Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/13/2011

Mac Miller debuts at #1 as a full independent artist. Meanwhile, two other indie releases hit the charts with momentum, Tech N9ne's latest "Collabos," and Pusha T's "Fear Of God 2" street album.

For the second week in a row, a DXnext alum led the Hip Hop charts. Following Wale's #2 overall debut last week, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Mac Miller scored an absolute #1 debut. Released entirely through hometown independent Rostrum Records, Mac's full-length debut out-sold Michael Buble's Christmas album by a margin of over 20,000 units.

Mac Miller Makes The Charts His Playground With Blue Slide Park

Mac Miller's full-length debut, Blue Slide Park's #1 debut is monumental for the 19 year-old emcee. The album features production from Lil B affiliates Clams Casino and Young L, as well as veteran Pitt production team I.D. Labs. The project's title is a reference to Frick Park, a popular destination in Miller's youth. This is Miller's second charted works this year, after March's On and On and Beyond EP.

Tech N9ne's Latest Collaboration Album Wins, As Does Pusha T's Mixtape

Two other notable releases debuted on the charts. Tech N9ne's second 2011 release, Welcome To Strangeland nearly broke the Top 20. The latest in Tech's "Collabos" series, this work featured in-house artists exclusively, ranging from Jay Rock and Brotha Lynch Hung to Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun. Earlier this year, Tech's All 6's & 7's was released, his top-charting album to date.

Another independent release came courtesy of Decon's Pusha T solo project, Fear of God II: Let Us Pray. The retail mixtape project featured Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West and Young Jeezy. Production is courtesy of The Neptunes, Nottz and Hit-Boy. The Clipse co-founder released Fear Of God earlier this year as a free mixtape. Although presented through Decon, FOG2 also features G.O.O.D Music and Re-Up Gang Records backing.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/6/2011

#1. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park - 144,000 (144,000)

#15. Wale - Ambition - 41,000 (205,000)

#18. Tyrese - Open Invitation - 33,000 (110,000)

#21. Tech N9ne Collabos - Welcome To Strangeland - 26,000 (26,000)

#22. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 25,000 (1,668,000)

#32. J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 17,000 (387,000)

#60. Pusha T - Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray - 8,900 (9,000)

#119. Drake - Thank Me Later - 4,000 (1,484,000)

#124. Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers - 3,700 (609,000)



#185. Game - The R.E.D. Album - 2,600 (206,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000.

Will Drake take Mac's spot as predicted next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

Last Week's Charts.


  • Anonymous

    I still wish Brotha Lynch's 3rd album with Strange came out as planned on Halloween :(

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, Tech N9ne, Pusha T. and Game all should be ashamed of themselves. Especially Tech N9ne. I would think that that BET Cypher exposure would've gotten him more sales. Guess I was wrong. Wiz out-selling Game is CRAZY....didn't really see that coming, but daaaamn.

  • bizzalls

    Yea man, WTF? Mac Miller selling 144k first week?? HUH? HOW??! Pusha T only sold 10k (although it is a MIXTAPE NOT AN ALBUM) but still!! That shit blows my mind, I can't understand it. How does that dude have such a big fanbase? 144k?! Pusha T 10k?? WOW..

  • ?

    Mac miller should not be considered a 'independent' artist ,

  • Jason Williams

    Check out Hip-Hop at its best http://www.datpiff.com/THE-201-HIP-HOP-LOCKOUT-mixtape.283874.html

  • WhoUKnowIllerThanMacMiller


    • UndergroundHipHopDX

      Dope Mac Miller. Also check out SmooVth - Red Dot Plot >> http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/red-dot-plot/id470353366

