Eminem, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 Confirmed Guests On Young Jeezy's "TM 103"

Jeezy's fourth solo album is be shaping up to being a potential monumental big budget release for CTE/Def Jam Records.

During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 show, Atlanta, Georgia star rapper Young Jeezy confirmed that Eminem will be among the guests on his December release, TM 103 (Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition). This will be the first collaboration between the heads of CTE and Shady Records respectively.

According to HipHop-N-More.com, who ripped the interview's audio, other guests on TM 103 will include Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Plies, Devin The Dude and Snoop Dogg, among others.

At present, Young Jeezy's TM 103 is scheduled to release on December 20, 2011.



  • Massive

    It stupid for Def Jam. Because they releasing Rick Ross who never went platinum b4 jeezy who went platinum 3 Times and sold over 4.5 million records in total.

  • Nico 3

    Anonymous - It wouldn't surprise me if your groupie ass was already camped outside Best Buy. Loser lol Labels who delay their artists albums don't believe they can sell. If they did, they'd release them on time and avoid losing money by not having their investment on a shelf somewhere.

  • Big Chris

    This will be a classic. Jeezy really didn't need no features 4real. Jeezy has always made great music. This will be no different. Ima be at the store on 12/20/11.



  • Stan Shady

    I am your biggest fan! Check out my Eminem Fan Site -> http://www.marshallmathers.com

  • Radio Los Santos

    Eminem is a shady dude. That nigga ignores Rick rozay and my nigga Dj kaled but he goes ahead and jumps on a track with jeezy? That's just proves how much of an industry sell out he's is. BAWSE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHA man, can you even breathe with Ross on top of you? I mean let him finish and pull his dick out of you for a second before you start throwin shots at Em... ESPECIALLY if its in defense of... DJ Khaled??? are you fucking serious? "WE THE BEST.... THIS FOR THE HOOD.. FOR THE GHETTO..." SHUT THE FUCK UP... honestly its all marketing and being a lame with Ricky and Khaled.. and I'm no fan of 50 Cent.. but in no way shape or form would I support a Khaled or Ross album, period. I at least went out and bought Get Rich Or Die Tryin' when I was like 15. People like your dumbass are the reason that all these shit ass mainstream rappers are getting paid and all the actual talented individuals are getting shelved. Em rip your ass up BOI.

    • Anonymous

      rick ross vs 50 cent. Eminem aint gonna side with rick ross

    • ET|K

      LMAOOOOOOOOO how the motherfuck does Em teaming up with JEEZY of all people show how much of a sellout he is... Jeezy fell into the background for a long time man DJ Khaled's not even in the same.. room, level, paradigm as Em is. Em barely bucks with that south shit. and fuck Rozay's fat ass

    • Soulja Man

      That's cuz Rick Ross is beefin with shady recors and g unit and Dj khaled sucks ass. Jeezy a real nigga

    • YADIG


  • Taboo

    Haha alot of Rick Ross fans on jeezy page as usual they are praying that jeezy flops. It aint gonna happen.As for Ross he is alright but he's not real

  • hot mama

    wow when did young jeezy get so many haters? mo haters more money though.

  • Anonymous

    now ill buy it!!!, how is jeezy carreer over? he sold about 5-6 million albums so far off 4 albums, i know rozaay bubblin right now, but that nigga aint go platinum yet!!

  • Jizzle

    I don't get mad i just get money and laugh at these fuck niggaz cuz they so funny (haha) LOL i am definitely copping homies album since b4 an eminem fea was in the track list

  • Ricky Rozay

    I am the best.. I never went platinum. and i never will . Jeezy went platinum 3 times plus gold with a mixtape. My album did his mixtape numbers and my fanboys hate jeezy.They think that jeezy fans turned on him to listen to me hee hee.I am a BAWSE. (whisper: Damn this prisoner is tryna escape lemmie catch him)

  • Oneshot

    You haterz can hate all u want we still gonna buy jeezy album. Like someone said there is over 1 million of us. EMinem or No Eminem we gon buy it like we always do. As a matter of fact i hope there is no EMinem on that album just to prove a point

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga no longer relevant. Ross already ethered his career. Now the nigga gon dick ride on other rappers to sell. To bad, his career is done. I dont know any niggas lookin out for what is likely gon be a garbage ass album of Jeezy screamin Yeah all the time. Fuck this bitch. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a

    NOOOO JEEZY taking a step backwards With the Guest.. He can hold An Cd down By himself..Compilation CD

