Consequence Says He's The Reason Q-Tip Placed Beats On "Watch The Throne"

The Cons discusses his reasons behind refusing to talk about Q-Tip, saying he wants to move in a positive direction before saying he's the reason Tip placed beats on "Watch the Throne."

After his public feud with Kanye West and Q-Tip, Consequence has been asked about how his relationship with the two has progressed. During a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Cons explained that his beef with Kanye has been squashed but that his problems with Q-Tip have continued. He also added that he is the reason Q-Tip had beats placed on Watch the Throne.  

At first, Cons was apprehensive to speak on Q-Tip and West. 

"We just gotta do next question with that," he said. "Next question. I'm only here to talk about positive things...I'm making a valiant effort to move in a positive direction. I had a couple public discrepancies with a few folks that I had relationships with in the past. I just think it's more healthy at this point to stay away from certain questions because I do have a blackout switch. So, when you start saying today's secret words like certain peoples' names, that's where I just have to stop you." 

When asked if his beef with Pusha T had been settled, he said that did not happen.

"I ain't never do nothing with nobody," he added. "Only person I squashed things with was Kanye West." 

Later, though he originally refused to speak on Q-Tip, he began to talk about how his relationship helped Tip land beats on Watch the Throne

"Q-Tip knows what time is it with me. He knows I been thorough from the day he brought me around his situation. I been thorough and ain't nothing change about me. And I'm a positive energy person. That's why Q-Tip has three records on Watch the Throne. And you can tweet that. Tweet that and say I said it." 

For more from the interview, check the video below. 


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  • Curt McGirt

    It's more than obvious that the only reason Cons is getting interviews these days is because of his comments/beef regarding his former label mates and cousin. Not saying that he isn't a GOOD rapper, (no pun intended)but (in his words) one of the BEST rappers in the game? C'mon bruh! I will say that Cons did right by calling these "radio personalities" out because it was obvious they was trying to get him take the bait but it is what it is. Beef/fake beef sales or at least gives people the option to look in and give it their 2 cents. This interview would not be on nor would've been conducted at all if it wasn't for the controversy. Period.

  • Anonymous

    I love how he can make a bold ass statement like that with absolutely no reason or anything. Im the reason tip got on the wtt Im the reason. Lol cons shot himself in the foot when he bitched about that one line pusha may or may not have jocked..and it wasnt even like a great line. U fucked up.

  • Anonymous

    wow, this guy went from being someone i supported and looked out for when he joined GOOD, to being a fuckin joke. Really. You don't think he got that beat on the album cause it was a dope beat? fuck. Nah, these dudes are really THAT obsessed w/ you. Yeah they all workin against you dawg, just for the fuck of it. Kanye signed you in the first place just to fuck you...

  • King Richard

    he living off everything but himself,nigga living thru other industry folks & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u aint gon support da new rappers dats actually good.

  • dadukee

    Consequence is dope and it makes me sad that instead of new songs i see interviews about beefs. Consequence is one of the illest but he needs to let that beef cool down instead of cookin it up

    • Bowski

      I definitely agree w/your comment, however Cons did make a lot of sense in this interview. Personally I can't respect an artist that's strictly mixtaping it to death. If you're so dope get a record deal and use that as a platform to get as big or bigger than all these cats you got beef with. In the interview he states that he "Didn't give a fuck", trust me Cons it clearly shows.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign 100% He's beggining to sound like a disgruntled ex right about now...

  • dun

    I'm so tired of this guy. He y'all, this guy is NOT the reason a legendary MC/producer had production credits on Watch the Throne. He is not the reason a guy who has 3 straight classics with ATCQ (Beat, Rhymes and Life would have been a classic if not for his garbage ass rhymes on it back then), influenced so many rappers from Little Brother, Mos Def, Kweli, Common, Kanye, Cudi, Hiero, and countless other producers as well. Consequence is a DECENT rapper and that's it. He's not the dopest, he's not wack. He's a scratch below average straight up. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Q-Tip has more pull even in his older years than this guy will ever have...

    • Anonymous

      very true, cons is a dope rapper , but if you let him tell it, he MADE kanye west, he MADE ATCQ a better group, etc, etc,. hes really bitter thats all.

  • nixnox

    this cat still speaking? anyone listen?

  • Anonymous

    lol shut up cons. no one cares about that. you still sound bitter as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Consequence needs to stop these silly interviews. 1. It reflect badly on him when he has a lot of talent as a rapper and 2. I attracts the internet shit flies that like to talk shit they know nothing about. Kanye is diva and q tip is a cold hearted person, what's new? Just concentrate improving the quality of your music. He's almost a shadow of his former self and I can't help but think what might have happened If the album on elektra hadn't fallen through. Would he be bum riding kenny w or would have a legacy of his own?

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? The headline followed by the sub makes no sense - they contradict each other. Terrible.

  • Ben Dover

    Does he want a cookie?

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