bruh ain't hanging with the greats. Ever heard Made You Look Remix or Tomb of Boom? When Drake can hold his own on a Track with Jadakiss and Nas or not get shit on by a member of Outkast then you'll have a point. Right now Ludacris fell the fuck off. If Drake was a battle rapper he might have a chance. But Drake has glitter for blood. He can't do shit. So get the fuck outta here with that bs.

    • Nick

      IMO 9AM in Dallas goes harder than anything ludas ever done

    • Nick

      Drake murdered this cat: Today, If Drake and Luda actually went at each other in songs, Drake would absolutely MURK luda. Luda is wayyy past his prime. Drake is on top of the game right now. I stand by my argument.

    • Anonymous

      yes he is LUDACRIS would BODY Drake on a song drake's not the type to diss someone and go in on it luda has better lyrics and flow i agree he changed his style up which was a bad look but the old him was raw as sushi

    • Nick

      Research done: You have no taste if you think Ludacris is more talented than Drake.

    • Anonymous some research little one smh

  • NiggaFromParis

    What Luda did was needed... Big Sean taking creds for a flow that was used by Q-tip in 1991. Which means that Big Sean was either a great rapper at the age of 3 or that nigga just shitted on alot of emcees for that bitchass move. And Luda is just dissin the fact that young cats are takin creds for flows that was used way before them.

    • ETK

      so what if Luda bit off someone else? That doesn't change much from the fact Big Sean/Drake popularize the flow and think they're hot shit for it. luda never claimed to have invented anything. so he can say shit.

    • KiingSliim


    • Anonymous

      Ludacris stole MJG's rap style, so he can't say shit. Everybody in the south knows that Ludacris is a watered down proper MJG. 8 Ball & MJG are down south legends and Ludacris is a Ohio reject Dj.

  • truth

    I'm with Luda on this but he brought this on himself. he should have nvr stooped to that stupid macy's day parade got the money from it but look at you now having to address these clown ass

    • ETK

      lol ignorant hater ahead who the fuck you is to figure out what Luda thought when Drake first started? just ig'nant clown talk

    • Anonymous

      fuck luda ole hating ass midget ass fake wanna be atlanta (really from ohio) ass bitch nigga. he a simp and he washed up as far as music. when he thought drake was just a one album wonder, he wasn't saying shit. now that he see the kid is foreal, he wanna try an diss. guess what? he'll never hear a reply lol.

  • Azhar

    School is in session for Drake and Big Sean who would be lucky to have half the career Luda's had and continues to have. And he would destroy both of them on the mike with the many flows he can spit.

    • Azhar

      @BK Soulja.. Sidebar: 1st off its hard to take somebody serious who spells their name the same as Soulja Boy..Who care sabout the money, when i say Luda career i'm talking bout longevity in hip hop and the amount of records sold, movies made..etc and you won't find many hip hop fans who will say they feel confident that either one these dudes could beat Luda in a battle. Now having said that eat a dcik and choke fcuk boy!!!!!

    • BK Soulja

      nigga, fuk that sht u talking bout. luda made money, drake made money and sean did tooooo. their families are taken care of for life, but i doubt urs is, lame.

  • Marx1684

    If you listen to what he said in his interlude on that mixtape you'll see that he has a valid point.

  • OWq

    Drake and Sean won't respond cause they know where they are in the state hiphop ..

  • :::::::::

    Drake and Sean won't respond cause they know where they are in the state hiphop .

  • BAZ

    Ludacris > These other faggot rappers. About time someone chin checked these disrespectful young cats. Bow Down, brother pay homage.

  • Anonymous

    thank you luda somebody had to do it

    • ETK

      sure won't, but if there are several rappers takin shots at you, then you still doin somethin wrong not that many people are fuckin' with say Weezy or Tip or any other half-decent popular emcee, but Drake just says a bunch of things thru interviews or w/e that sometimes you wonder if he has an off button(for his own sake)

    • Affeeltron

      Do what? He ain't stopping Drake's shine.He ain't the first artist to throw shots at Drake and won't be the last.

