Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Yelawolf, Says He Was Misunderstood

MGK blames recent subliminals and comments made during interviews on account of his age.

Yelawolf challenged Machine Gun Kelly earlier this week after he caught wind of some comments that the Ohio rapper had made on a radio show. MGK recently took to the airwaves to address Yela’s comments, explaining that he has no problem with the Shady Records signee and that he was just misunderstood.

“[Do] I have a problem with Yelawolf? No. I don’t think Hip Hop needs that. I think it’s corny when it’s two white guys. Especially when we’re cut from the same type of cloth,” he said. “I think that I’m young and I’m wild and I say some things, things just fly out of my mouth that are taken a different way. The thing with Yelawolf didn’t start with the Cypher thing. It started with me doing an interview - more like multiple interviews. I always get the Yelawolf question, comparisons and stuff like that. You start answering in a different way - it’s hard to explain.”

MGK says that though many believe the problems started with subliminal lines on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, he pinpoints the problem to his impression of Yela during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Though he admits he’s young and can be reckless, the 21-year-old says his words were misunderstood.

“The interview that they were referring to when Yelawolf did do the interview and he saw the stuff was when I was drunk and talking stuff. It wasn’t bad what I said. I just think it’s a Yelawolf impression - I don’t know where it went wrong. Honestly, everything I’m doing is all in good fun, man. I think people took things the wrong way. We never had the chance to speak,” he said. “I’m 21, man. I’m going to say some stuff that people aren’t going to understand.”

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  • Anonymous

    Bitch move to blame it on being drunk.

  • Laced

    LACE THE FUCK UP. and fuck anyone that thinks yela is anywhere near mgk talent wise. mgk might have said some dumb shit but fuck it.. he knows he would kill yela too.

  • Iraeroy Saunoa

    man mgk is a pussy. he should've took the challenge cause this battle would've been epic. u got 2 crazy fast rappers and their from the Midwest and the south...

  • haha

    1 on 1 mgk would slay yela but if you throw in the rest of shady records and this dude would get buried

    • Anonymous

      so that would be what? 4 on one. hows that fair bro. OH NO!!!! IM YELAWOLF!!!

    • Revo

      No shit lol eminem and the rest of them??????? all vs. MGK?? they better win. and if u meant Shady vs. Bad Boy then i agree. i think mgk is the only good bad boy rapper. and hell yea mgk would kill yela 1 on 1

  • eqfagf

    yelawolf sucks lol...

    • Emil

      Tell me why do Yelawolf suck i think Yelawolf keep it real he don't change his music style because of other he do what he love he raps he use fast beats and do always have some good lyrics i can find a lot of rappers these days there just rap about money and cars but not about there hard times or what they have been through

    • Iraeroy Saunoa

      man shut the fuck up. u suck.

  • T-RO

    I personally like his music but the kid says some stupid stuff sometimes. I get that he is sick of ppl comparing him to another white rapper. But he's gotta settle it down and not say stupid shyt. And also not say stupid shyt like he started "crowd surfing" Other than that the kid has mad skills

  • Josh

    "Especially when were cut from the same type of cloth, Don't EVER consider yourself anything close to Yelawolf you coward. Punk bitch ran his mouth and when he saw Yela was gonna handle him, he comes out blaming it on being drunk. Bitch move from a real bitch.


    PLEASE...i saw Mgk's bet cypher that shit was so weak to be honest Yelawolf should just forget his ones gonna remember him after a couple months anyway.

  • Anonymous

    No........really get the fuck out.

  • Anonymous


  • Drake

    I'm so proud of you MGK. Kisses, Aubrey

  • j

    MGK just made the smartest decision in his life lol. messes with shady, and no one would know who he was next year

  • cano

    not surprised dude obviously wants nothing to do with yela. cant blame him his career would be over before it really began.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, this kid's a wackass faggot. Shady crew oughtta smash n mash this diddy dicksuckin faggot right quick

  • Anonymous

    machine gun kelly dont want nun from yelawolf!

