Loose Links: Yelawolf, Preview Of Young Jeezy's "Thug Motivation 103," 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" Vs. "The Don Killuminati"

Yelawolf chops it up about his debut LP, fans get a preview Jeezy's long-awaited LP and Complex debates two of Tupac's best albums.

Ever since news broke of his record deal with Shady Records earlier this year, fans have been itching for Alabama emcee Yelawolf's debut release Radioactive. And now, despite a few minors setbacks along the way, Catfish Billy is gearing up to drop his long anticipated LP this November 21 right in time for the holidays. To celebrate the release, HipHopFiend decided to catch with Yela to talk about his love of Three 6 Mafia and Redman, balancing his rock and rap influences and partying to Beatles cover bands in the UK.

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It's been three long years since Young Jeezy's last outing The Recession, and now, after what seems dozens of setbacks, the Snowman is finally set to return with his fourth LP Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition this December 20. And with the recent news that three Hip Hop lyrical titans - Andre 3000, Jay-Z and Eminem - are slated to appear on the project, Complex's timing couldn't be more perfect with their preview of TM103. Does Jeezy's latest effort live up to his past chart smashes? Check out Complex's preview to find out.

Read Complex's "Album Preview: Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition"

Although it's hard for fans to discount much of anything in his discography, perhaps Tupac Shakur's two most celebrated albums are All Eyez On Me and The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. For many fans, the debate over the two albums is complicated by Pac's passing; both projects dropped in 1996, and many fans looked to the posthumously released Don Killuminati for answers to his untimely death, leading it to top even the Beatles in first week sales. But for Complex, however, the debate over which is the superior album is simple question of quality. Check out their latest installment of "End of Discussion" to see why they think all eyes should be on The 7 Day Theory.

Read Complex's "End of Discussion: Why 2Pac’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory Is Better Than All Eyez On Me"

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  • Anonymous

    me against the world was pacs best lp. but out of the two albums just mentioned I'd have to say don killuminati. dude right about all eyes on me it was good but I had to skip a few songs, makaveli you can let it play. but neither can compare to me against the world it was pacs best shit before he went full speed ahead with the thug life shit

  • Anonymous

    i recommend that 2pac article

  • King Richard

    & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u aint gon support da new rappers dats actually good.http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • 2pacfan

    Me Against The World > any other 2pac album

  • Struggle

    "OUTLAW SHIT" Struggle Feat. Yelawolf and Waylon Jennings (Free Download) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hZL3-ZsZVw&feature=channel_video_title

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry "Complex magazine." To compare both Pac albums is not feasible. And for your decision to put one on top of the other is yet another example on how y'all try to ruffle fan feathers and make it seem like y'all have some sort of significant input. This is almost if not more questionable than all your other articles relating one album by another against another album by the same artist. Give it a rest, and no, ANY and EVERY TRUE PAC fan knows that one isn't better than the other, as 7 day theory was just an extension of the fire, passion and delivery of All Eyez On Me. It was the conclusion of an epic story...


      there are no filler tracks on AEOM disc 1,2 you put that album in and let it play but its hard choose which is the best i love both albums MAGW is a dope album also

    • IDK

      I agree with the second Anonymous. All Eyez on Me is alright, but no real story, and a number of songs that are considered filler. Whereas Don Killuminati, there is a concept, and an interesting one. However, I felt like "Me Against the World" is the best among all of 2Pac's albums because there's a lot of emotion in those songs and 2Pac wasn't too laidback nor too angry, but perfect, in that album.

    • Anonymous

      What story???......LOL, All Eyez on me was dope but it was just a collection of songs, there was no Concept or story to it, And I bought that album the week it came out, I love it but its no concept or storyline about it Makaveli >>>> All Eyez Easily, Less is more, I skip a few songs on All Eyez but Killuminati you can just throw in and let play 1-12

    • Anonymous


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