Drake Explains Why "Fancy" Video Never Surfaced, Wishes Fans Didn't Think He Was Overly Emotional

Drizzy says that "Thank Me Later" didn't live up to his aspirations and that fans may mistake honesty for being overly emotional.

Gearing up for his sophomore album Take Care (November 15th), Drake recently spoke with GQ about everything from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne’s beef to his sweater collection. During the chat, he explained that he didn’t feel that Thank Me Later matched his abilities and that it had a trickledown effect.

“I'm in agreeance with that, definitely that combined with the videos for ‘Miss Me’ and ‘Fancy.’ I just watched the videos and was like, ‘What the fuck are these videos about?’ That's why ‘Fancy’ never came out. It was a weird moment.”

He also touched on the biggest misconception about him, and how fans tend to think he’s overly emotional because of his music. Responding to a question about what he wishes people would stop saying about him, Drizzy said he’d rather that listeners didn’t think he was so “overly emotional.”

“I wish that we lived in a time and a generation where people would stop viewing my honesty as overly emotional. People always act like I spend my life crying in a dark room. I don't, I'm good. I'm a man. I want to be remembered as an artist that gave you a piece of me, as opposed to some surface bullshit. I don't think people realize that we die, we leave here, and either they forget about you or remember you. And how they remember you is up to you. I just want to be remembered as a poet that was open and honest because I wake up every morning and I'm me.”

Read the full interview at GQ.com.

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  • Anonymous

    I'm in agreeance with that, definitely that combined with the videos for Miss Me and Fancy. I just watched the videos and was like, What the fuck are these videos about? - Me too, playboy. Me too.

  • Anonymous

    When NaS said "Your rhyming is called vaginal monologues" to Jay-Z, I wonder if he ever thought that another rapper would come along by the name of drake that those lines would fit him perfectly.

  • maj1991

    I hated thank me later real bad because it was generally a real shit album. This guy can sing and rap successfully and in the male era and i can honestly say this but no one has done that before. He'll never be one of the greatest rappers, theres too many kats out there who have the story telling skills, deep lyrics and varied flow out spit this nigger but hes different and hes brought a lot of non hip hop heads in to the game so i respect his movement. Take Care was a decent album, not the best of the year but decent nonetheless. Quit the hating and keep it trill on this forum still

  • Ahhhhhhh

    I like to pet kitty cats, two hands rubbin weezys back on my knees waitn for baby to come tea bag and they know, THEY KNOW THEY KNOW THEY KNOW, AHHHHHH

  • dockevoc

    Drake is leading the Vagina Monologues movement...faggots like Mac Miller are following closely behind...fuck them all

  • Anonymous

    Look, I have nothing against Drake as a person, he seems like a cool cat. But he is so redundant, when I first heard his big single "best I ever had" I cringed. The video was even worse. He is a "rapper" for todays high schoolers and college students (mostly women who are fickle fans) but he just flat out sucks.

    • Anonymous

      @Nat Shut up bitch! No one cares if you have Drake posters all over your room and you're 17 yr boy with skinny jeans and a fohawk, except your daddy. Hes probably pist off at your feminine behavior! Get your mind right, fuckboy!

    • Nat

      u a fuckin hater leave dis page n go somewhere else whats the point makin dat comment on this topic? trynna make people see things ur way or something? shut da fuck up n get some pussy!

  • Andy

    Drake is the truth man yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    one of the realest perid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Take Care is a great great album

  • HipHopHead

    I can describe Take Care one way: Ballad Rap

  • ...

    so you're not overly emotional ur just honest about it...what?

  • Edi Kajmolli

    drakes a bitch period fuck this homo and all the coverage he gets... go on this sight for dope new hip hop and see this faggot gettin coverage

  • Fado

    Damn everyone on this site sees Drake as a Bitch lol. Im sorry Drake isn't real too me. He contradicts himself Sooo much its funny people dont see it. In one song his message will be "im tryna find your loving I wanna find your heart" he will be on that I want real love soapbox Then when he hops on a track with Wayne he will say some shit like "fuck these hoes", "all I care about is money and the city that im from", Then he will hop on a track will Alician keys and be back on that loverboy shit, "I need you too rescue me from my destiny". Drake wants you to feel bad for him he cant "find love" and also wants you to think hes cool for fucking numerous girls. In other words hes tryna market too teenage girls and too niggas. Drake your soft ass aint real you play the role that you think will sell. Im not mad at him though, I just pray he never goes too jail.