  • Anonymous

    i hate jeezy.. just cuz he mixed in some Em, jay, and 3x dont meen im buying that shit. its like throwing in a few skittles into a cup of shit. i still wouldnt eat it



  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross: Hello, this is Ricky Rozay on the comment. If you like this song, I'm sure you'll like my new album "God Forgives, I Don't". I decided to scrap all the old songs and blend in new ideas from scratch. Here is my tracklist: 1. Big Mac Music (feat. Ronald McDonald & Hambulgar) 2. G-Shit (50 Cent Diss) 3. I'm Not A Star III (feat. Lil Wayne) 4. McRib Back (feat. Meek Mill) 5. Big Mac & Fries (feat. Drake & Wale) 6. Illuminati (feat. Jay-Z, Jay Electronica & J. Cole) 7. Big Fat Nigga (feat. Kanye West & Katy Perry) 8. Niggaz in McDonalds 9. Crack Game (feat. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame) 10. Subway (feat. Ludacris & Jared) 11. Breasts & Thighs (feat. Nicki Minaj) 12. Bitch Nigga (feat. T.I.) 13. Maybach Music IV- Finale (feat. Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa & Samwell) 14. Chocolate Rain (Yum) (feat. Tay Zonday) (Bonus Track)

  • BAZ

    I hope Jeezy kills it with this album, it's been a while since his Recession LP - which I copped. This is a career defining album... will he silence the haters or will he just be underground fodder?

  • 1love

    this guy doesn't deserve to be on same track as these top 10 legends

  • Anonymous

    Close your eyes and listen to Jeezy. Now imagine it was the KKK making his music telling black kids to sell coke, destroy your own community and murder your own people. That's what I see when I hear Jeezy. Just another black man bending over to get rich at the expense of his own race. He might as well put on a white robe.

    • EVY

      Every body know the truth but they aint sayin shit,dem white boys made the game we just playin it

    • Anonymous

      Melodramatic much?? Why is it that black folks are the only race that cry when they see a reflection of themselves on TV that isnt straight outta the cosby show?? I've never seen an Italian cry about being portrayed as Mobsters or Overweight Pizza Eating Gumbas I've never seen a bucn of Irish cats sitting around crying about how every time you see an Irishman in a movie he's a drunk with Red Hair And Freckles Cubans dont watch scarface and start crying about their whole race being objectified by a Film portrayal Case in Point....... You have plent of black role models out there, Barack Obama is the president, Kanye West Wants us all to hold hands and sing Kumbaya while we give the gay community a pat on the head and say "I'm with ya brother" and Denzel Washington is widely considered the best performer in the last 20 years of film Its Okay to have a Negative Black Character out there as well, not everything is suppose to save the world, some things are just for pure entertainment

  • Big Gay Dave

    I was blowing this dude last week who kept asking me if he reminded me of Young Jeezy. Fuck - he was full of himself! Even though he didn't look like him, it made me check YJ out on Youtube. His music doesn't do it for me, but I wouldn't kick him out of my bed if you know what I mean ;)

  • Dreyton YelowolftheLion Williams

    this nigga has an UNPRECEDENTED fan base...dontchu get it??? He's already a legend in the game...with only 3 albums and a slew of mixtapes...and he has YET to go commercial, truly commercial...Jeezy's not just popular...he's sitting on sum true BLACK power...beleedat.

    • Anonymous

      We get it, you ain't buying a Jeezy album. If Mick Jagger can use WHOO as a trademark lyric, why can't Jeezy use YEAHHHH though?

    • Anonymous

      I forgot to add. His style is cheating. Can you imagine looking at what he wrote and for one bar all he has is. Yeahhhhhh. Simple mofo's.

    • Anonymous

      Legend in the game with one song and style. A legend. Really. Cook, coke, kitchen, bag. It's in every Jeezy song because he only makes one song.

  • Nico 3

    If it was so monumental, why the delays? This guy admitting he got lazy killed his career.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever think it's his label pushing it back weirdo? As a matter of fact, do you ever think before you type?

