Jay-Z, Rocawear's "Occupy All Streets" T-Shirts Removed From Rocawear Website

The controversial t-shirt Jay-Z was spotted wearing was nixed after receiving much criticism.

Jay-Z and Rocawear received a fair share of criticism after unveiling their "Occupy All Streets" line of t-shirts, a play on words of the "Occupy Wall Street" slogan.

TMZ.com reports that the shirts disappeared as early as yesterday (November 11). The website also spoke with Grim, one of the leaders of the Occupy movement.

"Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility of a hood rat and is a scrotum. To attempt to profit off of the first important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as #occupywallstreet." 

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  • juice man

    Grim will get his chain popped by Jigga

  • gumby dammit

    this is like the 2011 version of the "Vote or Die" tees. Making $ off shit that people do for free. smh

  • occupybums

    IF these "occupy wall street" idiots weren't against making a profit then maybe they would be employed!

  • Anonymous

    http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch fuck jay z this jbird bitch killuminati

  • zzzz

    Only ppl that are liking that jay shirt are mindless consuming sheep. U can guarantee 90% of the comments on this site are dumb. FACT OF THIS WORLD

  • HRH

    Jay-Z don't even own Rocawear no more? wtf?

  • St. Patrick

    Yo! that shit is fucking gay! I think the shirt is Dope!

  • shilar

    u should tell us about detail..This new is a little short.BTW Thanks for your post.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Thank Goodness. Donate the shirts or don't get involved.

  • Anonymous

    I like the T-Shirt. Everybody can't make it to Wall Street but we can show our support by wearing the shirt. It doesn't even say Wall Street. It says occupy all streets. Nobody is even in charge of this protest so who's threat was it???? Jay-Z was poor and he came up from hard times. IF NOT JAY-Z THEN WHO???? THAT WHITE KID WHO MADE A FORTUNE OFF THAT OBAMA RED, WHITE, AND BLUE PICTURE???

    • @anon

      anybody dumbass, doesn't have to be a camel pig.

    • triPAUD

      I agree. They were saying before it was a forum for different ideas, then they say "oh you can't make profit?" Bullshit, they never stated that was a unified belief between all the movement. He doesn't have the right to speak for a ll of them given their previous statements of divided beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    If they were smart they would have donated all proceeds to the movement.

  • jesterxxl

    I got 1 already wore it at a Cole show last night

  • caucasian devil

    occupy america and israel these bitches are root of all evil

  • No Censure

    dope t-shirt i gonna bootleg it, world need this message. let the words spread.

  • Marvin Kagiri

    u knw jay dnt own rocawear no more ryt??

  • amerikan balls in your mouth

    Hi I got balls in my mouth. A movie ticket up my ass and a cd down my throat.

  • Balls In Your Mouth

    Buy the shirt=Stuff balls in your mouth Not buy the shirt=push the balls away from your face and tell the ball suckers to go fuckin f themselves.

  • Balls In Your Mouth

    And you wouldn't do it if you had the opportunites. No sorry bitch I don't have the opportunity to stick balls in my mouth I'll pass on that one.

  • Balls in your mouth

    No matter what you do you funding it anyway=Balls In Your Mouth. Everytime you wipe your ass Johnson & Johnson gets paid=Balls In Your Mouth. You want to make a difference, vote=Balls In Your Mouth. living a life you wish you had=Balls In Your Mouth watch channel 2=Balls In Your Mouth watch channel 4=Balls In Your Mouth watch channel 5=Balls In Your Mouth watch channel 7=Balls In Your Mouth watch jackass=Balls In Your Mouth watch south park=Balls In Your Mouth buy an album=Balls In Your Mouth buy a movie ticket=Balls In Your Mouth praise some stuck up celebrity=Balls In Your Mouth go to court=Balls In Your Mouth "Hi Mr. Officer"=Balls In Your Mouth Yes Sir!!=Balls In Your Mouth think you really have the right to vote=Balls In Your Mouth go to war=Balls In Your Mouth pay some asshole on tv=Balls In Your Mouth call somebody a hater who is telling some corrupt mofo on tv to fuck off=Balls In Your Mouth serve the man=Balls In Your Mouth serve the system=Balls In Your Mouth Some of you trolls got Balls In Your Mouth.

  • Jon

    Occupy All Streets my people!!!

