Mac Miller Talks Asher Roth, Says He Learned From Roth's Mistakes

Mac Miller takes on the inevitable Asher Roth comparisons and says he learned a valuable lesson from where Roth went wrong.

It was inevitable that Asher Roth comparisons would come up once Mac Miller made it big in rap game. Now, as Miller's brand continues to expand with his debut LP Blue Slide Park already projected to hit it big on the Billboard charts, XXL decided to talk to the Pittsburgh up-and-comer about his Morrisville, PA peer and the lack luster sales of Roth's 2009 project Asleep in the Bread Aisle.

Mac explains that while he completely respects Asher Roth as an emcee, he knows that Asher got type-casted as a frat rap phenom with his single "I Love College." Mac even admits that there are a number of similarities between him and Roth, but maintains that he was able to learn from Roth and his SRC/Universal's mistakes with regard to being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony.

“Asher Roth came out with ‘I Love College’ and that’s not really him as an artist,” said Miller. “He likes to rap his ass off. He likes to spit, and he’s on some positive change the world type shit for the better, and that [song was] not him. They thought that would be a hit song. And I think that was the thing, like, he came out in that lane that they pushed him in and he didn’t wanna go there. He just wants to rap and shit.”

He added, "I have some jams where you’re like, ‘Hell Yeah, these are great to get high to.' These songs are great to fuck a bitch to. These songs are great for you to sit by yourself and think about some shit. These songs are good for you just to hear someone rap they ass off, so for you to box me into one type of thing is like you kinda being an idiot."

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  • fuckmiller

    wow........... "He likes to rap his ass off. He likes to spit, and hes on some positive change the world type shit for the better, and that [song was] not him." takin shots at roth. Tough kid on the block.

  • Fado

    mac miller isn't that lyrical at all. He doesn't fucking suck either though lol. yall dramatic queens why does everything have to be he can spit good as fuck or he is wack as fuck. Mac miller is an ok rapper. I like 2 or 3 of his songs.... Him 1.)being a humble guy that respects the golden era, 2.)staying true too who he is and not trying to have a gimmick 3.)Being white, are the reasons hes blowing up, say what you want about mac's lyrical ability he is himself and you can feel his sincerity in his music and interviews, his music doesn't sound overly manufactured like some maybach music group songs or shit like that. Yall need to realize being lyrical doesn't make or break you as being a dope rapper. Now if your not lyrical AND you have no type of delivery either (soulja boy) that's another story. lil b can actually rap when he tries he has delivery. For some reason all his wackest songs are the most popular so when people hear them they instantly think hes wack.

  • True best white guy I have heard period

  • @RadioRebels

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  • Anonymous

    people on SOhh arguing about dudes numbers....why everyone selling 200k though ,, suspicious

  • dadukee

    so he said that Asher likes to rap and that's what brought him down?? This is sad so rap nowadays has nothing to do with rapping?

  • Mu

    100% agree with everyone who's said that Mac Miller is nothing special... he's a mediocre emcee at best. He seems to be a cool enough dude who really respects hip-hop culture, but he's not very good at all. What gets me tho is seeing respectable dudes in the game like 9th Wonder and Q-Tip co-sign Mac Miller like he's nice. I think the fact that he's white, can spit a little bit, and has love and respect for the Golden Era of hip-hop is why he's rising in the game. If he was a black male, people would be calling him WACK. (Sidenote: I bought Asher Roth's 1st album cuz I believed he was talented. Everything I've heard since then has been a disappointment. Em fucked it up worse for white rappers because he set the bar high as shit!!) Yelawolf's aiight... I won't be buying no albums from him tho

  • Hassan700

    The kid raps. He raps well. I listen. Get over it. (cue inevitable comments about how much of a dick rider and how stupid I am.)

  • Master P

    Mac Miller Sucks Ass. .Free C-Murder!!!!

  • @Sourheadband420

    Wiz Khalifa part 2 in the making here. Meaning his album will sell well then some ho ass groupie will ruin his career

  • Is This Nigga Serious?


  • jimbo

    Asher Roth > Mac Miller. Any. Fucking. Day.

  • dockevoc

    i listened to this faggot's new album yesterday...shit was straight up harmonized vagina soup...fuck this faggot

  • Amber Rose

    All the fags I know who bumped this kid when he was really buzzin off Donald Trump don't fuck with him no more. He should go back to being Easy Mac, because this mother fucker is cheesey. He wont be talked about or hyped a year from now. Hell even Eminem Cosigned Asher, and who besides that bitch Wiz Khalifa and Currency have cosigned this Kid? No one, and the only reason people do like Bitch Khalifa is because their buzz starts to die down so they wanna eat some more. Hey starving rappers hop on the Cheesy Mac Train, all aboard!!!

    • thought dog

      Both of you two are corny as fuck if you need another man's approval to listen to an artist's music.

