Drake Talks Being Bested By Jay-Z At The Grammy Awards, J. Cole Leak

Drizzy explains why losing to "D.O.A." was particularly painful, and how his album leak compared to J. Cole's.

Though Drake's upcoming album, Take Care, is highly-anticipated, the Toronto emcee is still haunted by some heights his career has yet to reach.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Drizzy discussed not yet winning a Grammy.

"I've always been fascinated with the Grammys, so I don't mean disrespect when I say this, but I've kind of given up on them," he revealed. "If I ever get one, or when I get one, I'll be ecstatic, because that's a recurring dream I've had since I was a kid: That my mother's still alive and that I'm onstage accepting a Grammy, and I get to thank her on that stage. But it's tough. They can never really break their mold."

One loss, however, stuck out to him, was to one of the songs off of Jay-Z Blueprint 3, an album on which Drake was featured. "[T]he one that really got to me was when I lost to 'D.O.A.' for 'Best I Ever Had.' That one to me was, like, really? Not to say that Jay-Z isn't the most incredible rapper and that 'D.O.A.' wasn't a good song. I just felt like they had an option to give me a Grammy for a mixtape, and they just didn't do it [laughs]. Because it goes against the grain of everything that is traditional." 

"I don't measure my success anymore by the Grammys. I can't because I'll just end up crushed. And, not to be offensive, I just feel it's political. Would I love to win a Grammy? Sure. Will I win one after that comment? Probably not."

Drake also addressed his album leak, which was compared to J. Cole's Cole World: A Sideline Story leak. " Giving people the opportunity to judge before they go and buy, that can only help. There's a fan base that's going to go and support you just based off the fact that they want to own a copy of your material, and they know what it means to give you that one sale, and the hope is that there's another hundred, 200, 300, 400, 500,000 people that are going do the same thing. And then there's the people who heard it that night and were like, 'Yo, I need to support this . . . I need to own this.'"

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  • Jayjay

    Nah, the loss hurt because Drake was in that category of people whom D.O.A basically came out bodied. Yeah, it was cool at first. But muthafuckas straight was overdoing it. At least Kanye created a whole new warped, weird style of using it. The way he used it on My Dark Twisted Fantasy is levels beyond what anyone else has done with it. Period.

  • smov23

    hhdx your wrong for putting J. Cole in the headlines. This article only mentions that the leak was compared to J. COle's LP

  • onelove

    d.o.a. is an incredible record, is he seriously comparing that to his crappy song best i ever had, thats bullshit

  • TRG

    DOA ended a movement, end of story. Autotune was literally EVERYWHERE right before DOA dropped. I remember it clearly, autotune was at it's PEAK. But after DOA, it only took a few weeks at best for everyone to get off the autotune bandwagon. Best I Ever Had had no cultural reference whatsoever. No, Drake didn't start anything new with the singing/rapping thing. That's what autotune was being used for in the first place dummys. Plus, there were rappers/singers before him, WITHOUT autotune, and Drake actually alters his voice with autotune, it's just not as heavy because he can actually sing. No one followed him, he just happened to be the best at what was already being done before he got there. He's just like T-Pain, taking something old and bringing it back, exept when T-Pain brought back autotune, people actually followed him As far as what song you liked better is your own opinion, but for Grammy purposes, this clearly wasn't "political" work, as Drake tried to put it. Personally, I think Best I Ever Had was a better song, but only because DOA wasn't just a song, it was an idea, a movement. No, I'm not a Jay-Z rider, I don't even listen to him anywhere near as much as I do as Drake. I'm just being real about it. This is the Grammys, where you work for your awards, not the BET awards, where you win simply because you are twins who were parented by Will and Jada Smith

  • Anonymous

    drake is such a bitch.. he "given up on the grammys" after 2 gay albums ... chil you idiot you gonna end your career with 10 cause the grammys are weak anyway..