  • Michael hics

    Jeezy underated as fuck It's the Snowman bitch, I ride two-seaters It's a cold world, so I keep two heaters one of the coldest punchlines and methaphors ever used in hip hop. Who said that ? jeezy Did he get any Credit? fuck No Did he have other other sick punchlines and metaphors? hell yeah Like what? Took my whole Remember im so paid? I keep a pocketful, and that's before the taxes Took my whole gross, now they hid it under my mattress I used to get bored,and count 20's for practice "Paper therapy, we let the money relax us" Paper Theraby we let the money relax us? what the fuck? that line goes in harder than ya dad went in ya moms to make your bitch ass haters. I could write an entire review but i doubt hip hop dx would let me post it in comment. it would be 2 long Plus I'm with those 2 guys at the buttom Fuck yeah I will buy the album!

  • WhiteJeezy

    I am Buyin this album 2

    • Anonymous

      Rule #1 when it comes to buying albums. If all a rapper talks about is how much money he has I will never buy his album. Obviously he doesn't need mine.

  • Rock

    I am with that guy name kavin i Am buying this ALBUM niggazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am buying this album

  • Kevin J

    I am buying jeezy album if you are buyin it please state so to let these haters know we fans still here. I am Buying This album. I am Buying This album. I am Buying This album. I am Buying This album.

    • Anonymous

      Rule #1 when it comes to buying albums. If all a rapper talks about is how much money he has I will never buy his album. Obviously he doesn't need mine. Sucker.

    • Swordz

      I wouldn't spend 1 cent buying this trash music. Def Jam's - street team really putting in work at DX

  • Atl King

    The amount of controversy surrounding this album. It will have a big realease. Even the haterz are lookin forward to this nigga realease date hoping that he do low numbers.

  • Madshit

    Niggaz why don't u stop hating and talkin that RED album shit. yall some real fuckin haterz. I know 1 million people like myself gonna buy this album and if u continue to piss us off we gonna Buy 2 or 3 copies

    • Anonymous

      Rule #1 when it comes to buying albums. If all a rapper talks about is how much money he has I will never buy his album. Obviously he doesn't need mine. Then your an idiot.

  • King

    this is gon end up like another RED album...smh

  • Conquerer

    Did someone say that Jeezy is commercial compare to eminem? damn people even know what commercial mean? Jeezy is the most street artist ever in the game. He the only rapper talks what actually happens in da streets. Others 2 scared. I think Eminem and jeezy will do well together. I remember Em rappin on a drug related song Call Welcome to Dblock with Jadakiss and we know jeezy is a trapper so don't even exspect no other type of track like your other regular punk ass rappers

  • mike j.

    check my people's out on youtube just type in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC give feedback.

  • Hood Kennedy

    WOw Rick Ross fans are desperately trying to discredit jeezy.yet they dont buy rick ross's album

  • Swordz

    That's alot of features. Personally I think this guy is garbage. Also - I'm will to bet money Andre, EM and Jay do not appear on this album. I know Jay knows how to pick winners - but he's smart enough to see this is Jeezy last chance to swim.... unfortunately dude just aint "lyrical" and sink the ship.... Back to trapping for Jeezy. Nigga should do something he's good at!

  • Young King

    This album will be dope no doubt, and i am curious though as to what kind of track em an jeezy came up with. i'm pretty sure this shit won't turn out like the red album cause as much as i liked game's music at a time, what separate's him an jeezy is that jeezy don't dick ride other rappers just cause they're hot at the time an just tryna get the them just to say he had 'em on a feature rather than to make a good song, so yea i'm sure this album will be dope.

  • jr88

    the only thing ross can end is a double cheese burger..smh...ross is a proped up rapper...he might aswell have jay z wayne drake and kanye as his feet cause he sure as hell cant stand on his own

  • Rick ross

    smh i thought i ended this guys career already THE BAWSE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JEEZY

    • Get Ya Mind Right

      Okay Get ya mind right lemmie talk to EM. Ross i have a cheese burger hangin on a stick at my house go eat it

    • Anonymous

      Listen Fast Food Junkie you are a multi gold selling artist. Young Jeezy is a Multi-Platinum selling artist. See tha difference coz he's real and u are so fucking fake.

    • Anonymous

      so you support fake over real huh, smh that is why hip hop died

  • jr88

    desperation???? ross had features on every track on his album!!! and xxl magazine even did an artical about ros only spitting and average of one verse per song!....fuck outta here with that!

    • blackula

      Ross can't carry an album by himself. I've been saying that for the longest. Just cuz I said Jeezy is desparate i'm automatically a Ross fan? Neither of them ain't shit. fuck outta here.

  • blackula

    Em, Jay and 3Stacks on the album. Desperation tactics from Jeezy's label right there.