  • Jorge Saavedra


    • Jorge Saavedra

      hahahahahahaahahah stfu about all that shit!!! You sound like a fucken idiot talking about how you dont want to be a govenrment puppet and bull shit like that when all you fucking do is sit at home and talk bullshit like a lil bitch instead of actually do something about it.. Don't hate on Jay because your just dumb ass and you don't have any ideas of your own, and how would i know that? cause your commenting on the shit he do!

    • @fartbook

      nah homie YOU"RE NAME IS FARTBOOK. Log into your stupid fartbook account and post all you personal info so these assholes can spy on you. Fartbook is a way for gov't agencies to spy on the public and put their info into a database to generalize the public. and you fell for the trap. So put all your info on fartbook. Tell niggas when you're taking a shit and brushing your teeth and every goddam thing you do make sure you post in on fartbook. Become a sterotypical govt puppet. Keep serving the man, and keep logging on to fartbook.

    • Jorge Saavedra

      ur name is fartbook.... enough said

    • @fartbook

      sick ass dick up yo ass

  • Anonymous

    Yo Why iz ya'll hatin in my man Jigga(I've never even seen him). Ya'll just jealous (I like fantasising that I'm a famous rapper). He's just gettin his hustle on( It's allright to do anything for money including snitching or operating a child porn site) I bet ya'll woulda hated on them slavetraders too, I aint mad at em they was just gettin they hustle on ( Criticising anyone with money no matter what they've done or how wack they are is unacceptable and proof that you're a playerhater )

    • @DK

      Sorry pal you got the balls in your mouth. Not me, I don't do that shit.

    • @DK

      fuck you, you talking to me bitch? Don't tell me what the fuck opportunities I have I know what I do I don't want anypart of these media cocksuckers they can suck a fat ass dick. Opportunites to do what? Fuck over society? Don't think so fuck that shit.

    • DK

      And you wouldn't do it if you had the opportunities, huh?

    • @anon

      This is the stupidest goddam post I've ever read. Criticising anyone with money? YEAH IF THEY ARE CORRUPT MOTHERFUCKERS AND THEY FUCKED OVER PEOPLE FOR THE MONEY AND THE BREAK BREAD WITH SHITHEAD ELITIST BILLIONARIES WHO WANT TO FUCK OVER THE ENTIRE POPULATION THEN FUCK YEAH I'M GOING TO CRITICIZE THESE STUPID FUCKING PIGS. Talk about unacceptable? The shit these assholes on tv do is unacceptable, lots of these mofos are criminals with criminal organizations derivitives in banks and corrupt ceo assholes stealing people's money. Criticize these mofos and tell them the fuck off. Trampling on people's rights, stealing their money, using media to fuck over other people THAT is what is unnacceptable. Not telling some asshole with money and media connections that they are an assholes. F u c k t h e s e m o t h e r f u c k e rs

    • @anon

      Why are you sucking cock? That is the real question.

  • Anonymous

    shit ain't rocket science....if you don't have the money, DONT BUY THE SHIRT. how is that taking advantage of the poor?

    • @anon

      you are wrong. because with these arrogant fucks on tv yeah these motherfuckers are into that rocket science shit. into that high tech control grid bullshit with inustrial military complex and forcefed media. You like those assholes? You like those assholes on tv? You like those assholes starting wars and going to buffet tables with shitheads like buffet and eating goat heads while doing hand signs with punks who wear tight jeans? You like that shit? You wanna fund those assholes? DON'T BUY THE ASSHOLE SHIT YOU SEE ON TV FROM THESE ASSHOLES ON TV. Now that ain't rocket science. DON'T PAY THE ASSHOLES ON TV PERIOD CASE CLOSED END OF STORY. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

  • CaseyCassinelli

    Got em'! Better change your name to HOEva, Jay! Lookin' like you'd sell your p***y if you had one. Anything for an extra buck, right?

  • Jake Drennan

    some of you should take the saying "if you don't like what you see, change the channel" to heart..nobody is forcing anyone to buy this shirt. if you want it and you have the money to buy it then who is anyone to judge you...and if you don't like it then don't by it. sooo simple

    • @jake

      it depends on who is selling the shirt. if the assholes on tv are selling the shirt and you want to send them money they will buy high tech military equipment with it through elitists and use force to rule and dominate people or start more bullshit wars. This is what these assholes do. All the assholes associated with all the shitty media sites and channels that forcefeed brainwashing media to dumbed out audience. That is what these morons do. So why in fuck's name would you send those violent shitty culture mofos money? That is what is important, not the choice to buy a shirt. Who the fuck is selling it, and avoid the assholes on tv, that is the issue.

