Fat Joe Says Hip Hop Is Run By The "Gay Mafia"

Joey Crack also suspects that he's previously collaborated with gay rappers.

Fat Joe recently sounded off on homosexuality and Hip Hop, speaking with Vlad TV about his perspective on closeted rappers and the need for gays to come out. During the interview, he said that he’s definitely done songs with gay lyricists and that they shouldn’t be afraid to show who they are.

“I think I’ve done songs with gay rappers. I’m pretty sure of that. I’m pretty sure the football niggas is gay, the basketball niggas is gay - niggas is gay,” he said. “There’s millions of gay people in the world. Girls, too. Once again, I’m not a fan of that shit either. I’m a fan of, ‘Yo, I’m gay, what the fuck?’ 2011, you gotta hide that you’re gay? Be real! Like, ‘I’m gay, what the fuck?’ If you gay, you gay. That’s your preference. Fuck it, if the people don’t like it.”

He also gave his perspective on what he describes as Hip Hop’s “gay mafia,” referring to those who make moves behind the scenes. He says that gay members of the media are gatekeepers and hold a position of power.

“[Hip Hop] is the greatest gay market in the world. The Hip Hop community is most likely owned by gay. I happen to think there’s a gay mafia in Hip Hop. Not rappers - editorial presidents of magazines, the PDs at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is the fucking gay mafia, man. They’re in power,” he continued. “So why wouldn’t a guy come out and say, ‘Yo, I’m gay’ and get that type of love? Like Lady Gaga, I don’t know if she’s gay but she’s running with that gay shit for real. And she’s winning. [...] It’s 2011 going on 2012. I think if you’re gay, rep your set.”

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  • Shammakka

    Da Suppa Group Lez Zeppelin is getting back 2 gether. Ellen DeGenerate, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie Hoe'Donnell and dat wylde b*tch Lena Dunham from HB'hoe's Gurls.... Phat Joe speaks da truth! He know... Knappa Kabage and Pot don't mix! Look @ Snoop Dawg... he's been N Da Kloset 4 years! Everyone know DRE IZ GAY! EM&EM is a little white gay poodle! Mush of .. rap has 2b OWNED by da Gay Gestapo! Mush luv.....(peace out) oops peace n' Shammakka

  • Roxanne

    Fat Joe is right, gay rappers should just come out the closet. As a woman we really do need to know these things, so all the down low basketball players, down low football players any all other down low players..let us know who you are..maybe we can cut down on groupie love and the possibilities of broken marriages/families and sexually transmitted diseases. So yeah Im with Fat Joe on this one rep your sets, start a gay record label and rap about how you and your partner pull up they pants and do the roc-away, Now lean back, lean back, lean back..lol..This your girl Roxy signing off...LMBO!

  • dc

    i swore this dude did a song with ricky martin who had been hiding in the closet forawhile at the time...anybody remember that track he did with ricky martin??

    • Anonymous

      LMAO, yeah it was pretty gay song...next he gonna have a duet with Clay Aiken...they'll call it "Backside Bounce".LOL.... In the words of Riley from Boondocks "EWWWW, GAY ASS NIGGA!!!"

  • Fat J-Lo

    He said Football dudes is gay! PENN STATE

  • Anonymous

    Fat Hoe was always a fag, I mean come on...Lean back....It was pretty gay, no homo

  • stop sucking balls

    The bottom line is people have to stop sucking cock. #1 thing stop paying assholes on tv. who gives a shit about what some asshole on tv does, it doesn't mean any more than any other living being on this planet. Stop serving the system, stop being a ball sucker, stop sucking somebody's cock by buying a millionare's album, stop with the cock in your mouth by buying some millionaire's movie. stop being servants to the banks, and media. take the cock directly out of your mouth. don't be part of the system, stop running your trap about some famous asshole you don't know. stop buying these moron's shitty products. Stop serving the goddam man, and stop bowing down to the system. You see this dude, on the website here. Do you know him? Are you going to suck his cock? Not saying he's a bad dude, but when you start trying to suck someone's cock you don't know you are nothing but a man serving ball sucker. So stop doing it. Stop paying the assholes on tv.

    • @anon

      sorry but normal talk doesn't work. People have to know that when they are buying and album, or paying to go see a movie they are doing nothing but sucking cock. So that is the analogy that will be used until people wake up.

    • Anonymous

      no more homo talk......just disagree without the homo talk already. Just talk normal

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    And that gay mafia is lil b and his closet homosexual tony yayo

  • Nigga What!!

    Didn't The Boondocks do a couple episodes about this....Gay ass Gangstalicious......Homies Over Hoes..Homies Over Hoes..Homies Over Hoes..Homies Over Hoes..Do the homie, do the homie, do the homie, do the homie,LOL.

  • Funny as Hell!!

    Its true, and Drake and Lil B are only the beginning....Its the Gay Illuminati,LMAO

  • britney spears

    Fat Joe you are silly. "gay mafia" HA! if that were to be true this "gay mafia" would of killed Pimp C for talking trash about Gay rappers.................... oh shit... Pimp C is dead isnt he??? Al well, that's just a coincidence nothing to concern yourself with folks

  • fur real ish

    funniest thing ive seen on here

  • Anonymous

    Im gay, what the fuck?- fat joe..