  • Anonymous

    FuckSwag: Fuck hip hop. Where n da fuck are the dmx's, method man's, big l's, pac's raekwon's & ghostface's of the new generation? There ain't none. all you faggots dun fucked up da game, with ya fag swag rap, & homo like dances. Fuckin Cunts Posted2011-11-16T18:19:44-06:00 | Reply Anonymous: Chill homie its only music, U jus stuck in the past, in that case go buy a cassette and you can reminisce on how to skip a track while drivin to your destination, fuc out of hip hop dude! Posted2011-11-16T19:05:00-06:00 * Anonymous: Stuck in the past? so much music from the past is timeless. This trash is gonna be forgotten. Back then I used to listen to shit when it came out and still listen to it. Now its simple to shuffle it all on an ipod, back then I made homemade mixtapes and cd's. I was listening to illmatic in 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, etc. Name one of these clowns out nows albums that you can do that for? The labels aren't concerned about the longevity of an alum, they want platinum but dumb it down to get platinum now. Hip Hop is hanging on by a thread called underground. Posted2011-11-16T19:16:52-06:00 _______________________________________ ^ first anonymous lost when they skimmed over "the new generation" and went immediately with ageism. Salute to the OG's still checking.

  • Anonymous

    "Will Drake take Mac's spot as predicted next week?" uh duh hiphopdx mac miller sucks.

  • bwowed

    actually 50 does 150k

    • Anonymous


  • bwowed

    just cause you hate ross dont mean he wont sell please dont be blind to the fact the he will sell a lot of ppl like rozay. I dont think hes great but his music is good no matter how fake he is your crazy if you dont think hell pass the 100k mark lol

  • bwowed

    1. hip hop is not completely dead J.cole Kendrick are really good. Lamar is an amazing lyricist and if you dont see that your just a hater. From his content, to his words and emotion i can listen to cole and K.dot all day. The rest i agree with. I use to like Wale still do but i feel as if he switched up and went commercial after joining MMG. and young jeezy is not selling 400k ina week lmao rick ross will sell more then him try something like this 50 350k rozay 375k jeezy 175-220k There all bums.

  • Jeff Mason

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  • FuckSwag

    Fuck hip hop. Where n da fuck are the dmx's, method man's, big l's, pac's raekwon's & ghostface's of the new generation? There ain't none. all you faggots dun fucked up da game, with ya fag swag rap, & homo like dances. Fuckin Cunts

    • Anonymous

      Stuck in the past? so much music from the past is timeless. This trash is gonna be forgotten. Back then I used to listen to shit when it came out and still listen to it. Now its simple to shuffle it all on an ipod, back then I made homemade mixtapes and cd's. I was listening to illmatic in 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, etc. Name one of these clowns out nows albums that you can do that for? The labels aren't concerned about the longevity of an alum, they want platinum but dumb it down to get platinum now. Hip Hop is hanging on by a thread called underground.

    • Anonymous

      Chill homie its only music, U jus stuck in the past, in that case go buy a cassette and you can reminisce on how to skip a track while drivin to your destination, fuc out of hip hop dude!

  • FuckSwag

    All this shit suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxxxxxxx Balllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    way back in the 90s haha most of these artist would have been dropped from the label

  • Anonymous

    game gets features not featured hhahah

  • Anonymous

    mac miller numbers are rigged, fuck outta here with that wack shit

  • damm again3

    tha carter 4 will reach 2x platinum when detox drops

  • Prediction

    I'm predicting DEC Release sales will be Rick Ross : 102 K first week Young Jeezy : 427 K first week 50 cent : 428 K first week

    • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

      @Damm again, is probably right, except Ross will most likely cross the 100k mark, he did abt 170k with Teflon Don, and his popularity has only increased since then with MMG starting to take off. Jeezy will do at least 100k-200k off of loyal fanbase alone. And IDK abt 50 actually, he did like 160k last time, it all depends on if he can get a somewhat good single

    • Anonymous

      rick ross 250K first week? ahahah. self made vol 1 first week 58k FLOP TRIPLE C 12K FIRST WEEK BRICKKKKK HAHA

    • Anonymous

      You suck at predictions. It's more like Rick Ross : 250 K Young Jeezy : 50 K 50 cent : 85 K Both 50 Cent and Jeezy fell off but 50 Cent will do whatever he can to promote his album so it will at least do 80K

    • damm again

      Rick ross wont cross the 100.000 mark Young jeezy probably 250.000 like j.cole 50 cent wont release his album this year 2012 is his comeback fo sure


    rostrum records and mac miller eatin good 144,000 x $10 a cd is 1.4 mil dats all mac n rostrum money cuz they independent dey don't have to split nothin with no major label dats great for your first week he's goin gold wale n j.Cole is too pusha t album hard as fuck

    • James Brown

      They are not eating well, there are fees to pay for Payola and Distribution. Not even taking into consideration sample royalties. Trust the grass is always green on the other side.