  • khordkutta

    When there is blood in the streets, buy real estate.


    The people on this sight continue to show me why a lack of intelligence is the death nail in the coffin to progress...smh @ the stupidity, it's mind blowing to me. I'm convinced that most of the people who post on here are children, so that explains a lot. I hope the shirt stays on the market, I'm gone get me one. It has nothing to do with wall street, it has to do with "OUR" streets. Some of ya'll get on the internet and use google a couple of times, and all of sudden ya'll educated...btw, most of the people protesting wall street, benefiting from wall street...#DUMBASSES

    • @ggeneral

      you smashed joey chestnut's record. But those ain't hot dogs, and this ain't coney island either bitch. you're loaded up with dicks in your mouth. now get a shirt and stuff it up your ass, and stuff the money up ya boy's ass while your at it. ball sucker.

    • hyz

      It's the same movement that he's jumping into or onto this bandwagon. An opportunity or trend he just could'nt miss out on. Exploit on peoples pain suffering, and at the same time, make a profit. Not one give away for such a scenario

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Sayword people are taking up for a one percenter trying to make money off of a movement that is directed at the one percent. At least Kanye was at the protest, this Brooklynite immediately thought of a way to make HIM some money off broke people. Now PLEASE amuse us and reply by saying some utter nonsense, because Jay know DAMN WELL he could have sent an anonymous check IF he REALLY was about the people and wrote it off as charity. Y'all don't like Jay, y'all like his money. If you don't see what just happened and say it's a mistake, YOUSA FOOL.

    • Anonymous

      "Y'all don't like Jay, y'all like his money" Hit the nail on the head there!Bandwagon jumping male groupie bitches.


    we stop buyin this movie shit, this music shit, this tv shit, this news shit, this concert shit, this phony ass cock gobblin shit and we turn this fucking country around in no time. yeah, these pigs really will fly. they'll fly the fuck outta our lives and into the satanic burning hell they've always dreamed of anyway. fuckin cocksuckers.

  • Cole World

    I aint mad at Jay's AT ALL!!! haha Hustler's Mind

  • Alex Forseth

    15 years ago rappers might have been able to occupy WALL STREET.....HIP HOP LET THE MONEY CHANGE THEM, YOU CANT BE SEEN AROUND THERE, SUPPORT IT IN SILENCE...

  • Way to go grim

    No idea who grim is but you gotta love this dude. Put this stupid pig in his place. dude is a stuck up pig, worrying about the next stupid goddam album. Another goddam asshole you see on tv. fuck that cop donut eating loving pig with a camel face fucking over society by sucking cocks of elitists.

  • Anonymous

    jay always only bin out for himself, but thats the jay we all know

  • Stan and Troll Slapper

    You ever think what the shirt actually says? He is bringing it back to the hood. Is anybody from the project really out there protesting? Sleeping in a damn tent? Fuck no we got bills and shit. Occupy All Streets is for the block, but you bitches wouldn't get that shit in Iowa or wherever the fuck you're from. Just hatin on the name itself.

    • @soul

      Hey soul on ice, you're not posting shit on here are you? Think so bitch. Stuff the word hater up your fuckin ass you hating ass celebrity cock gobbling asshole.

    • @soul

      You like balls in your mouth?

    • Soul On Ice

      LOL @ your broke ass, posting shit on here, nobody's going to think of ever again after they read it. You think the emotional breakdowns you post via a Hip Hop site will change anything? Hating on people who made it, because you can't keep up. KILL yourself, worthless bitch.

    • @stan

      You got balls in your mouth.

    • @stan slapper

      You be writing some stupid ass shit. Fuck these dumb fucking clowns bitch end of motherfucking story period case closed over bitch.

