Mac Miller Talks Staying Indie, Fan Loyalty

The DXNext alum explains why he never made the major label jump, and what his fans' loyalty truly means.

As Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park nears completion of its first week on the charts, the Pittsburgh emcee sat down with Bootleg Kev to discuss his decision to remain independent, as well as a slew of other topics.

"'Cause how much cooler do I look right now?" replied Mac when asked about keeping it indie. "To be real, it's just cool to put on for the independent game right now, because there's a lot of dope people making music who are independent artists. Being that if we hit number one and we're on top of the charts [as] independent artists, then maybe that gives people incentive to look at what the independent game has.

"I want to be the boss of my own shit," added the DXNext alum. "I want to be able to decide what goes down. I want to know everything. I want people to run things by me before they go out. I don't want to be part of a major label, sit there, wake up, and there's a whole line of Mac Miller baby bottles I didn't even know was out."

Miller also talked about his fans, identifying what their support really means. "The coolest thing I've seen, by far, is people sending me twitpics, people tweeting me and sending me pictures of them holding five albums. My fans are going out, and it's not just about getting the album. To them, they want to see [me at number one], Because they're part of it! ...They want to see this work!"

Watch the interview below:



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  • Nick Crookshank

    Good for him. I'll stick with my Kanye and Snowgoons.

  • dockevoc

    This dude got a beating vagina for a heart

  • Vlad Kush

    i don't have anything bad to say about this dude... he's just a kid that raps...and loves his fans... #dope and he's from the crib... gotta love that.. $5 Beats/ $29 Exclusives use the employee coupon code"kush50" for huge discount!

  • Nicholas Cote

    Good to see there is a big independent artists sticking with what he has been doing because he wants to draw more attention to independent music. I hope the guy succeeds and hopefully he'll offer his music and his past albums for free online. Always trying to listen to some mac. Nicholas Cote

  • Nicholas Cote

    Good to see there is a big independent artists sticking with what he has been doing because he wants to draw more attention to independent music. I hope the guy succeeds and hopefully he'll offer his music for free on the web.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga is da best rappa alive. he betta den Feminem & Gay-Z. swag

  • Anonymous

    I never listen to this dude but much respect for trying to go on his own. Jay z went independent and look at him now

  • Coldplay Fan

    I LOVE MAC MILLER!!!!!!! but I prefer my music to be bland and generic

  • Brendon Silver

    I dont really think you can even say the last independent release that was number 1 was snoop dogg's after death row broke up. Snoop Dogg was king back then.

  • Anonymous

    I cant hate on the guy for doing his thing. Im not a big fan of his music but this is a step in the right direction for the underground scene even if yall dont consider him underground. ...the good thing about being indie is that all the money you make from album sales and everything else go to you. Your not paying a record label and putting out any kind of music gives you a reason to tour and thats where the real money is anyway not record sales.

  • Anonymous

    why does this guy keep the mic right on his lips? this fag loves cock



  • Nas

    this nigga rap style is made for mainstream........why is this guy trying to act like he is different from the mainstream rap? this nigga is mad if he thinks his style is like underground

    • ETK

      that's stupid, there is no style "like" mainstream or "like" underground. In mainstream there are contrasting styles like Lil Wayne, Eminem and [arguably] Lupe, whereas underground also features its fair share of uninspiring lyrical emcees and cookie-cutter punchlines let mac milly do what he wants

  • TonySincere

    I think that if Em stuck with what he was doin on "Infinite" he would be a 40 year old Mac Miller right now


    for real this nigga is wack. He should cahnge his name to wack miller, any nigga bumping his lp should get clapped in the streets, no nigga i know is on that shit nahmean? This kid is overrated. YOU GOT RICH KIDS BUYING HIS ALBUM..........NO REAL NIGGA RESPECT THIS FAG.

    • Bob

      Dude go to a party and chill or somethin not everything happens in the streets. Oh yea screw kids who snobby jus cuz they got money and likewise to people who like hood analyst over here

    • ETK

      you're too arched on the n word, why you callin that kid a nigga

  • Just Enjoy Da Art

    all this black/white shit is shameful, get over it and enjoy the art of hip hop. in terms of macs musik the kid has some supreme work ethic and deserves what comes his way. so if you hate it, no ones forcing you to listen, and if you love it, good on you - buy his album - and keep supporting this genre, thats the great thing about hip hop; we have such a broad and diverse range of artists to vibe to their different breeds of the genre- so enjoy what you enjoy and try not to hate on what others are getting down to. P & L

  • Damn

    forget all this man, im just gonna start listening to salsa or some shit because hip hop died in 1999...shit now is all about corny white kids partying their lives away saying how they dont wanna grow up....get on with it

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    naw homie u should of went HD. nggas barely getting money these days. why do all that hard work to earn 2,000 a month when you could just go big sell out and not care about the fans, hell you think Jay-z care about these fruitcakes here? uh no

  • Mac Miller

    nigga nigga nigga. hee hee hee i said something racist.

  • Anonymous

    How can you hate on this kid! Even if you don't like his music, what he's doing is Positive for HipHop, so put your hatred and pride away... Mac is good for music!

  • Daniel Gregory

    mac miller is Top 5 D.O.A

  • dizzle

    He didn't make the major label jump because he didn't need to. He had powerful industry players at Atlantic pushing his music to powerful industry players at Hot 97, Power 106, etc. It's the best of both worlds. Support from the majors (and my guess is Atlantic is taking at least a part of this pie) along with the intrigue that being a successful "indie" artist. It seems like pushing Mac as an independent artist is, in itself, a marketing ploy.

    • dizzle

      If you have Sam Crespo in your corner, someone who describes his role in the mainstream music industry as such... "Im the first guy in line of any project, rap related. That means like, if youre a soldier, the first guy in line those are the soldiers thats gon pop it off first. Theyre gonna shoot first, theyre gonna take over. Some of them are gonna fall down, but some of them are gonna make it. Guess what? Im that guy. Im the point guy. Im the guy they send out first. You know, when they put out a record, the president of the company Julie Greenwald and our head of black music, Mike Kyser, they sit down and say, You know what, were going to put out this T.I. record. First person who touches that record is Sam Crespo. you aren't 100% indie.

    • jaediggity

      you sound ignorant

  • Mac Miller Fan

    Whats up my niggas!!!! I don't know about y'all but I'm glad Crack Miller (I call him that cause he's white and addicting) is staying indie. If he went corporate, his albums would be all gay like a Nas album or something. As is, he got a song for every occassion. Me and the Bros like to listen to him when we're Laxing and when we're chillaxing too! lol I even date-raped this dumb slut while listening to Crack and that was pretty dope. Stay indie Mac and if you're ever in CT, hit me up lol

    • Anonymous

      Crack Miller... HHAAA!!!!

    • Mac Miller

      yo yo yo thanks my nigga im glad i got fans my nigga staying indie take a stand nigga money in my hands nigga damn nigga i love my fans nigga yall niggas the best for real nigga please keep supporting me nigga. nigga nigga nigga

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