  • joe

    you guys forgot watch the throne at 23

  • Anonymous

    why game dont get featured on a album?his peers dont fuck with him they just wanted interscope money haha aint noway another major label gonna sighn game

    • Anonymous

      50 dont get featured coz he a strait up bitch that no1 likes to f*k with. Game features these dudes coz hes about hiphop, every1 of his CDs has all the relevant artists in hiphop. game has had a feature with almost all the artists on hiphop. you faggot trolls need to stop hatin Game king of the west. you a bum a** f*g listenin to yayo and mac miller. suk a d*k

    • Anonymous

      nah not really 50 like to do his shit in house or solo.he got a few features under his belt.im talking about how game gets everybody on his shit but they dont return the favor.wayne major release no game ross about to drop no game jeezy gonna drop soon no game drake album no game.


      i peep that samething can be said about 50

  • Anonymous

    after the past few weeks now they post game numbers hahah dx that shit cray

  • Anonymous

    pusha-t did good numbers for a mixtape people had already

  • ilexx

    Everybody saying they dont see the big hype about Mac Miller selling 144k because he was all over MTV needs to check themselves because that statement in itself is kinda hating... then they go on to say it doesnt matter because he wont see gold. LOL could u be anymore of a hater? Let me get this straight... When other indie artist sell smaller numbers you say its because they are indie and they didnt get promoted like major label artists and when an indie artists gets promoted the right way and damn near breaks the mold for indie music marketing you say that its not valid because he was being marketed as much as a major label artist? GTFOH! U cant hate on the fact that Mac has a good team and Rostrum records and them did their fucking jobs..... Be proud and happy for the man because its a win for Hip Hop. Fuck Mac basically did similiar numbers to Wale who is on a major... Its a good look for indie music and other rappers trying to make it without a label.

    • Lsn22s

      @ Gang Starr... How you gonna call dude an Uncle Tom? You don't even know him...let me guess, you think black people should all act and dress a certain way to prove how black they are...fucking moron...I know black teachers, political figures, city workers, property owners and even cops...it's 2011, aint no such thing as an Uncle Tom anymore man, black people been free a while now, they can do whatever they like, aint no code of conduct for "blackness"...wake the fuck up

    • Gang Starr

      I dont even have to reply to you, you're facebook picture says It all. Uncle Tom.

    • Travion Coker

      Ok, if he's a Mac Miller dck rider, then you're a Apathy and whoever the other nigga is dick rider also. Mac can spit. But you can't say only niggas with no lyrics can spit. Tech N9ne moves good numbers, has good publicity and he's indie. It's just them niggas you've named haven't even caught hype in the streets yet.

    • Gang Starr

      Nope. We have already explained to you retarded Wack miller fucks. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. There is virtually no other indie artist recieving the level of attention that Wiz Khalifa gets but Mac. So your arguement is flawed. Ive never seen rappers like One Be Lo or Apathy being featured so much in magazines or MTV so how do you explain that? Is It that they have less talent? Hell no. The same stupid fucks that are buying justin bieber albums are buying mac miller records, so stop preaching to the choir. I swear I could shoot a mac miller dick rider. This shit is a win for the kids that have their parents buying albums for them and check to see If theres a parental advisory sticker on the front.


    DX wild they pulled one with the Game. They didn't have to do him like that. They could of put him right under Wiz khalifa. But instead, they put a wide gap in between, and put the game's sales lol. DX yall wild for that.