    • Anonymous

      you are a spin artist. That's the simplest example of contorting a person's words into meaning something they didn't say. pretty clever, anon, but don't twist words too much or you might believe them yourself.

  • Anonymous

    lmaooo fat joe it's hilarious , YO IM GAY WTF

  • jack johnson

    Most fashion designers are gay men, Hip Hop happens to involve fashion, so yeah most of the mainstream rappers these days are dressed by gay men and they probably don't even realize it, which is why people like Drake etc are always looking so damn gay

  • bisquic

    "So in the gay mafia, if you get smacked, is that good or bad?"-Larry the Cable Guy ROFL this article totally reminded me of that!

  • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

    fat joe is the fucking Don of this faggot mafia, and i dont call sniff the white a weight lose more like the easy way out

  • J

    Not only is Fat Joe not news worthy, this dumb fucking story isnt news worthy. Step your game up HipHopDX...this shit is a joke....

  • Alex Mendoza

    Gangstalicious lol

  • dvz

    I dont think he did...but so what?

  • cthree

    did this nigga just say hes gay?

  • dvz

    People can be as gay as they damn well please so long as theyre true to themselfs and treat others in a fair and equal manner....business people are shysty whatever their sexual preferences!

  • hip hop 101

    fat joe most be gay to

    • OSn

      shut the fuccck up. You cant even spell you young dickheadd. Its "must" not "most"...stay in school and dont do drugs!!

  • Fado

    I knew gay people ran Hollywood but damn not HipHop.....hope its not true...

  • cama2003

    Why does being latino justify the use of the word nigga?

    • white person

      so white people should be able to say nigga cause we went through struggles too. as an irish american my ancestors were abused by the english monarchs. and they were abused whent hey came to america. we all niggas right?

    • OSN

      Hats off to you Fado!!! Follow me @4i2

    • cama2003

      Just had to reply after you made a long and intelligent comment. Me being white I simply just find it kinda awkward that Fat Joe uses it so much. I like your thoughts on how you thinks it's hypocritical for black people to say it. Closest thing I can think of is Yelawolf using Redneck in the same sense but redneck is of course not as offensive and doesn't have the same history behind it..

    • Fado

      because latino countries were often occupied and at times enslaved by European countries(so too a lesser extent they went through the same struggle as us). Plus Latinos are often grouped in with blacks. Blacks and Latinos are taking our country from us Johhny Boy! Black and Latino youths in the inner city and ect, we are grouped in with one another...plus alot of Latinos are part black anyway. Plus our cultures are similar. Im not offended by latino people saying nigga, some of my friends are though it depends on your outlook of the word.. To me its hypocritical of Black people to say nigga and nigger have different meanings period. But when someone of a different race says nigga you see nigga and nigger as the same thing. YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. Either you see the word as a term on endearment or as a racial slur damn people make shit too complicated. BIG PUN WILL ALWAYS BE MY NIGGA.

  • for real

    who they sleep wit, has nothing to do wit what music they make. if nas decided he wanted to be wit a dude then thats his choice. do that mean illmattic is not top 5 hip hop album. or that he not one of if not the best emcee alive,... NO. when did this turn from music to personal life.....and im not sayin nas is gay either for all you who gonna only catch that poin of this comment. im just sayin. it dont matter who you fuckin. cuz it dont change how a person makes they music and creates there albums

    • Daniel

      uhhh not really... If he was gay he probably would be rapping about the same shit cause he would have grown up in the same situations. I don't have any problem with "gays" but I do have a slight problem with them pretending to be straight.... Be yo self brah

    • Fado

      actually it does. Music is a reflection of ones life and someone who is gay has a drastically different life then someone who is straight. None of these rappers that are in the closet are making songs about how much they like to see niggas asses when their pants sag, they are talking about how they love to see female asses. In tern they arnt being true too themselves. I understand the point your trying to make but sexual orientation would affect music if the artist is keeping it honest. But its 2011 people don't care about honesty they care about image.....

  • CarpalTunnel

    Honestly, i dont wanna kno that these niggas is gay. as somone on here already said, wat u do behind closed doors is yo biz. that shit never crosses my mind unless people bring it up. i dont listen 2 the rappers i already think are gay anyway. if u gay, hannle yo biz and keep that shit frm over here. i really dont give a dam wat the next nigga do as long as it dont affect me. wit that bein said, faggs please watch how u hannle our hoes


    Besides gay people runnin the Hip hop Biz you need gay people buyin that shit! So whats worse!!

  • ~DiceRunner~

    where have u guys been the past 80 years? gays(&bisexuals) have been running showbusiness forever.. worldwide!! if u dont know start your search for knowledge with clark gable.. hollywood,theater,fashion,arts.. they have been invested by gays from the start.. stop crying.. im not gay.. i dont mind ppl being gay doesnt mean i have to be a fan of this gayshit,especially when ppl are too pansy for my liking. and since we had the metrosexual era & the emo's after, there is no telling who is gay or not. who cares as they still make music i can relate to.. but if they go,with the music,where this man has never gone before(and has no intentions to go) i stop listening to them. point blank.