  • Terry Carter

    well sed mgk..i jus liked u on fb cos u gat dope swag avnt heard ur songs tho @ aaron stfu fuck wit me ill kill u #realestout

  • Birdman

    This guy is weak like Lil Wayne so ima play the wee wee game with this fool. I bet i'll grab his wee wee first and win.


    these comments just made my night. HAHAHAH "he told me i had a pretty voice" im fucking dying now thanks aaron lafaget

  • FlyQtheAnchor

    MGK Is a biiiiiiiitch. Can't believe I half bought his bullshit.


    what a coward HAHAHAHA he aint built like that all this tough guy image.."LACE UP" bullshit is just a front..and he just proved it. PUSSY

  • Matthew Lewis

    mgk is a garbage ass rapper & hes a coward smh

  • LOL @ these comments


  • crazyjoedavola

    MGK was smart to back down, I had a feeling that he would. MGK knows that Yela is a lyrial genius and all MGK has is a rapid fire flow with absolutely no substance. Yelawolf would have lyrically destroyed him if this was made into real beef. It would have been like Eminem with Everlast...

    • crazyjoedavola

      I've heard his music. MGK is an internet phenomenon who will die out within a year or two. His fake-egotisical personality, his lack or originality and substance heavily outweigh his rapping skills. Have you heard all of trunk muzik 0-60? Creekwater? How about Yela's tribute to classic rock in a hybrid CD called Stereo? Yelawolf is by the one of the most original MC's to come in the game in years. He is already a legend in his own right. He has so much versatility, character, and hardships and a past and everything that makes an artist great, not to mention the fact that he spits fire like Tech and has the lyricism of Em. His roots run deep in the south and he came from the gutter and has so much talent it leaves you in awe. I know there are a lot of MGK fans, but you guys have to admit at some point, he's wack...he steals so much from other people and he's absolutely fake as hell. He can rap fast, we get it, and it's a product of this new "hip hop" generation that MCs with nothing more than a rapid fire flow can get famous. LIke I said before, Yela would have destroyed MGK's career (what little one he has anyways) in one diss song.

    • Anonymous

      most of mgk is just a good flow, but some rarities of his songs are lyrically beautiful. i love the song a million and one answers. my fav mgk track

  • Anonymous

    hey aaron its me again "all real gangster type" that line is gonna have me wake up with a smile thanks again! yours truely a non homosexual

  • Anonymous

    hey aaron sorry im late i jus read your gay ass comments LMAO dude you just made my day! best from the midwest! im going to bed with a smile homey good look!

  • Anonymous

    that made 0 sense.. either a terribly written article or the dude is just an idiot.. cbf to listen to the vid

  • Anonymous

    That took a grown man to understand the situation and make a good conscious decision because only you live with the results not these fans

  • Beantownbreezy

    Hey Aaron Lafette, you sound corny as fuck Aaaaron..with ya little soft ass name. Acting all tough like you ballin when the only ballin' you are doing is when your uncle teabags your face. Saying you real type gangsters just shows you are an internet clown. MGK little 21 year old suburban whiteboy,sit the fuck down.This little buttboy with a gimmick will be yesterdays news so take it from a true school soldier who grew up on real hiphop 1988-1998...son.Tight jeans are for faggots and you smell like something sweet.Throwing the amount of money you make just makes you a target you fuckboy.Go Dougie somewhere and hold your boyfriend's hand at the movies bumpin' Drake and Big Sean fairy dust.

    • Anonymous

      "Mgk told me i had the best voice he ever heard." PAUSE THAT

    • BOOWAH!

      Any man will love your voice when youre sucking his cock Aaron....You low budget redneck Mike the Situation.


      Thats right bitxxes i am making that Disny money. not bad for a 22 year old kid. I got a range, a dope crib, and enough hoes to go around. Mgk told me i had the best voice he ever heard.

    • shox101

      looooool. is this faggot serious????? sounds like a disney tv singer. and he compares himself to drake??!!! drake ain't even all that and he still takes a steaming turd in this faggots face. fuck outta here with that bullshit! 9g a show? you'll get 9mm for sho you come round here! CHUUUUUUCH

    • OMG


    • Aaron Lafette

      I am opening for Mike Posner and Mgk? What are you doing with your life bitxx. I drive a Range you drive a station wagon. I get paid 9 thou a show, you get zero. I used to be a battle rapper name A-one. Look me up hoe.

