Ice-T Begins New Album, Possibly Produced Entirely By Twitter Followers

The O.G. is back, reportedly recording his first studio album since 2006's "Gangsta Rap."

Hip Hop icon Ice-T recently announced on Twitter (@FinalLevel) that he is at work on a new album. The veteran emcee's work would be his first studio album since 2006's Gangsta Rap.

Announcing that he was taking beat submissions via email, Ice-T noted, "This may be the first album ever produced by TWITTER fans..."

The rapper-turned-actor also noted that his Law & Order: SVU role will continue, and that he's not doing the album in search of money or radio-play.

Earlier this year, Ice-T executive produced the crack cocaine documentary Planet Rock for Vh1.


  • Anonymous

    Ice T dope as fuck... and this is a dope ass idea... 50 should have thought of this

  • Anonymous

    ice T is a legend but dude just hang it up, you're like 50 plus

  • lifetimesofsc

    ya'll know Ice T used to speak at graduations at Harvard? people actually want to hear him since he's a great public speaker and motivator. He's got a story, experience, and a business mind....and coco.

  • Obi Patrick

    what a remarkable idea. hip hop can now be saved...thanks for the opportunity my nigga oh by the, subscriptions will be highly appreciated. :)

  • Anonymous

    This is a super dope idea.

  • datNIGGAJ

    fa y'all hatin' on ice's acting work, ya need to read his autobiography, "ice", as it explains his take on all dat. clear as day.

  • Tony Viera

    This is amazing!!! i have listen to him all this two weeks and thought that he never put out another album what a coincidence Great News Ice Motherfuckin T!!!!!

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Ice-T cant be fucked with. He is that "six in da morning"-dude forever.

  • Anonymous

    Is this not the rapper who dissed Rick Ross but plays a cop in movies and series. lol Ice t you fell the fuck off. Remember COPKILLER!

  • Anonymous

    Probably this tv cop who once made the song copkiller wants some cheap beats! Do you aint got money to pay dope producers?

  • Nico 3

    It's hard to trash somebody like Ice simply because you have to look at where he's at today. He's never going to be remembered as a great actor, or rapper, but he never professed to be. He survived some shitty movies, and landed on a hit TV show without losing his street cred.

    • Anonymous

      @Nico 3: I agree with David, Ice T is a household name. Even more so a dude I respect for calling out SB's wack ass and never straying from the west coast sound to hyphe or some bull like that (showing he has integrity within music). His acting career has been most profitable but also a good laugh from the days of copkiller. Lol.

    • David James Robinson

      You're an idiot if you think he's never going to be remembered. He's a household name.

  • Slauson Slaya

    O.G Original Gangsta

  • Anonymous

    I really hope Scott Storch and Mel Man are following him on twitter then...

  • Anonymous

    I admire Ice T as an Artist Say what you will about his movies, he's made some horrible films and he aint never been shy about getting his paycheck from hollywodd But as an Artist, he's never followed trends or co-signed some bullshit he didnt believe in, If he thinks your wack, he'll say it, and if you dont buy his albums, his response is "Good for you nigga, i'll go shoot Leprechaun part 9 and make up the diffrence, I rap cause I feel like it, dont wanna support, feel free to eat a bowl full of elephant dicks cause Your opinion aint shit to me" OG in the truest sense

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ You missed the point homie, fact is, ice found other ways to get paid and never had to sell out as an MC, and I respect that about him There's nothing sadder then seeing Kool g Rap do songs with Haile Duff and seeing Dougie Fresh endorse them retards who named the dance after him, but I understand because the only money they get is hip hop and its rough out there for the OG's who never took care of themselves Ice got rich outside the game and never had to resort to doing some "Dance with Me Shwaty I love you" Disney world shit, and thats why he's got so much respect from me

    • Ben Dover

      You say that but if he was a broke motherfucker doing the same thing you would ignore him.

  • Anonymous


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