Dr. Dre Says After 27 Years Of Working On Music He's Taking A Break

Dr. Dre ready for a break from music, wants Beats By Dre to become second only to Apple.

After almost three decades of non-stop contributions to music, producer/rapper Dr. Dre says he’s finally ready for a break from music. Dr. Dre revealed the news during an interview with The Fader at the opening of the Beats By Dre store in SoHo.

Dr. Dre explained that when he’s done working with Kendrick Lamar and Slim Da Mobster he’ll be ready for a break which will consist of spending more time with his family.

“These are the next two artists I’m working on, Slim Da Mobster and Kendrick Lamar. I think that’s when I’m gonna just wrap it up for a minute because I’ve been working on music for 27 years now and the longest I’ve ever been out of the studio in 27 years has been two weeks,” Dr. Dre explained. “So yea I feel like I’m gonna take a little bit of a break. I’m never gonna stop music, it’s like air to me. So I’mma take a little bit of a break. Enjoy some time with the family til I get that itch to get back in.”

Aside from working on music Dr. Dre has contributed heavily to the Beats By Dre line of headphones and says they won’t stop until they’ve become second only to Apple.

“I’m shocked myself as to how well they’re doing. We’re gonna keep new and exciting product coming. We’re trying to eventually be second to Apple. And I don’t think that’s a bad position,” said Dr. Dre. “We’re really trying to take over everything with a speaker. And also microphones. We’re gonna get involved in that also.”

There were no mentions of a Detox release during Dr. Dre’s interview with The Fader.



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  • v15haal

    this would make a lot more sense if Dre had actually been putting out music consistently for the last 10 years..

  • Killiluamnti

    He was tried of the illaumnti giving it to him in the butt like the great 2pac said he was doing while he would be recording a track

  • Anonymous

    i was the guy that commented on this article... "detox will be released january 3rd, then i changed the date to january 17th" well it will be january 17th its confirmed... and heres a pre orders... release date is not made public yet but it will be soon. "haters hate" http://hmv.com/hmvweb/comingSoon.do?pGroupID=1&clickID=hp040203

  • Tolis Tepenis

    Detox, Planets album... Whenever Dre's dick finds sumthin interesting he makes statements that never realize. And a break...?? I thought he's already doin his break. When was the last time you saw a Dre credit on any record after 2009's Relapse??

    • Drefan since 91

      Dre doesn't have the inspiration to (co)produce sick tracks anymore. The steroids fucked up the creative part of his brain. Steroids in his system = No inspiration = No Detox

  • skywizzle

    the new dre is so gaaaaay, what happened homie u let em get to u huh

  • Jukka Seppl

    Well that just means he doesnt want to talk about detox and its not going to be ever released.Well i need doctor and aother of those leaked tracks sucked comapred to his another tracks made before.

  • ahahahaha

    do any of you meat heads realize that this means hes most likely finished detox? I mean this probably means hes finished the album and the mixing process is done. hes gonna do some promo and then the album will drop. THEN he will most likely retire. I dont think he would just dip out after working so long on this album, think about it.. kendrick even said that the album is finished and it will drop soon. Dre said it would be his last album.. so once he drops it hes leaving the music biz. and im sure he doesnt give a fuck what you kids on a shitty hiphop website think about it because hes making more money of Dre beats in a week then any of you dudes will make in your lifetime.

    • Anonymous

      why are you counting dre's money like its yours faggot? dre makes more money than you do and here you are sucking his dick for it online. you're the loser. dre's a fag.

  • Dr. Dre

    Chill my niggas and niggerettes I'm just trolling y'all... watch

  • Anonymous

    To me, it just sounds like Dre is trying to have the title of "the most anticipated album to never be released." The problem with that is that much of what has been leaked, and he has come out with on his own such as "I need a Doctor", were weak tracks that didn't attest to whatever greatness he and those around him claimed Detox would be. He now seems like an indecisive man who would rather build this album up to legendary status that does not get released, than come out with a full album of sub par material.

  • Anonymous

    In the year 3402, after various world wars, nuclear catastophies, and a large asteroid collision with the planet, archeologists will be digging through debris and sediment of what was once the city of Los Angeles and will unearth a rusty safe preserved in hard clay. Once the safe is taken to a nearby space lab for analysis they will find inside a perfectly preserved Master Recording of dr. Dres never released LP "Detox" along with a note that says "to who ever managed to find this safe, please make the included Master Recording available to consumers, thank you. Dr. Dre"

  • Renzo rollin

    Hip hop heads all over the world hate Dre right now, lol.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Riley from boondocks....fuck yall niggas fuck your record label fuck your chronic album (dont get it twisted it was dope) fuck your 2001 album (again i ain't hatin it was dope) fuck your fat ass multi room opera house sized studio fuck your uhhhhh fuck it ain't waiting for this lazy guy's album no more nigga is bullshitting.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn......i want detox....yawn so?.... your lives continues niggas.

  • STFU

    anyone ever stop to think that maybe the guy doesnt care if you buy the album, like the album, support the music, have an opinion? He probably doesnt give a shit. stop getting all bent out of shape about some rap album. who cares. it (something) will come out sometime. you act like its the second coming

  • CaqNudg

    I guess detox is never coming out then....

  • Sensaye252

    One day it's gonna come out that Dre didn't actually produce the stuff he put his name on. I've been a Dre fan since the NWA days. But in the last ten years, I've seen Dre's beats totally change and the quality of his beats take a nose dive as his production team has been dissembled piece by piece. At this point, he's hiding behind his legend. He's like the Wizard of Oz. He's trying to seem like the mighty and powerful producer, and even has a following of munchkins that will attest to his great power. But when it's time for him to do something magical, he has an excuse every time. And for what it's worth, I like the clanky-piano-synth heavy beats that he's been doing for the last ten years, even though they all sound the same. But it's painfully obvious to anyone who makes beats and understands the process of it, that Dre has nothing left in the tank.