    • tito

      that's right. he only got two albums and is already asking for a grammy... come on, there are tons of better mc's than Drake that never won a grammy

  • LOST


  • Stringer

    "if I ever get one" faggot you haven't been in the game but for a few years. The new tight Jean wearing faggot rappers don't know what earning something is

    • Anonymous

      haha i like what you said, i really dont like drake either, but dont go around calling him a faggot cuz that shows hes got you mad, just forget the bull shit and stay true to yourself, its hard not to hate on these bitches,,, hating on them wont make you any money and it wont make you any happier.

  • prohias

    "But it's tough. They can never really break their mold." WTF is this faggot talking about. Never break their mold? It's easy for phonies like him to win a Hip Hop award. Does this idiot have any clue what the pioneers had to do prior to a Rap award even being in the Grammys? smh

    • Anonymous

      no he dosnt realize, hes not even from america, he dosnt kno what people had to do over here, hes a white guy in a mixed race body, hes like obama. he has the skin to call him black... but the ideas in his brain are all white (not white but i dont have any other explanation for it).

  • Game Changing?

    Dude below me compared the two songs in the context of "Game changers." I agree with him that DOA did shut these Auto-tune rappers down (BTW thanks jay) and that was a game changer, but Drake also brought a new style of singing and rapping together. To the Drake haters out there, relax you don't have to defend your position I'm just calling it how I see it. Whether you like it or not, he did and it was different because the nigga's good at both. Is he Trey songs? No... Is he Jay? Hell no! But he makes it work and he paved his own lane. Is hia lane soft? Yes, but it's a lane. So in a way he did change the game although it might not be in the direction some people want. Grammy's? fuck'em, the shit is political just like all the other award shows. But I'm sure it feels good to be recognized.

  • HipHopFan

    DOA will go down as a track that changed Hip Hop. If Jay didnt drop DOA we would still have half of Hip Hop singing in robot voices. Hell, even Kayne felt ways about DOA but serious Rap fans knew that autotune was making Rap into a gimmick genre. Auto is and was the black eye of Hip Hop. Best I ever had was a decent track but it did nothing to change Hip Hop. For Drake to get mad is nothing new, he will write an EMO track about it later on.

  • HipHopFan

    I heard Take Care and its just "meh", but since his marketing is through the roof it will sell a million copies and the average stan will classify it as a classic. Most of Drakes fans are teen girls and this is who Take Care was made for. I don't hate Drakes music its just he makes too much emo music. I need some tracks with a little bit more aggression...Ps. Im not a Drake hater just speaking the truth.



    • HipHopFan

      Who cares if he played Jimmy Brooks, hes still a good rapper. Another example is Will Smith played a gay character in a movie, does that take away from anything else he has done? People like Drake and Will are entertainers and not just rappers. We all know Drake is soft but he never raps about being a street dude or selling coke. I look at Drake and he has a bit of Kanye in him, both are middle class dudes who decided to rap and both make Emo music. Only difference is that Kanye makes music for everyone while Drake likes to sing wayyy to much.

    • Anonymous

      you are so fcking late to the party. please try to keep up.

  • Tye Battle

    Drake go sit down and cross your legs. "Best I Ever Had" had nothing on "DoA". I actually agree with the people at the Grammys for their choice because they picked a meaningful song with content and substance to represent Hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao; let 'em know brother. I agree Jay Z wins when it comes to any of these new cats except Lupe Fiasco who claimed is his favorite rapper out now and "The greatest writer of our time."

    • Tye Battle

      Show your fucking face. I linked my facebook profile because Im a man and I stand behind what I say and refuse to hide behind a computer screen.And unlike you I dont ride dicks of any man. None of these rappers make any money for me to denfend.

    • jaediggity

      Shut Up. You fucking Jay-Z dick riding homo.

  • Daniel Gregory

    i think drake should have won

  • tju38

    You simpletons don't get Drake's point. He's basically saying Jay-Z (and the powers that support him) made a political statement by making him lose to D.O.A. on his "Best I Ever Had" track. Basically, the symbolism Jay-Z (and the powers that support him) put out at the Grammys is that Drake was "Dead On Arrival" (which is very nasty and typical Jay-Z behaviour). It can even get deeper than what I just explained but you fruits won't get it. There is more to this industry than meets the eye is what Drake is saying, and he'll probably catch an ass whooping from the "Big Homie" just for saying so publicly.

