Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/30/2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West coat the thrones in platinum, selling 1,000,000. Wiz Khalifa's "Rolling Papers" and Game's "R.E.D. Album" hit milestones, while Jedi Mind Tricks are the latest big indie performer.

Veteran Philadelphia/Camden underground Hip Hop juggernauts the Jedi Mind Tricks proved to be yet another 2011 independent success story. The collective snapped a Top 100 debut with their latest, Violence Begets Violence. Jay-Z & Kanye West crossed the million mark with Watch The Throne, giving each their latest platinum plaque. Meanwhile, two foes of each rapper respectively also crossed key benchmarks with their own 2011 releases.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV fell five spots, leaving the Top 10 vacant of any Rap releases. The platinum works features the likes of Tech N9ne, Andre 3000 and Nas, as the top-selling 2011 Hip Hop/Rap release. 

J. Cole's Cole World: The Sideline Story sold just under 20,000 units in its fifth week available. Backed by Sony Records, Jay-Z's Roc Nation flagship fell five spots like Weezy. Largely self-produced, the Fayetteville, North Carolina native's album featured Drake and Missy Elliott, in addition to Jay.

Jay-Z & Kanye West's Watch The Throne slipped fell three spots to #19, but grabbed a platinum plaque in doing so. The Def Jam Records release features production contributions from 88-Keys, RZA and Lex Luger. 

Dance/Pop/Rap group LMFAO's sophomore album, Sorry For Party Rocking is just units away from 200,000 units sold. The Interscope Records group, co-founded by the iconic Motown Records' Barry Gordy's grandson, worked with will.i.am and Busta Rhymes on their latest album fell three spots to #25.

Beyonce and her 4 fell eight spots. The pregnant Pop/R&B superstar's fourth solo offering features an appearance by Outkast's Andre 3000, along with production from Kanye West and his production team - including Jeff Bhasker, as well as a writing credit to former G.O.O.D. Music artist Consequence.


* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
11 Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV 29,000 1,615,000
16 J. Cole Cole World: The Sideline Story 20,000 348,000
19 Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne 19,000 1,013,000
25 LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking 16,000 199,000
28 Beyonce 4 14,000 877,000

Jedi Mind Tricks' seventh studio album, Violence Begets Violence earned a Top 100 debut. The crew of Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah and DJ Kwestion no longer worked with founding member/producer Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind on this release. Stoupe was replaced by the likes of Shuko, C-Lance and others, as vocal guests include The Outsidaz' Pacewon and Young Zee, and Blacastan. The album is released on JMT's own Enemy Soil Records after a lengthy (and reportedly difficult) tenure at Babygrande Records.

Wiz Khalifa crossed the 600,000 mark with his major label debut, Rolling Papers. The DXnext alum from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Rostrum/Atlantic Records release features hits "Roll Up" and "Black and Yellow."

Another album milestone came from Compton, California's Game. The R.E.D. Album, Game's reunion with Aftermath Entertainment and its founder Dr. Dre, crossed the 200,000 mark. R.E.D. features Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar and Big Boi.

In his third week on the charts, Aphilliates Music Group co-founder DJ Drama's Third Power fell 56 spots. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania deejay who has been in Atlanta for over a decade released his third solo album, and first in over two years. Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole and Wale are among the guests on "Mr. Thanksgiving's" first studio album since leaving Atlantic Records after two works with T.I.'s Grand Hustle subsidiary.

Drama's E1 Entertainment label-mate Styles P held onto the charts for a fourth week with Master of Ceremonies. The L.O.X./D-Block alum's fourth studio album features production from Warren G, Ty Fyffe and Reefa, with Jadakiss and Sheek Louch appearing. At #198, this may Styles' last appearance depending on next week's results.


Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
92 Jedi Mind Tricks Violence Begets Violence
4,400 4,400
109 Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers
3,700 602,000
124 Game The R.E.D. Album 3,400 201,000
146 DJ Drama Third Power 2,900 17,000
198 Styles P Master of Ceremonies 2,100 21,000

Will Wale score a Top 5 debut with his well-received debut Ambition? Will Torae, Rapper Big Pooh, Black Milk & Danny Brown or Talib Kweli's Idle Warship show out for the charts? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


  • da1

    It's about time Hov and ye went plat. I mean it took like 3-4 months. Also the album really wasn't what I thought it be. I was expecting something more memorable. There is nothing memorable about any of those songs. The lyrics were on point though.

