50 Cent's Album Delays Explained By DJ Whoo Kid

Whoo Kid says label politics may be to blame for 50's album delays and says the album is "95 percent" finished.

Fans waiting for 50 Cent to release his fifth studio album may have to wait some more, even though DJ Whoo Kid says it's nearly finished. Whoo Kid recently spoke with Amaru Don about the album delays and explained that label issues may be preventing it from reaching the hands of fans. He also said he thinks the album is close to being done and that fans will "hear it soon." 

"He wants it to come out but he's dealing with label shit too so it's the politics of when to drop. You gotta understand, it's a competition with other people too. Labels are just maneuvering when to drop. I know he did most of it. 95 percent of it is finished. He wants it to come out, and if it was up to him, it would."

He also said he's heard 9 songs off the album, which he referred to as "crazy." 

"I may assume it's maybe the labels fucking with him but I heard like 9 joints that's crazy. I wish I had it now so I could make some serious money off of it myself. But, you'll hear it soon." 

For more from the interview, check the video below via HHNM



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  • Jovislash

    50 this 50 that__ who you'all? stop hatting and do sumthin with your lives..wen he drops or not, he's doin his s#it....deal with that.....

  • shady

    while you ignorant fucks continue to hate a man who came up from nothing and made a life for himself older and wiser people continue to admire 50 cent in other news websites, check out cnn http://business.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/11/50-cent-from-rap-star-to-business-mogul/ and if your Lil Wayne brainwashed, pussy-ass brains cannot realise what 50 cent is about then you should take that rope your fuckin grandpas tied our grandpas with back in slavery days and hang yourselves with it!

  • Nico 3

    Whoo Kid is the biggest groupie in the industry. He'll say anything to make himself look relevant. 50 should just stick to movies. Forget music. He can crank out 3-4 movies a year in Blockbuster, and use that easy money to keep investing in new ventures.

  • Anonymous

    the 2nd you mention 50 Cent the haters come out...its safe to say fif has so many haters because so many people was getting picked on when g-unit was on top...so now that those punks/ weirdoes are on top they don't want to let fif back in cause they know they will have to go back in the closet

  • Hood Tev

    50 knows his CD is going to flop...This is why he isn't dropping it. If you noticed, he recently put out an anti-bullying book and a "sk" project which he says is to feed kids in Africa...It's all bull. He's just doing those things to promote himself and try to get his name out again. He doesn't care about bullies or feeding the poor. He did those things to get on TV...I just saw him on Rachel Ray the other day and Gale King's show...When he feels like people are paying attention to him again then he will drop the album...Unfortunately for him, his time is up.. So he may never get to drop the album. If he does, expect bitching about the label. lol

  • thirty86

    50 isn't relevant but if he approaches the game right he may be able to make a solid return...or he may have dug his own grave from the way he came in the game! We'll see!!

  • plugin

    50 isn't stupid, he knew even way back it's near-impossible to ride his hip-hop career forever, and spent a lot of time putting his effort into business ventures and acting so he has avenues to go. This man wants a lifestyle being a peaking hip-hop star just couldn't afford forever. Everyone has their rise, climax, and decline and eventually, especially for 50, doing the music thing just ends up becoming a job. He's not going to go anywhere anyway. He may not be dominating but even if he's been pretty musically shit and lazy the past few albums, kids are still going to cop his music and his fanbase will stay with him. Die-hard hip-hop fans aren't his buying demographic anyway, and we know who buys the actual CD's and goes to the shows. 50 is looking out for 50 way more than his art. All I've seen lately is him fighting with Interscope, fucking with Dr. Dre, totally detached from Em, it goes on, so this is a man who obviously doesn't give a shit about his music career precisely because it isn't a slave to it and doesn't need to be anymore. Maybe this new album will prove something musically if he's actually been motivated to do it for hip-hop than doing it because he signed a contract years ago. I can't imagine why 50 would throw such a fit against Interscope for months if he wasn't hungry for something. Maybe it'll just end up being mediocre go-nowhere shit like the last albums but if he can't pull something halfway decent this time he should just finally stop.

    • Joao Victor Reis

      co-sign almost everything you've said, except for "he's been pretty musically shit and lazy the past few albums". i mean, only curtis was a wack sounding album.. but that's just my opinion

  • bawse

    people love 50 cent or love to hate him no matter what the post is about he will always have dick riders hahha but he not relevant hahaha. s.k.

  • Anonymous

    Real spittle, y'all look suspect with all of this 50 hatred. Every time his name is mentioned on here Mad heads comment on how they hate 50 and is irrelevant, which is even more suspect. You don't like a n!gga, pay him no mind. Now the CRAZY part of bullsh*t y'all be doing is y'all don't even STATE FACTS. YOU AIN'T GOTTA SEARCH BAR ON YOUR BROWSER? "he only did 150k last album" "only bizness he got is g-unit" "he irrelevant". LMMFAO

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    They hate 50 cuz he was the cool bully back the .... Now music has change it is now gay pop. No really, we all know it. Cuz way. Cuz Kay e and 50 did their Vs album n that's we're it started cuz kYne was the underdawg n niggas been waiting to get their 50 hate on so they jump wit kayne cuz he finally did a commercial albumen Dat erbody could listen to thing was the gays made it their theme with his gay techno like song "stronger" so yeah it started. Ack then......... Then Wayne made it hotter........ Fuck it I'm done

  • Anonymous

    The problem with 50 is that he thought money was more important that respect. But the truth is tat once you have money respect becomes everything. He got to cocky dissing Jimmy Iovine, Oprah, even taking shots at Dre and other hiphop legends like Nas Jay Z Jadakiss. This hiphp is like chess. Thats why you gotta watch who you decides to fight with. Also 50 lost even more respect as a man from reular people for lacking good qualities as a human... i mean How he handle his business. .. airing Young Buck tape conversation, Taking out Rick Ross kid and babymama, also publicly airing his babymama, man this nigga is don fucked up. No respect o honor... that ho he will die. Sad for real

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, this conversation above me reads like hair salon, getting a pedicure gossip.