    • Riiiiiiiight


    • DK

      GTFOH!!! Jay's record had much more impact and is the much better song.

    • Anonymous

      No sir, Drake's song just sucked.

    • Swordz

      No child - if that's what's Drakes saying - he's a idiot. he lost the grammy because his song - although popular - artistically & culturally was mediocre at best. DOA had content, relevance and change the game. 90% of autotune disappeared over night. Wake up conspiracy theorist - don't beleieve everything nutter you read!!!

  • T-Dubb AKA Royal T

    "You think I give a damn about a Grammy? Half of you critics can't even stomach me, let alone stand me..." -- Eminem

  • triPAUD

    nah i feel him on that Jay didn't deserve a fuckin grammy for that song. I mean really, I'm even surprised that shit won. Even out of all the Jay Z songs that is one of the least deserving. Best I Ever Had deserved it over D.O.A.

    • Anonymous

      to add LOL@DOA having content.

    • triPAUD

      Nah it didnt' stop it, it played out on its own. Jay Z just capitalized on the fad by callin what everyone knew. The track itself wasn't all that great. I'm not sayin that it wasn't a good song, it just wasn't all that.

    • 4i2

      @SWORDS well said!!! HAHA he marshmallowy. DRAKE is SOFTER THEN FRESH AIR

    • Swordz

      You've lsot your fucking mind. DOA shut down 90% of autotuned tracks... It's was a seminal moment in the culture... That drake record was wack no-one over 15 could even play that shit. This dude ego is overplayed - I will be surprised if his new collection of love songs win a grammy either. Drake is an okay rapper/artist but man is this dude emotionally female.

  • IDK

    Wow, Drake is really gonna give up on the Grammys after being in the commercial music business for only around 2-3 years and being nominated for one in the 2011 Grammy Awards??? I really don't care for the Grammys myself, and I still think they're full of bullshit, but let me just look at what Drake has said. First of all, he's still relatively new, so why give up so fucking fast?? And second, Martin Scorsese won his first Academy Award in 2006 after being nominated for 6 Academy Awards, with his first nomination being in 1980 (hell, Drake wasn't even born then lol). Although the Academy Awards isn't the same as the Grammys, let's keep in mind that it's much harder to earn an Academy Award than a Grammy (because the Grammys are focused only at commercial, something Drake is at, compared to the Academy Awards, where they look at everything) and that Martin Scorsese deserved to get some, if not, all of the other Oscars he was nominated for! So yea, Drake is officially a fucking bitch for giving up on a Grammy.

  • Vadd

    Everyone wants us to be colorblind and we should be. But you cant say "You dont like Eminem cuz hes white" when thats the exact reason you like him. I liked him back when he first came out but know hes flow changed and it seems like hes screaming all the time

    • Swordz

      I will co-sign that boys. I respect he has skill but I can't play dude's music... anywhere!! Not is the whip or house or the office. The pitch of his voice is terrible.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Eminem is one of the most talented when it comes to skill, but I could never get into his music, his voice is sooo fucking annyoing.

  • Hoffa

    D.O.A. didnt deserve a grammy. Only reason it did get one was because Jay-Z is a grammy award winning rap artist. Best I Ever Had was not a grammy award winning song. I see what he means about it breaking him into to game i guess. You gotta understand that the Grammy's doesnt really give a damn about rap/hip-hop. And like every award ceremony the most popular and award winning artist wins 90% of the time. Eminem wins everything anyway..Not saying hes not good but c'mon. hes "the Rap white hope".

    • Swordz

      DOA deserved that grammy - listen to both records. No one will remeber the Drake one in a yeear's time (in fact no-one remebers it now) As for EM - I think that's unfair - he truly does appeal to a "larger" audience...even though I can't listen to that wacck shit he's put out since 2004 - I can see why he stays winning. Drake however needs to pull his head out his ass! In the same intervieew he says how this is technically his third album. Well... that's 1 okay, and 2 so-so albums. Make classic, and you'll win something one day... PUSSY!