    • yo

      Cosign 100%, one the realest statements and I feel the Wiz analogy - it describes Dre to a tee. I met a college student from India who was really into hip hop and even he told me Dre was outsourcing for beats in India, lol.

  • bkstylz

    It is amazing to me rappers feel so influenced by Dre. You always read these comments from rappers talking about how great Dre is. Why?? All his beats are repetitive and he is always stealing someone else's work.

  • Anonymous

    so this bitch ain't dropping detox?

  • YoYo

    Fuck Detox! What about his planets album?!?!

  • hurry up fat ass

    if detox ever comes out it better have a fuckin minimum of 20 tracks

  • Reality

    "Haha! Whoo! Dr. Dre, 2020 Yeah!" -Eminem on We Made You Shady is telling us that detox is droppin on 2020

  • Anonymous

    hard to believe Dre's son overdosed with a great father like this.

  • Devin Williams

    Detox aint never comin out...and thats prolly a good thing

  • Mylie

    after 13 years waiting 4 detox and how he promised to deliver all of a sudden his taking a break? FIRE DRE drop him from thr label. dude has not released proper music in fukkin years.

    • John TakeCare Rushton

      Dre is an in-house producer, for interscope and his own label. they're not gonna fire him for not making songs. He makes beats. He doesnt write music. Everyone wrote for this dude but himself.

  • the Grza

    I guarantee this is somewhere in Dre's will when he passes "Release Detox after I die" It's the only way Dre can see this album being viewed as a success.

  • Shady94

    ey chill out guys. dre produced at least more than 100 albums in the last 20 years. he never could finish detox because every fuckin newcomer wants him to produce their shit. dre is a legend. without him, we wouldnt have nwa, snoop, EMINEM etc etc. eminem is engouth to make him legendary. he used ghostwriters? omg he's a PRODUCER. timbaland also uses jay z as ghostwriter. fuck it. dre never had time for himself, he produced music all the time. so the break is ok. and its good, that detox wont come out because this album is going to be bullshit! so peace out dre, fuck the haters! (I'm from germany, so my english isn't good^^)

    • Sensaye252

      100 albums in the last twenty years huh? Okay, name 7. And I don't mean albums he did 2 or 3 tracks on, I mean albums he produced at least 80% of.

    • ops

      timbaland steals beats ppl send him dr.dre puts his name on beats he set the volume on stop hyping these frauds time exposed all detox is the biggest fail in music axl rose is laughin at gay ass dre the whole world is laughin at gay ass dre i hope HP gives dre the suge knight treatment


    was up yall!! im the doc's latest project. before yall meet dre you gotta give me pussi! ima shock da world and do what rakim and hitman couldn't. drop a album with dre backin me. my buzz is crazy rite now. i got 3 ppl askin me when my shit droppin! i got da best producer in rap on my side. he gon help me lik he helped bishop lamont and knocturnal. yall jus mad da GOAT fuckin wit me instead of deotx. im da chronic 3 niggas. im a suupastar. i roll with 50 cent dr.dre and eminem and nobody know who da fuck i am. dre da best nigga at spotting talent. he found me. im one of a kind. buzz is crazy rite now. i got da best name in rap history.

  • Anonymous

    wow right now i'm gone say FUCK DETOX , i don't give a fuck about this album anymore , from the two first singles it looked like shit and i really think the whole album would be like that , dre needs to get down with the veterans and SOME new cats , but not fucking go and take lil wayne to ghostwrite , fuck this shit

  • yo

    You muthafuckas were over-enthusiastic about this bullshit album and now its never coming out. You know why? The shit was scrap food 2 begin with & Dre can't even rekindle the spark with the industry's seasoned vets because the creativity and hunger is lacking or most rappers are washed up. We need a new breed of hungry mc's to continue hiphop legacy and I don't mean Drake, Tyler the Creator or J. Cole either.

  • dj nemesis

    ive sed this in the past and i will say it again,the anticipation for detox is so great that no matter how perfect his album is,it wont live up to what we thought it was (right now im thinkin a 10 disc cd with eargasms all over it with lyrics that make 2pac look like lil b). so if i were in his position,id release garbage and keep pushin the album back to let people (like all you of you commenters callin him trash an that detox will never come out) talk about him, then boom surprise yall with an ill ass classic album (WITH NO ANTICIPATION WHATSOEVER) so that we can properly enjoy it...if im correct,dre is very smart for what hes doin,cuz releasin detox now will be a mistake,releasin it on christmas after everyone gave up on dre would be the best career move he can do...



  • Ron Nizamov

    how long can a fan wait. fuck this. its prob gonna come in another year or two

  • gay ass dre go away

    dr.dre is a fraud. his name still gets mentioned but he hasn't done anything good for music in years. i don't wanna hear his 50 year old ass rap lyrics he didn't write over beats he didn't make. that's all dre ever did. take credit for other people's work. yeah he found eminem. but if dre never found eminem dre would have been broke and alone. jimmy iovine would have kicked him to the curb. i hope beats by dre bankrupts him. faggot meathead who sleeps with men on the low. pac said it. suge said it. dee barnes saw it. dr.dre boyfriend is jimmy iovine (not a joke). they are literally a couple. dre's wife is a lesbian.

  • kabanog

    I thought, Detox is comin' and now he's taking a break? God why ?

  • Mr Mogul

    Ha! So after all of that time, no Detox.. Wow! Thanks for nothing..

  • Lsn22s

    Well, that's it...I give up. If Detox ever comes out it will just be a nice surprise. not holding my breath tho...sonofabitch!