  • Anonymous

    lol luda gave these niggas a history lesson

  • venom aka venominal

    1st of all, that flow has been used before. for example: biggle on all about the benjamins said" my asshole undercover, donnie brasco." donnie brasco is a movie about an undercover cop. redman on da rockwilder said "doc back in the flesh, blood & bones. yall niqqas need to do some homework. swishaman has left the building!!!

    • bryan

      SMH... So niggas getting mad now cuz someone popularized a style that they couldn't? Drake said it best. "Man all of your flows just bore me, paint dryin - Im never tripping over anything, that ain't mine - Im hearing the shit that you say through the grape vine - But JEALOUSY (HINT) is just love and hate at the same time" -Over my Dead Body

    • Anonymous

      2 Pac used it too on "I got my mind made up". Nobody used it on every song though like Drake.

    • Anonymous

      thats exactly what he said, aint nothing been new since big daddy kane.. but if anyone popularised the flow it was him not faggot as big sean and drake

  • J

    The only thing wrong with this will be if it turns into some dumb ass hip hop beef. He went in on Big Sean, i dont know if just cuz Drake uses the "supa dupa" flow hes aiming at him either. Either way Sean should respond with a few bars in his upcoming mixtape. Why not. Hip Hop is a competitive sport!

  • The Truth Hurts

    I ain't no ludacris fan, he's one of the main reasons why hip hop sucked in the millenium, but these faggot niggas Drake and lil sean need to sit the fuck back. At least Ludacris comes with different shit, these ass clowns are straight faggot. And if you think it's cool to bang any of these faggots in the ride, then you have serious daddy issues.

  • Anonymous

    I like all of them but I'm sorry, Luda is extremely underated and would rap circles around these two. Drake is one of the easiest rappers to diss with his past. Luda was just checking them with this as hinted by the Friday sample at the end. If any of them responds i guarentee the next diss won't be as gentle as this. When it comes to pop songs i'm sure drake could make something dope but as far as diss verses Luda will make these dudes bend over and grab their ankles.

  • Anonymous

    WORD TO THE HOMIE LUDA...someones gotta knock these wack bitches off their power trip cause theyre jus not talented...


    Drizzy or Aubrey or jus Aubs... the Artist Formerly Known as Wheelchair Jimmy nahmean. But yalls might know him as The Kitten Whisperer aka The Harvester of Pauses aka The Taio Cruz of Hip Hop aka Young Garnier Fructis the pre-cum baby aka Jennifer Aniston's favorite emcee....n the muthafucka most likely to have a gateway to Narnia in his closet aka The Michael Buble of Rap or that nigga witta beatin vagina for a heart that you be hearin on the radio sandwiched between Katy Perry n Lady Gaga joints all day aka Justin Biebers beard n the only nigga on earth capable of turnin sandpaper into moist towelettes wit the touch of his hands...the vagina nectar-garglin nigga who makes lambs look dangerous hisself.....otherwise known as the Human Electric Slide... OctobVariesOwn....Drake.

  • Damm

    drake and sean were whack anyway

  • knows

    coming from the guy who stole back to the future art

  • Mr.Woodall

    Id like to begin this first by saying that if you decide to jump on here and talk mad shit to people please give yourself a proper name other than Anonymous. Thats to broad of a name to argue with and cowardly as well. Second, I dont know who this YADIG person is but I truly wish he fell in front of a train. You disgust me. Luda your impact in HIPHOP in solid and you are very respected. To take the approach that you are taking seems to be a tad bit desprate to me. Im a huge Luda fan and see no point in you taking this route. Big Sean and Drake are hot right now, so is this an attempt to give you some light or do you truly feel disrespected. I think the 3 of you would make some very hot bangers if yall came together. But by taking this approach its only gonna add fuel to a fire thats not burning in your favor. Neither Drizzy or Sean have any cred to be a battle rapper so why take sublimnal shots when you have the posistion to be straight forward and the better man. Dude your pushing 40, GROW UP FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!