    • Nick Crookshank

      Seriously. Google this dude Aaron Lafette the Cleavland media calls him "pop"

  • Aaron Lafette

    Your dad is a fruitcake bitxx. Ill kill yoou

  • Aaron Lafette

    I will squash you you puny bitch. You fucked with the wrong guy now prick.

  • Aaron Lafette

    I sang on MGKs hit song Fantasy. I am compared to drake and tre songs and let me tell you haters my crew is the best in the midwest. We are all real gangster type people so anyone on Yelas side can get it in cleveland. Eminem is old news, get off his dick. Put mgk in a cypher with em, royce, tristed I, yela or whoever and he will kill them on spot. These are facts. I make a half a mill a year just doing what I love. And mgk makes double that haters. We got mansions and lambos. Mgk and Aaron Lafette are the only hope for everyones future. Yeah fuck cudi too. Fuck anyone who opposes my crew. We took over the mall don't make us take over your hometown, or should I say hoetown.

    • Thomas

      Crook county killa twista would blow you away. I'm from Gary so Freddie Gibbs and ric jilla would dump five clips in your gutt and we anti talking tracks. Real Midwest gangsta bitch not some fag acting hard in his garage and putin videos on datpiff. So keep it trill and get a real hustle homies

    • Aaron Lafette

      Your a fag bitch. I am sponsored by the biggest acts in the midwest and the biggest DJ in the U.S. Dj Ev. What have you done? You need to get a life before you dablle in mine homie. We gan go toe to toe anytime.

    • Nick Crookshank

      Nice fohawk and purple shirt fag.

  • OG J Fearing

    both Yela and MGK are mediocre at best.

  • Vinny Petrone

    and he said he was drunk lol I didnt mean to say it I was drunk and im litte kid im MGK i rap fast

  • Nick Crookshank

    This dude won't got at Wolf purely because Wolf is backed by Em. I don't blame MGK for not going at it, all he would need to do would be awake the sleeping giant and it would all be over for his career. MGK is a joke that Diddy signed to try and create competition for Yelawolf. Except the people have spoken and MGK is fucking poser. I know wolf is 31 but he spits. What the fuck else you need?

  • Anonymous

    I would only agree with him if he wass 15 and younger other den dat you kno wat you are saying and doing.your 21 years old you had enough life experiances to kno wats going on and wat things mean.dude juss wanted to back out off a beef he knew he couldnt win and use da excuse hes young smfh

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      thats a lie Kendrick KRIT J.Cole ASAP Rocky & Crew Schoolboy Q Sometimes even Meek Mill & Drake These guys are not gonna spit like Slaughterhouse but if you are paying attention none of them are liars.

    • Anonymous

      The dopest lyricists in the game are either 40 or pushing it, dude. Sad where hip hop is headed. Most of these young cats ain't shit.

  • Rachael Misek

    Trippin on words.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    BAHAHHAHAHA. You look like a fool.

  • Anonymous

    I don't feel sorry for this guy. He is a thief and he stole his whole persona from other cleveland rappers. He is 21, he thinks he can do and say what he wants. By the way what a great way to end your career. Call a rapper out and when he responds act like a 12 year old girl. Pussie ass punk.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like you are his only fan. You must be a loser too. Jump in front of a bus and bring mgk with you.

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf won the battle even though kelly didn't put out a song. Yela dissed you, got more love in your town than you, and you didn't respond. That would mean you lost fag. Go back to cleveland you big skinny pussy.

  • Anonymous

    21??? Youre an adult... you talk some shit then expect it to be cool since youre 21??? his slogan should be "grow the fuck up", this isnt some high school shit..

  • Anonymous

    Every mc in the scene hates him because he stole his image and style from another cleveland rapper. He already started beef with kid cudi because mgk stole Cudi's term Raging. Cudi had that catch phrase since 05 so now what mgk? Your a liar, a dumb kid and you just proved you don't have what it takes to take the national scene. Have a fun time landing on your ass.

  • Anonymous

    Corny ass skinny bitch. What a way to start and end your career. And yes cleveland hates you. You stole from us. Give back all the things you stole and admit your wrong and maybe we will forgive you, not.

