Future Says Drake's Absence In "Tony Montana" Video Is A "Slap In The Face"

The Southern rapper explains Drizzy's absence on set of his new video.

Future scored a hit with his breakout single "Tony Montana," enlisting Drake to hop on the remix to the cut. But after joining forces with the Young Money rapper for the song, the Atlanta, Georgia native considered it a "slap in the face" when Drake didn't show up for the video shoot.

Speaking with The Source, Future saluted Drake for even hopping on the record, but was taken aback that he wouldn't support the track by appearing in the video.

"I salute him just for even getting on the record, because it says a lot about his character. He did give his fans a chance to hear Future for the first time, but he didn’t get on the video," he said. "I wasn’t real mad about it, but when I first talked about it, I told him, ‘If you do this, make sure you know what you’re doing. This is my baby, this is the first song that I’m doing, this is Tony Montana, this is my single. This is the one that means the most to me, because it’s my breakout single.’"

He said that he was just trying to give the people something special, and that Drake's cameo would have pushed the clip into that territory.

"I was just trying to do a great video, I was trying to deliver what the people heard, what the fans heard and what I’ve seen. why I choose you to get on my record out of all people? So many people from Atlanta wanted to get on the song. It was basically a slap in my face because they like shit, you should have did someone from Atlanta who get in the video, who wanted to be in the video. and you go outside Atlanta and you get something different."

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  • Mike H.

    Drake was gonna go but he went a rap battle in Toronto, Dizaster vs DNA, which is better than any song Future will ever make tbh.

  • Shaine

    Me and my cousin made a rap cd. We been grindin for about a year on it and put a lot of hard work and money into making it. If you're interested in checking out samples of our songs hit up cdbaby.com/lyricalminds or look up Lyrical Minds on Itunes, Rhapsody, or Amazon.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is wack............

  • georgiaboii78

    I bet everyone of you lame pussi nigahs who had something negative to say about the south and about that track be singing that shit when you hear it.I hate lame ass internet haters.Man up a be a hater all the time not just on the net fucking e thug pussis!!

  • Anonymous

    The South will remain the dumping grounds for hip hop unless... 1) the new OutKast and Goodie Mob albums turn out to be sick 2) Luda starts rapping like he did back in the day and not doing all this corny punchline and faux pax gangsta shit 3) T.I. gets his act right Otherwise, as shown by this so called "Future of hip hop". the South deserves to take shit through the mouth.

    • damn

      lol i mean i feel you on that and would agree if it wasnt for krit the homie holdin the south down. but yeah i can dig what u sayin

  • Anonymous

    Drake was nice enough to give you a verse for your shitty-ass song. Now you want him in the video? Somebody tell this nigga to listen to some KRS-One...

  • Ron DjRonviper Bright

    I wish he had left this nigga Drake off anyway because i never play Drake verse. He came weak on the track and was out of place. A street nigga should have jump on this track, not a nigga that sings like a bitch. It was a good move at the end of the day for future buzz gain.......

  • sdot

    Future's money probably wasn't right enough to get Drizzy on the video. Then he gon air out about it, tryna make himself look like the victim. Fuck outta here. Be a man, and discuss problems with each other rather than complain about it in some interview. Now that warrants loss of respect to me.

  • John-Boy

    The real slap in the face is the fact that this song exists. I'll give him credit though, its not as bad as that song where the guy says "I'm riding around and I'm gitin it, I'm riding around and I'm gitin it". Now thats the worse song of the year.

  • Hassan Ali

    the instrumental was dope to this track... cant say much about the verses tho... i only bump the instrumental.

  • Mondega Musiq

    business wise, that was f#cked up what drake did. as lil wayne would put it "you f#ckin up the money baby and that ain't good bidniz". real shit, yo future! f#ck drake bruh, do yo shit!

  • King Richard

    @matthew lewis u beat me 2 it!!!! lmao daz shyt wack racks on racks & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain't gon support da new rappers dats actually good....http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • Matthew Lewis

    this song is a slap in the face to hip hop

    • Paul David

      ^^^^ No region is better than the other. The West, the East, The South. They all have the same amount of good emcees as well as wack emcees.