    • Kyle Tracey

      youre a fucking idiot dude. like if you're gonna talk shit at least have your facts straight. dudes got cosigns from statik selektah, term, dj premier, bun b, and 9th wonder. i never heard them giving props to ashy roth

  • Anonymous

    whether u hate lyrically macs better rhan ash. mac doestalk about the same shit. but his word play is on point. and its not that club shit like wiz. nikes on my feet was some shit with that nas sample. but out of the new white dudes action and shaz illyork shit on both these niggas .

  • Anonymous

    people can say what they want this kid is about to get paid!! he gonna do nearly 200k first week independent that is crazy thats like doin a milli on a major real talk right there

    • Come On Son

      Woah Woah Woah FUCK ICP first of all and no one is declaring Mac Milifa "rap king" so keep ICP and Mac away from that term. As far as rap/hip-hop is concerned and all his "wackness" aside Mac Miller is more "hip-hop" than ICP with their lame asses Asher Roth >>>> Mac >>> Dog Shit >> MTV Riff Raff >>>> ICP

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a shit, his music still sucks Wanna talk independant album sales, ICP could probably buy and sell this fuckin kid 100 times, wanna declare them the kings of rap for it??? He managed to get people to buy his shit, so for that he gets a cookie, but he still garbage

  • Anonymous

    i think asher is better than mac to be honest asher is mad underated

  • Phil House

    dog you make the same fuckin song everytime you rap, you serious? all of your songs are about getting high, fuckin bitches haha its funny cause when i love college got big it was already like 4 years old he made that shit in college to make it not to get rich

    • def

      was thinking the same thing. i don't personally like his music, but i find it funny he spent a whole paragraph talkin about how people try to box him in when he DOES rap about the same shit in every song.

  • Derrick

    Need to stop hating on dudes foreal. Whatever they gets it in. But everyone's already talking about Your Boy for Life out of Queens, NY dropping absolute slaughter of freestyles. He'll put these cats to shame. And FOR ONCE, let's drop the race card on hip hop. I'm just saying.

  • God

    how can you hate on a kid that built an empire on his own and is about to be the first independent artist to hit the top of the charts sense 1995 hes fuckin doin it and anyone who fuckin hates on him is just jealous cause hes doin what you wish you were you dont gotta like his music but give respect where its deserved instead of creamin your pants every time a one hit wonder comes out. no matter what you think of him your still gonna have to sit back and watch him change the game so i suggest yall light up a J-bird and try to at least pretend like you know what good music is

    • The Unseen

      His music being independent means nothing. He cant rap too well, which means I give him opportunities to impress and he always falls short. Him and Wiz Khalifah are one in the same, except Wiz knows hes knows hes not a great rapper and signed to a major to avoid lifelong failure.

  • Anonymous

    Both bore the fuck outta me. Asher Roth sucks at picking good songs despite dude's potential. And Mac Miller has become a white guys' Wiz Khalifa. I used to respect him for that K.I.D.S. mixtape. But then he started doing all this "Best Day Ever" hippie shit. Seriously the only new white rapper we should be talking about is Yelawolf. Son is mad underrated just cause he sound funny. Better than being a corny bunch of hippie white kids who are massively overrated.

  • Anonymous

    Asher Roth >>>>Mac Miller im surprised asher is not more popular yt boy can spit

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla Ice is sitting at home watching the "Donald Trump' video on youtube, saying to himself "And People thought I was wack??"

  • Anonymous

    Mac is whatever, but I hate the rap Asher gets for that one song. I like "I love college" but anyone that has ever heard another Asher Roth song, knows the dude is legit. Just check the Rawth EP

  • Raiden

    Asher Roth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mac Miller. Asher Roth might have fucked up with song choices, but If It came down to a battle, Mac would BBQ'd. Theres no comparison.

  • Jeezy

    Corny ass white boy, pick up a shovel this is not for you

  • Anonymous

    This kid is so annoying, lol, but I'll give him a pass cause he big ups cats like Big L and probably raises awareness for cats like that amongst his 12 year old skateboarding audience

    • Raiden

      I agree with Elias on this one. I could wake up one day and say I want to rap and Nas is my main influence but It would add nothing to my status as a bad rapper. I hate the co-sign culture also, no legendary musician is ever going to outright state a guy is wack If Its against his best interests. So getting co-signs from guys like Q-Tip and Preemo means nothing these days.

    • Elias Droopy Proctor

      Rappers get props now for their awareness of cats like Big L? I'm not sure if I can handle that.

    • Bowski

      I totally agree. I give him a pass based on his awareness of cats like Big L. It's refreshing to find a newer rapper that respects the classic acts from the earlier era...

  • cjrocker

    Much respect to Mac Miller. This kid is sensible

  • Anonymous

    Asher Roth > Mac Miller if you don't agree gtfo this site kid

  • Anonymous

    LMAO HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH yes I put Mac Miller on when I'm bout to start fucking my girl HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH is this kid serious. I fuck with a couple of his songs, but come on, you are nothing more than a flash in the pan kid.

  • thought dog

    Does this mouth breather ever know how to close his mouth?

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