  • Anonymous

    joe we know youu seen wayne and baby do some funny shit its ok

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    hahaha Fat Joe is a comedian too? Great.

  • laughing my ass off

    That was hilarious. Hes right

  • Rex Rodrguez

    this is ridiculous, gay mafia? lmao nigga plz, they probably payin' you to say shit like this. They got power? lmao Real niggaz got power, they can give out awards and play that shit on tv and radio all day, and put all these gay ma'fuckaz on the covers of their magazines all year, we just won't buy that shit

    • Anonymous

      I believe they have power because they work collectively together, niggaz don't have power because they will not pull together which renders them weak as a community, the opposite of these gays and jews

  • Lowkey

    Fuck Mac Miller, Fuck Drake, Fuck Lil Wayne, Fuck Eminem, Fuck Jay-Z, Fuck Kanye West, Fuck Wiz Khalifa, Fuck Big Sean, Fuck Kid Cudi, Fuck J. Cole, Fuck B.o.B, Fuck T.I., Fuck Snoop Dogg, Fuck Dr. Dre, Fuck Yelawolf, Fuck Slaughterhouse, Fuck Bruno Mars, Fuck John Legend, Fuck Chris Brown, Fuck Nicki Minaj, Fuck Rihanna, Fuck Katy Perry, Fuck Lady Gaga, Fuck Beyonce, Fuck all you mainstream rap fan supports. FREE PALESTINE! LOWKEY, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE & JEDI MIND TRICKS ARE THE TRUTH!

  • Cafaro Vinny

    Fucking gayssss!!!!!!!! lol damn Homos need to get struck by a bolt

  • 1love

    i think fat joe is trying to tell us something about himself.

  • Anonymous

    i think he been doin a lil too much Joey Crack.

  • O.g

    fuck up u fat shit just cause ur 'GAY!

  • Anonymous

    End of the day, who am I going to believe, an industry vet like Fat Joe, or y'all comment section clowns typing dissertations? NORE and Professor Griff said the same thing Joe said. And whoever said logic and reason don't apply to rap is a fcuking idiot. Keep thinking these moronic comments you see on websites speak for the WHOLE COMMUNITY.

    • Anonymous

      No, as a heterosexual male, it's easy to see that there is a homosexualisation going on through hip hop media aimed at the black youth. This drastic switch in the philosophies, perceptions and some of the realest basic values which have been swiped away in an instant for more of what the basic individual has never experienced but you will package it so good and brainwash the young and stop them from getting a real education and learn what really needs to be fixed in this world

    • Randy

      niggas only call you gay until you offer them money and give them a shout out. then suddenly theyre not gay anymore. its all bullshit these rappers are just desperate for relevance. dmx the gay basher dissing rappers in skinny jeans and calling them day would throw his mama off a train if kanye offered him to collab. then suddenly it would be all good.

    • Anonymous

      i wouldnt trust anybody claiming anybody else is gay. especially niggas like fat joe. griff is a paranoid liar. he claimed that he had video audio of 2pac calling quincy jones gay and claiming he told him to fuck him in the ass... yet it never surfaced... no where on the infinite internet. just a bunch of played out youtube conspiracy theories from a guy who failed to make his mark in the industry and never provided conclusion evidence for his claims beyond the shit you find on youtube. same with fat joe and all these rappers are insecure rappers who claim wearing tight pants somehow defines your sexuality. real solid criteria there......gtfo here. notice how you never hear any names named... just a bunch of theories and suspicions. the same niggas like lloyd banks who used to say kanye is gay a few years ago are now the same ones with their hands out asking for a hand out and a cosign. these niggas are just angry that the world forgot about them and the gay excuse is all they got. same way joe buddens was dissing niggas clothes and calling them suspect a few years ago and now he's trying to sing like drake. smh

  • Anonymous

    thats why drake is all over this website rite now. and miller.

    • Anonymous

      well mac has been mentioned twice in the past week... and drake is a high profile artist who has an album coming out. The sites are more about getting the most hits and they know with plenty of drake music and drake articles, its gonna bring his fans, as well as his haters. which will in turn leave comments and people will spend more and more time on their website. and people fall for it

    • ChrisO.C

      Straight up,whack miller and fairy drake

  • Anonymous

    Gay people do run everything now, thats why they promote the effeminate trends like Skinny Jeans and rappers carrying purses and kissing other men on the lips and turn them into the superstars....... Gay record exec "Son, your music is okay, but we need to sell some records, heres how we do it.... First try these jeans on Rapper "But...... these are 5 times to small for me, I take a XL not a lil boys medium" Gay Record Exec "you wanna make money or not??.... Okay then, next sit in this chair while I apply mascara...... And here, this is your new man purse, get use to carrying it, I dont wanna see any pictures of you in the press without this purse...."