  • wutup

    I think RED was a very good album unfortunately for Game you have to be Lil Wayne or Jay Z to sell during these hard times.

  • Dun Dada

    correction: the best album of the year is Saigon's "The Greatest Story Never Told"

  • XXX

    Whenever a major label shoots a video for a song it's a single. Jay & Ye shot the video for N**gas in Paris in Paris. Should be out soon. Artists see what songs are getting the most spins/buzz and choose from those for a 2nd/3rd single. H.A.M. was launched as a lead off single it just didn't take off. It was a miss. People have the nerve to get on here and argue about things as if they are wiz's on certain subjects but in reality are just nimwits with no life looking for some form of human interaction through blogs its quite sad

  • King

    smh at Game's sales....although RED was the best album put out this year...RED>Cole World>Ambition>WTT>>>>>>>>>>> whack c4

  • Anonymous

    lol selling 4400 in one week is nothing to be proud of "Top" 100 or not

    • anonymous

      That 4,400 albums sold made them more money than anybody in this article except maybe Lil' Wayne, Kanye and Jay-Z.... so I'd be damn proud.

    • Jason Williams

      Sorry brother it all depends on what kind of job you have. For those sales in a week and the expectations of decline give me my paycheck. But lets keep it real the good cash is gonna come from his shows and that I'll take over a reg job paycheck lol

    • Anonymous

      with 4400 sold you better have a job

    • Razor Rob

      better than working a stinking job somewhere waiting for a paycheck at the end of the week.

  • gstyles

    n to all those ppl on here saying whats hip-hop and wats not u dont define that. U just define ur musical taste if u dont fuck with ym then its not u that doesnt mean its hip-hop. did niggas run around sayin whodini, sugar hill gang, grandmaster flash and the furious five, or etc. werent hip-hop because their songs werent lyrically the bomb. You gotta remember mc means move the crowd.

    • c0nspiracy

      MC does not mean 'move the crowd' .... it means master of ceremonies. look it up.

    • Razor Rob

      The definition of MC is "Master of Ceremonies" stupid ass. Wow cant believe you thought it meant move the crowd. goes to show you how uneducated people are. And this applies to all music accross the board. Moving the crowd is just something a Master of Ceremonies is supposed to accomplish through a musical piece. this dates back to biblical times my friend. please get an education before posting. and technically it is spelled "EMCEE"

    • khordkutta

      You may or may not be an old head, but those groups you mentioned did have bomb lyrics, especially considering the time frame.

    • gstyles

      yeah thats wat i meant

    • musichead2012

      you mean it doesnt mean it isnt hiphop?

  • gstyles

    Lsn22s, unfortunately bro they are right the "singles" dude listed are all authorized by the label as the songs available for purchase on iTunes. its like back in the day when u bought a single tape or Cd and it'd have a second song on their the label still consider those singles. Wack as fuck if u ask me.

  • Hex

    Damn, this is just depressing, man. Looking at these every week... What have record sales come to? Now it's considered a "milestone" when you finally teeter past the 100k mark your fourth week in. It's just sad. Even the popular music doesn't sell. I mean, LMFAO had one of the biggest songs of the year. I heard that shit on a fucking Kia commercial for Pete(Rock)'s sake. But being popular is a catch-22 situation cause it strictly means being popular among the younger crowd, who wouldn't even imagine buying CD's. I mean that fucking LMFAO coaster is barely pushing 200k 5 MONTHS after it came out. Seeing some of my favorite artists (not counting LMFAO of course) suffer like this is just depressing. J. Cole deserves a platinum plaque with three radio-friendly singles out. Hip-hop is dying and it's not because of Soulja Boy or swag or any dumb elitist implication like that, it's because the fans are ungrateful fucks.