  • Mike Meraz

    Great Album. still not as good as K.I.D.S., lol he went all out on that syt. Mac shoulda threw "Donald Trump" and the "BDE Bonus" track on here, but anyway..this review's pretty rough although I too believe Mac has a hard time holding down a WHOLE album lyrically. "Under The Weather" is AMAZING. An amazing track that's real, dope as hell and can be a hit but also a hit with "real hip hop" folks as well. -"I found out being famous, in reality, well it ain't shit! cause you can have the world in the palm of your hand but it don't mean a thing till you change it.." ...that's the kinda shyt I like. "Freid Park Market" does sound a little similar to "Donald Trump" but who cares, that shyt BANGS!! haha, but than again, its not like any of Weezy's songz sound alike, so you guys got me there. "Blue Slide Park", "PA Nights", "Of The Soul", 'Man In The Hat" and "One Last Thing" are all dope as hell. "Missed Calls" and "Diamonds And Gold" are both good songs. "Part On Fifth Ave" and "Smile Back" are ok but I don't really like them at all. "My Team" and "Loitering" are stupid but the beats are dope. But that "Up All Night" track??? That's that "White bitches jumping on a trampoline music", haha. Good shyt. That last verse on "Of The Soul" where he goes off and then the drums come in? OOeewwY! Hard to find that feeling in hip hop nowadays. I'm also pleased that he didn't have any FEATURES on his album, that's how ya gotta do it. Alone.. no disrespect to J.Cole, I still got "Cole World" ahead of this but you fucking people are just haters! I know that word's used a lot when it comes to Mac Miller, but WTF were you doing when you were 18? haha! Not putting together dope albums like this. 4/5 PeaCe!

  • yawooh

    props to Mac Miller..I dont like his music but it shows jus how dominant Hip-Hop(even though ppl said it's dying or was dying) is..We have #1 albulms every week(or other week)...Lol at "will Drake take Mac's spot next week?" dats not even a question

  • Ron Nizamov

    funny how mac RAPED pusha t, whos so much more skilled than him and been in the game for a while

  • Nico 3

    Let's see why Tech Nine isn't getting his dues. He looks like a freak. He raps about crazy shit. He's an indie artist. That said, he's got the drive to be mainstream, but I think he's just too weird. Most don't know what to make of him.

  • Anonymous

    miller is a fake indie artist. he may not be signed to atlantic but hes got an atlantic exec pushing his music to radio stations and mtv. real indie artists do it without industry resources

    • 8 Diagram

      @Anon: Thank you @Rob Jizzy: STFU. Hes got payola without having to sign a single deal, why do you think hes mad cocky about being independant. He is the definition of fake indie artist.

    • Rob Rizzy Clarke

      u sound like a fuckin idiot ...if ur a indie artist with good resources why wouldn't you use them? Thats like being mad at austin rivers for practicing with professional ballers before he went to the leauge

  • HEAT

    @ Anon, WTT was #27 sold like 19000 this week, just checked cause I thought it must have dell off the charts but DX just didn't mention they shit this week

  • Real Hip Hop

    I'm glad that Mac Miller did it without features from Jay Z, Trey Songz, Drake and Missy Elliot. He also did it without having to be featured on The Blueprint 3 and Miguel's album. No Rihanna sextape rumor, No appearance on Beyonce's video, no tour with Rihanna, Jay Z and Drake. No expensive Paula Abdul sample playing on the radio, plus 2 additional singles before that (workout and hit it in the morning).

  • JAS

    Game's RED ALBUM is better than all those GAY ALBUM released till now,but the big problem is the GANGSTA/WESTCOAST shit a'nt selling no more,everbody is interested to buy RAP-POP or RAP-BIBIER SHIT.Now u can understand why DRE still dont wanna put out is DETOX.

    • trackman

      game is trash. documentary was okay but everything afterwords been lame fagott shit! He's most memorable singles are from the documentary. He was laughing at banks numbers look at him now and he on a major and banks independent. he wont even go gold. wikipedia has banks sales at 340k game on 208k sellin 2k copies a week? muthafucka flopped. No singles,album full of features with lil wayne drake rick ross tyler the creator kendrick lamar...all these rappers had a buzz,thats why game chose them for red thinking it would boost his sales. He wack,tell me a single punchline you can remember from game. damn even soulja boy got a line that he can be proud of..i dont freestyle coz my style aint free. what about game? i aint apreacher but here's my erick sermon? fuck is that shit?