  • Aligraf


  • Doug Nichols

    I remember for a long time I was wondering which was going to come out first: Detox, or Duke Nukem Forever. I can't believe Duke Nukem actually won. At this point I don't think Detox is ever going to come out. And if it ever does, it's going to be about 15 years too late.

  • Alex Mendoza

    Detox is never coming out. Never was going to come out. There's probably hundreds of great tracks recorded between 2000-2006 that will never see the light of day that probably would have gone down as classic songs. Now because of his own insatiable OCD-like need for quality, the term "Detox" will probably be used later on as a synonym for "Myth."

  • Anonymous

    I give up, this fool ain't releasing Detox in a hurry. My fucking grand-kids will still be waiting for this shit before this nigga decides to up and go on another break. SMH.

  • Tara Coston

    Love the quality of Beats Dre but if you want to take on Apple, make some shit that will last more than one month. I bought a pair for $100 and the right earpiece shorted within three weeks...wtf? I've had $9 marshmallows last longer.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    While some fools actually wait for a "Detox"-Album (which makes him 10$ a cd, not even talking about the illegal downloads) he already got the "Detox"-Headgear (500$ a piece) out. Now he opens up shops for his equipment and the whole world loves it. Dre is one of the smartest motherfuckers on earth.

  • Anonymous

    2 albums in 27 years and dude needs a break!!! lol. Remember when 2pac said that dre need it 2 years to make a beat? Go sell some headphones bitch

  • asek

    chill guys! we dont need dre. Just let his ghostproducers make an album! We all know that dre does shit.

  • Anonymous

    taking a break lol. Dude is already taking a break for 10 years! fuck you

  • Drefan since 91

    Good thing Dre knows it's not a good time to drop Detox right know, cuz he doesn't even have the inspiration to co-produce his own songs the last few years. A Dre album not (co)produced by himself would ruin his legacy. That would ruin his legacy almost as much as a sell-out album with Justin Bieber on Detox. What's fucked up is that Dre doesn't know the steroids are the reason for his lack of inspiration the last few years. Before he looked like the Hulk(2006) he still (co)produced sick tracks for Busta Rhymes album and the tracks "Imagine" and "Boss Life" for Snoop were very good too. Since he's on steroids he hasn't co-produced one track that made me go "DAMN!!!". So Dre, some advice: STOP WITH THE STEROIDS!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    uh wtf does he work on then? Everyone complains that they cant get a hold of him?!

  • Phil House

    HAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO taking a break? dog you only got 2 albums out in 20 fuckin years haha wtf are you taking a break from, headphone designs? and what about all those artists you just signed? gonna let them sit on the shelf like you did every other rapper youve signed, thats why ive never understood why people sign to his label youll never do anything under dre

  • Real Hip-Hop

    Dr. Dre sucks. Jerry Sandusky is a better rapper

  • gasoline

    did the writer say three decades of 'non stop' contributions to music? is that accurate..dr dre has been on break forever..cmon..

  • jokes on you

    detox 2098 lmao

  • Dee Oats

    He too worried about puttin out garbage music! Half the shyt he just put his name on!

    • Paul Almaev

      Yeah Khalil wrote that entire song

    • Ama Hussla

      uhm.. this was actually a dj khalil production... scott storch had no contribution to this song..

    • Phil House

      YES thank you! hes garbage nobody gave a fuck about detox until kush came out and the only reason that shit was good was because he reunited with scott storch who did the keys which made that beat so good just like every song on the chronic 2001 hes garbage by himself

  • Simon

    Just look at him, he is spending more time in gym than studio. Fuck detox (if there is one lol) and Dre

  • negatic

    Im wondering what kinda a tard would buy your headphones , i mean theyre really good looking but theyre no match for sennheiser or akg.

  • Anonymous

    World Class Wreckin Crew ass nigga...

  • T.C

    i raher listen to some quality music by dr dre....etc, when listen to some wack ass shit are even finish...

  • jack johnson

    Another Beats by Dre advertisement

  • VIc

    What's up with Detox, eh?

  • Anonymous

    How about spending more time with your family instead of in the gym you freak

  • Jean

    Wow, the media are idiots and run with anything for a story. He clearly said he'll be working on 2 artist, that's 2 album BEFORE he takes a breaks, then he didn't need to mention DETOX because he's aware that EVERYONE knows he's been working on that. SMH

  • James

    OMG fuck you Dre. Seriously? A Break? For the past year I've been expecting to see a Detox release date any day now. Another fuck false alarm. All singles were dropped. Shit's not gonna be until 2013 at least. Probs 2014 or 15, maybe even never.

  • joe

    so i should be expecting detox to drop on...

  • Eli Abdallah

    i've lost all hope in detox now, RIP dr dres legacy

  • Phil Paddock

    detox doesn't exist.

  • STFU

    Dre already put in work. He doesnt owe you shit...when he wants to put something out, he will put it out. It aint up to you and it shouldnt be up to you. He puts out quality music and perfects it. So next time you complain about that BS mixtape youre listening to with its wack ass lyrics hooks and verses thank this man for taking time to make art rather than some half assed material..

    • eljay

      Get off Dre's dick you fckn dickrider

    • jedi

      fuck you bitch ass nigger this nigger promised me a fucking cd called detox when i was listening to a stat quo song back in highschool. this nigger oooowes me i have been fucking waiting too long so fuck you and your bullshit.

  • Crzy Vinny


  • wtfDre

    Ahhh a brake from music after 27 years damn dre.....WTF NIGGA!!!!! YOU WAS ONLY ACTIVE FOR LIKE 8 YEARS OUT OF THAT 27 NIGGA I BET YU HAVNT EVEN MADE A BEAT IN YEARS....Detox? you should really go to detox if you think niggas give a fuck you smoking crack mah nugguh?....just sayin

  • fuck you dr.dre

    This is why I'm downloading the Detox....Dr. Dre a faggot

  • iiStephyy

    E-A-Ski Should Take His Spot.