      I come on here all the time saying HIP HOP IS DEAD, fools keep saying no it's not, you don't know what you are talking about. I tell them how it was back when I was a teenager listening to hip hop and Rakim, PE, Ultra Magnetic coming out the same month was real hip hop, today it is dead...people keep saying no it's not!!! It's good to finally see others say what us old folks have been saying for years! It's dead face it. These young cats today don't support hip hop like we did back in the days beacuse they just want image over lyrics. Anyone that doesn't fit their idea of what hip hop is (EM for example), they will say is whack. Look it up, all the old greats like Rakim, Cube, Kool G Rap...say Em is one of the best all time! But these new cats say he's whack, mainly because of his race or because he doesn't fit the idea of what they think hip hop is. It's not all about having a prison record, being a real nigga...it's about coming with something new, tight lyrics and flow. But hip hop is dead today because in this generation, it's all about image, image and image.

    • jay

      you speak the truth... realest comment i've ever read on hphpdx

    • anonymous

      It has very little to do with the fans, actually. Why buy an album when their music is EVERYWHERE? The hip "pop" like LMFAO doesn't sell because it's every other song on the radio and all over commercials. There's no need to buy an album if we hear the song everywhere else. Also, buying and album now-a-days means nothing... and not just to the the people, but to the artist. They make pennies on the dollar for each unit sold... no joke... PENNIES. Albums are a way for the record labels to get their money so that they will market artist to make money in ads, tours and other appearances.

    • khordkutta

      good ish homie

    • Anonymous

      too many free mixtapes

    • kb

      thats a good way to put it!!!!

  • SUmItUP

    YoungMoney = 4 the females/Skinny jean wearers Good Music = 4 the ones that like artsy music MMG = For the ones just as confused as Ross Shady Records = For real hip hop heads

    • Anonymous

      You dumb fuck!!! what the fuck do you mean by artsy music??? ... isn't music supposed to be an art form???

    • HiState

      SHADY IZ for HIPHOP Heads. You fags taking lyrics to the heart cant handle real rap.

    • bisquic

      LMAO "Good Music-4 the ones that like artsy music"...Can I have your definition of music?...because I consider it a form of expression just like everything else that falls under the category of art.

    • CRATES


    • Ricky Rozay

      Man shut the fuck up! Shady records for the real hip hop heads. With who, Joe Budden who gets ethered all the time. Shady records overrated as fuck. Em is garbage and only crackaz listen to his shit. The other niggas cant sell shit to save their lives. You dont know shit bout hip hop. Shady Records = the masses with their radio ass friendly jingles. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      bricksquad - for tha trap niggas

    • Frank

      How dare u define whats hiphop, hiphop is a variety of music u idiot!



  • c red

    yea but he is at number 1 on i tunes ahead of beiber

    • c red

      no bro he really is check hits daily double wale 170k-190k he has a chance to hit 200k first week its about time a real MC gets a little shine!

  • Anonymous

    my man below was right Wale does have a shot at number #1 right now he is projected to be #2 with 170k- 190k i new it was a matter of time before this guy blew up nobody can touch his flow right now he is on pace to outsell rick ross

  • Brandon Hamm

    Wow good for JMT! First top 100 album

  • 3sg

    JMT still holdin it down. inspiring to see them continue to push on through all these years. they get commerical sucess without looking for it. statik selektah is on shade 45 radio all day, boys with premier, and every rapper in the game, and he didn't chart. it's hard out there. only the strong keep going.

  • bleed blue

    i cant wait to see next weeks numbers i think wale gonna have pretty good numbers he has a pretty strong buzz and that album is better than any album thats posted the only albums i really like thats posted are games red album and j cole and a pretty good album but he even disapointed me a little bit but wale j cole mac miller and yelawolf do show signs of a bright future for hiphop i already have wale and coles album and will get the other albums when they drop



  • Ramiro

    i think u guys are bugging out if you think that new JMT album was good. i mean it still has some good lyrics, but overall i wasnt feeling the album.

  • Anonymous

    WTT had a single called "H.A.M.", before "Otis" ever came out and now the single "Niggaz in Paris" is out. So, WTT has had 3 singles in the 12 weeks that it's been out. That's a 1 single per month average, to you lame ass stans.


      H.A.M wasn't a single, it was a song that you heard before the album came out. Just because you hear something on the radio, internet, or mixtape doesn't mean it's a single...