  • dockevoc

    Faggot Drake thinks he invented the reach-around...

  • kerry mundy

    actually he does say he made up that style...quote u came up off a style that i made up..but if all i hear is me than who can i be afraid of...thats off take care

  • joem

    Luda is one of the most underrated and always will be mainly because they associate him with the "south" and poor subject matter but come on.. you can't deny the mans talent or ability.. he may not be the makaveli type but Luda can rhyme circles around anyone.

  • SMH...


  • UNO



    i dont 2 much listen 2 nan one of these dudes ,,tho if i did , im more likly to listen 2 somethin drake done put down ,,tell luda 2 sit his overly animated played out ass down ,, an i dont think its cool for niggaz 2 wear makeup ,,women nether honestly ,, but im willing 2 swear on my soul luda wore some many times ,, i thought he was finna be this big movie star a few years ago ,,what happen ,,he as huff as that line in the wash when his only reply 2 dre was fuck u trout mouth nigga

  • Anonymous

    If Luda decides to really go in, its over for Drake and Big Sean.. its not worth it boys..just leave it alone..

  • Anonymous

    Wen u start dissing FAGGOT RAPPERS on wax, you're a faggot rapper urself. dissing big sean and drake. get ready for battle luda, brave warrior. are u serious? music fell off. especially rap. ludacris is a token nig in hollywood and a friend of beiber to the public now.

  • Neffite Davis

    Damn Luda aint seeing Drake!!!!! Maybe back when he was hot!!! Hey Yall know Drake never said he invented that flow he said he perfected it!! Nobody use it like he did!! Yall niggas know yall heard Forever!!!!

    • TONES

      Drizzy or Aubrey or jus Aubs...n the Artist Formerly Known as Wheelchair Jimmy nahmean. But yalls might know him as The Kitten Whisperer aka The Harvester of Pauses aka The Taio Cruz of Hip Hop aka Young Garnier Fructis the pre-cum baby aka Jennifer Aniston's favorite emcee....n the muthafucka most likely to have a gateway to Narnia in his closet aka The Michael Buble of Rap or that nigga witta beatin vagina for a heart that you be hearin on the radio sandwiched between Katy Perry n Lady Gaga joints all day aka Justin Biebers beard n the only nigga on earth capable of turnin sandpaper into moist towelettes wit the touch of his hands...the vagina nectar-garglin nigga who makes lambs look dangerous hisself.....otherwise known as the Human Electric Slide... OctobVariesOwn....Drake.

    • Kerry Mundy II

      drake is one of the greatest rappers ever

    • Kerry Mundy II

      rap aint about battles anymore..its about the quality in the music that u can creat

    • Kerry Mundy II

      kerry mundy: actually he does say he made up that style...quote u came up off a style that i made up..but if all i hear is me than who can i be afraid of...thats off take care

    • kerry mundy

      kerry mundy: actually he does say he made up that style...quote u came up off a style that i made up..but if all i hear is me than who can i be afraid of...thats off take care

    • David Peralta

      Davis your wrong. I'm a huge Jay-Z fan but a lot of people think he lost the battle to Nas when Nas came out with Ether. At the time, Nas wasn't doing music like jay and wasn't in the public eye. You have to be young because only a young person could make that statement. Its okay, but honestly Drake even said he would never battle rap cause he can't do it. Thats not the sign of a real rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Luda is a real dude. Thats that. Anyone who sides with Drake more than likely just got into hip hop when tha carter 3 dropped... If I see another "YMCMB" anything or anywhere, I will straight murc my entire fucking town. At least Luda can tell you about hip hop. Yea his shit as of late isn't that great or groundbreaking, but fuck Big Sean and most definately FUCK Drake. I'm not a hater, I just can't compare Drake (or any of these rap clowns that have popped up in the past 4 years) to any real rapper. illmatic = Dope. Ready To Die = Dope. So Far Gone??? = Garbage. Bullshit, make that money, themeless, mindless fucking garbage. Fight me on this and I'll purchase a burner and put a couple Black Eyed Peas up in your Fergie. Luda will crush you on your hip hop history while smoking an ounce and exhaling in your fucking face. Drake will be the Britney Spears of this generation. What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      Da realest comment on this you clowns with only 5 years of hip hop experience take notes I fucks with Drake but he's not a rapper and really Luda and Drake shouldnt even be mentioned together at one point Luda was one of the only cats downsouth goin double platinum and standing neck to neck with east coast rappers b4 Jeezy b4 TI not dissing dem im just sayin Luda was doin it b4 dem I respect Luda bcuz he's still here and hasnt flopped yet