  • AlwayzRemainInformed

    u know what this is? detox is completed. been completed. he been putting finishing touches on that shit for years. and he knows it can't touch 2001. so what he's doing now is deciding what's more important...the money he'll get for detox, or leaving the legacy of having fallen off with his last album. simple as that.

  • war22

    this is str8 bullshit...u know what...fuck Detox im tired of waiting ...move on

  • AxeMurder

    Give Dre a break, 11 years he's still probably writng for Deto...oh wait, he has never wrote his own rhymes his whole career. He's probably making beats then...oh yeah he never produces shit by himself he always has a coproducer. But yeah he's still a busy man! All the artists hes released in the last decade...only Eminem and 50? WTF. This nigga is LAZY and a HAS BEEN

  • fuck off

    people still talk abut this old ass nigga????? he ben out the game for how long????? 10 + years??? he not even relevent any more and hasnt ben for 10+ years no one cares hahahaha

  • Jake Drennan

    it was disappointing though that dre missed an entire decade without releasing a solo album...first decade of the 2000's and he missed the whole entire thing

  • Pacer

    Dre hasnt done anything sifnificant for the best part nearly 10 years. Detox still hasnt dropped. We won't be missing out on much guys.

  • Anonymous

    What he was trying to say was that Detox AIN'T COMING OUT! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    tell me how i didn't see this coming...detox aint never coming out, hurts me to say this but dr dre lost his appeal a long time ago pointless to even talk about detox at this point since it is never coming out

  • mbtm

    andre 3k is the ONLY rapper with respect all round

  • didnt forget dre

    wow haters none of you could make a beat thats better than dres,it doesnt matter how long it takes to make, and so what detox didnt drop you need a tampon or something,damn if its that biga deal go make your own damn album since anyone thinks they can be the ballerest rapper..

  • Fado

    Jerry Sandusky is a real nigga!

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Well...looks like another decade-long wait for "Detox". Fuck this nigga. Detox probably gone be trash anyway. If it even EXISTS!

  • remaster

    yup for sure Jimmy must be holding Detox back, but if he's working with Lamar then Lamar has to be writing for Detox which means 2012 release after a Slim da mobster album or even 50

  • Nico 3

    27 years of music? His last official album was in 1999. This dude's been semi retired for years. He's been producing, but that shouldn't tire you out. I think he just lost his nerve after the negative reaction to the Detox songs he did release.

  • Moe

    hes just saying this because he will release the album sooner than you think... its too make the thing bigger

  • Big C

    I feel like he never even started working on Detox. He's just been fuckin with us the whole time.

  • b-ez45

    1st, Dre is a legend. He has no equals when it comes to molding hiphop talent. Having said that, this nigga is full of shit. You keep us waiting all this time for Detox then pull this b.s.?! Just say what we already know, that the album is wack and no one is checking for it. The time has passed, the youngins don't even really know who dre is, & nobody on aftermath besides em is popping. Musically the game has moved beyond Dre but I can't hate on the beats by dre move. I'll always cherish the music he did make.

  • blizzb

    I have been a Dre fan through thick and thin but this right here does it for me. Sorry Dre but your losing fans faster than ur hair.. for real.. dude 4head now really looks like an 8head.. Im out!!

  • Anonymous

    did'nt I just remind u idiots how long it took for dre to release 2001 from the time he dropped the chronic. its going to drop. dre just slow

  • @Fado

    I see your point but the work he does in the studio doesn't matter too us if it doesn't result in anything. I dont think hes lazy but he needs to learn how to get shit done. He wasn't on this shit in the 90's.

  • BORN IN 86


    • Jake Drennan

      the guy just needs his own life away from the spotlight..yeah he hasn't dropped a cd for 12 years but he's done shit tons of producing and from trying to make beats myself, it's no easy task. he promotes lots of other artists and has been doing this headphone thing now...i think detox will still come out and who knows how long before his kendrick lamar and slim da mobster projects are finished either ya know? he might take this "break" for the next 10 years for all we know. he could change his mind over night..i just want another snoop album produced by dre and another eminem album produced by dre...thats the signature dre we know

    • Anonymous

      That break is called retirement. I don't think he has another album in him at this point.



  • CrisFantoM

    Dre just lost his confidence in this Detox album. He wont drop it. And for someone who has only dropped one album in 11 years, and production credits that can be counted on one hand, he shouldnt speak as if he is too busy to work. He will inevitably go down in history as an extremely talented and wealthy producer that procrastiniates years away, and has a reputation for not really producing songs and taking full credit for them.

  • Fado

    Everyone who says Dre has been on a break the last decade and is lazy is foolish. You think he made up the part where he said " Ive been working on music for 27 years now and the longest Ive ever been out of the studio in 27 years has been two weeks" He has been producing for artist. He has been working on Detox the past decade consistently. Yall only judge an artist work ethic by what you see on the screen and how many music videos you see'em in. Thats only half the work pimpin, the other half is being in the studio fools (which yall don't see). and also know you never know who leaves comments on this website. Let the nigga spend time with his family without yall hatin.

  • HAA

    I remember when Tupac use to make fun of dre for taking 2 years to make a beat.

  • Anonymous

    stfu u morons. you should've expected a long wait from.dre. wtf you think he did with 2001. made niggas wait since the fucking 90s for that shit and it was banging. besides its done so be fucking patient. yall supposed to be hip hop fans and dont how dre is by now. damn

  • Anonymous

    And there you have it. Detox is NEVER coming out.

