B.o.B Considers Andre 3000 Collaboration A "Passing The Torch" Moment

Bobby Ray also speaks on his sophomore album "Strange Clouds," saying that it showcases artistic growth.

B.o.B previously revealed that he enlisted an elusive Andre 3000 for a song off his sophomore album Strange Clouds. Speaking with Gowhere Hip Hop (via HHNM), the Atlanta, Georgia native explained that the song takes the Outkast member’s style to another level and that he considers the look a “passing the torch” moment.

“Man, 3000, we took him to the year 5000 on this one. I feel like it’s a good chance for people to see the differences between me and Dre,” he said. “For me, it’s like a pass the torch moment, like passing the baton off. Now I gotta take it around the track. But man, it’s a really dope song, I’m excited about it. It’s one of the singles off the album Strange Clouds. The clouds can only get stranger from here.”

The Grand Hustle rapper also said that his sophomore album, due in March 2012, one-ups his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He refrained from bragging, but said that sonically, the LP takes his artistry to the next level.

“I don’t really like hyping things up beyond belief and all that shit, but the album is definitely progressed tremendously since the last album. I sacrificed - I ain’t sleep, missing family events, everything. Just basically living in the studio, so this next project, I’m really excited about it.”

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  • Los

    Nigga, you wont be half of what 3Stacks was. smh

  • Brandon

    Airplanes rating on this site was 4.54. THATS DAMN GOOD. Now hes hated because of that song? fuck outta here.

  • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

    This site is full of haters. Just negativity and envy.... Don't be mad because 3stacks is passing the torch.... B o b that is a good look keep up the good work

  • Brandon

    man yall are dumb as rocks. A few years ago, everyyybody was sayin "oh shit BoB sounds like the next 3Stacks! this guy gonna be the best in the game!!!" That was when BoB wasnt well known. Now dude blew up, expanded his fanbase, and yall hate the fuck outta him. yall are lame as fuck.

    • Brandon

      Ok dude. I understand what your sayin. But Airplanes was one of the HIGHEST RATED SONGS on this site when it came out. For real. then it got overplayed as fuck on the radio which is why everybody seems to hate it now. Looking at it objectively, its a good song. BoB had verses that were dope as fuck and the hook with Hayley Williams was smooth. Go back and look at the track on this site. It had a good fuckin rating. Thats how shit works with people on this site I guess. Same with Wiz, same with Big Sean. Almost every track on Finally Famous was rated high by this site. Then the album drops and Big Sean gets finally famous and yall love to hate. All their shit is highly rated until their shit gets popular. Yall are some wannabe hipsters I swear.

    • Hmm

      I was on of those people, let me break it down for you... Andre 3000 put out CLASSIC, CLASSIC, CLASSIC & then some more great stuff before he ever ventured off into his "Love Below" territory. And even then, he showed he still had it when he did "A Day In The Life of Andre Benjamin". Now, B.O.B. with his first album does Paper Airplanes? Are you serious? You can't do the Love Below without dropping the classics first because hip hop fans want to listen to HIP HOP. Only two men have earned the right to venture out into that territory and they're both from The Dungeon Family, that's 3000 and Cee-Lo Green. B.O.B. needs to rap and worry about growing "artistically" when he proves he can pump out a classic. I'm not tuning into him so I can hear some Jonas Brothers garbage.

  • da1

    What torch nigga? He aint passing nothing to you, your not even on his level AT ALL!!! If 3 stacks wants to pass his torch to some one let it be Crooked I or Cyhi the Prince. But with those sesame street rhymes you be spitting GTFOU. But on a serious note 3 stacks needs to put some type of material out instead of these random ass features.

  • Anonymous

    nigga yall dont have anything in common. 3000 is one of the greatest of all time, and will continue to drop ill shit. fuck BOB, just because a nigga can pick up a guitar and play one or two chords doesnt make your shit hot dude.




      Wayne had the torch for a couple months in 2007 when he was killin it wit the mixtapes and features then he dropped C3 and it was the beggining of all the TRASH DROPPING

  • sorry kid

    you're not even 1/10th the artist Andre is

  • Mylie

    BOB is dope but he needs to calm the fukk down about passing the torch to him! fukk outta here with that bullsh1t. nobodys passing anything to you. Andre just had another track to kill.

  • Devin Williams

    B.o.B is talkin alot of shit this time around, I hope it lives up to the billing

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    the only reason why you have the torch in your hand is so you can take and burn yourself. 3stacks torch will never end up in your hands.

  • Anonymous

    Knock it off lam-oh...ur garbage...he passing the torch for you to see the light...

  • yeah...

    it's not a passing the torch moment if the dude isn't retiring, B.O.B., you fucking retard. Why would he pass the torch to B.O.B. of all people anyway?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Ande 3000 is a wack rappa. BoB betta cuz he aint a pop nigga. swag

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