  • alwaysfly

    gotta go with luda on this one ...

  • leggo

    GET EM LUDA! WE RIDING WITH YOU! fuck these new niggas

  • thought dog

    Ludacris will always be better than drake...and hes able to make r&b tracks without tucking his balls in.

  • mario

    Luda is my cuzin and luda aint never fell off goofy ass clowns....all platinum plaques!!!!!!and grammy' niggaz hatin get your weight up.....bitch go fry some french fries and talk about everyone else business while your broke...go kill

  • David James Robinson

    Hahahaha Drake and Big Sean are a couple of clowns, especially Drake for taking a shot at Luda back in 2010. But they left this out the article:

  • DrDreBeats

    Everyone knows Luda would destroy both them but Luda aint put out a solid album in years

  • Anonymous

    Drake started the whole thing talking slick in a interview and luda just put the nail in the coffin..Drake have no chance , u the same people that was just dissing Drake couple of days ago now u all on his Dick , luda regardless if he ain't had a single in a while still kills Drake and big Sean anyway



  • Anonymous

    i want to take a shit in this nigga's mouth so bad...

  • the Doc

    imma let you all finish but..... Didnt Luda do a track with Justin Beiber i know it aint relavent to this discussion...but this moffuga gon dun be soft ass moffuga farreal!!! cadillac grillz throw them bowlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • David Peralta

      Jay did a song with Drake. Nas did a song with Rick Ross. Eminem did a song with Wayne. Doesn't make them soft for doing songs with them cats and Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross are the fakes gays performers in hiphop today.

    • Anonymous

      Scheme scheme plot plot, what you doin? I'm comin for that number 1 spot. I think we know Luda is a mastermind in the game at not just rapping but getting his paper. Why not work with Bieber. Luda ate good off that verse for "Baby"

    • PUNCHyourselfINtheFACE:

      and I would willing to bet that Luda has publishing rights or production credits on any work he did with or for that 20 year old lesbian look-a-like piece of shite Beiber..which means when beiber sells a trillion facking more albums, Luda gets a piece on top of what he got up front...

    • PUNCHyourselfINtheFACE

      Oh you mean Justin "I have millions of facking dollars and can pay top dollar to anyone that can make me millions more" Beiber? Yeah I think he did....

  • Self Inflicted

    Sources: IMDB WIKI

  • Self Inflicted

    Luda fell off?? REALLY???? Some of you dickfaces need to put the weed down.. 1.Movies and TV and Video games since 99 AND COUNTING 2.Music since 2000 AND COUNTING

  • D

    People saying Cam'ron invented that nope 50 used it way before Cam on the song 50 Bars. "Peace "All Eyez on Me" 2Pac". Method Man used that waaay before all of them on the song PLO Style. "Lets take em to the bridge, Verrazano".

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    anyway if anyone should be mad, its cam'ron. he been had that flow

  • Anonymous

    Don't forget Luda bodied T.I.("get off the tip of my dwyck.) Drake don't want it....

  • Anonymous

    blow her up...ballons! no ludacris

  • Anonymous

    EVERYONE thought the Its a parade! MACYS! line luda did was wack.

