Talib Kweli Announces Black Star Reunion For 2012

Kweli also calls out Spin and Rolling Stone for their "not-so-subtle...prejudice" against politically relevant Hip Hop.

MTV recently caught up with Talib Kweli to talk about his recent debut album with Idle Warship Habits of the Heart. During the interview, Kweli revealed that he and partner in rhyme Mos Def - now Yaasin Bey - are looking to drop a new Black Star project sometime next year. Kweli also added that fans can expect to hear a mixed CD quality version of "Fix Up" - which they recently performed on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" - dropping sometime soon.

"I am working to put out a Black Star project for people to buy sometime next year," he said. "Me and Mos [Def] are focused on independence and quality of sound. We’re really into a Madlib/Dilla thing right now. Anything you hear from us is probably going to be that type of sound. And it’s about independence, so we are trying to find out the right mediums to get the songs out. When you heard 'Fix Up' on Colbert, it wasn’t even mixed; it was something we recorded a week before. Now we’re at the mixing stage of the song and we are going to put that out ourselves. We have a bunch of songs recorded. We are just trying to figure out the best way to release them, whether it’s going to be one by one, EP or album. Right now, the plan is to release 'Fix Up' and then Yaasin is working on a Yaasin Bey Presents project and then we’ll see how it goes."

Kweli also called out major music publications like Spin Magazine and Rolling Stone over what he describes as a fundamental lack of understanding of Hip Hop. Although he doesn't feel that the magazines are overtly racist, he says that they clearly don't want to promote politically-minded emcees.

"Just over the years, when I read Spin — this might sound a little crazy — but it’s hard for a black rapper to get love in Spin, especially a black rapper who is talking about the struggle," he said. "I’m not saying the white rappers they cover are safe, but it’s a white publication that feels very comfortable with rappers when they are not talking about the struggle. Look, I know I’m nice as an MC. Ain’t no question in my mind. But when you look at reviews of me in Spin and how they dealt with me throughout my career, they ended up being very snarky about my sincerity and about who I am as an artist. And that’s not just myself; I notice that across the board. But that’s just one small example."

He added, "I wouldn’t go as far as to call it racism, but I definitely would say it’s a not-so-subtle form of prejudice. I don’t think they’re inherently trying to stop black people or a movement. People notice what they notice because of how they grew up and where they live and how things affect them. I’m singling out Spin — maybe unfairly — because there are other magazines that I’ve had issues with how they’ve covered what I do. These are publications that are outside of the realm of Hip Hop, even as prolific and as big as Hip Hop is. Even though GQ says, 'We did a rock star cover' and two of the people on the cover are rappers. As big as Hip Hop is, there are still big-name publications, whether it’s Spin or Rolling Stone, who just don’t get it."

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  • yoooo

    theverbalist.bandcamp.com check these artist support real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    kweli is such a whiny bitch. shut the fuck up, you rich boy nerd rapper. kweli had rich parents, and he takes to a victim mentality. mos def doesn't need kweli, as much as kweli needs mos. shit is pathetic. kweli been trying to run his fans away forever, working with bow wow, saying lil b is dope, defending gucci mane and other wack clown rappers. meanwhile he drops weak ass albums. weak voice. zero flow. garbage lyrics, overwritten, with no melody, no pocket flow. hi-tek ruined his career fucking with this nobody. last reflection eternal album SUCKED, thanks to kwe. not one classic verse on that shit. not one quotable. zero memorable moments SINCE black star. loser emcee.

    • NY

      Whats wrong with being the voice of the people that can't be heard, people need to know about the struggles because if they don't say something who will? For Reflection Eternal, Hi-Tek messed it up the beats are just so weak it's difficult for anyone to sound good on it. Also I will say they need each other, Mos had the classic Black on Both Sides but it's been about 11 years since then and it's like they lost their motivation but recently I've seen it coming back to them.

    • G

      no hes god your jelly. dont hate on the 8's maaaain

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all these mags real hiphop heads Know what's up we don't need them to show Us who real mc's are let them post There retarded shit real mutha fuckas keep There ear to the streets

  • Jesus

    he knows that im coming at the end of the year 20-12. Good move kweli. Imma holla at my pops about this right here

  • melo007

    STOP DISSIN Kweli he can feature with anybody it's not like it was for an album besides "you ain't got a verse better than my worse one" - Talib Kweli BITCHES!

  • Anonymous

    Says the whack ass rapper who loves to work with the likes of Gucci Mane and Bow Wow.

    • Anonymous

      I admit that was weird when I heard Talib Kweli and gucci mane on the same track...but meh c'moooooooooooooooooooooooooooom son live a little. Yeah its cool having the super lyrical shit (e.g big pun's twinz deep cover or capital punishment)but you only have one life......I think that's something fans forget that these guys are mortals just like everyone else man.

  • jason

    i feel u on that Spin and Rolling Stone shit!! they dont fully understand mainstream bubblegum is what sells to the brainless masses but if your good your good and no one can take that away from you. This is why Hot Topic only carries Weezy and Drake t-shirts lol

  • Dookie

    wear a fucking condom, Mos-- ** THAT ** would be "conscious." Talib's wack ass is desperate for any attention at this point: these dudes have NO business working together, it's just a money move because they know you numbnuts love NOSTALGIA. also, if Eric B. didn't do "anything," why the fuck has Ra never made a good album without him? STFU and learn some history.

    • griotspeak

      I was with you until the comment on Ra, it is really a damned shame how slept on his solo joints have been, but it is what it is.