  • Anonymous

    I wish the cleveland elite would take this bitch out the game .I am from cleveland and been a performer for years so I know all the little rumors floating around. Known fact, MGK has stole his whole career. He stole his term lace up from Kid Cudi. Stole chip the rippers cartoon design, stole his style and stage show from another fast cleveland white rapper johnny givens that moved to la. And lastly stole Lace Up and his logo from Wales. The dude is a thief. His fans are young and they belive his lies. Saying he started stage diving and climbing shit. I have 2 words bitch, johnny givens. I have 2 eyes and I seen jg do the same shit in 04 so don't try to sell your lie to me: the world didn't begin in 2007 idiot. Yelawolf would straight kill this bitch.

  • blah blah blah

    Who gives a shit what MGK says, he'll fade away soon enough...

  • Fossie

    You punkmotherfuckers in here always hatin ,hatin ,hatin.......fuck that!!!I don`t know the boys music but I think he is a cool dude for sayin that young humans sometimes doin bullshit on records and in life!!Thats real!!

    • MGK

      I am a pussy. I thought I could start beef with the hottest new rapper in the scene but failed miserably. I am going back to my day job as a fry cook. I am scurd. Don't hurt me mr yelawolf, ill suck yo dick.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up wit yo stutterin ass

  • theonefoo

    Yeah, a total back pedal on MGK's part. Dude is corny as fuck, hence why Diddy signed him. As far as the comments about two white guys beefing does it matter what color they are? A white boy happens to be the best rapper alive right now

  • Anonymous

    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch look how many pussy rappers say beefing is corny, its because they know they have no real lyrical skill. this dude is a clown, shouldnt have even been in a cypher, hes garbage.

  • jer5ey

    yelawolf..would of destroyed him

  • Phil House

    who the fuck cares about either of these 2? both suck and it would be the worst battle im sorry "battle" in history and is the dumbest beef in history lmao

  • killa city mo

    mgk needs to stop reppin the midwest.. he aint from there.. he just lives there..

  • Devyn Bellamy


  • Sargeant Strongarmm

    i smell...(sniff, sniff), PUSSY!

  • Anonymous

    stuttering scared fake toughguy

  • R.Pgh

    'naw, see what had happened was....'

  • DoomChalla

    I hate when people be using their age as an excuse. I'm 20 and I always take account for what I say. It only applies if you're too stupid to think before you speak.

  • Anonymous

    Thats how todays fruit cake rappers work man, act like a tough guy, talk shit about people under your breath or drop your lil "Subliminal" shots, then when you get called out in for it, apologize or say it was a "Misunderstanding" Same shit that Kreayshawn said when she dissed Ross, just thought it would be all fun and games then when them dudes surrounded her at that awards show crying bout how it was taken out of context..... How was it takin out of context or not meant to be serious when you say the guys a fraud who's so fat he cant find hiw own dick??.... smh, then you wanna be on some "Poor Me, I'm the victim cause I got checked for runnin my mouth" shit?? If you dont want problems keep your fuckin mouth shut and mind your own buisness

    • Anonymous

      couldnt have said it better. people get away with too much bitch shit this decade. ill stick to my ipod with music from 15 years ago

  • j

    Lace Up.... Your Mouth! Slaughterhouse/Shady 2.0

    • Aaron Lafette

      Ill lace up your mamas asshole twerp. You think your a big man then step up homie. I will spray into your minivan. Fuck shady. We the future dawg. Making big moves. Mgk. Iphonic. Ben schigel. Dj ev. Aaron lafette. Black rose. Britini elise. We the new Young Money, can't stop us Haters. We make millions band y'all make pennies.


    Yela would of smacked him up on the mic or on the streets... MGK is a skinny pussy

    • Barroom

      Aaron you are corny as all hell. Everyone is nice to your face but in reality you are the laughing stock of ohio. Lol. Your music makes me want to run.

    • Corny as Fuck

      Aaron lafette you corny as fag. I hate your music. Your a fucking joke man. Your like almost 40 singing Jonas Brothers type shit. Give it up man. You look tired.

    • Aaron Lafette

      Ill come find you. Mgk is the best mc in the world. We are going to both be at the Vma's next year while you will be fucking your fat girl. Check me out at and you will see what kind of level we are on you pussies. We will shut you down.

    • Anonymous

      Your a pussy you little cocksucker.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, all that "Rageer" nonsense and he cant muster up the balls to battle??

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