    • Anonymous

      yo this guy must of not heard all the LEX LUGER fuckin stupid illiterate rap coming out of the south. ignorant ass mother fucker. pretty much all the rap out of the south SUCKS DICK. all the south rap goes through phases but real rap never goes away its always here fuck y'all niggas

    • Anonymous

      niggas like you will never be happy. you probably complained when pac and big were alive as well. its just something u do. never satisfied ass nigga. there a thousansd great artists out but all u wanna do is complain about 1 song you dont like. just choose a new genre

    • Anonymous

      haha well said!

  • Hayy youu guyyysss

    this dude has NO clue what hes talking about haha

  • Anonymous

    the songs garbage, i dont blame him

  • Paul David

    Now, while the song is terrible, I honestly think that it's a BITCH move for Drake NOT to be in the video. Like Future said, every artist in Atlanta wanted to be in on this, but he gave that pass to Drake, one of the most influential artists of recent times. For Drake to actually LAY a 16, hear the final project, agree to do the video and then NOT do the video? I agree with Future, that's a slap to the face and is how you treat a fellow rapper in the game. Drake, you've lost some MAJOR respect points from me...

    • Paul David

      First, he did agree to do the video. Check your facts. I doubt it was a "money problem", because why have Drake lay a 16 for your LEAD SINGLE in the first place? Also, this may not register in your brain, but Future is somewhat of a CELEBRITY. When you're a person of that stature, you private business is going to come out sooner or later. (In most cases, the former.) Stop trying to defend Drake and just admit that this is a SNAKE move on all accounts.

    • shane

      Who said he agreed to be in the video? Future's money probably wasn't right enough to get Drizzy on the video. Then he gon air out about it, tryna make himself look like the victim. Fuck outta here. Be a man, and discuss problems with each other rather than complain about it in some interview. Now that warrants loss of respect to me.

  • Jody02JoSo

    From wha i understand Drizzy hit him up 2 hop on da track from wha future said so i understand y future mad..but future isnt lyrically talented..so yu cant be dat mad if 1 of da hottest niggaz lyrically an numbers wise dont really fuck wit yu..it iz wha it izz get ya barz up an more niggaz will fuck wit yu...song still be rockin in da club tho lol

    • realdeal

      drake pussi azz hop on that track couse the shit was hot and he saw that as a chance to be with a real street nigah unlike the whole cmb ymcb click

  • Anonymous

    i pretty sure this dude has down syndrome

  • Anonymous

    Tony Montana? No creativity what so ever. Everybody can't drop outta school and hope to make it in the music industry off sitting on the couch and studying gangsta movies all day long.

  • Anonymous

    i heard this rola...and umm i was waiting for somthin good happen and when it did, it was fukin drake? jeez throw this in tha recycle bin and delete...and start from scratch

  • Mondega Musiq

    what?? this is a joke right? like king just said, "throw 'em a bone and they want a steak" ahaha, real talk. switch up the hustle and don't be so dependent!

  • ChuckD

    Clearly once Drake heard the finished product he got as far away as possible. Shit is wack, wack as fuck.

  • King Akwasi

    Drake response: "Throw em a bone and they want a steak.," lmao

  • beantownbreezy

    Hey Future...your track is garbage so be a man and stand on your own two feet relying on Jimmy from Degrassi High to help mfurther your career. Plus you dress like a tulip and your tats are hella wack son.

  • Anonymous

    Rappers so ungrateful aint it Drake lol

  • Swamp Thang

    Listening to this song is a slap in the face.

  • corinthian

    this will be futures only "hit" just like that racks on racks kid.

  • Shance Xssxd

    this song go hard, and drake is tripping

  • murdock

    who did this guy pay besides drake to even get this trash played is the question?south rap is wack period..only a few were good ever

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why people hate the song so much. He's paying homage to tony montana down to the accent. I actually like it.