    • Anonymous

      @Dude Love is complex, but what does it have to do with sounding like a 12 yr old girl all the time when you rap? 2pac wrote about love and many other emcees have as well including Eminem who's as vicious a spitter you can get and he didnt sound like some whiny 12 yr old cry baby bitch like Drake does!

    • Fado

      "love" exist between two people you act like its an general thing that exist with him and every female. fact is he changes his attitude towards females every other song. Take it as "love is a quiet complex thing", I take it as he is tryna play both roles for financial reasons.....and has he not made it clear enough too you how much he loves money lol? I guess people hear and take in what they want too...

    • Dude

      See....i dunno how old you are, but love is a quite complex thing...you might experience that someday ;)

  • Ayre

    The best Drake review out! http://bigghostnahmean.blogspot.com/

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    "Tears on the pillowcase"

  • Anonymous

    Drake honesty is fine.. but when u spend all your songs rapping and singing about the women in your life you are gonna come accross as soft and over emotional

    • Trout

      right. the objectification of women is what i was trying to get at with the rejection of love, the whole "i don't need these bitches" attitude. and i love rap because the complexity of its lyrics allows artists more freedom in their subject matter, its not limited to love songs like many genres seem to be. i do not personally brand hip hop as misogynistic because i know that most of the music is deeper than what you hear on the radio. however many people sadly aren't familiar with blu, jay electronica and other artists whose lyrics tend to hold deeper value.

    • LaNNa

      @Trout, I agree with you until you said that's why hip hop is branded as misogynistic. No, it's branded that way because many songs objectify women. Rap, when it started out, did not talk about love, it spoke about the hell of growing up in the projects, around the type of people in the projects, and did not disparage women/whites. So, what rap has become today is misogynistic, but that's not because they talk about just sex/casual sex--you can talk about that without disrepsecting women. Phew! Hope I got the point across... Actually, I kind of prefer rap to be macho wacho...

    • trout

      you're right. but hip-hop is the only genre where talking about women comes off as emotional, and that's because it's not typical of this brand of music. love has been the most commonly addressed topic in music over the course of history, rap music is probably the only genre that doesn't embrace it and instead rejects it (which is why it gets branded as misogynistic). drake's "emotion" pushes the boundaries of the genre and he does this in the face of scrutiny from listeners, which is admirable if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    lol, if that stuff he talks about is him than his life is pretty depressin lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Can someone get this bitch a box of cleenex.

  • NOW


  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Drizzy get more pussy then all you bitches combined

  • trooth

    Drakes better than 2pac!! i swear you dumb monkeys don't know whats real. 2pac was a fake thug..enuff said. If u don't like slow songs then go listen to something uptempo...did u monkeys ever think of that?? no get off drakes dick and go cook up some crack while listening to rick ross..or the millions of other trap rappers who sound exactly the same.

    • Anonymous

      @trooth You are a fucking moron! Shut the fuck up and never post again. You have now gone over to the troll side where you will no longer be taken seriously. Dumb son of bitch!

    • BAZ

      Drakes better than 2Pac? Crack is one helluva drug. 2Pac doesn't have slow songs? What happened to records like Can U Get Away, Dear Mama, Lord Knows, White Manz World, It Ain't Easy, Hold Your Head, How Long Will They Mourn Me, I Ain't Mad At Cha. All these songs (plus more) will mean more than anything Drake could ever spit. Drake's music is aimed at the female 14-25 demographic, which just so happens to be the demographic most likely to purchase music. This is the reason why Wayne's stopped make decent joints like 'I Miss My Dawgs' and making garbage ass records like 'How To Love'. But I regress, how can someone who comes to HHDX clearly state that some 2 albums deep is better than someone like Pac, who made records for everyone and was always wanting to help his community.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Man this dude is the worst. Being a bitch is worst than emotional. He's a bitch.

