Brother Ali Confirms Album With Freeway, Promises Release In February

Brother Ali says that he and Philly Freezer are dropping an LP and that fans can expect it to drop in February. recently chopped it up with local indie phenom Brother Ali. During the interview, the Minnesota Rhymesayer discussed his rumored upcoming project with Philadelphia emcee and frequent collaborator Freeway. Ali confirmed that the two emcees have a project in store for fans this upcoming February. He also discussed how he and Philly Freezer first ended up meeting through their mutual acquaintance producer Jake One.

"Honestly, I think Freeway kind of jumped the gun on talking about it. Like I said, I'm just now starting to talk about an album with Jake. I don't like rushing things. I don't like to start the excitement to try to get people excited about stuff way early because then it feels like, 'Come on, you're taking forever,' and it's like, 'No, I'm just taking the time that I need to take.' My solo album is almost done, like mixed and ready to go, but we're going to release that [project with Freeway] early next year."

He also added, "Me and Freeway have been friends for a while too. We actually met through Jake. I just threw a big event in Minneapolis at my mosque there where we did a combination day of service and block party and me and Freeway performed for free. He ended up staying for a week at my house and hung out with my kids and made a bunch of music. I think we're actually probably going to go to Seattle and then finish the project together."

The full interview with Brother Ali can be read at OnMilwaukee's website.

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