    • Anonymous

      so i guess nas, 2pac, biggie, eminem, jay, and a bunch of other greats are corny as well. i just think u people complain too much and use double standards. you say its corny to pay homage to movie characters, but when ur favorite rapper does it its dope. @ mondega you do know it was just a movie right? people dont seeimmagrants and think tony montana...how the hell does he make you look bad? he's a character from a movie.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i would piss on this track. and take my time, squat, and take a dump too. that is how you slap a junk track in the face.

    • Anonymous

      yea, how old are you? you like this garbage huh? i wouldn't piss on this fuckin track.

    • Mondega Musiq

      fuck tony montana! making us immigrants look like cold hearted drug dealers and what not.

    • trooth

      yeah thats whats corny about it.... its a fuckin ficticious charactor. and anyway if tony montana is your role model your fuckin waste of life

  • OG J Fearing

    He should of never relied upon another artist to breakout. Do you and everything else should follow but this shit is wack.

  • Morbid

    both the song and both artist suck too me...but what hes saying sounds logical. If your a new artist and u get a star to hop on your single, it would make sense to try and get that star in the video too...

  • Tye Battle

    Doo Doo on a shingle. I couldnt believe V103 had the nerve to play this garbage.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Future look like he works on the freeways and got a Hazmat suit on to clean up a tanker spillage.

  • El K Wil

    Im not gonna diss dude, but the song is what's wrong with rap and hip-hop...terrible. www.illisoulife.com

  • Anonymous

    Fuck being a hater,ders no such thing.a person hass der own taste in anything but i think i speak for da 99% of people who have a brain and educated community dat dis song fucking sucks and Future is garbage.dont kno who would give him a record deal

  • Lee

    I aint one to hate but the song is pure garbage

  • Matt Camero

    This song is garbage anyway. You should be happy one of the most popular artists in the game fucked with you in the first place. Enlist Jeezy or someone else from ATL and watch this song do nothing for your career. Push it as what it is, music! Ungrateful artists ultimately go nowhere

    • Matt Camero

      haha wow, how educated of you. You're profile pic doesnt exist and screams loser bitch. And your opinion is so thought provoking "thought dog". congratulations on wasting everyone's time fuck. PS Drake is awesome.

    • thought dog

      Your profile pic screams Drake fan too...ho-mooooo!

  • Anonymous

    Damn can Hiphopdx at least tell the truth, instead of trying to start shit, Drake didn't make the video because Future was doing a movie NOT a video, which is a totally different process, it could be artist, if you don't have time like that you don't have time

    • YupYup

      So this nigga was doing a movie as a video for a song named after a nigga from a movie that's already out. And the script was them whack as lyrics? Was Drake supposed to be Manolo? Gethaphuqouttaheea...lol

  • Anonymous

    This song is wack.............even with Drake on it. And lol when did Drake become a gangster/drug dealer?

  • Tony

    Of course Drake opted to not appear in the "Tony Montana" video.If you see the video, you got n*ggas shooting other n*ggas & sh*t, that's not Drake's lifestyle, duh, b*tches.We live in a f*cking world where a majority of every n*gga on the street wields a gun & cocaine, running from the police.F*ck the streets! If you in a gang, f*ck you!

    • Anonymous

      no shade to drake but he's done alot of videos with rick ross and lil wayne talking about killing people... so your theory is flawed on principle alone. Im just saying its seem like you're defending dudes based on information that doesnt add up. almost like youre dickridng. just say "i dont know" next time, you aint gotta make a fool of yourself for the sake another nigga.

    • Anonymous

      this is all speculation. drake probably didnt even know what the video was about before he decided he wasnt going to be in it. this is just speculative, blind defense.

    • si si si

      co signnnnnnnnnn!!!

  • Chipz

    Hop off Drake dick. end of story. He don't owe this dude anything.

  • Judah Fearless Prescott

    Its a slap in the face to hear Drake rapping about tony montana or anything street related ...