    • Anonymous

      3 Stacks is from Atlanta. That track should have already happened. Jay-Z and Jeezy have already worked together.

  • AudioAssassin Mcmillan

    I smell a classic





  • Anonymous

    dont forget about Tip on FAME


    cuz every-bodies gonna murder him on his own shit. holy smoke!!

  • Anonymous

    Fabolous??? Why not Ray J?? Ray J won the fight!!! He is the gangsta.

  • bisquic

    His face looks...funny

  • Anonymous

    duhhh jeezy fuk wit jimmy over at interscope ops

  • Vegard Mller

    Doubt this will sel a lot. He's been away for too long.


    People are going to cum while still flacid when they read this. YOOOUUUUNG JEEEEEZYYY! AND YOUR BOY KEEEEEEELLSSSZZZZZ!

  • Irv

    I don't blame u @ wtf I liked em when he never feat on other rappers songs but young jeezy is nice as hell haven't u heard shake life, fame lose my mind he's real rap. I do wish em and Wayne never did songs except drop the world bob is ok mars is a SINGER FYI



  • Micah

    Kanye is on the track with eminem, he said the album has a COLLABORATIONS not just people featured. lil lody had it on his twitter, This album goin be hard battelfield music, Real hard rap. NO SOFT SINGING SHIT. im sure gangsta gibbs might make his way on the album

  • Anonymous

    200k. First week maybe, no Gibbs collabos?

  • Anonymous


  • yawooh

    not a big Jeezy fan but I guess he's trying to go real hard on this albulm..Let's c this turns out

  • Anonymous

    ross will never go platinum

  • Lo3o7

    Yall are crazy to diss my nigga Jeezy he changed the game once he entered he brought a whole prospective into the game that everybody wants to follow ever since he came into the game everybody wanted to be a trapper he brought in respectively one of the biggest movements in hip hop history and arguably one of the best rap albums Ever TM 101 with 3 platinum consecutive records yall are sleeping on him forreal

    • Samuel Snead

      T.I was out with the same trap shit b4 jeezy

    • doodie3

      that was the dumbest shit I've ever heard. jeezy didn't change shit his persona wasn't new at all u dumb fuck. he said he was a trapper big deal every rapper raps about drugs. stop being a dick rider

  • jr88

    i dont get how someone can hate jeezy and like ross???? they are both the same!>>>same subject matter, same beats, and both black...lol....but there is one huge difference.......ROSS WAS A COP AND JEEZY WASNT!!!!

  • jr88

    lol.... the the ross stans sound scared that jeezy has buzz now..lol because jeezy is everything ross claims to be...lol....i remember like 2 yrs ago everyone was on jezzys dick but now that techno hip hop has taken over people all of a sudden forget that jezzy is dope......he spits the truth not fairy tales like ross!

  • jr88

    they're are alot of people on here that think they are hip hop experts!!! thats what happeneds when rappers make alternative hip hop to cross over, then you get "fans" that have heard 1 or 2 rap albums and all of a sudden they have an opinion.....smh

  • Clipz

    TM 103 is gonna be fire burning on hot sauce.its gonna shake your life. if it don't then we'll just let you fake motherfukaz envy



  • WTF


    • Anonymous

      Doesn't change the fact that he's one of the most technically gifted rappers of all time. It's still Hip Hop.

    • yawooh

      Naw Eminem just took too much time out of the game during that encore/relapse stage that now he's trying to adjust with the culture...He knows music has changed and I personally think he lost a step. But I agree that he's changed alot but he's just trying to stay relevant and involved

    • Anonymous

      Working with Bruno Mars was ROYCES idea, because ROYCE wanted to get heard. BOB can rap. Wayne has lyrics ocassionaly but overall i think he sucks too. As for Jeezy, I don't know if hes good or not, I don't listen to him.

    • Clipz

      WOW This album has alot of hate surrounding it. Jeezy u know the real fans still luv u man. We gonna 1,there is 2 million of us. You finna go platinum. as for niggaz like rick ross they liars,the phonies,they fakes, these niggaz aint never sold the wait.. cuz u the muhuhfukin realist!

    • Anonymous

      He works with them to prove he's the best, you can't say you the best and never test your claim. And as far as Bruno Mars he's not even a rapper, you sound like those people living in their moms basement hating on anything mainstream.

    • You're a fucking retard

      how is it the worst thing ever to work with Jeezy, out of all of the people you listed? Plus Eminem has worked with Jeezy before, he's produced a couple of songs with him. You're obviously a fucking moron.