    • @stan

      Who put who in what position? Everybody needs other people around them to be succesful NOBODY can do it by themselves and plenty of people want to be in a position to change shit but they STILL CAN"T DO IT because the world is filled with corrupt motherfuckers and corrupt systems. So don't be talkin that "I did it all myself bullshit". You are telling people not to be mad at people who succeed when these assholes are KILLING PEOPLE, these assholes are killing people man what the fuck is wrong with you these corrupt news warmongering assholes. Fuck em. They are taking advantage of people are doing some grimy criminal shit and you want people to be all happy go lucky about it. wake the fuck up. You're arguement about you doing it anyway by funding these assholes is complete bullshit. You DO NOT HAVE TO FUND THESE ASSHOLES AND YOU FOR GODDAM SURE DON'T HAVE TO ADDITIONALLY FUND THESE ASSHOLES. You can buy tents at small business you stupid asshole. You can buy food from small business you stupid asshole. You can put your money in a local business local credit union you stupid asshole. Fuck you, don't talk to me about voting. People don't have a choice on lots of these issues they are controlled by stuck up arrogant elitist pricks. I don't want to be this pig, I don't want to be these pigs on tv, I don't want shit to do with them, and people should NOT be sending them payments and gobbling down their fucking balls. You know who the fuck I am motherfucker wake the fuck up. Fuck the man, fuck the system, fuck the tv, fuck the news, fuck the pigs, fuck the wars, fuck these shitty ass morons with shit on their ass.

    • Stan and Troll Slapper

      Nigga, he put himself in that position, if you really want to be in a position to change shit, then fucking do it. Don't be mad at people that actually succeed, what the fuck is the point of that? And no matter what you do you funding it anyway. Everytime you wipe your ass Johnson & Johnson gets paid, everything we touch is traced back to some old money, that is fact. Conspiracy talk is for people who want to see something happen, but don't want to get off the fucking couch. The whole protest is still basically put together by tents they buy at walmart, eat food from the fast food joint down the street, bought buy money they just got from a Bank of America ATM. You want to make a difference, vote. If 99% of everybody was getting fucked, don't you think we would have voted someone in office that might have done something about it by now? Stop bitchin cause people livin a life you wish you had. You pray you could have his problems. Oh, and by the way, I am rollin pimp. I ain't making Jay money, nor do I want to, but I'm fed and steady improving, which is what I suggest you try an do for a change, instead of asking for people to give you some of their change.

    • @stan

      It is what this shit is about. Because if these idiots don't give a fuck about people and don't care about people AND they have influence on tv, media, big banks and big funding you know right away what their shit is about. And its some sick psycho shit, mind controlled 2 class system, fuck everybody over, start microchipping people starting wars and shit. That's what these assholes do. The assholes on tv. So you are talking about you don't care if this dude doesn't give a fuck about you. But this pig is in a higher position than you with association through heavy hitters in media. And they are into psycho shit. You want to fund those assholes? You want to support those assholes? You want those shitheads putting more war criminal stories on the news and shoving it down your throats? You like that shit? You like the fake storylines? You could care less about if this pig cares about you, correct? Well that isn't roll or get rolled on. Its neither option, so wake the fuck up and realize what is going on. If you could care less you're not rolling OR getting rolled on, so that's NOT america for you. Its not a one or the other choice, there are multiple options. Stop trying to brainwash people and tell them it is one way or the highway, shit ain't like that. stop trying to force feed people bullshit.

    • Stan and Troll Slapper

      @ eggroll, or whatever the fuck your name is I could care less about if Jay-Z cares about me, cause thats not what this shit is about. We cared about getting Obama elected, but how many niggas was out there slangin Obama t-shirts trying to cash in on the shit. It's the exact same thing. It ain't taking away from shit, what the fuck a t-shirt gon do to disrespect a movement, especially when they can't explain what it actually means without debate, if you can't afford a damn t-shirt, then it must not be meant for you. Stop bitchin about some shit you ain't involved in or a nigga you ain't ever gon meet or influence in any way for or fashion. Roll or get rolled on, thats America for ya.


      @stan and troll slapper, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the shirt.

    • @eggtree

      I love it. I am clueless as to why there are so many dick riding celebrity tv cock in mouth morons in our society. good to read a comment by a real human being. And bigups to the D, ya'll know how we do.

    • eggtree

      lmao so its for the hood when hes charging 30 bucks for a t shirt? your an idiot jay z doenst give a fuck about the occupy movement, he was just trying to find a fast and cheap way to capitalize off of popular topic so he can line his pockets with more cash. I'm from the D and i know that everyone everywhere has bills to pay you dipshit. so get your head out of you ass and stop defending someone who doesn't give a fuck about you

    • @anon

      the dude is a pig, stop serving the man, stop serving the system.