  • Anonymous

    Luda WAS cool. he fell off. this diss was wack. drake is corny but he can spit and think he can go toe for toe with luda. i dunno enough about big sean tho.

    • David Peralta

      enough with the fell off bs! Just because someone isn't making music for a while doesn't mean they fell off. What you should worry about is your boy Drake making comments and getting schooled. You only have so long in this music business before someone else gets all the shine and he looks like he is falling off already and he just started last year. lol Crazy!

    • Anonymous

      what a R&B battle?? you a clown

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Let the rap battle begin.....It's time for Drake to get at someone.

  • George Phellah Williams

    I saw this coming over year ago, when Drake accused Luda of biting "his" style on a track. Only surprise he didn't go in on him back then before his momentum grew.

  • Almar

    The Mixtape is dope, Luda is dope, he's earned his spot, these young cats need to bow down.

  • Joey Ogoley

    LUDA is a clownn! Shoulda quit when he was ahead. He sounds like an enraged man on most songs.

  • Anonymous

    fuck drake and big sean, LUDA does it best. and he the one who created this flow. errbody know that. punk ass newbies wanna act hard and disrespect the pioneers. faggots dont know who they messing wit

  • Anonymous

    Actually nothings been new since Bone Thugs.

  • Anonymous

    Drake and Big Sean are the only ones that make it sound good. I dare anyone to disagree. Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Wayne, Kanye etc. all make it sound corny.

    • Anonymous

      Joey makes rappers sound like a fashion line. Luda is out, Drake and Big Sean are in? You obviously know nothing about music go pop your collar and head back to the frat house to talk about how you like beats over lyrics

    • James Michael Cannon

      Lil wayne - "I get money to kill time... Dead clocks" lol love this line

    • shane

      Most of you people seem slow the way you're missing the point. Hes calling them out for being fake and trying to say they made a style thats more than a decade old. I meen really think how little you have to know about hip hop to say you invented somethings thats been used like a dozen times. Fucking biggie, method man, q tip. Honestly if drake and big sean put their three cd's together they couldn't even shadow most of the dudes styles they're biting.

    • trill

      actually luda used that flow in 2008.

    • Anonymous

      @zach Luda's style ??? LUDA DIDN'T USE THAT FLOW UNTIL 2009.

    • Joey Ogoley

      Sry zack, big sean and drake are in. Luda is OUUUUTTT

    • zach

      i disagree 100% and your one of the fans thats ruining hiphop, you dared and im callin your dare. and those rappers you named dont do luda's style, otherwise he wulda taken shots at them. your a dumbass just break your keyboard and go listen to your backstreet boy rappers big sean and drake

  • Anonymous


  • SuperNovaPlus

    Big Sean. This dude iz laughable. All that "boy" shit in every song. He stole that from Craig Mac. Mac was doing that back in the day. I'm kicking new flavor in your ear.

  • Anonymous

    You have to be really clever for hashtag rap to be any good; unfortunately, that is rarely true for anyone who uses it.



  • LUDA


  • BOOF


  • hip-hopper

    Ludacris is a beast and already established himself as right next to Wayne (sorry T.I) as the real "lyrical" king of the South...With dat being said, Drake used it to it's best in Forever becuz of the magnitude of that record. He collabed w/the best in Hip-hop at that time(Kanye, Wayne) and with Eminem(who was ready to come back and make consistent music). Drake not only used it perfectly but in my opinion, he had the BEST VERSE in that song...So props to all of them that did it, but Drake did it on a record that was monumental and mainstream.(& it wasnt like a "pop, bubble-gum" mainstream record that YM has on the radio now)

    • Anonymous

      Bullshit. With the exception of that last album, Ludacris can't go wrong. Sayin his shit is only relevant because of 1 song he did with that justin kid clearly just proves you don't know shit

    • hip-hopper

      it's a tough debate but I think Luda jus has more lyrical tracks like #1 Spot, Undisputed, Southern Fried Intro(even his BET freestyle he did for the Basement a few years go)..I dnt see tracks like that from Tip

    • Anonymous

      the original version of young bucks song stomp ft luda n TI...luda was better...