  • yo

    Dr Dre's typical days in the studio: Day 1: "Alright, let me press this key on my Casio keyboard....(ding!)...alright. Sounds good to me (pats himself on the back). Job done for the day." Day 2: "Another day, another dollar. Alright, let me press this key in my keyboard....(ding!)....there, perfect. Job done." Day 3: "Alright Kendrick Lamar, lay down some vocals for me." Kendrick: "(takes a breath) Le-" Dr. Dre: "-Alright, that's enough for the day. Good work, G." Day 4: "Alright. Let me see what's the next key to press. Hmmmm.....hmmmmm.....uhhh....I gotta give myself another day to think about this."

  • Bomixx

    Dr Dre,let us get that Detox for Christmas,that would be perfect.

  • Mortis

    Dre has been on a break for 10 years

  • Mortis

    Why report this? Dre is washed up. Done. Detox is never coming out. We forgot about Dre years ago.

  • green

    fuck you dr dre you coward

  • Ozzy Salas

    I dont care about that ish Dre. Update us when your about to drop Detox

  • wolfman

    Perfect plan. Detox has too much hype, and it's impossible to live up to the expectations. Take a break, fall off the radar.. and hit em over the head.

    • AxeMurder

      How the HELL could you still be waiting on this fairy tale of an album DETOX? HAHA you stans are incredible, fuck this lazy ass nigga and his endless delays...he obvious cares more about selling $2500 headphones then pleasing his fans

    • NaSty

      I agree. He'll get the hunger back and change the game with detox when its ready.

  • Anonymous

    Half of you ain't even 27 years old or had a job for 27 days to even speak on it. That man been working since NWA & D.O.C. He say he wanna take a break and ain't nothing I or any of you can do about it.

  • Anonymous

    if dre and snoop died when eazy did they would be legends and you would not have shit to say.... hes alive so let him live. and respect the chronic.

  • ryan_mc

    fuck you dre been waiting to long youve lied to us all saying its coming this year then 10 years later its not funny anymore

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll don't get it. Detox is what it is. You are being Detoxed right now. You are clean of Dre's music. your system is completely clean.

    • AxeMurder

      Kendrick is Bishop Lamont, Joell Ortiz, Rakim, Raewkon and all the other niggas that signed with Aftermath to do diddly squat but waste valuable years of their lives. Kendrick will never see a RELEASE DATE

    • Spino Da Don

      True, I have been Detox'd of Dre's shit but I am looking forward to his work with Kendrick. I bet that shit will be dope as fuck. As for Detox... I'll beleive it when I see it.

  • Fado

    I understand the Dre hate cus no artist in the mainstream has universal respect from everyone unless he dies. When Dre dies he will be a legend and all the people talking shit about him on here will be the same people saying "r.i.p dre" and shit of that nature. Just like what happened too Michael Jackson before he died he was a child molesting freak and when he died he was the king of pop again. HipHop fans always throw the fake label on an artist but the irony is alot of hiphop fans are fake. They follow trends. They like an artist when hes coming up but when an artist gets the success he deserves they switch up and diss'em (J.cole). Before Tupac died he was getting dissed by so many rappers and hiphop "fans" then when he died he became a legend and everyone loves him all of a sudden. Fuck all yall spiteful people on here makin jokes about his dead son thats takin it past hatin on him that's actually hating him. Peace too all the real hiphop fans holdin it down and supporting good music.

    • Fado

      Its well known Dre cant rap. 90% of his raps are written by other artist. Why do you consider him lazy that is an ignorant statement to make...cus detox isn't out?, The reason Detox isn't out isn't cus hes too lazy to finish it its cus hes a perfectionist (EVERY ARTIST WHO HAS WORKED WITH HIM HAS SAID THIS) and he wants it to be perfect so he keeps changing it. 100's of tracks/demos/beats/reference tracks have been made for detox over the past decade. Dre is such a perfectionist that it works against him. Its like Eminem said on I need a Doctor Dre keeps second guessing himself. Why you think so many artist have been saying Detox is done or Detox is coming soon and it doesn't happen?, Cus Detox has been done numerous times Dre just keeps going back and scraping it to remake it. He keeps second guessing himself....but to conclude hes lazy is stupid you don't see what he does behind the scenes sit down.

    • Anonymous

      I might say RIP Dr. Dre and move on but I'll never think he's a good rapper. And I'll always consider him lazy.

    • Stringer

      Co- fucking sign everything

  • beatrixkid

    Daaaamn!! i have never seen so much hate in my life. lol! Anyone actually take time to watch the video?? The headline to the article is a little misleading. The interviewer doesn't ask about detox at all, it's mostly about dre's headphones and that the interviewer had heard of Slim the mobster which led into the fact that slim and k-dot were going to be his last artists for awhile. Yes, i want detox too, but if it don't come out, i won't be calling dre a homo and making fun of his sons' death. Damn!!

  • Mosmoi

    A BREAK?!?!?! Hasnt this nigga been on break for like 10 years+ fuck take out some music shit!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wtf.... i thought he was alrready on a break! where da fuukks detox my nigga????????///

  • Stic

    dre is too busy lifting weights in solitude to care about music. 50 years old drinking supplements all day like he's ronnie coleman. what a faggot. suge knight told yall. dre wanna be white. his boyfriend is white. dre doing squats in the gym as d.o.c. and snoop sit in studio time dre's paying for to make a detox that's never coming out. dre lives in shame. a 50 year old 300 pound muscle head homo commercialized gangsta rap.

  • Sonny James Rene

    I want Detox as well but wtf is with all the negativity. Let the man do what he wants, it's his life not yours.