  • YAYO


  • da1

    J.cole will never go platinum.

  • UNO

    I prefer DOA and never cared for "Best I Ever Had" but I think his point was: Jay-z's DOA was just mediocre good Jay-Z song whereas "Best I Ever Had" literraly broke him as an artist. Lets face it: while DOA is a great song, no one would expect that song to break a new artist. Its just not that strong to do that. DOA would be respected in the underground but it wouldnt catapult a new artist.

    • More impact???

      Where??? In the school playground. It's like comparing chalk and cheese. One is about bitches - been done before - nothing new. One is about cutting back on the bullshit in the culture and elimanating un-pure hiphop... It's clear IMO.... Drake never had any chance of winning for that shitty record.

    • triPAUD

      Yeah, DOA was cool for the time, a seminal hit. Best I ever had more impact and was a better song overall. Don't get me wrong neither is a classic, but if anyone else release D.O.A. it wouldn't be nominated at all, whereas its the opposite w/ Drake's song.

  • Anonymous

    maybe you shouldn't have called it a MIXTAPE. Bro.

  • gtfo

    Why every move this motherfucker makes, or every fucking word that comes outta his shitty ugly mouth is a headline. seriously im tired of seeing his fuckin ugly face everytime i open hiphopdx

    • jnk


    • Anonymous

      They don't realize. That's why an artist like K.R.I.T. will never blow up, you can't do it without haters.

    • UNO

      Let me explain it to you, real simple. Everytime Drake has an article on HIPHOPDX, a whole swarm of you Drake-haters keep commenting on the page, writing "gay-ass homey" and "if you like Drake, you're a girl..hehe..Drakes not like me...Im a cool suburban thug homie" and then, HIPHOPDX realizing something profound....Drake = increased internet web traffic on to their site. Since increased web traffic translates into increased revenue for their business through advertising etc., like every smart business the world over, they keep doing Drake articles. Why? To make more money. If you wanna stop articles regardng everytime Drake stutters and burps, I have gotta really simple solution for you: STOP COMMENTING IN HIS ARTICLES! You asked man so Im just saying...

  • yesssssir

    Drake's a cool guy, but it's way too much to expect a Grammy after just a couple mixtapes and an album (which to be fair would have earned at least a Grammy!... but still... D.O.A. better than Best I Ever Had all day, sorry. Keep on doing your stuff Drizzy... Grammys are great and blahblah but not even Nas got a Grammy.

  • Born True

    I dont understand this fixation new school rappers have with Grammys, the Grammys dont give a fuck about rap/hip hop! Nas, 2pac, KRS One, Rakim, Notorious BIG, just to name a few, have never won grammys Nate Dogg died last year and wasnt even featured in the remembarence portion of the show, I doubt Heavy D will in 2012. Unlike in other categories eg Rock, where they analyse the content, material, quality as a whole, in rap they just take the songs most played on the radio by the most known artists and decide from there, like there is no quality, content to consider when it comes to rap music. Fuck the grammys!

    • IDK

      Actually, Nate Dogg died around a month after the 2011 Grammys aired. You probably mixed him up with the late Guru, who wasn't mentioned. But you're dead on with everything else, especially the part where they only look at commercial rap. That's why I never cared about who wins in the Grammys. They only care for commercialism and not what the song or album was received critically.

  • Word

    Best i ever had ain't shit.

  • Shady

    A song that influenced hiphop vs another love song.. Not even debatable lol

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind that the Baha Men won a grammy, "who let the dogs out"

  • ETK

    funny guy. DOA was an impactful song, even if it didn't outright end autotune, but it put the word out there that several people in the rap game had enough(namely Jay) And I'm sorry: how the fuck can you 'give up' on the grammys two years into contendership? fuck outta here, this guy's expecting too much too fast. watch his ass when Take Care doesn't win on the next grammys, we'll have ourselves a Kanye 2.0

    • bloody bastard

      'D.O.A.' was a great track with a great message, but lost all credibility when almost immediately followed by an Autotuned track. Still glad it beat 'Best I Ever Had' Which Is Terrible. indeed.