  • XFactor

    i listened to his Take Care leak and I was so bored of it that i literrally fell asleep in the middle of it..........combination of his annoying voice and slow ass beats was just really bad

  • FuckHipHop2000-2012

    Man Drake got spits..but his shit is not what i want to here right now. Shit Comeback Season is the only music i like from dude..I hope he get his shit together..this is hip hop...OUR SHIT...WE CREATED THIS SHIT. Lets get back to rocking fly shit.

    • Anonymous

      Man Drake got skirts....in his closet! If he had just joined another crew that wasnt filled with fuckboys he might have done alright but he got the fruity virus and he turned into this. Dude use to be a fan of real Hip Hop and he use to go and see battles and just be in the crowd with the real Hip Hop heads and was influenced by REAL emcees like Phonte, Joey, Em and many others but he converted into a soft lazy rapper who says shit like............... "All I care about is money and the city that Im from" -Drake Could you ever hear one of his biggest influences in Phonte say that shit? There's nothing wrong with being and introspective emcee but just dont be overly emotional like a female! When you let the hype and the machine change you into completely feeling yourself thats when you find yourself in the position that hes in right now. He lost his way, he use to be a real Hip Hop head and he knew what to expect from a real Hip Hop artist but when that money came and came and came he just changed.

  • Anonymous

    There he goes being an emotional lil bitch again. This guy is a 13 yr old teenage girl at heart. Fairy ass dude, but what can you expect of him when his lover Wayne is literally kissing a grown ass man in his mouth and theres video footage and pictures to prove it and he wears women leopard skinny jeans. So Drake is surrounded by homosexuality in his crew and he is the soft gay emotional rapper who sings and then gets emotional when people call him emotional. WTF? I swear man, YMCMB is the gayest most faggotish crew in hip hop history,the only way they could get any gayer would be if Kanye joined them and then they could all hang out together in their skinny jeans and thongs and sing and autotune and rap about soft pussy shit and cry about people thinking theyre soft and queers. You can throw lil B in that crew too and you would have the gayest, most emotional ,sissy ass faggott crew ever assembled. Just imagine...... Wayne Drake Kanye Birdman Lil B Lil Twist Bow Wow Bunch of fruitbootys. Seriously that would be the frutiest crew ever. I cant believe that some of you who call yourselves MEN listen to these queers and defend them like some loyal girlfriend. You fans of theirs are just as bad, bunch of soft ass geeks with skinny women jeans. Fucking bunch of fairies!

  • hellrazor

    he's not overly emotional, he's just a little bitch in nature. he's probably petting a few kittens right now, must be his source of inspiration.

  • brandknew

    ....drake's a bitch


    Drake's a emo fairy, WE KNOW, WE KNOW, WE KNOW, AAAAAAAAAAH,



  • Anonymous

    uhm did they shoot video for fancy WITH t.i. and then not put it out or what?

  • 1love

    drake need to go more hip hop with his next release.

  • Anonymous

    Drake probably watching the notebook listening to enya petting baby kittens with tears coming down his eyes right now...

    • Anonymous

      Drake probably knitting sweaters roasting marshmallows listening to Kenny G while he watches lifetime on demand

    • Anonymous

      LOL! LMFAO! ROFL! That was a good one homie. Or hes probably watching a marathon of Twilight while wishing he could find eternal love and crying himself to sleep while wearing a pink snuggie holding on to a picture frame of Rihanna close to his heart!

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    nigga sweeter than grandmas cookies...

  • Octavian Johnson

    Ok i read another article that said he didnt care what everyone said about him. What the hell Drake

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Ol dick n da booty as nigga ....................lol yea

  • Anonymous

    Well he did make a video for Headlines. Which has to be every homo thugs theme music. Singing about how your going to buy all your guy friends drinks.

  • Broward County

    Soff ass nucca...

  • BenjaminFlocka

    Haha Drakes A Female .

  • But he does cry alot

    hes probably crying in a room right now with the curtains closed lol

    • t

      lmao!! i was lol when i read that part, some songs it does sound like he in a dark studio cryin his eyes out, i like some of his songs but hes def not cuttin out to be as great as everyone expects but time will tell where he stands in the longrun

    • ray ray

      Why are you hating on the man. He's making his bread doing something he loves, what about you?

    • Illest T.I. Fan

      lol stop that

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