  • Da Reepa

    Some of yall niggaz is straight pussy on these websites..yall spend yall whole lives sitting online hating on successful entertainers.. Everytime its a jay-z, lil wayne, Dr. dre..Any big names, niggaz is always calling them sell outs, and fake... Man when niggaz was broke like us, we was fucking wit them..We shouldn't have to wait to niggaz is dead, to appreciate them as a artist..When you reach a certain level of success it limits what you can now rap about..So of course new artist are more hungry and there lyrics are more fire because there still on the come up to get in those top positions.. Nothing nobody can say even reach a nigga like dre, whether you like them or not is all on you..but to always sit online and wait for a new headline or song to hate on is punk shit. Get a life, and you may get where you want to be one day

  • Anonymous

    who cares, dre's beats has progressively gotten worst over the years. He needs to take a step back.

  • Dr Dre

    Sorry niccas. The fact is is I drop you gonna say I feel off. If I don't at least my stans can argue.

  • Shadowstare

    "TAKE A BREAK" MY ASS. Where the hell is Detox MF'er?

  • Anthony

    27years, i havent heard shit from this dude in years, where the fuck is detox

  • blight05

    So i guess there is never gonna be a detox......stupid....he don't work on music that much!

  • Anonymous

    damm niggas hatin on dre



  • Anonymous

    Do more steroids, HGH and testosterone, Dre-- it's great look. Just like your son who overdosed, Dad. The day hip-hop learns to ignore this drug addicted bullshit artist the day the culture starts to make a comeback-- or should I say CUM-back?

    • Anonymous

      Wooo... easy son I'm mad he aint gona drop too... but going at the man's son?? That's wrong fam. .... Funny, but wrong.

  • Anonymous

    taking a break from what? dre don't do shit but suck dick lift weights and sell headphones. dre is the biggest sellout waste ever. jimmy iovine runs gay ass dre's whole life.

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    WHAT!!??? This nigga trippin'. His as been on break..smh

  • Roland Muskelly

    This nigga been taking a break !! This shouldn't be news at all !!

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    I might ride a unicorn before this damn cd shows up

  • Big Steez

    Ayo I thought dis nigga was on break... Niggas is mad lazy yo

  • Hubert Jubberman

    Detox: RELEASING 2031!

  • Anonymous

    Mannnnnnnn!! who gives a fuck about Dre, I surely dont Dre is Done! Detox will be released when I win an academy award. Whoever is waiting would have a better chance of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Get the hell out of Hip Hop Dr. Dre!

  • Antonio

    One question. WHERE THE HELL IS DETOX ?!

  • Anonymous

    i swear if it wasn't for these hating ass (read the next word slowly) niggERS, dre would't have backed out and probably would of dropped atleast 5 years ago im high right now. but if i wasn't i could go on all day about this shit criticism does that.

  • Fado

    Honestly I stopped anticipating Detox a long time ago. Even if its amazing it will never live up too the hype. I respect his decision to take a break.

  • jg

    clearly dre has become bigger than hiphop. If he spent as much time on Detox as he did inking Beats By Dre deals, it would have dropped a long time ago. Making music isn't his thing anymore. Anyway how many units would "Detox" sell? Even if it went plat, would you rather sell 1million cd's for $12.99 a pop, or a million headphones at $200 a pop? Just like 50 the nigga is branching out. That mogul money aint to be made in music no more you gotta step outside the box.

  • HieroGlyphical

    I could have sworn he was on a 27 year break.

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Anonymous

    Detox isn't mentioned in an interview with Dre = fail.

  • kamal

    Detox is said to come out in 3012 entirely produced by Dre's grand children,seriously who gives a F'k?.....Most real Hip Hop heads that know their hip hop history shouldn't anticipate any release by any artist that reigned in HH's golden era,anything to come out this day and age is bound to upset us real lovers,technology has axed the juice out of H.H so all you babe maggots don't know shit if you aren't still in love with over 200 albums from the golden times...Dre was finished a long time ago but good on him for still making money of merchandise & whack beats,who wouldn't still use their fame name to gain money after your career burnt out like a summer bush fire.

  • Da1

    So detox wont be coming out this year?

  • Anonymous

    http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch listen to J-Bird in the mean time gettin all up in that ass

  • J.J.

    C'mon Dre quit playing. All this nigga gotta do is take them 1000 songs or whatever and put them out on mixtapes for download and that's it. I bet there's so much classic shit in Dre's vault going to waste.. smh

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that beats by dre makes it to Apple's level of success. That would be huge for the hip hop culture and influence many who come from the hood to try and make it to his level.

    • Anonymous

      Bullshit-- Dre is a coon frontman, WHITE still collects the most $$$. Let's talk about a black OWNED business...

  • what?

    Probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. For one thing he might have been working the last ten years but has basically nothing to show for it. Second, the statement that he will take a break after working with Lamar and the mobster is even more ridiculous. He'll spend the next ten years delaying both their albums and nothing will come out.

  • Anonymous

    how about u have some respect for the man afterall he did produce Eazy Duz It (1988)Noone Could Do it Better(1989) NWA (1988,1991) the Chronic (1992) Doggystyle (1993) and all the other shit passed that (2001, SlimshadyLP, The Firm, Documentary..yall are so ungrateful

    • Jmon

      i'm not hating on the man that USED to make good music. dre is a legend, one of the godfathers of hip hop. much love and respect, but the dude's lost his musical edge..im down for his whole entrepreneurship thing. just not his music anymore..

    • dear anonymous

      erick sermon did..

    • Anonymous

      haha haters cant even give credit to the man that helped hip hop so much go fucking killyurselves if he didnt invent G funk then who the fuck did. lol ur prolly one of those kids that think everything is a damn conspiracy ...fucking ugly ass kid

    • Jmon

      congratulations, you know how to use wikipedia. dre scrapped detox bc he knew how shitty it was gonna be. he dug himself into this whole by continuously pushing it back. if it ever does by some miracle release, its gonna be a piece of shit. the tracks he was putting out early this year were unbelievably sub par. and the shit he was doing, he had em writing for him. dude's washed up as an artist. all the power to him doing his thing with his company but the guy is just like dewey cox.