  • Lil Wayne

    just to let yall know im not gay me and birdman just play the wee wee game its not gay

  • Fado

    it would be funny if all the gay rappers in the industry were made to come out. That shit would be entertaining. The only rapper I strongly think is gay is Chingy. Yall trippin though the rappers that are emotional and who be like I dont have a problem with gay people that wear skinny jeans, they dont be the gay ones. You can tell they are comfortable with who they are by their honesty. I bet most of the rappers that are gay are the gangsta ones that be on that imma killer shit, that be like fuck faggits. You know the rappers that rap extra hard about their money and power too make up for their inner insecurities cased by their true sexuality.

  • doo doo in my butt

    since they are so gay maybe they won't mind cleaning my butt because there is so much doo doo in there

  • Drekko O

    @ ANONYMOUS I dont know where you think you are, but logic and reason is not welcome here in hip hop. take that shit somewhere else. seriously though, hip hop fans believe what they want to belief, regardless of facts and holes in logic. its pure ignorance but they are too proud and committed to acknowledge the error of their judgment.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know where you think you are, but logic and reason is not welcome here in hip hop. take that shit somewhere else. seriously though, hip hop fans believe what they want to belief, regardless of facts and holes in logic. its pure ignorance but they are too proud and committed to acknowledge the error of their judgment.

  • Anonymous

    niggas always on some confirmation bias. counting the hits and ignoring the misses. lil wayne raps about bitches and pussy, has a bunch of baby mamas and groupies he fucks, and a bunch of other life choices that indicate he's heterosexual, including words from his own mouth. yet you see him wear skinny pants, like alot of rock stars have in the past to which you didnt say shit, and you see him kiss a guy on the lips to whom he's close like father and son, and you conclude he's gay off that small fact and ignore the rest of the glaring contradictions that disprove them. im sick of confirmation bias in hip hop, jay and kanye talk about god and thanking jesus and praising him, but yall overlook that because its conflicts with you conspiracy theory. but then you reverse a jay song and hear him say satan is my homeboy and that somehow confirms he worships satan. more confirmation bias. fuck you fox news ass, ignorant ass hip hop fans and your illogical irrational belief system.

    • Anonymous

      If you're a man and kiss another man even for a split second you are gay. Period.

    • Anonymous

      @ jake so if you're saying that both straight and gay men fuck bitches, then how can you say that anyone is gay with any certainty? by that logic you could be gay too, right? I could be gay, anybody could be gay. Its just fucking dumb. and you defend it in a way so that non-debatele and ignorant.. just like the illuminati freaks. If he does one thing small thing that could be interpreted as weird you run with it, but if he does or says something to the contrary, like raps about pussy and fucking a women, he's just faking. Its so damn ignorant. And in the same way both straight and gay men rock skinny ass clothes....how can you determine someone is gay on the basis of something that everybody does? it makes no sense. the only way to know whether someone is gay is if they come out of the closet. Until then you have no real basis to pass judgment on niggas beyond spite. And there you go sensationlizing the kiss wayne and baby had. We all saw the same picture yet here you are reporting it as an erotic open mouth french kiss. What's your basis for claiming that? that's exactly what im talking about. Sensationalism and confirmation bias.

    • MMmmmaaahhh


    • feedbak

      These replies to your comment only strengthen youre argument.Their to prideful to admit their flaws in logic.

    • Anonymous


    • Jake Drennan

      elton john fucked bitches too...and do you believe that guy isn't gay....fucking girls does not mean you're not at least part gay..which is no big deal if you keep that shit to yourself like it was religion or politics and talk without the fabricated fag lisp. but fat joe has gotta be right...how the fuck did all this bubble gum queer sounding rap make it big if gays weren't promoting it??? gays and girls think alike and girls are the major fans of this young money fagfest going on. theres a reason gritty music disappeared and artists like fat joe, ice cube and rock bands like limp bizkit don't sell anymore..is cuz gay people don't listen to aggressive shit. people don't request shit on the radio anymore either but the dj's are still getting payed to spin a bunch of gay shit that nobody ever requested...its clearly a big gay show going on here.

    • Fado

      Wayne didn't just kiss baby on the mouth, it was a open mouth kiss that lasted a good minute. That was gay. I see the point your trying to make but don't try to justify that baby Wayne kiss that was gay. Period. Baby also said in an interview lil wayne and him kiss all the time. AND WAYNE DOESN'T JUST WEAR SKINNY JEANS HE WEARS FEMALE LEGGINGS ALSO. By the way just because a nigga has alot of baby mamas and fucks alot of girls doesn't mean they arnt on the down-low. With all that said is lil wayne gay? idk so im not gonna say he is. What the nigga does behind closed doors I dont care too much about. If Wayne came out though (which he never would) I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Paterno watched young boys get boned in their ass and did nothing nothing while you fcukbois think he's a badly treated icon worthy of a protest. But Fat Joe speaks on something, and you people slander Fat Joe. Your priorities and mentality is fuked up, and the world sees it.