    • ilexx

      Gosh where do you guys learn how to do your Math? HAM was a single from January... Otis was released as a single in July. Niggaz in Paris was released as a single in Sept/Oct. So i agree that it has had 3 singles but NOT 3 singles since its been out.

  • G MON

    Do these numbers include Itunes downloads or is it only physical units?

  • Lsn22s

    For all the heads saying WTT has more than one single, realize that a song being on the radio does NOT make it a single lol, once the album is out radio deejays can spin any cuts from the album they think are hot, which just happens to be most of WTT lol...In reality (key word REALITY)label backing and SPECIFIC promo of a track is what makes it a "single"...cmon now....WTT platinum with one "official" single, that's pretty fucking good...worldwide WTT outselling Carter IV...and maybe some of you don't realize this but Kanye and Jay share an overlapping audience, so just because they are both on it doesn't mean they will do DOUBLE the numbers lol...their numbers are in line with their solo performances, gold in about a week, platinum after a bit on the market, same as Blueprint 3, or American Gangster, or Dark Twisted Fantasy or 808's n Heartbreak....Jay and Ye do VERY consistent numbers lets be real smh...

    • Be Luke

      Lsn22s u sound dumb raido almost all radio stations dont play whatever they want because they have to pay to play the music last time I checked a song off a cd played on the radio is a single if what ur talking about is the case how many single did wayne drop off c4

    • Lsn22s

      You guys crack me up...you don't think a radio station can play a song without label permission? Ha! Do you have ANY IDEA how many songs leak online early and wind up on the radio with DJs screaming exclusive and unreleased? It happened to Wayne several times the past 3 albums, it happened to Jay on blueprint 3, it happened to Em & Royce, it happened to j. Cole....seriously, I heard so-called "singles" off these dudes albums on LOCAL RADIO before any label marketing had started...Its simple, hot name + hot unreleased song = pure gold for the radio station/DJ who gets it out first...then they promptly scream "exclusive unreleased!" all over it while they play it a during their sets...anyone who trying to front like this doesn't occur is absolutely lying or out of touch with reality...as somone else stated before (besides myself) JUST BECAUSE A SONG GETS OUT DOESN'T MAKE IT A "SINGLE"....I will admit error as far as "HAM" because it dropped and was available on itunes...regardless, it wasn't supported by any labels, it had no video, no promo outside of the websites that played it and no commercial licensing...nothing... At best I think we are just going to agree to disagree on what defines an actual "single" since the term can be used pretty loosely... and did that last dude actually say Nitwit??? you must be a hit at parties lol

    • Anonymous

      actually the album had 5 official singles you nitwit. Do some research before you speak. "HAM" Released: January 11, 2011 "Otis" Released: July 20, 2011 "Lift Off" Released: August 23, 2011 "Niggas in Paris" Released: September 13, 2011 "Why I Love You" Released: September 13, 2011

    • ilexx

      Yeah Lsn22s u are absolutely wrong to tell you the truth. HAM, Otis and Niggaz in Paris were official singles for the album. Next thing that you said that is completely false is that they dont just select whatever is hot off of an album and play it on the radio after the album drops. Singles make it to radio and thats it. You may have a DJ like DJ Entice in Miami who can play whatever he thinks is hot but thats not consistent, when you hear a song in rotation it means its been added by the program director to the radio station's rotation and its because the label gave the go for it to be greenlight as a single. Dont get it twisted..... You dont hear ANYTHING on the radio because the song is just hot, their singles lol

    • Anonymous

      H.A.M., Otis and Niggas in Paris are all official singles. Stans be trying to change the rules when shit ain't going their artist's way. Stop making excuses for Jay and Ye.

    • Lsn22s

      Is that a real question? They are SONGS OFF THE ALBUM lol...Now, as for "N*ggas In Paris", it might (probably will) become the NEXT single but for now it is just a hot song that got out...not complicated

    • Anonymous

      If HAM and niggas in paris arent singles then what are they

  • Sam Mogard

    more of you faggots need buy jmt and less piss whacklifa

  • Broward County

    Sad. Styles P only moves 21,000 units??? And Jedi Mind Tricks... you used to sell 4,000 units out the trunk of your car. Compact discs are obsolete technology.