    • Anonymous

      fuck gay ass dre old lame ass nigga.

  • Mark A Jong

    Does it not bother anyone else that J Cole and Wayne can sell all these units first week but second and third week they sell like 100 times less, that totally makes no sense at all.... Smells like bullshit first week sales really.

    • ilexx

      When I see comments like this I wonder if you are a frequent visitor who also checks the sales report every Wednesday or your just an idiot. Wale was #2 last week with 160k sold and is now #15 with 40k sold... He took a 77% drop, and both J. Cole and Wayne took roughly the same drop in their 2nd week sales too. It is not uncommon for that to happen. Especially when u have a ride or die fan base that goes out and picks up your record as it drops and u see the fall off when the casual fans are now buying your record. Cole's album dropped 6 weeks ago and u think Jay-Z/Roc Nation/Sony/Columbia are BUYING his records? LOL u guys are funny... I see how this argument still exists with 1st week sales but u cant show me a solid reason why they would be still buying records because that doesnt benefit them at all. They are trying to MAKE MONEY not spend more money. SMH at you dumb fucks looking for a reason to hate on an artist cuzz he sells better than your fav. rapper.

    • Anonymous

      i disagree i see cole shit selling too

    • O.G. Sic-A-More

      Wayne shit is real, but that Cole is fake. All you have to do is visit stores twice a week and you can clearly see that Wayne's shit is flying off of the shelves. On the other hand, Cole World is not selling like that in stores. Jigga and Sony are buying downloads to create fake interest for Cole.

    • Anonymous

      it makes perfect sense. You obviously don't know the process of records sales cause if you did you wouldn't of asked that.

  • GameDiss???

    Lol at how they left a big gap before Games album. Why is hiphopdx dissing game like that? Didnt they let him edit the site?

  • Anonymous

    Game really aint appealing anymore huh,.. sad cause he has skills just misguided and ignorant. J cole all day i'll be bumpin that next summer.

    • Anonymous

      Game is marketable, and hes a decent rapper..the problem with his RED album..well it SUCKS! sorry but I think pharrel and others really fugged it up this time, even the intro/outro that dre did sounded corny..

    • ilexx

      @rough draft what everybody can see is that your a hater.... What exactly is fake about J. Cole or his album? Dont worry.... I'll wait!

    • rough draft

      j cole is that fake shit and everybody can see through it.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHA pusha t can't sell 10,000 after hooking up with KANYE? his solo career is off to a fast start! niggas don't blow up at 39. pusha t is an industry can. someone who's always been a underperforming failure commercially/critically.

    • Adrian A Classic Joseph

      ^^^^Actually he is 34 and Fear Of God II wasn't an album it was a mixtape that contained a few new songs and previous releases from the first Fear Of God instalment. There is no limit to what age someone can blow up, don't allow past trends to dictate the future. Why rejoice if someone appears to not do as well as others, don't write people off because they might just surprise you. Hope you're working towards your dreams and woe if you end up failing and you have others dancing on your grave.

    • Anonymous

      pusha t and his brother will never have gold solo albums no matter what lol.

  • Dylan Davies

    it's so sad that mac miller's shit sold 120, 000 more units than welcome to strange land. tech is one of the hardest working, most clever emcees in the game, he's not getting his just dues.

    • Adrian A Classic Joseph

      I fully agree, but its down to what the mass populous want to hear and how well you can tap into that market and promote to the fullest. Tech N9Ne is an acquired taste but he is still doing well considering how abstract his music can be.

    • Anonymous

      negro please, tech 9 has sold over 4 million records independently over the course of his whole career. you just a mac miller stan trying put mac over tech'e level on the sneak. you failed at that shit, bitch.

