Young Jeezy & T.I. Talk About "F.A.M.E."

The Snowman and T.I.P. discuss their latest collaborative track and talk about what the song means to them.

With the release of "F.A.M.E.," Young Jeezy discusses a similar topic Fat Joe discussed years earlier, with his own twist on the acronym. The topic of envy is one that comes up often for Jeezy on his track with T.I. and the two recently spoke with MTV about what the song means to them individually.  

"I wanted to let them know 'Fake-Ass Motherfuckers Envy,' because they really do, and I just wanted to go in like that," Jeezy noted before explaining how the song differs from his usual work and lyrical content. "The song to me meant a lot, because I don't normally talk about how I feel and what's going on in my world." 

T.I. also shares his feelings on the track. The single features T.I. discussing the legal woes he's overcome and the criticism he's had to face. 

"It's an honest interpretation of where I am mentally and how I feel about others volunteering their opinion on my circumstances without having full knowledge," T.I. added. "I felt that it was appropriate when I listened to it. It musically said everything that I wanted to say verbally. I felt that it was a perfect meeting of the minds."

The behind-the-scenes footage can be seen below. 

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  • Jijuane Bailey

    Does T.I. have to articulate EVVERRRYTING he says cuz i kno when he an dro and BigKuntry chillin he aint that verbose.. LMAO!!

  • Slick

    Shit jeezy go hard and so does T.I FAME

  • Anonymous

    whoever came up with da definition of hate or hater needs to kill tired of people calling one another haters becuz dey dont like sumthing.everybody has der own taste in w.e not everybody da same

  • Swordz

    TI is... forget my personal opinions. But Jeezy?? Everyone know that nicca finshed.


    I am surprised this record has not blown up yet. Well not really, the music industry is shot just like everything else in the world right now

    • Nick Crookshank

      I hear that. This shit is sick but they want a club beat and two word chorus that can be repeated. Eminem called it on Syllables

  • thought dog

    The "People keep hating on me" line is getting old. When you're growing up your parents told you not to tease a dog with food cause the dog would eventually bite you....The same applies to human beings. When rappers stand on tv, strip clubs and wherever throwing money and teasing people with what they have then people will bite back at them. It's not "hate"...It's a natural reaction that every living mammal on this planet experiences.

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