    • Units

      Selling 4,000 out of the truck of your car is way harder than it just going to retail for you. You can't sell 4,000 units out of the trunk in 1 week. If your able to do that, then you worked harder than a mother f er.

    • Anonymous

      no my friend, because we in the hood, still luv to ride with a cd book.

  • Christian Schicke


  • Dave S Johnson Sr.

    Any artist that goes gold in todays market should be happy. If you go platinum you should feel great. Anything more is just icing on the cake at this point. If you sign a good contract and not a 360 deal going gold should mean you can make a lot of money on the road.

  • c red

    i went and got ambition and people sayin ross would change wale is buggin this album is buy far better than his first his style hasent changed just same style with better beats if ambition dont go gold with albums like wiz rolling papers does hiphop is truley dead!!! go support wale boy got mad flow

  • Bahal

    i dont care who sells more, cuz these guys still gettin paid for tourin im still listenin 2 The R.E.D. Album i made my own tracklisting from all the mixtapes he dropped.

  • Anonymous


  • Jason Wayne

    they call me big J uhh W

  • Anonymous

    im going back to my 90s cave and im takin common new album and wtt and section 80 with me peace

  • beating a dead horse

    if you would have told me a album with features from dr dre,snoop dogg,rick ross,lil wayne,drake,kendrick lamar,young jeezy,mario,wale,chris brown,big boi,beanie sigel,E-40,Lloyd,nelly fertado. over seen by pharrel would flop i would have smacked you in the face hahahaha.

  • PACO

    Its sad that Game only sold 200k and piece of shit artist like Wiz sell 600k. Guess you gotta go Pop these days.


    wow game just cross 200k that styles p ft ross and busta is fire might have to get that album beyonce got some bad numbers 800k not goood for her WTT finaly cross that mili i see

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ all those sales numbers Only way to make money as a musician now is tour your fuckin ass off or endorse some products

  • Anonymous

    wtt 19>>>>>>>>>>>red 124 SWITCH YOUR LANE

  • Swordz

    I think you americans get tooo caught up on sells. Just for the record - WTT has sold 3million worldwide sales - more than 2.5 million of Carter IV worldwide sales. Or as you priks call it - "overseas"


    word to game, in this fickle music industry, 200k is impressive,he gonna go gold for sure..staying steady at 4k a week..next single with drake will be sure to help..support hiphop, support red..G-UNOT

    • ilexx

      At 4k a week steady it would take Game over 70 weeks to go Gold lol... That more than a year from now. How could u say he is going to go Gold for sure? You got high hopes lol

    • Anonymous

      stop applying game's shortcomings to the entire industry to disguise his failures. and then you have the nerve to scream g unot. smh what year do you live in nigga.

    • Anonymous

      what single? they not pushin that trash album anymore the red album is dead the industry aint that fickle his peers are selling but he aint all the featured artist on his album will out sell him GGG-GAME OVER

  • beating a dead horse

    so pushing over 200k is a milestone now hhahahah GAME OVER

  • Anonymous

    wtt one fuckin single salute


      wtf is you a hired cheerleader? wow most of the songs thats on the radio are sinlges except jay and ye okay niggaz in paris is far from hot

    • Lsn22s

      @ Joe6pack.... A song being on the radio does NOT make it a single lol...label backing and specific promo of a track is what makes it a "single"...cmon now....WTT platinum with one "official" single, that's pretty fucking good...worldwide WTT outselling Carter IV man u tripping lol...and maybe u didn't realize this but Kanye and Jay share an overlapping audience, so just because they are both on it doesn't mean they will do DOUBLE the numbers lol...there numbers are in line with their solo performances, gold in about a week, platinum after a bit on the market, same as Blueprint 3, or American Gangster, or Dark Twisted Fantasy or 808's n Heartbreak....Jay and Ye do VERY consistent numbers lets be real smh...


      niggaz in paris is on the radio so its a single them two alone shouldve sold 2mil but yall lowered the bar for them but put it to the sky fo C4 keep it real you leave longer

    • Anonymous

      what singles? dont say ham thats not a single the only single is otis the only video is otis

    • Be Luke

      they have 3 singles out

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