    • Anonymous

      but he wrote a book on anti bullying! lol. Sigh, Honestly think 50 is done in the music game. Unless maybe he change his attitude a bit..the more rappers and people u hate, the more anti fans and people hate you. Again, anti bullying..some say game made some of his best music with 50, i think 50 made some of his best shit with game. 50 & Game Collabo album produced by Dr.Dre. get it done.

  • T

    R u guys retarded. Whoo Kid just said that 50 wants to drop, but the label is going through some political issues. He's not scared for his album to drop, that sounds ridiculous. Many labels have problems with artist dropping for many different reasons.

    • Anonymous

      Can you predict next week's Powerball numbers so you can get some money and stop posting ridiculous comments in a comment section?

    • Anonymous

      hes scared. why? can you predict what kind of numbers hes gonna generate with his kinda buzz ? I can. Wood.

  • Anonymous

    its delayed cuz it's not gonna sell. watch first week sales will be below 5000 and he might be top 10. sales simply suck if your not wayne buying ur own shit.

    • Anonymous

      As soon as someone mentions 50, these weirdos come out to comment and they don't even know what they're talking about.

    • JW

      below 5000? even if you meant below 50000 your crazy. wale just did 160K. 50 did 160K last album with a weak first single and an entire album leak a month early. at least 200K this time around.

  • HAA

    I don't understand how everyone loved 50 and eminem back in 2003. But now neither is making quality music even close to what they use to. But everyone still loves Em, but hate 50. Why is that?? 50 and em are both legends for what they created already.

    • Anonymous

      @ HAA It's the fans. Most are fickle, and only follow what's hot. @ Yo No shots but what you said was utter nonsense. So who signed the Wu for them to get fans? You got the business part of the game twisted.

    • Anonymous

      50 had dre and em cosign back then. Look 50 had his run like Ja and all of them. Everyone gets 5 years or so , only real special artists last a lifetime.

    • Yo

      Its because 50 was sharing Eminem's fanbase.. but he started getting cocky and not paying homage to Em in interviews and Em stopped cosigning him. So Em's fans disappeared. Thats the reason why Drake keep cosigning Ll Wayne because he know that even if people say you can do it all alone without YM... trust me most your fans come from whoever signed you. That how it works...


      so tru after the boy bands broke up EM didnt have anybody else to diss

  • mario

    yall stop hatin on fifty...i bet fifty cent cd going to be a giant surprise he hasnt been droppin no mixtapes or none of that saving his best material for the cd.........watch

  • jacee

    Wasn't this pussy known as mr. Interscope jajaja I guess since he hasn't made them any money in years he can't call shots anymore

  • Illest T.I. Fan

    Yeah this dude turn wack since he got cash. Probably he would never shine again. That's just how broke ass NIGGA made.

    • @ Are you serious' dumbass comment

      Only a fan would consider an RIAA certificated album to be considered a fail because of mere numbers. CAN YOU SHOW US TOUR PLAQUES AND RESUME SO WE CAN SEE IF YOUR A FAILURE OR NOT?

    • Are you serious?

      I had to comment on your comment because that is crazy. I haven't heard anything remotely like "In Da Club". 50 Cent's last 2 albums were both considered failures. Well maybe third times a charm.

    • dan

      people continue to compare his latest materials to "in da club" and his first album..get out of the past and get up to date.


    the label want another hit but he cant deliver in da club was a long time ago dude got money and got lazy

  • jenosidle

    50 won't drop it cuz hes scared of flopping. delay the inevitable. either make music cuz you wanna make music, or retire. 50 is still chasing the charts above everything else. officer ricky ain't scared of flopping. fat boy dropped like 3 albums since 50's last frisbee. 50 claims to have no fear, that's a lie. hes more scared of dropping albums now than bullets. drop good music and all is right. this monkey still hasn't figured it out.

  • jose

    reallly...lable politics are to blame?if the album is 95% done then why would it be lable politics??unless 50 wants to rekease an album thats 95% done...i can understand if it was 100 pct complete and interscope wasnt realing it,then thats lable politics...how come no one including punkass whookid and grandpa yayo admit that 50 fell off musically??oh thats right,he's thier cash cow...real hiphop fans know how erelevant he is and no matter how he tries to get back in with differnt names or gimmiks we dont give a fuck..that sk shit was crap,feeding the world but only if we buy that garbage drink is retarted..give it up 50 you washed up.milk the movie and book shit as long as you can bcuz thts sum crap also...i know they regret giving you all tht $ for the movies ,thy fkn suk..not one hit theaters all to dvd,and still aint do shit....lmfao..

  • officer ricky

    His to busy making money in other stuff and laughing at the haters on their mummys laptops

  • Anonymous

    all the big acts out right now are all fake and soft no real niggas making real music are hot right now the game has changed

  • Anonymous

    Short version: he has no buzz anymore. the end.

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