  • not independent

    Hey dx ya dumb fucks. Mac Miller is signed to Rostrum Records. He's not independent

    • James Lauletta

      "Pennsylvania's Mac Miller scored an absolute #1 debut. Released entirely through hometown independent Rostrum Records" learn to read, and learn what independent means

    • Anonymous

      thats a strong jewish name. mac miller must be a jew. makes sense.

  • Quincy

    I think they messed up on Drake's that would mean he went platinum in a day and nobody in rap has ever done that

    • Anonymous

      Take Care is on pace to sell between 850,000-900,000 copies in the first week. That's based on first day sales for now. I had to go to 4 stores because it was sold out in the first 3 stores.

    • Anonymous

      its "thank me later" skimmer. the new album is Take Care. idiot

  • Anonymous

    I AM PROUD TO SAY OUT OF ALL OF THEM I HAVE ONLY HEARD J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story

  • Mark Grant

    Watch out for Gambino next week, his album is selling well on itunes



    • Shame

      but your forgetting he got on mtv, he got all that media as an independent artist, i dont like mac's music but i respect the man's hustle

    • bop-1

      @HD. ice cube laugh now cry later.lloyd banks B.B.B.

    • Anonymous

      Besides the point, people know who this kid is, he has the awareness of any major label artist, and there making it seem like he's an Underdog MTV gave this kid the same amount of coverage they gave Wiz and every other major label artist, its not like he topped the charts with no help like people wanna make it seem I aint hatin on the kid, just pointing out that this isnt some kind of big time deal about him being Indy and topping the charts, he might as well be on Interscope as much as MTV plays his shit

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and Big Up Tech N9ne, takes a powerful Indy artist to sell 25K copies of a throwaway album full of 2nd rate collabos, if your gonna do a collabo album, at least invite diffrent people to the table then the same weed carriers who appear on your solo albums, props the Brotha Lynch Hung and the joint with Prozac on it but get more creative with your featurings homie, last collabo album at least had Chino XL & Crooked on it, this shit got one guy who aint on your label, and even he use to be (Prozac), LOL Still a Tech fan tho

    • ilexx

      Why are you missing the point!?!?! He kept it in-house because he is trying to introduce these artists to the world. The more attention Tech gets is the more attention Strange Music gets and now they are focused on breaking more artists so that the company is solely relying on Tech 9. U thought he was just doing a collabo album because he really really wanted too? No there is a bigger picture, its a platform for his artists.

  • Anonymous

    its fucking hilarious how in the 4 weeks dj dramas album was on the charts he sold 19,000 in total LOL 19,000 i could prob sell that if i put out an album AHAHA

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller might be Independant but lets not pretend his face wasnt all over MTV and he didnt get promotion...... Props to him but lets not make this bigger then it is, he had the same promotion as a major label artist and he wont even get to shine a gold plaque when its said and done And that Game shit wasnt necessary ya'll, lol, I hate the Bi-Polar Tongue Ring rockin male stripper as much as the next man, but ya'll couldnt resist just pointing out how his album was down at #185 could ya??... SMH, and I bet ya'll was kissing his Lame ass when you begged him to Edit the site that one week back when people thought he was still relevant, ya'll need to look up the definition of loyaly, but then again, so does he

  • Anonymous

    damn game really has lost alot of fans smh

    • Anonymous

      Red album was good , but he spoiled his momentum with all the jigga talk. just do your own thing , put energy into yourself and not bashing 50 and Jay,. its old people aint wit that

    • Anonymous

      I think Game's album was the best album of they year but alot of people don't like him or westcoast rap

    • Anonymous

      its a shame cause RED Album was actually a really good album, not the best of the year or anything but it was better then tha carter IV and a lot of other albums this year in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    did watch the throne really fall off the charts completely this week? last week it was jus in the 20s or 30s im pretty sure. Ambition over everything!

  • Anonymous

    dx got some love hate shit going on why they do that to game #185 out of 200 damn they could have left his shit private

  • Timmyyyyyyyyy

    42 years ago eh?

  • Anonymous

    nice to see a indie artist put up some nice numbers

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