    • Anonymous

      Joe Paterno didn't watch little kids get raped you ignorant fuck. Mike McQueary was the one who witnessed the shower scene. So get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth.

  • Samwell

    What's wrong with being gay? I'm a gay black male and I love Hip-Hop like Nas, Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Lowkey, Jedi Mind Tricks, Hopsin, 90s Jay-Z, The Roots, Blu & Exile, Fashawn, Insane Clown Posse, Elzhi, Little Brother, Eazy-E, Notorious B.I.G. and of course the sexy Tupac Shakur best rapper of all time. I'm tired of these faggots (people who suck) like that Young Money, Maybach Music, Shady 2.0 or GOOD Music garbage. I respect Roc Nation even though I don't like Jay-Z now. Support Real Hip-Hop. What What In The Butt

    • Fado

      @Anon most of the people in the U.S. are christian that's what I mean when I say its a christian based country. Plus all of our founding fathers were christian. We have never had a president that's not christian. Plus your point is pointless cus every major religion looks down on homosexuality which is what I was getting at anyway. you let your personal outlook blur the straight up way people see homosexuality, and the truth is most people arnt ok with it...honestly I didn't read your whole comment it was too long but im sure you made some good points. your smart.

    • CarpalTunnel

      wat? ICP? they gay

    • Anonymous

      "Whats wrong with being gay? The U.S. is a christian based country and being gay is a sin and "unnatural"." The US is about freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the freedom of religion and from religion. There's nothing "christian based" in it except in your head or whatever nonsense you were probably taught from birth. If you feel entitled to your own freedom, you have to let other people have that freedom to be themselves too - otherwise you don't believe in that shit at all. Gay people are gay because it's natural to them, they're not straight and purposely choosing to do what they do against all sort of discrimination, abuse, ridicule, and even being cast out by their families, what kind of absurd BS is that? So tired of this ignorance. If you're not gay then live your own life and let others do the same. Being gay shouldn't matter to anyone anyway. I'm not gay but I don't think it's a big deal. Things are different for the better now and you have to let people be themselves. People want to obsessive cling onto this anti-gay shit and justify it by citing the bible when any of that is barely mentioned in the first place, then ignore the bigger and clearer themes and messages that negate that sort of hating. They want to falsely claim this country reflects THEIR views put in their heads like we're under some Christian Taliban rule. Fuck outta here with that primitive bullshit. It's the exact opposite and thankfully nobody has to be forced under the nonsense of another person's religious rules they pick-and-choose for themselves. Fat Joe is 100% right anyway, nothing controversial there, even if he said it in a slightly stupid way by calling it a "gay mafia". I'm from LA and it's not really a secret gay people are deep in the entertainment or publishing industries but people are buying it too because they want it. If they didn't want Lady Gaga or flashy bubblegum pop rappers, they wouldn't spend money buying their music or going to their shows. A gay rapper won't get far in the rap game coming out even if they got respect for having the balls to do it and that's because a lot of fans buy into rap music and culture to live out fantasies or because it projects shit they want to associate with or (to a lesser extent) actually relate to. The entire rap game is fake as fuck now anyway, look at the success of someone like Rick Ross who thieves the name of Freeway Ricky Ross and raps about selling coke he never sold when the real Ross is actually trying to do some positive shit in this world. I don't need to go on and on, we know what it is, true fans just need to buy into what they know in their soul is real and good shit and do what they can to stop the perversion of hip-hop which is taking something that should be about expressing real shit reflecting the real world ignored by other mediums and turning it into a dressed-up commodity to sell to kids with plenty of their parents' money to spend it because it has an appealing novelty to them.

    • Fado

      Whats wrong with being gay? The U.S. is a christian based country and being gay is a sin and "unnatural". Many gay men have alot of femininity which is seen as weakness., the weak (or those who are viewed as weak) get picked on the most. Plus people cant understand GAYNESS and its human nature too see something you cant understand as being bad. Me?, I like girls, I don't got a problem with gay guys as long as they respect my sexuality. One thing about some gay guys thats annoying though is when they be extra gay intentionally. We get it your gay, you don't have to snap your finger every other word and sway your hips all drastically I don't want to see that shit.

  • nuborn2001

    This is some wild shit he may be gay you made alot of money Fat Joe something don't mix like 2 dicks and no bitch find your self in serious shit lol.

  • Anonymous

    they shoulda never gave you niggas money!

  • Anonymous

    another fool speaks his mind. and so we pray lord jesus we come against the sodomites, bring down satan and community of sodomites in the media and entertainment business, now. mk11.23.24

  • Anonymous

    All the HATE Comin from sum of You're favorite rapper stans, that Man Is Just sayin be Yourself.Must be true don't get your PANTIES In A Bunch

  • rAZORrOB

    but the booty bumping and hiding I agree must stop. just come out and let it be known.