  • Anonymous

    It's a fucking shame that Nas never won a Grammy.

  • noirevixen

    Drake sounds like a moron. Winning a grammy is all about politics because he didn't win? GTFO. Someone should remind him his own boss won a Grammy.

  • Daniel Gregory

    Even though I listen to Britney spears and lady gaga I still think Take Care was soft as fuck

  • Daniel Gregory

    That bitch birdman is probably gonna buy a few just like he did with that wack excuse for an album C4

  • Anonymous

    So who's buying Drake's album so he can afford to buy his homo thug crew more drinks.

  • Shnarf

    Shnarrrrf.....Drake is a cupcake. Shnarrrrf....

  • Anonymous

    Drake has forgotten so easily that Eminem's "Beautiful" was nominated in that same category, which was the sure BET.

  • LJbigbang

    Ooooh. Drake is being all alternative and saying fuck the system - the fucking rebel. SMH at this shit. Cracks me up.

  • Brandon Hamm

    Drake makes a good point, the Grammys rarely award music from a quality perspective (although Arcade Fire did win Album of the Year last year, so there's always hope).

  • Joey Ogoley

    But i wanna buy it 20,000 times. I love the guy, I will be best friends with him in less than 5 years.

  • Joey Ogoley

    Drake, I will buy take care at the most cheap price available. I'm poor in college.

  • Fado

    I can tell when Drake lost too D.O.A. he cried himself too sleep that night lol...Too me D.O.A. won cus it wasn't just a hit single it actually influenced the Game. He started the trend for people to be like Fuck auto tune.

  • Anonymous

    I just dont understand the haters these days. your hating on drake but u people are the same ones to fucking break ur neck to listen to his music online, read the articles and interviews he is in and then hate. if u dont like him dont listen to his music and shut the fuck up.

  • yawooh

    Drake's 100 % right about losing to D.O.A but at the end of the day, he still has lots of time to win the Grammy's...The Grammy's r always fixed tho and it goes by sales and popularity. I guarantee WTT or C4(if elgible, idk their stupid rules) will win the grammy

  • anonymous

    its funny cuz he talking like he DESERVED a grammy award and now he's salty about not gettin one. Dont nobody owe u shit. He was just up against some good music. He says hes given up on the grammys? Hes only been in the game like a 2 years and only been a grammy contender for one year. Im sorry thats some bitch ass shit. Does he even know how long it took outkast to get a grammy? Just make better music bro.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I've heard the "Take Care" album leaks and the samples on iTunes. Overall the album is really dope. Take Care is like a new age version of Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation" album.

  • Anonymous

    he's sad he didn't win. I'm glad he's not basing the success of his career off awards, but the reason he feels that way is because he didn't win when he wanted to. kinda bitch made. I did like "best I ever had" more than "d.o.a.", but drake saying this kind of shit makes me like him less. going back to an another article about interviews on this site, without me reading drake said these things, I still would've thought he was a swell dude. I think he's a gifted rapper, but listening to his songs how would I ever have come to the fact he's a crybaby? you couldn't. only by interviews.

  • real talk...

    "Best I Ever Had" without a doubt should've won the grammy...he's right...it is all political. anybody who truly believe D.O.A. should've won is a dumbass. Even if you hate drake you have to admit to yourself that track was legendary in the scheme of hit records to come out in a long time. I'm not even a Drake fan and I can appreciate his music...Take Care should win a grammy, might be the best all-around put together album of this year. This is coming from a die hard kanye and j.cole fan.

    • Fado

      your trippin. I listened too Take Care, its definitely better then thank me later and is a GOOD album. But best all around put together album of this year?, com'on son!. Section.80 was far better then Take Care. I would pick 24 Hour Karate School Pt. 2 over Take Care. The list goes on...Im not a fan of the production of Take care and their is nothing special about his song concepts or subject matter thats why I feel this way.