  • ill

    dude called jigga a scrotum! lol, the coldest dis ever

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Cause the shirt goes against the very principle of the movement, you dumb bitch. This nigga Jigga was always all for himself. Regardless of what...hell look what he did with that trash ass album he released with Yeezy. And Yeezy is so damn stupid not to see the light for having his face in shawn's crotch. He's only about what it takes to make himself stay relevant. He's been releasing wack music since the black album and has always been about a buck all at the expense of hip hop. He's no better than the corporate leeches that bled the art dry and the corporate leeches that screwed this nation giving the fuel to motivate the damn occupy movement in the first place. Now whether or not the occupy movement is thorough is another conversation. Personally I think these people are just out for showmanship and fame. Going to polls and voting for your congress people to your governor to your city council and all those spots is how you occupy shit. But come on, man. We all know how full of ish this dude is. LOL at the ether he was served. A hood rat and a scrotum. Wow.

    • @mr. flamboyant

      you are a true hero. imagine if we had billions of people like you. we would take care of these pigs in a matter of days. you really are a great person. celebrities try to shove their cock in your face and you push it away and tell them to go fuck themselves. you are a great person. you are not a ball sucking man server serving the system holy shit where can we get more of you.

  • solo

    This has got to 2011s Biggest snake move yet, from any individual

  • UMMM

    It's a great shirt and he's capitalizing on a social movement. What's wrong with that? it's why he's wealthy and the people bitching aren't. Making stuff people want. Most basic principle of capitalism. goddamn.

    • Anonymous

      That's until the people wake up and realize you ice cold and find out you hitting on the wrong nerve and profiting on falsehood.

  • Anonymous

    Trust me, the idea was brilliant in a corporate sense of making the whole movement "Hip" but not in support of it. And just capitalizing on it. Considering the severity of the whole movement, it was not the best idea. And honestly makes Jay look like the 1%. In all honesty, the true movement would be discredited. When you think about it, it has gotten out of hand due to people abusing it within as well. The true Occupiers are pissed off, and with a t-shirt gimmick like this, this would rob the true nature and goals of the movement. There is nothing worse than creating a cause for it to lose meaning. It reminds me of the line "Are you down for the cause? Or are you down just because?" In this day of age, we have a whole lot of people down just "because." Just to look hip, and in. I hope Jay and every other entertainer learns from this. You know all is bullshit when celebs like Katy Perry are in support. Cormega said it best, "you industry, we in the streets." Don't be a lame-o. Corporations do this to exploit a lot of stuff. Remember when stone wash jeans was just something that people wore and corporations were like "hey, let's make it hip to rock them?" Or cut out jeans etc etc Just my 2 cents

    • @anon

      fuckin awesome dude. I have some t-shirt ideas see if you like them "fuck camel face" "celebrity dick riders can suck a fat one" "bye bye pigs" "fuck assholes on tv" and great quote by cormega that is the real deal.

  • harmon

    why is this even news?

  • 106

    This will only make the shirts more expensive. They were sold out when the link was working. Nobody feels bad for making money in America occupy wall street is bullshit. I will buy 3 shirts now this will give Jay more fuel to rap about. Rocawear better not back down.

  • ken

    the Illuminati never gives, but they are always taking

  • ken

    jay-z is the most condescending and selfish person i know, he is an opportunist who is always trying to profit event at the detriment of others. when was the last this clown gave back to the community.

    • @undadogg @anon

      YA'LL ARE THE HATERS MOTHERFUCKERS. Fuck off, and take camel pig with you so you can fuck em up the ass sitting on the toilet waiting for the next bullshit album to come out.

    • Anonymous

      Jay pays more taxes than you can count. Shut the fuck up, listen to Moment Of Clarity.

    • UndaDogg

      You haters are such idiots. Hov has given back to the community numerous times with benefit concerts and other means.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    damn jay-z. stay losing dont ya? yall like my new pic? look at me all sexi n shit. those lips too!! chile

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    They called the guy a scrotum...lol... So this was his attempt at trying to sell anything with his clothing label on it, cuz rocawear is wack, and no one will buy it otherwise.. He should have known this was a stupid business move... You shouldn't try to profit off of something like that to fill your pockets..