  • rAZORrOB

    Yea, so what times changed. I remember fat joe poking fun at Jay-Z rapping and being 40 years old and saying oh he should hang it up, and till this day fat joe is past 40 and still trying to get some sorta relevance to his name. sucka. cant control the way things progress in music, its a forever changing market, feeling and culture. we used to wear jerseys and baggy pants, now we dont it is what it is. Alot of comments and negativity are coming from much older and damn near finished artists about whats out now. they just dont want to fade out and be forgotten.People got bills I would suggest dont knock the way a man eats. You did your share and had your shine in the past , just move on and support. stop the inderect hate.

    • Jake Drennan

      i don't think its so much indirect hate as much as disappointment for what something they love so much is turning into...i absolutely love hip hop and it gets me thru a lot of days and it truly is sad to see all this gay sounding shit take over something that was so unique and creative in the beginning..now everybody just sounds like the next guy. basically only eminem, tech n9ne and then underground artists at this point have anything real to say.

    • Anonymous

      As soon as you stated it's much older artists complaining, on a site where young suburb people are the demographic, you lost. Sounds like you're actually defending the people Joe's speaking about because you went straight for the slander.

    • Anonymous

      No doubt, you are Gay!

  • cheek

    dumbest shit ive ever heard. fat joe please go away or die

    • Fado

      Jake your right, I was born in 93 so I have been aware of him for about a decade but yeah he came up with big pun.

    • Jake Drennan

      fado fat joe has been around for 20 years bro..longer in fact but his debut came out in 93

    • Fado

      yeah, yeah , yeah. I think your right...its not like fat joe has been in the game for a decade and is basing what he said of shit he has seen or anything like that. He just made this all up. Im sure you know much more about gayness in the industry then him, lets hear your opinion?!

  • Money Emp

    Definitely Sum Gangstalicious in the Industry,but don't get offended Mo$t of Today Youth act like it's A New fad

  • Big DoLo

    Mad niggas in the closet son for real, dr dre =gay, eminem got molested by the doc, 50 cent pickin on niggas cuz he's gay and angry deep inside, lil wayne, birdman = gay, lil B got heart for sayin straight up he's gay, Camron been screamin gay for like 15 years rockin pink and shit, and as for gucci: any nigga with an ice cream cone tatted on their face, you know they like taking shots to their face, and I aint talking bout no diss records, LMAO. Even my man X probably got turned out in prison that why hes on that crack. Mad niggas you probably wouldnt believe be suckin dick and eatin pussy in their mansions not even knowin what set they reppin, LOL, but on the real I believe that homosexuality stems largely from a fucked up childhood, and these rappers got some fucked up pasts man smh

    • Anonymous

      Cam done put out mad videos of him with big booty bitches and you can only remember the pink movement YEARS ago. We don't believe you.

  • sayed

    he did make it rain so weezy's the don of the gay mafia

  • lolatyou

    people are more offended by the truth than a lie. the world is cruel and savage, full of lies and conspiracies. people call it how they see it.

  • Anonymous

    cash young money (birdgay-lil gay-dragay-nicki gay-......)

  • BAZ

    Joey Crack may not be the greatest rapper there is, but he is sure as shit entertaining. I'd love to figure what the fuck he is saying here... 'Once again, Im not a fan of that shit either. Im a fan of, Yo, Im gay, what the fuck? 2011, you gotta hide that youre gay? Be real! Like, Im gay, what the fuck? If you gay, you gay. Thats your preference. Fuck it, if the people dont like it.' What the fuck does that even mean? LMFAO and this too.. ' Like Lady Gaga, I dont know if shes gay but shes running with that gay shit for real.' - How can you tell if she's running with gay shit? LOL

    • joem

      He's basically stating that while he doesn't directly support gays he does support their right to be gay and live peacefully instead of living a lie. As for lady gaga.. I think you're probably too stupid to understand anyway.

    • Anonymous

      she spoke for gay rights do some fukin research before u make fun of people so that next time u dont sound like a dumbfuck

  • Anonymous

    Not my place to judge anybody. But it's funny how being gay is a relevant topic in Hip-Hop these days. Main stream hip hop is lame.

  • Max

    word! Fat Joe speakin the truth..Why the fuck do you care what the next dude is doin?? What Jay-Z said...what you eat don't make me shit, so why the fuck you care if a dude/female is gay. Much Respect! BX STAND UP!!!

  • Anonymous

    Straight men aren't concerned about gay men.

  • Hahah

    is this his way of getting ready to come out the closet, haha.

  • XFactor

    no rapper wants to come out because he scared of losing listeners and losing money. For example if 50 cent said he gay..........wtf u think his listeners will continue buy his shit?

  • @thebasedbob

    Not being funny. But he looks really gay in that clip. Byt hey, rep your set. Fag.

  • Rick

    FJ has a point tho. To me fags are gay people who hide that theyre gay. I respect a gay person if he/she is straight gay and proud and could care less what people thing. FAGS who hide that theyre gay are the ones always playing a victim. Like Joe said...if youre gay youre gay..who cares thats youre gay, fuck it that their preference. ..........and before you start with your stupid comments.....eat a dick fag!

  • Brandon Hamm

    So many homophobes on these hip hop sites, I swear...


    ha! Glad to see yadig commenting on somn he really knows



  • vmusic

    this the same guy who did a song with ricky martin who had also hid from being gay and didnt want to come out the closet for awhile.