  • LOL

    Is TM 103 supposed to be a Pokemon reference?

  • Anonymous

    I'm a jeezy fan but I'm not liking all these features. I they listed 8 and they said others too. C'mon man(Chris Carter) voice. It's suppose to be a solo album not a mixtape

  • #mmgrunningshit

    Listen up tranny lovers!!!!!!! Maybach Music Group is running shit how can my statement be contested?!?!? Come at me faggots!!!!!! The BAWSE of the rap game and the crack game Rick Ro$$ is about to drop his 5th studio lp "God Forgives, I Don't" 12/13/11 his track record has been proven, port of miami#classic, deeper than rap#classic, trilla#classic and the fucking musical accomplishment that is TEFLON DON #FUCKINGCLASSIC!!!!!! #Rossisthegoat

  • HipHopFan

    I think for sure the Eminem track will have either Jeezy or Em dissing Rick Ross since both of them had problems with the big guy. If Eminem brings out a diss to Rick Ross you can call it a wrap for Ross's career. I would like to see a good lyrical battle either way.

    • yeah...

      Rick Ross never had a problem with Em, Ross believed that he won the beef with 50 by releasing a number one album even after the disses 50 released. He only started the beef because it was free publicity for his career and album. He said he killed 50's career because 50 couldn't stop him from selling records, and he pretty proclaimed himself to be the king of beef, so he said the next person he would like to beef with was Eminem. If you look at when he started saying that he wanted to beef with Eminem, his album was only out for a week, so he was just trying to get more publicity for it, like people would go in the store and be like, "Oh look here's the dude Eminem is dissing now, we should check his shit out." But Rick Ross handled it like a fucking moron, because he first said he would like to start a beef with Eminem because that would be the only person he would have a good competitive beef with, then he flip flopped back to wanting to work with Em in the studio, then back to dissing him.

    • Anonymous

      em never mentioned it, but ross called Em out... In "Cut you Loose" by Slaughterhouse Royce even says "Listen To This nigga Rick Ross Dissin Em"

    • Anonymous

      when did em have problems with ross ?

  • HipHopFan

    I think Young Jeezy will not do that great numbers wise. Rick Ross has taken all the Young Jeezy and Game fans. Also the game has changed and new blood like Wiz, Mac Miller, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole have taken alot of fans away from Jeezy. I personally think the topics covered by Jeezy don't really fit into the rap landscape these days. But we will see...

  • Young Champ

    IMO all these features over shadows jeezy himself, similar to the red album with game. Jeezy should be able to hold a album down on his own, The Recession was his best records and he only had like Nas, Boosie, on there. But I guess Def Jam pushed for these features due to all the putbacks, to build momentum. But Let's be honest its only a handful of folks checking for this record. I mean im gon buy it Still. Jeezy known for selling big numbers, We'll see if the 3 years in between albums have any affect on his sales. SN: I Think These labels be buying records for their artists half the time, if they know they might tank.

  • Anonymous

    Christ dude cant carry himself whos not on this shit? Em workin with jeezy?:(

  • Tyrannical T

    Jeezy has to keep the Em and Jay features under wraps until about a week or two until the release. This album has the potential to sell a milli

  • dockevoc

    i've never heard one of this guy's albums...can't imagine I'd start now

  • Anonymous

    I heard yesterday that 3000 and Jay were on the same track...hope thats true

  • 123

    jizzle and eminem...sounds interesting

  • da1

    Eminem feature? Oh shit!!! I bet em would just be the hook. I don't know what those two have in common that they can rap about.



  • Anonymous

    still wont sell, Gibbs album will sell more than his lol. I think Jeezy pushed his album back to release against Ross,lol

  • bread

    Can't wait for this album.....need that real G talk....tired of all these fakes and new softies

  • Ryan Jay Whitelaw

    People that ask Eminem to get on a song with them are asking to get bodied on their own shit. That's how it goes.

  • Anonymous

    this must be the worst rapper ever only talking about selling coke. 40 years old and still acting like a gangster.

    • HipHopFan

      I never understood why people who listen to Hip Hop always bring up age? Why is it that Rock artists can push it to 50-60 and still sell out stadiums but Rap artists reaching 40 are ridiculed and made fun of. Makes no sense

    • NONO

      Didn't know that gangsters had an age limit. Ever heard of the mob?