  • Chez Panapa

    i would hate to hear what this dude passes on

  • Mr.Mean

    The song and video is garbage. So is Future. I don't blame Drake for not making an appearance. And he's got better shit to do, like prepping his sophomore album.

  • YupYup

    Corrections: industry-positioning-bull shit Like my dude said *I ain't no secretary niggas, my typing be off sometimes*



  • YupYup

    He sounds emotion but keep saying it's cool. That's some industry-position-bull shit that make you sound like a HO. I don't know the man, he might not be a ho. But those tactics sound ho-ish. Drake do the shit for exposure and a check. He don't want his "face" being associated with this shit though, because it ain't that good and the high level people he fucking wit would look down on it. Like my dude same -make a quality song and video and you won't need the Cameo. Ya dig.

  • ThoughtB4Action

    This probably is one of the most ridiculous articles DX has ever posted. Who is this dude anyway??? The fact that Drake got on the remix should have been good enough. Ppl probably just listened to the Drake part anyway. But I rarely insult any rapper, but this dude sucks. Only makes down south club music where a dj just plays music that busts speakers. And I live in Bama. Thats why mostly ignorant ppl go to these all black clubs where they fight and most likely someone gets killed that night. Like the upscale black culb in Hoover. Its turned to a fukin jungle gym. Oldies night is the only good night. And im 23! Like that Racks garbage. You cant even understand what anybody is saying. Sounds like I was playing Pac Man when I heard the song. And another peace of garbage has been released, and Drake was generous enough to do the remix. But being upset that he wouldn't appear on the video is clearly showing this dude's feminine side...

  • Name

    What's with all this shitty 'I don't care' 'Haaaater' attitude? Actually, he should be grateful (if you ignore how much it probably cost to be graced with his lazy sing-rap presence), but it means nothing when you consider how much the video means to promotion nowadays. I, as a fan, fucking hate it when I see a lesser-known artist collaborating with a star, and the star has clearly been too lazy to get off their arse and come to the shoot, so during their part we're left with confused people and a verse with no face to attach it to. People need to stop climbing the ladder and pulling it up after them.

    • Anonymous

      ^you completely missed the point. this is about principle, not performance.

    • ThoughtB4Action

      Fact is, quality hits by quality artists don't need any other artist to cameo in their video. If they are gonna make it, they will. A quality hit is a quality hit, no matter who is in the video. Kanye's Runaway song and video were a success, and Pusha had an amazing verse, but he wasn't in the video... He shouldn't depend on a star to bring the spotlight to him, he should try and gain his own light by making something worth listening to or watching...

  • yeaaa05

    but the song sucks... And he can't rap

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Future......Shut the hell up and be grateful Drake even supported the track in the first place.


    I don't know why he wanted Drake on on the song PERIOD. The song is rappin bout Tony Montana...a gangsta...and coke dealer. COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of what drake is about. Drake would have looked stupid in that video period. He would have looke outta place like a poodle in a pigpen

  • Anonymous

    "The Southern rapper explains why Drizzy's absence on set of his new video." this sentence makes no fucking sense. dx you are the most incompetent hip hop site out of all your affiliates. my god. get new staff just start over.

    • Cgarhlie

      Agreed. when you're on a professional platform for sharing information and news there's really no justification for this level of mediocrity. If every site did it I wouldnt be as shocked, but this is the only site that seems to have a competence issue when it comes journalism. every other hip hop site I visit knows how to proof read and construct grammatically correct sentences.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      I meant a writer/editor...smh....

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      lol...You clearly don't need to finish high school to be an Writer/Editor on this site. They make no sense half the time or they can't spell or write a complete sentence. We all make mistakes with our spelling and shit, but come on this site is fucking ridiculous when it comes to that ish...

    • Anonymous

      totally what i was thinking,. ...wheres the explaination????

  • Frank

    Get over ur self him gettin on the track should have been good enough plus he jus admited that drake wanted to do the video but furture wanted a movie for the song so kick rocks!!!!!!!!!

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