  • Swordz

    Why is going about Gay people so much. Any money he comes out the closet next week.

  • Anonymous

    "The Hip Hop community is most likely owned by gay." Yep. I'm sure Gay owns it.

  • Drake

    Read drake's GQ interview for the faggot confirmation. Weezyz tights

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Half of this shit I was feeling like about gays running shit... That gay shit need to go on like young money . Training young boys to be fuckn skateboarders and tight pants . It's not cool to come out and think u gonna get accepted ..... But yeah most of these rappers and rnb guys have that gay tune-vibe so they can relate to it. All the mixed colors n shit. I can go on and on about the fruity shit y'all like these days like young money

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Lol like the penn state case

    • dagnrl

      skateboardin is one thing but them tight pants gotta go and agree YMCMB deff going fairy LIL wayne tongue kissin baby in the mouth, FUKIN GROSS, AND YOU CAN GOOGLE IT ALL YOU LIL WAYNES DICK RIDAS, THAT SHIT NEED TO COME OUT LIKE THE PENN STATE CASE, WAYNE PROBABLY BEEN GETTIN IT SINCE HE CAME OUT

  • war22

    wrong if ur gay dont rep urself...just kill urself

  • hnic

    POINTLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. If dont have nothing to say, just stay shut Joe. Now i lost my time reading that stupid interview.

  • Anonymous

    He's right, Drake & Weezy are mad fucking homosexual, not to mention all of the young money queers.

  • Anonymous

    Niggaz need to turn to Islam and stop listening to this mess they call hip hop, it does'nt promote unity or love for your brothers and sisters, which is where any groups power lies, so we'll never be an independent people here in the western hemisphere It used to be an alternative music, now it is the same as any other genre, with rappers who bow down to the power houses in control and the alien system that they have set up. This has become a cycle going on for many years. OCCUPY HIP HOP!!

  • yaw

    fat on that earing looks gay too

  • real shyt joe

    HIPHOP is run by the gays!! im from georgia and stankonia studios (OUTKAST ) is runned by nothin but gay niggaz just take a trip to their office and see it yourself! atlanta runs the game and atlanta is the black gay capital and all these rappers stay in atlanta or got homes here. all dat fruity swag shyt...mohawks...skinny jeans...ect. GAY!

  • Anonymous

    "Men who don't even like women control the business; That's why the women look like men and the men look like bitches" Immortal Technique

  • Anonymous

    Tell em Joe!!!!! Im getting sick of all these homo's 50 cent with eyeshadow, dr dre with make up. (see picture of him with world class wreckin crew. eminem he always disses gay people but this is a sign that he is gay. prodigy is gay because everybody has beaten the shit out of prodigy and he didnt do shit. jay Z is gay this marriage with beyonce is all a set up. Everybody who listens to young money is gay etc

  • jim

    It's 2011, Joey speaks the truth... Everyone most likely has a Gay family member, get over it

  • Anonymous

    Joe is right. look at young money they all gay. Lil wayne kissing Birdman and the biggest gay dude there is Drake. Also Diddy and Kanye West are gay.


    Damn Joe, is this your way of taking baby steps into coming out of the closet? Gay mafia? What do they call themselves, Terror Squad?

  • Anonymous

    It's not just music. It goes through TV up to the WH. Bush and most republicans are straight homo's. Do a search for Jeff Gannon. Why is Bush so hostile when asked about his past homosexual relationships? Perhaps because until 1987, George W. Bush was gay. According to a group of 29 Yale classmates who comprise Gay Ivy Leaguers for Truth, Bush was "known to be at least sexually experimental throughout his time in college." One of Bush's alleged former boyfriends, Anthony Berusca (class of '70), told The Dallas Morning News that Bush was "deeply conflicted about being gay, even somewhat self-hating." Berusca is convinced that this conflict led to Bush's drinking problems, but describes the President as a "gentle, caring lover". In 1986, the Bush family arranged for George to join Worthy Creations, a church group in El Paso that focuses on converting homosexuals through faith. A year later, Bush claimed to be straight, born again, and engaged to Laura Welch (Kitty Kelly in THE FAMILY wrote that Bush's twin daughters were not his offspring, but from a donor at a fertility clinic). Bush at all-male Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts was "head" cheerleader. Drama club and cheerleading are where the gay boys hang out. George earned the nickname Lips Bush for his skill at giving blow jobs to his fraternity buddies, according to Kitty Kelley. Bush has gay-style excrement nick names for the people he hangs out with: "Turdblossom" term for Karl Rove Note the classic juxtaposition of the obscene with the feminine to come up with a nickname for a gay man. For example, the late David Lewis went under the name Sally Suckemsilly. "Bulldog" term for both Victor Ashe and Jeff Gannon aka Jim Gluckert "Pooty Poot" term for Vladimir Putin, Russian President. "Mr. Big O" term for lispy treasury secretary Paul O'Neill."

  • lol

    lol not everyone is a faggot

  • Simon John Rope

    Ugly ass fatteh.