  • Bladimir

    All you dudes are speaking like you are damn well perfect human beings, seriously. He made a mistake, a stupid one. On to the next one.

    • @bladamir

      sorry boss that is bullshit. Do you see me sucking celebrity cock? You see me signing contracts with satanic goat eating elite cowards? NO!!! @scope great post man. why in the world do we have so many celebrity cock gobblers in this country? Does everbody want to suck off the TV? Honestly, wtf is wrong with this morons with a music artist cock in their mouth and a movie actor cock up their ass.

    • scope

      Mistake? dam right - piss take, the only concern this nigga has is jumping on the next trend to stay relevant. Come from your own heart! This here is proof, it's not intelligence that people use to get ahead these days, it's who your going to bow down too!!

  • SpikeyJamez

    Jay-Z historically never represent Hip Hop nor ever been one of the best at all. He is a corporate dick rider as he was before. This is nothing new. Am gonna go back listening to Sole & The Skyrider Band along with all the other political MCs at the Occupy. Good bye.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldve bought that overpriced piece of cotton no problem

  • Anonymous

    Damn, that nigga Jay is unbelievable. That tweet must remind him of Ether.

  • stereotypical black female

    oh no he didn't

  • Anonymous

    This is all free publicity for jay z! also negative publicity is publicity This dude is all about the dollar! Thats why his rapping sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z you a fucking bitch only interested in money! Selling occupy shirts. You should be ashamed of yourself

  • vladdy

    scary asss faggot why would u put it up just to take it off after some gay critics critisized them..arent you suppose to have your own point of view..

  • slavetomoney

    This nigah worship money.He will have a tragic end

  • yerrrr

    I dont see that big a deal wthis. He has the shirt made for him self, then people want to know where to buy, so he starts selling it. I do agree he should have probbaly donated the money to the movement or a portion of it like half to not look like a scrotum lol

  • Akshay Sudh

    Sneaky lmfao, hes a smart businessman

  • Anonymous

    Typical JAYZ.... taking money and not giving a thing Back! Atleast he follows Lucifers Laws... satanic Bitch... GTFOH

    • @migs

      stop giving blowjobs to celebrites. @undadogg hear of fast and furious buddy shipping guns out and drugs in? get the fuck outta here act like these pigs aren't corrupt fuckfaces. @anon great post. too many snake cock fans out there sucking tv cock

    • Anonymous

      Jay sold it along time ago, how can people act like they still follow this snake!

    • UndaDogg

      Only retards believe in the illuminati...

    • Anonymous


    • Charles ExSavior

      NOT true, especially when he is friends with Warren Buffet, and one of the prerequisites of being his friend is to give a rather large portion of your fortunes to charity. I'll admit the t-shirt thing was rather shady from his end but it's flat out retarded to say Jay-Z NEVER gives back.

    • Migs

      Not giving anything back? Have you not paid attention to how much he donates to charity? He is constantly giving back with his personal funds and benefit concerts.

    • @#3

      yeah ok buddy keep serving the man and bowing down to the system suprised you can even make a statment with balls in your mouth.

    • Dhruv Alexander

      1. Did no one read this article http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.17565/title.jay-z-rocawear-release-occupy-all-streets-t-shirt 2. He took it down didn't he, after he was notified that it was disrespectful.He misinterpreted the movement, and admitted his mistake by withdrawing. 3.Jay-z has shown support for Obama, which means that he does not mind getting his taxes raised, which would go to fund infrastructure projects, schools etc, essentialy the heart of occupy wall street.

  • Anonymous

    damn i thought he was gonna do somthing with the money to help the movement not pocket it....lol...he should of done it like 50 and donate to a positive cause.. jay z is one of the greatest of all time but if you notice this is a pattern with jay...he does alot of sneacky shit but always gets a pass...smh

  • nathan

    hahahahahahahahahaha how do you reply to that?

  • Harvey Charlie

    i don't see the problem,but i've been out of the loop

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z has always been a piece of shit who would fuck a child to death then charge extra for a limited edition video of Jay-Z fucking a child to death.

  • Jon

    I don't recall Jay-Z ever being called a scrotum! But he shouldn't have done this.

  • Anonymous

    damn grim done bitch slapped the old nigga

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