    • Anonymous

      tip would honestly merk luda on any beat luda's only relevance anymore is working with justin beiber hes a joke

  • Jonezzzzzzzzzzzz

    LUDA SMOKED DRAKE AND BIG SEAN ON THIS TRACK. ETHER-STYLE! Big Sean needs to get a career and Drake needs to make a classic before they can talk about stealing flows etc. Luda has more lyrical ability than both these pu55y nukka's

  • dazeone

    I love Luda (no homo) and own all of his CD's but that mixtape is weak...Big Sean is spitting that Fire... Boyee...not to mention you know who is writing for Lil Wayne and is all over the radio ....get over it ...they hot right now did the same thing with TI ...stop hating and get ya weight up ......

  • swageezy

    i think this whole thing is lame. Eventually every flow is going to be imitated. There's only so many flows you can have. Claiming you invented something when you didn't is one thing, i feel luda on that. but at the end of the day, who fucking cares?? Imitation is a form of flattery so just take it as a compliment and keep it moving.

  • Anonymous


    • HipHopAnonymous

      Actually, dipshit, Big Sean didn't come right out and say it but in an interview with Sway he cited "BALLOONS!" and asked Sway if he thought that was good or not. He was clearly-subliminally (oxymoron) calling Luda's usage of the Supa Dupa wack in that interview.

    • Anonymous

      sean didnt mock nobody drake did sean claimed popularizing it get ur facts straight clown

  • so i see..

    that the community has hopped off of Game's nut sack and started buttfucking luda. Haha you fucks are sad, just like Luda's rap skills now.

  • hy

    Luda setting the record straight, i cant stand big sean anyway he's a clown

  • OG Greg

    *and like Gibbs said I don't know what you call their music that some soft ass buttfuck music cant even call it hiphop

  • Respect

    Respect the old heads man , they paved the way. you young punks need a lesson in manners,,and "Yadig" you a dumb groupie

  • OG Greg

    Cosign Luda they these kids dont know they're history Sean P used that shit on Monekey Barz and cats been using it for years and like Gibbs said them that you can bareley call their shit hip hop they both. And a few years from now Drizzy will leave Cash Money and that fruity click and be broke (see Juve, Mannie Fresh, Gillie the Kid, Turk so on and so on

  • Anonymous

    fuck that shit some beef is what hip-hop needs so fuck drake and bitch big sean

  • Nico 3

    In what universe is Ludacris a pioneer? He's one of the softest, corniest, comical rappers ever. Sounds like he's afraid and maybe a little jealous of Drake. You're getting that Hollywood paper Luda. There's no need to be paranoid, assuming people think you've fallen off.



    • Anonymous

      @YADIG Nicki is that you???

    • YADIG


    • Anonymous

      YADIG you stay consistantly stupid and ignorant.

    • JustSaying

      How is he jealous? I'm a Drake Fan but Drake DID get caught up in the hype of that "Forever" song & got too big for his britches when he fired at Luda like that. Luda ain't had not one album flop, all of them got plagues & the nigga got cash so how is he bitter? He's telling the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Eleven years and still counting / And yall get a couple of hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting? he continues. You lyin to yaself, just admit it / May not like the way I used it, but you know you aint invent it, boy / Do your research before you make a claim so bogus thats disrespecting pioneers in the game. JUST LIKE HALF THE KIDS NOW A DAYS THAT CLAIM TO BE HIP HOP FANS BUT DONT KNOW SHIT EXCEPT THE LAST 3 YEARS

  • HEAT

    That's right Lids go in on these soft ass, got 15 mins of fame ass niggas that think they running shit, both Sean and Drakes kill me with claims that they created a certain style, Lisa been in the game over 10 years how the fuck can he bite they style and both only had 1 album and a few mixtapes, Drakes always speaking on shit when he should be humble and shut the fuck up...he can only wish and pray for a career like Ludas

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