    • skinny-fat

      watch what you say homie, ur young and when you hit 30 ur ass will be fat like JOE, its america's biggest problem. lol karma ia a bitch

  • RedXib

    At fist I couldn't really understand his argument, then in the last paragraph he put everything into perspective and I feel he has a point, at least about Commercial music (which also includes commercial Hip Hop!) Just watch some E! and you'll soon understand how valid his point is.

  • Anonymous

    secretly calling out wayne and baby

  • Tr

    We got so many gay people in hip-hop. Drake, Kanye West, Chris Brown. Lol, the list is countless.

  • Anonymous

    Why he even speaking on this? "once again, I'm not a fan of that shit either..". Such a half assed endorsement of coming out. Wreaks of high school chick gossip.

    • getaclue

      nigga, the guy in the interview asked him these questions. its not like joey decided to talk about gay people in hip-hop or in the world for that matter!! yall niggas are brainless!

  • Anonymous

    HIPHOP is run by the gays!! im from georgia and stankonia studios (OUTKAST ) is runned by nothin but gay niggaz just take a trip to their office and see it yourself! atlanta runs the game and atlanta is the black gay capital and all these rappers stay in atlanta or got homes here. all dat fruity swag shyt...mohawks...skinny jeans...ect. GAY!!!

  • asher1985

    im sick of reading this bullshit from allthese rappers saying theres a bunch of closet faggot rappers. first of all if they are gay, i prefer them to keep that shit a secret because honestly what you do behind closed doors is your business. who wants to know? i think fat joe might be a closet faggot and waiting on someone else to come out first o he can come out.

  • DrDreBeats

    I agree with everything Joe says though, its 2011 and dudes still scared to admit they gay.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne's a faggot kissing baby so is joe fuck that shit ain't gonna be in hip-hop

  • Truesdell

    I dont think he has much room to talk look at the pic above and remember the pic hhdx posted when he 1st loss weight? straight homo

  • Anonymous


  • beezle

    @anon in the 90s EVERYONE wore bandanas backwards and rocked leather vests n shit

  • Anonymous

    Dear Fat Joe, I was a huge fan of yours back in the day. I'm talking, "You gotta flow Joe, Shit is real", that kinda shit. However, I think that this is the worst interview I've ever listened to. WTF are you talking about? You are making no sense at all. WTF does being gay have to do with anything you said? You're statements were way off base and I couldn't understand how you were trying to make commonalities between gay people and hip hop. You suck. Please don't make anymore music.

    • Anonymous

      This is the stupidest generalization I've ever heard. I thought Rick Perry had the blonde moment of the week but damn Joe... So all the ppl who run the media are gay??? I know they in there, but all of em? Cmon.. as long as you've been around u should know better. Just cause they aint from the hood don't mean they gay. Keep it 100, u a lil tight cause Drake, Cudi and softer artist got the spotlight.. and u don't. how many ways can describe flippin kilos? HA!

    • beez

      its really not that difficult to understand, he's simply sayin that those in power in media today are gay and as such there's no reason to be in the closet if your gay today as coming out wont hurt your career back in the 90s most mag editors, radio hosts, tv hosts where straight and bein gay was not accepted so comin out then could cost you your career, homophobes wouldnt play your music, review and promo your music etc now the people in those positions are gay so you have nothin to fear from comin out and if anythin TODAY they will promo you MORE coz your seen as one of them

  • Anonymous

    lol so he says hihopdx is gay. you accepting dis shit dx? lol

  • Anonymous


  • cinavenom

    Eminem is the head of the gay maffia.

  • dilli

    hahaha joey is "cracking" me up ... get it!?? looool

  • The Don Juan Johns

    fat joe has been in contact with the gay mafia for years. he has broken bread with us on many occasions. he bent over for nelly gave diiddy a rim job in 02. joe crack.

  • Illest T.I. Fan

    Enough with homos and transgenders. Why old niggas can't accept what's righteous? Gay is gay, period, that's not something special isn't it?



  • Anonymous

    Bout time somebody steppin up and speakin on that gay bullshit!!!

  • GRBY

    Those who are rumored to be are: Kanye Q-Tip Eric Sermon That dude from the Jungle Brothers Mister Cee (duh) Tupac I personally believe that all of the above are on some DL shit.

  • Dincredible

    does everybody forget baby n lil wyane kissing i mean how much gayer can u get and all this dudes w them tight ass pants

  • yessssir

    Lol I still dont get how he feels comfy using the N-word... but nevertheless what he says is pretty right. Approached the topic in a very reasonable way.

    • Anonymous

      How do black people feel, "comfy" still using the n-word?

    • cinavenom

      Becuase he is of Puerto Rican decent. If you studied history then you would know that when the Spanish came to Puerto Rico they killed off all of the indigenous people off and brought slaves. That is whey the vast majority of Puerto Ricans are reffered to as black hispanic. They have the same Affrican genes as black is the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    sounds about right with all the gay stuff going on they aint letting no real street niggas in only soft fake gay punks

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