  • Nelly

    Uhh, uhh, uhh I was thinkin 'bout her, thinkin 'bout me Thinkin 'bout us, where we gon' be? Opened my eyes, yeah It was only just a QUEER So I travel back, down that road Will she come back? No one knows I realize, yeah It was only just a QUEER

  • Likings

    The song with Eminem and Jeezy. I heard its call "Fake Dealers" i believe Eminem subliminal responds to the Rick Ross Diss. It's funny Em jumps on a song with Jeezy after rick ross diss both jeezy and Eminem. Can't wait to hear it.

  • gok

    one of them where the whole industry appears on the album to try and save it...

  • Bang Em Smurf

    Sounds like more features than he usually has. Still cool though. Lookin forward to the jay-z ,eminem and andre 3000 joints. I like the fact that it has no rihanna and those pop soft artist singing punk ass hooks

  • Hip Hop

    I hope hiphopdx is not lying on my nigga jeezy again about this eminem feature. It sounds legit but u never hope with these websites

    • Anonymous

      no its been confirmed by jeezy multiple times, sounds really sketchy but its actually true. cant wait to hear this collab

  • Slick

    People who say this is suicide are haters. They never heard jeezy step his game up. Eminem never hops on any body's track unless the track is hot as hell. That mean jeezy went in hard. Em and jeezy I luv it.

  • ThisGuy585

    I do like Jeezy, but this dude is definitely on suicide watch, cuz that guest list is just full of rappers that are gonna body him on every single track (except for Weasel, Curtis the snitch and the Canadian catastrophes (Beaver & Fake)

  • Real Jeezy

    Hey guys I found the tracklist for Young Jeezy's new album TM103... Here it goes... 1. Real Intro 2. I'm Real Nigga (feat. T.I.) 3. Real Hood (feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) 4. Real Talk (feat. Eminem) 5. Real Street (feat. 50 Cent) 6. Real Interlude 7. Real Gangsta (feat. Jay-Z) 8. Obama Is Real (feat. Drake) 9. Real American (feat. Nas) 10. Real Ballin' (feat. B.o.B) 11. Real Cocaine (feat. Tech N9ne) 12. Real Atlanta (feat. Andre 3000) 13. Real Weed (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 14. Real Friends (feat. Freddie Gibbs) 15. Real Death (feat. Justin Bieber) 16. What What In The Butt (feat. Samwell)

  • T-Mac

    So, album will not include tracks like F.A.M.E. and Ballin' ? He did not mention T.I. and Weezy as featured artists.

  • Anonymous

    imagine if any combination of those 3, 3000, jay or em where on the one track?!!?1?

  • Fish

    really looking forward to this. I'm yet to hear a jeezy album or tape that i didnt like.

  • Anonymous

    Young Cheezy has totally: no flow no lyrics no skillz no beats

  • Anonymous

    jeezy can only save his album with great guests

  • 80's baby

    this should be suspenseful. I really don't know what to expect from this. ihope its dope

  • the finishline

    Snowman always delivers a solid album, despite what Manny Fresh said he did change it up on The Recession (my 2nd favorite Jeezy LP)! He better bring that Trap or Die fiya or its curtains. Oh yeah Jizzle u missin..... F.A.M.E Ballin he need Kanye on here they got great chemistry. Coulda had Bawse on here instead of beefin. *side note* he shoulda just hopped on the BMF remix like "u can't do this without Snow, Young!U know do some lil Weezy shit like when he hopped on Snoop's Drop It Like It's Hot.



    • Anonymous

      Lil Gayne sucks,He aint real,He is a sponsored wannabe blood who wears skinny jeans and skater shoes. He probably cross dresses,Is that why you like him,YADIG. Long Hair Dont Care,huh....FAG

    • 80's baby

      what? ain't nobody wanna listen to wayne's cliche tired ASS flow

    • U Crazy

      Fucking get outta here, Who gives a fuck if Weezy is on it. He only got real artist, not real gay artist....sorry to disappoint you, YADIG THE YMCMB GROUPIE.

  • King Richard

    betta sell at least 150 k first week or he goin bk underground or 2 da trap & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good....http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • Anonymous

    I'll Check the Em Collabo & The Andre 3K collabo

  • Anonymous

    this dude is always consistent i can t wait

  • lol

    I like how eminem isn't even mentioned aside from this interview being on Shady45 yet they use his pic

  • James Michael Cannon

    Wow....this is odd, probabaly the wackest rapper eminem will ever collaborate with

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