MF DOOM Talks Recording Process, Alter Egos

DOOM explains how he concocts his tracks, and what the difference between Doom and Viktor Vaughn is.

Red Bull Music Academy continued its interview lineup, this week with MF DOOM.

Among the subjects broached was DOOM's recording process. "What I usually do when I'm producing a record, I come up with a beat first, and then the beat'll inspire the lyrics," explained DOOM.

In the interview, DOOM was asked to provide a background for his character. 

"[DOOM's] more of the old school, O.G., old-timer villain" said DOOM. "He's a typical villain you have in any story where a lot of people misunderstand him, but he got a heart of gold. He's for the children. It's like a Robin Hood kind of character. Loved by the people, but the powers that be may not really get along with how he get done."

DOOM was also asked to describe another one of his alter-egos, Viktor Vaughn. "Vik is like similar, but younger. Like eighteen or nineteen, young whippersnapper that think he [knows what's going on]. A lot of times he disagree with DOOM, but he still with DOOM."

DOOM also revealed that he prefers the approach of dropping as many records on various labels with one-off deals because it allows him to put out as much music as possible.

Watch the interview below:

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  • King Richard

    & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u aint gon support da new rappers dats actually good.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook King Richard who is he jason? he aint ruining rap wit this shyt but da south is? nigga dressed like a black physco killer & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good.... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DIS N!GGA A LAME. AIN'T NOBODY GONNA SUPPORT U CAUSE YOU NEW, NOBODY SUPPORTING U BECAUSE YOU WEAK. STEP YA BARS UP U AIN'T NO SUPERLYRICAL MC, AND DON'T GAS YOURSELF YOU AIN'T NOTHING TO HATE ON. YOU REEK OF STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BATH AND BODY WORKS.

    • King Richard

      obviously u dnt listen 2 lyrics u jus bias & partial 2 who u no,wen im on dx & more famous you'll change your mind,trust me & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u aint gon support da new rappers dats actually good.

  • Mike Meraz

    Anyone one know when that project with Masta Ace is coming out?? Anybody? DX? MA DOOM?

  • Ernesto Guevara

    DOOM is a BEAST! Your favorite rappers favorite MC.

  • yourmomsballs

    MM.. FOOD? Is one of the most slept on albums ever, that along with MadVillainy

  • xripperx

    dope dope dope dope it's so good to hear a rapper with real artistic ambition. not that there aren't others, of course, but DOOM is on some whole other.

  • Doubl Negative

    Saw Doom last night in London, but like last year's show at Brixton he didn't perform any Viktor Vaughn. There also wasn't enough Doomsday and Take Me to Your Leader. It'd be cool at a Doom show to hear him do his first appearance on wax, the Gas Face. Ghost also made an appearance, but unfortunately not with Doom. Hopefully if Swift & Changeable does come to fruition, it's not just Starks spittin' over re-cycled Special Herbs beats like the John Robinson/Masta Ace projects regardless how dope it was/will be.

  • Anonymous

    Yo some cat has a tribute song to MF Doom and captain america on youtube. The shit is pretty tight and original,the sample is mad crazy. The dude created it is mad funny

  • DoomChalla

    In more DOOM related news, record label Nature Sounds had this to tweet: "There is a very good chance there will be ATLEAT [sic] 3 DOOM albums released in 2012." Excited? I know I am.

  • rickross#g.o.a.t

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  • true

    You need to run the rap game otherwise you have nothing to say? How stupid is that like Hiphop is a business not a culture right?

  • true

    who cares about who is runing rap this is hiphop I'm proud for having this few cats still doing their thing for those who really understand real culture difficult to access not for monkeys

  • Bernard Roddy


  • Steve

    Nobody EVER asks who Mr. Fantastik is...seriously that's been a burning question of mine for years, who the hell is this guy and where is he??

  • King Richard

    who is he jason? he aint ruining rap wit this shyt but da south is? nigga dressed like a black physco killer & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good....

    • Anonymous

      This n!gga dissed himself once he put up that avatar of himself on the mic like Supreme Clientele and his music is cheeks.

    • Fado

      you know dissing doom doesnt make you look better right? Ive seen you on a few articles now talkin shit about some dope artist. Get on your grind and stop posting comments on here homie. If you want to be great don't ridicule doom study his music and see what your young ass can learn from it.

    • khordkutta

      Ever heard of Zev Love X, or KMD, prolly not yungsta, otherwise that nonsense you spewed would not have come out ya mouf.

    • WYZE

      u niggas from the south kill me with this bullshit! aint nobody say nothing about yall asses! this dude been puttin in too much work for a nigga like u to come on here complaining. Dont even come out your face question hip hop being dead! You niggas killed the game segregating yourself from the rest of the world cause yall got a little recognition. dont worry bout hip hop being dead cause yall dont do this! yall trap, stick to trapping with ya 1 trick pony asses! Yall so hot and the south is running the game so much go get on the radio or go join the rest of those chitin circuit strip club rappers with that bullshit. yall aint hip hop remember? yall dont do lyrics remember? THIS is hip hop, THIS is raw lyrics...go troll the net for support u bum ass crybaby...niggas in the south epitomize hatred...fuck u and your buddy...

  • 1love

    mf doom albums are always on point interns of lyrics and production.

  • Anonymous

    I could never get into this guy personally but I give him respect for getting it all done on hiw own terms and standing out from the pack

  • kaos

    It warms me to see the true respect for DOOM on here. This site posts a lot of crap and has a lot of retarded comments, but I love that everyone has admiration for this dude - and rightfully so, DOOM is undeniably a legend.

  • Anonymous

    MF DOOM Viktor Vaughn DangerDOOM King Geedorah M.I.C. Madvillain Some of the best Hip Hop albums of all times were released under those names.

  • Anonymous

    Have waited so long for this dude to come back to the limelight. One of the greatest minds to ever grace a mic. Sooo much intelligence and hidden meanings in his lyrics. Strange Ways shits on your favorite track. His wordplay/usage of multi-syllabic rhymes is second to none. Nobody can fuck the creativity he displayed on Vaudeville Villain or Madvillainy. Other rappers use concepts for a song, he pulled off unbelievable concepts with those alter egos for whole LP's. The true underground king. Only Top 10 producer/rapper of all time.

  • Comptonsmostwantedcmw

    Con queso Hoe cakes Doomsday Accordian Monkey Suite Rhymes like dimes Figuero Rhinestone Cowboy Rap snitches etc

  • Comptonsmostwantedcmw

    DOOM is the truth , he original

  • Sam Ritz

    one of the greatest

  • mr fantastik

    why didn't someone ask who mr. fantastik is?

  • Santacruz Noriega

    WE NEED DOOMSTARKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aniggnigg

    I think imma check his music out more cuz all ive heard is good things about this underground cat

    • ghh

      After Madvillainy, listen to Operation Doomsday, King Geedorah's Take me to your Leader, MM Food, KMD's Black Bastards, and so on and on...

    • DoomChalla

      You should. He's very different from what you'd normally hear so he takes some getting used to. I'd personally start with Madvillainy (as Madvillain), then move onto The Mouse and The Mask (DANGERDOOM) and then take your pick after that.

  • Brandon Hamm

    One of my favorites of the underground. Lot of great projects coming from him soon with Madlib, Ghostface and Thom Yorke, should be fantastic

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    "Got more sole than a sock with a hole...set the stage with a goal, to have the game locked in a cage getting shocked through the pole..." -DOOM

    • ghh

      "Read the signs, no feeding the baboon Seein' as how they got your back bleeding from the stab wounds" -DOOM, love these lines.

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