DJ Clark Kent Recalls Introducing Jay-Z & The Notorious B.I.G., Recording "Brooklyn's Finest"

The veteran producer reminisces on linking the two to record the classic cut.

DJ Clark Kent recently broke down his classic records for, speaking on songs he produced for Junior M.A.F.I.A., The Notorious B.I.G. and Hi-Five. During the interview, he touched on Jay-Z's "Brooklyn's Finest" and how the record marked the first time that the Brooklyn rappers met and worked with one another.

"B.I.G. wanted the beat, but I said it was Jay's. He was like, 'Nah Clark, I want that record, that beat is for me! You give everything to this nigga!' That was his favorite words. But I'm like, 'He's my artist. What do you want me to do? You're not my artist, you're Puff's artist."

The producer, who also rapped on the hook to the song, said he suggested to Dame Dash and Hov to put Biggie on the song. Knowing that Big was in the lobby of the studio, Kent went and got him and introduced the two, putting them to work on what would become "Brooklyn's Finest."

"Jay goes in the booth and does all of his verses differently. Some new, some different, but he left the spaces. Imagine him going in there going, 'This is where I'm going to stop, and this is where I'll pick it up.' And B.I.G. is there while he's doing this. And he comes out of the booth and goes to B.I.G., 'Are you ready?' And B.I.G.'s like, 'What? No, I'm not ready. I need to take that home.'"

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  • Anonymous

    To swordz that is. Not homo Romo. Though I like the name homo romo as well. So respect to both you cats.

  • Anonymous

    People! XXL already covered this on the 20 year anniversary of Reasonable Doubt special. And it had more input from Irv and Dame etc! This is an epic joint, the history is crazy!

  • Superman

    God damn he talkin about a moment in hip hop history and he an OG he can do that! why are you even here, to hear it 3010 times? fuckin internet muppets always bitching! And hes a DJ what do you mean make good music? what the fuck? you dont know anything else to say? yall cats always say that shit when your tryin to dismiss something 'hes not relevant, make good music' man stfu! he got classics under his belt what u got? Dude is more than relevant, he got his own NIKE! meanwhile your favorite artist not only salutes clark kent but his 15min are just about up fuckin losers

  • Anonymous

    Wait ... how could he introduce 2 people who've known eachother since high school O_o ?

  • Swordz

    DJ Clark Kent Recalls Introducing Jay-Z & The Notorious B.I.G., Recording "Brooklyn's Finest... For the 18th time in the past 2 years... make some good music or shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha Well Said

    • Homo Romo

      guys like you with your microwave brain are too fucking spoiled. just saying some shit like that about a pioneer proves it.

    • booby digital

      Don't be foolish. Its not as if he just blurts it out mid conversation. Different interviewers ask him about that session and he gives and answer. WHat should he say," I've already answered that question before, I won't do it again." Do be so immature.

    • Google

      Complete co -sign!!!! I think maybe he's recalled this shit like 3009 times since Big's been gone Im wish that irrevelant mofo go away already...

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