    • Anonymous

      thank you. kweli has been pushing for a blackstar reunion forever. mos is only doing it now cuz his solo albums suck and flop, and his acting career dried up big time. he needs a foot back in, desperate kweli is ready to latch on and ride mos back into the light. both kweli and mos get billed as "real hip hop" but the both of them are proven sellouts that would take a check over anything else. how kweli still has a career is beyond me. who listens to this nigga? really? who can't wait for a kweli album to drop? his catalog sucks.

    • Assassin221

      Are you really complaining about a Talib and Mos Def album with a Madlib/Dilla sound to it? And are you basing that "no chemistry" statement on their earlier work? All I know is if they make a nice album I don't care if it was for the money or not.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign that whole statement. They have absolutely no chemistry, it will be forced and uninspired as fuck. They realized that they make more money as Black Star. Nobody needs that shitty ass album.

  • Assassin221

    I'm shitty at Black Star right now, they were scheduled to perform in Indianapolis, cancelled that and rescheduled for November, then cancelled that one too with no reschedule. No love for the Midwest I guess. And I'm still not with this Yasiin stuff. No matter, I'll be checking for the album when it comes out.

  • honest truth

    yall must like drake and the homo rappers cause yall fuck niggaz know nothing about real emcees this aint for you anyways ole negative outlook ass niggaz real lyricists overstand the technique.

    • Shades

      Why do you mention Drake on article that doesn't even mention him? Are you in love with him? Get the fuck out of here, you dumb bastard. Their album was good, nobody needs a newer version of it that ain't even half as good as the first one.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure Drake is a big fan of Talib.

  • kps

    If god would exist he would exist for this reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      have u not heard the talib and hi tek joint that came out last year? or gutter rainbows? the formed was best album of the yr, the latter still better than your favourite rappers best work gtfo

    • J.J.

      Exactly. Get those lame ass has-beens out of here. Both live off their names and didn't release a quality product in years.

  • Melo007

    MICROPHONE FRIEND u ain't listening this is BlackStar reuniting better than M.O.P, Mobb Deep and Run DMC. Every song they make has an impact on society thats why these 2 are the greatest rappers at least top 10 for album and MC regardless. High expectations for Madlib and if they got a Dilla beat thats going to be Magic like last time on the track History from the Mos Def album Ecstatic.

  • 1

    this is huge news... yaasin bey and talib kweli is real hip hop.

  • The MG

    Can't wait for this. The first Black Star album is one of my favorite hip hop albums ever.

  • Microphone Fiend

    Yet again, another old ass rap group trying to relive their prime. They join the likes of M.O.P, Mobb Deep,and CNN. I love the old school but damn,this trend is getting old.If the should get anyone back together, it should be Eric B and Rakim.

    • Anonymous

      F**K YOU. These guys are legends and are the blood of hip hop and came up when hiphop was a culture, and they have had a TREMENDOUS EFFECT on the culture. Why should they stop doing what they are great at? I don't hear peopel say that about Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton or ANY music artist other than rappers. So, to reiterate, F**K YOU! Microphone Fiend my a**

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Fuck that Kool G Rap & Necro - The Godfathers is gonna be dope as fuck. this spring man be on the lookout.

    • Sooo

      Your argument was totally negated when you said Eric B and Rakim should reunite. Nigga for what? Eric B didn't do anything. I swear to God, I hate hip hop fans sometimes. We're the only fans of a genre who put an expiration date on dope shit meanwhile these white rock artists are touring getting racks on racks well into their old age (i.e. Rolling Stones amongst others). Fuckin clowns.

    • Anonymous

      This is correct, because Rakim hasn't had one inspired verse since Eric B. took the dookie ropes away. What he really DID, it was clearly essential to Ra (now washed-up bitter old man). Same goes for Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo.

  • Anonymous

    READ: Mos needs to make child support and nobody's buying Talib's dogshit solos with Jean Grae his nasty-ass complaining 'hype-man.'

  • honest truth

    Aye blackstar always go off but damn they destroyed that fix up shit JAYLIB on the production YES!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol i stopped reading after it said they on a madlib/dilla tip and thats what to expect. Everything else is irrelevant cant fucking wait.

  • Anonymous

    It all sounds good, even a little anticipation, yet I would feel better if Mos would start talking about more instead of Talib. Yaasin went from not clearing lyrics for Ski Beatz, to signing to GOOD and a verse on Lord, Lord, Lord, to doing Black Star?

  • Phinesse Demps

    Talib is correct! These mainstream reviewers have no idea of music to review it. That is why it is a joke when reviewers say things they have no idea or have a preconceived idea of what Rap, Soul, R&B, Jazz, or even what it is like to be an artist.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! Blackstar was one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. Please give us a break from all the drake wayne and swag kids

    • killinfieldsneedbloodtograzethecashcow

      I'm in total agreement re: why the expiration date on timeless work? The question itself also infers that, if the new BlackStar work sounds gr8 then all this hatin' will've been not only premature, but ridiculous! If the Stones can tour with walkers 'n' shit, where's the harm in a new BlackStar project? If you don't like the idea, don't listen. They're one of the best teams to ever grace hip-hop imo, so what... are these other fags plannin' on gunnin' for me now? Go on, get a life. I dare ya. Truth is Hip-Hop is so watered-down these days imo, and ironically the best stuff gets heard the least (probably only because the main demo, white suburbia, doesn't buy into that image). Remember, for the most part white money pays for Hip-Hop now, so essentially it's just one more industry catering to it's shareholders. LONG LIVE BLACK STAR.

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