    • come on

      you naive motherfuker Dre sat back and let others do his work. Its been well documented. He just pays people off. And are you really putting the Firm on this list. what an embarrasement.

  • tdot1987

    Holy shit Dre got ripped, but this time not from the ganja. Who gives a fuck about dre's music now, there's no way he can ever live up to the hype surrounding detox. If he tries to make it sound "hip" with the "new age" shit they're calling hip hop it will just tarnish his brand. Fuck it

    • kamal

      Very true,he's had his run so even he knows his new music will suck to his 90's fans but sell well to his teenaged baby fans that dig the likes of justin beiber or whatever u call him!


    I think he knows all the shit he was making is wack...So he just gave up on detox... He should have put the shit out back when Game was popping...That's when he was at his peak and he had a team of people around to help him pump out hits.. His shit sucks now...I'm glad he's retiring.

  • Anonymous

    someone need to smack this man inda mouth

  • Anonymous

    Come on dre. You can't top Sennheiser in headphones and ur decades behind Apple. You can't compare yourselve with Apple or Microsoft when only copying headphones standards from other brands. The engineers behind Apple are people who got twice ur IQ nigga. And BTW, I don't care about ur headphones and other hardwares, we waited for your album for like 10 years nigga, and the only thing you can come up with is about retiring, making commercials for HP and Chrysler and yeh, retire, powertraining on steroids and retire. Why am I not surprised that Detox was never coming? Damn nigga, ur a liar, a phoney and all u got are dickriders who rides ur dick like those on the commentsection of hiphopdx.com on below. Nigga betrayed all his fans and yall still on his dick licking it and sucking it off like he's a hero or sumthin. 27 years of doin what? Getting biceps? Shit for brains.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    After 2001 he's just dropped a feature or prod. a couple beats every now and then. He's been taking a break as far as I'm concerned. I Need A Doctor was a big hit single, but still months later, and Detox is dead again smh. Fuck this, I give up on Detox

  • jurgen

    its a shame that my phillips earbuds still sound better than any beat by dre headset.

    • AxeMurder

      HAHA "quality"...I DARE YOU, no CHALLENGE you to name another pair of PLASTIC headphones on the market selling for $300. Everything decent (Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Sennheiser) is going to be made of metal and not take two AA batteries to sound amazing. His headphones are shit, niggas buy them for looks

    • Anonymous

      Written by somebody who has never heard a pair of Beats by dre headphones Them shits are overpriced as fuck but they are quality

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Dr Dre you diabolical!

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Marketing Stradegy, Detox is done it will come out end of December not to outshine Radioactive. He made videos of him in the studio with devin the dude and snoop and then says he;s done. Everybody will say "What about Detox" and then boom. In stores.

  • Anonymous

    Dre making a fortune off them headphones tho, what makes you think top priority for that nigga is a record you all just gonna download anyway compared to that shit??



    • Anonymous

      I say diffrent What you gonna do about it, disagree with me oer the internet anf post up a bunch of bullshit reasons I dont care about while I listen to Niggaz4Life?? Dre got Lazy but rap wouldnt be where it is now without the man

  • Anonymous

    What Dre really meant = Detox is not coming out and I really dont care. Im gonna continue to promote my headphones beats over the computer.

  • Anonymous

    Dre doesnt care about music no more because he knows no matter how good his record is people will just steal it anyway People cant download his headphones Nigga aint stupid, making records is a waste these days, 85% of your audience just downloads it and laughs at you..... I wouldnt be surprised if in 5 years him and jimmy are out of the Industry all together just running an equipment buisness, selling headphones, speakers, microphones, mixing boards, etc etc

  • Hopit

    And what the fuck about Detox????!!


    so he taking a break from taking a break lmao told you this nigga is wack and a fucking fraud why wait on something that dre himself aint even producing or writing its the fans that should have integrity for your own anticipation im jus saying. every time i say something people take to heart but now you see the dude is wack and always has been. suge was right,pac was right,easy was right and snoops too busy sucking him off too admit it

  • what

    lots of weird statements in this article "After almost three decades of non-stop contributions to music, producer/rapper" lol wut? i never got detox tho...... "Were trying to eventually be second to Apple" lol apple makes phones,computers,tablets, and so many other things...what do mean second to apple? in terms of what?

  • Anonymous

    Really this should not be a surprise for anyone man. I heard em had to push this guy to even get it anywhere near the mixing stage, i guess i can't say smh to him c'mon son he's been in the industry for damn near 27 years. But I can say it all the fans of dre don't expect too much from a nigga he's human man don't forget that shit.

  • Anonymous

    you all act like just cause dre hasn't been dropping albums under his name that he's not working. smh... foolish

  • Anonymous

    at least fking name drop detox, will ya? no breaks until release

  • calibeatbox420

    Its reasons like this that clearly prove that DJ Premier is a better producer. That's always the argument, Premo or Dre? Consistency and a very large dope catalog clearly put Premo on top. Detox will never drop. Dres assed his fans out for years..Dre's a douche bag.

  • Anonymous

    Bet he takes this break before Detox drops lol

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    So he talks about wanting a break which is coo! and all, but what about the mythical Detox album us folks been waiting for. They were claiming it's in the mixing stage a month or two ago, and other rappers were saying they were on it or some shit. I guess I'll continue listening to the 2001 album...smh.. The only way Detox is coming out is if you put a gun to his head or tie him up and tell him to put the shit out now or else, even then he'll probably still make an excuse as to why it shouldn't come out yet......

  • Anonymous

    Juss Foolish ??? smh whats this fool done????

  • blackula

    lmao!!! Dre might go down as the most overrated "legend" in hiphop history. It's gotten to the point where this guy is afraid to put out new music because of critical reaction to Detox. Ghostwriters, ghost producers, one album every decade. Just retire b.