  • Anonymous

    this faggot thinks hes razor ramon

  • hmmmm

    Look im a drake but i will say this and i mean it, he will never win a grammy as long as hes wit YMCMB. Hes gone have to drop dem lame ass niggas

  • jujurightnow

    That's really too corny now.... focuse on making good music first then we'll see...

  • Anonymous

    D.O.A. was a better song. the best I ever had was just about the worst I ever heard. drake just bitter as fuck.

  • thought dog

    Drake doesnt do interviews...he gives vagina monologues.

  • hahaaaaaaaaaaa my nigguh

    lolll hiphopdx using whack ass pictures of drake now to make him look bad since drake did not give hiphopdx an interview before the album..... LOL I SEE WAT YOU DID THERE HHDX!!!!!!

  • Neffite Davis

    yall niggas tripping!!! YMCMB dont give a fuck about a grammy!!!!!! Drake should of gotten a grammy cause the best i ever had was a top rap song that year! cause it came off a mixtape them crackas didnt wanna give him the Nod!!!! but like i said they dont care!! hell wayne uses his grammys openly as a ash tray!!!! LOL so i bet they will not give wayne another grammy!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Damn, sound like a bunch of haters, somewhat unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga stay crying about something. First it was about not making the final cut on ye album then he was crying about how jay and ye took the idea of a joint album from him and Wayne then he was crying about how rihana broke his heart. And now this shit. This is one emotional ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Thats his hook I wouldnt be surprised if he tears up on stage, crying over the first girl who blew him a kiss or summin, then goes backstage and tells wayne "Yeah man, made them stupid hoes tear up again, Mo Money, Mo Money, mo Money!!!!" Dude was trained as an actor lets not forget, this whole sensitive "I cry at the end of Benji when the dog dies" bullshit could just be a gimmick to get 12 year old girls into the record store

  • Anonymous

    Drake should just be happy he tricks teenage girls into buying his sappy "She Loves me, she loves me not" garbage ass disney world records

  • Anonymous

    Drake needs to check his ego. Damn. That's just disrespectful. You lost because you weren't good enough, Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Dude ... D.O.A. changed the sound of music. Best i ever had was a song.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z should make a song called: Death Of Cash Money!!!!! But probably he doesnt have the guts for that.

    • YESSUR


  • Young Gay Money Death Of hipHop

    Faggot Jay Z made doa and then he sounded autotune himself on watch the throne???? And can anyone send this canadian homo back to canada! Put em in a box wrapped in skinny jeans, one ticket back to canada!

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    D.O.A. was a controversial 3-versed rap song over a No I.D. beat that actually impacted the game and rly did end autotune's popularity. Best I Ever Had was a smash hit R&B/Hip-Hop Hybrid talking about relationships, Drake shouldn't be surprised he lost. Of course, it's himself so he's going to be biased about it, but it's whatever, I like both Drizzy & Hov's music

  • Anonymous

    who cares for this faggot!

  • ccccccc

    dude make a quality song decide if ur a rapper or an r&b artist that best i ever had shit was wack ass fuck.. DOA stopped a bad trend in hip hop case closed

  • Buuuuuuuuut

    and then there's the people who heard it and are like, "this is wack. i thought Drake was going to be the next great RAPPER but he is more concerned with this abstract r&b which is fine but not what he baited us in with when he dropped 'Best I Ever Had' ".

  • Anonymous

    I understand how Drake felt simply because it was his first night at the Grammys and he wanted to win some loot. But then again, Drake should know that D.O.A. was simply a better song. Jay really went off about Auto-Tune and D.O.A. did help weaken the Auto Tune trend. Besides that No ID beat was crazy.

  • Azhar

    DOA was a better song... better lyrics better beat and it was a musical statement, Honestly, Best I Ever Had was good song of the moment, good intro for a career, but it wasn't better, you should win for the best song, not because your song was on a mixtape...WTF.....

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if you did more then sing the same cornball love song over and over you'd win summin drakes music is equal to Nsync's music when it comes to content "Ohh baby I miss you, my hearts broken, will I ever love agin....."zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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