  • Anon

    Washington Post Exclusive With 60 year old Hip-Hop Producer Dr.Dr and talking about his future with hip-hop and the upcoming release of his third album Detox slatted for a 2025 Release Date.......

  • Thomas Kemp

    This just in! Detox is never coming out.

  • BeenaBee

    A break from making an album per decade? This shit is unbelievable. Eazy-E was telling the truth about this nigga....

  • Brandon Payne

    Yeah he Needs a Break from taking 12 years to put out One fucking album.. yeah D.R.E you are Soooooooooo Overworked... time for your 9th vacation this year

  • Gz

    Retiring from what? Ghost writers, taking credit from other nigg-as production. Fuck Dr Dre and his master Jimmy Iovine. Eazy was right

  • Anonymous

    Ah i forgot to add 'and then quit' to the end of that paragraph.

  • Anonymous

    Again: Dre is wack. He doesn't write his own lyrics, he barely produces anything, and his flow is decent but not spectacular. Best thing he did was sign Em. Now he just needs to drop Detox already (I swear he must have like 500 songs recorded for the album (ofcourse none of them written by him and only a third produced))

  • DrDreBeats

    I guess this means Detox is on hold for another 10 year... fuck Kendrick & Mobster, they wont blow up.

  • Akshay Sudh

    last 10 years..i doubt he made music lol, nah but come on seriously

  • Anonymous

    biggest liar in hip hop PERIOD & I'm really starting to think he wants to take it as far as die hard fans beating him to dead with a spiked bat

  • dialo

    pac said that dre was full of shit back in the days, all the beats that he been made all of them are wack compare to chronic 2001, i never had hope for detox, dre hes not creative hes just lucky guy...and i like hes beats,but hes time hes done ,he need to go now we are in 2011 near 2012, we need new artits and good producer in the game, hip hop music is my life, but its been wack since 2000, all those lame ass rappers obeying a formula that it only kills the hip hop culture and principles, hip hop are in the hands of those white executive who really dont give a fuck about..they gave niggaz money to be dumb and not be themselves , its sad..but hip hop its not dead..iam waiting for slaughterhouse album on shady thats whats up let see if we can keep pushing good hip hop to ours ears ...we need to let dr dre go away and fade away hes old with no ideas..deep down i understand. peace

  • Anonymous

    slim the mobster war music=no dre beats kendrick lamar section 80=no dre beats game red album=no dre beats (drug test was dj khalil) come on dre give the millions of fans something,im 1 of them!i bought your headphones hoping to listen to some DR.DRE beats on them,and all i got is kush,i need a doctor and a few other bits and pieces!(kush sounds good as hell on them i must say) 1

  • Anonymous

    Detox will be released when Dre dies and sell BILLIONS

  • BLAH

    Sitting in the studio all day getting drunk and high with your friends and getting PAID must be a hard job. Lazy ass stoner Dre, if I had his work ethic my boss would fire me. Imagine being at your job and you put out one product in the past 10 years. He acts like he designed those headphones with his own hands, he hired someone to do that, probably didn't even fund it with his own money. Get out of the way and let the new rappers and producers get some shine. And supposedly he doesn't even do most of the work for his beats, he has ghost producers, this is ridiculous. THANKS DRE! Sincerely, Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    dr dre u fucking faggot RELEASE THOSE DIPSET TRACKS OLD HEAD

  • Anonymous

    Thats an official more honest way of telling you Detox will never see be a reality, only in spirit!

  • Warren

    Finding it funny how people hating on Detox and saying fuck Dre. hahaha haters are just hilarious. So ya Dre do whatever the FUCK YOU WANT TO DO!!

  • Anonymous

    Dre prolly aint been in the studio for 27 years. I aint heard nothing impressive from this dude since "Imagine" with Snoop way back. I've been so mad about the Detox talk the boy who cried wolf is forgotten in my book.

  • Not an option

    This won't do. Either drop the shit or someone go and leak it, we've been waiting for 10 years for the shit and it better come out, one way or the other! Fuck them other artists, put the Detox out and THEN take your break, but too much work has went into it and too many people been patiently waiting for it to just fade into obscurity! You already dropped a couple singles, we know you got the goods, just drop it and be done with it!!!

  • jason

    this is not news. he said when detox is done he would retire about 20 million times. he must have a shitload in the vault by now. enough to make The Firm 2 through 20 lol.

  • jnr

    So, finally you just admitted indirectly that there won't be any Detox? Thanks DRE for nothing... Actually what the fuck is wrong with you? Why fucking lie to us and keep our hopes up of "that so-called album called detox"? What you been doing all these years in the studio then, you been busy blowing other niggas in the studio??? FUCK YOU DRE... Done with your pension ass!

  • Anonymous

    working out what music? i'm not even talking about detox. you make 2 beats a year



  • Anonymous

    17* my bad January 17

  • Anonymous

    they were scared to ask about detox because it would have been awkward.. he obviously is not releasing it. co sign dude below who was happy that people could finally drop the subject all together.

  • detox

    so no Detox? damn if it doesnt drop, dat'll suck

  • Crystal

    Do people still expect Detox? Really, after all these years? Dre is a joke

  • jason

    like i said. black friday or bust!! double disc would be wise but i doubt he thought of that.

  • Anonymous

    detox gonna be released January 3rd my word.. dont bother asking how i know. haters hate.

  • Almar

    Fuck Dre, He aint shit no more.

  • thought dog

    Finally, can all hip hop sites please stop reporting about the mythical Detox album now?

  • Anonymous

    A break?! What the fuck else u been doing nigga.. SMH FUCK DRE AND DETOX.. HE CAN KEEP THAT SHIT.

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