2 Chainz Talks "Forbes Musik" With Forbes

The artist formerly known as Tity Boi chops it up with Forbes.

It turns out that Jay-Z and Diddy aren't the only rappers that Forbes is interested in.

2 Chainz recently sat down with Forbes to discuss a song that shares the magazine's namesake: "Forbes Musik."

"I'm very surprised that music can reach such audiences," admitted Chainz. "I wasn't blind to the fact, but I was definitely in shock when I was invited to do this interview, so I wanted to tell you I appreciated it."

"The inspiration basically became behind the celebrity issue you guys put out," said 2 Chainz of the song. 

"Hip Hop deals with bragging," explained 2 Chainz, speaking of the benefits of being associated with the brand.

As for which Hip Hop artist is most likely to hit the billionaire mark first, 2 Chainz pointed to the usual suspects: Jay-Z, Diddy, and Birdman. "That's a no-brainer to me. Each one of those guys, they make such big deals."

Watch the interview below:



2 Chainz released his T.R.U. REALigion mixtape on Tuesday (Nov. 1).

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  • scotty

    my new favorite dude is this candyman187 fellow out of compton- he just did this new video with snoop---pretty tight IMO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aET9GW-CSDc

  • Swordz

    First Billion will be Diddy. His investment Ciroc - means when (not if), the company floats on stock market he converts his 20% share and 50% distribution rights - he's looking at anywhere from 500million to 2bln dollars. Jay next - when nets go to Brooklyn and Russian adds 1bln to salary bill - expect to see Jay's 1.2% worth around 100million shoot to 400mln. add that already 400mln he has in net assets today. 50 (maybe) - that movie deal for 20 million has already earned him 90 mln of just 3 flims. He still has 7 to make - I reckon he'll bag some P's for this street kings deal too. Plus dude is always looking for deals. Birdman (maybe) - Records arent selling. He has cut 50% deals on touring for his main artists (not very smart) Dude has just started the YMCMB clothing label - if Drake, Wayne and Nicki stay relevant for the next 3 years - that could easily take him to a billion dollars. Other than that I don't know enough to see how he'd ever get there.

  • Swordz

    This guy is terrible at music. BUT it's nice hear he's got SOME wider understanding about the aspirational effects of magazines like Forbes in relation to the culture. The synergy is obvious. Good to see that Forbes have people in company who are acknowledging that connection.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly Dis guy sucks at Rapping,Only reason why dey talking to him about it cuz Forbes is in da title name of da song.he could talk about Forbes in a song with a different song title name and dey wouldnt pay attention


    2chain hot right now no the nigga aint the next nas who got a video thats hot right now . 2chain making some good music and thats whats its about

  • Mylie

    come on Birdman? i very much doubt that. i don't see anybody taking him serious. hes not a great business man like Jay-Z.

    • Swordz

      Read the Forbes artcles. Cash Money went through periods where they made very little money in comparison. 30 million sounds like alot in 1998 - but they spending 1million plus on videos in that era for gold albums. Birdman has stacked doh - but his publishing yes he owns - but distribution? Touring? Video licesncing rights? I know he making efforts to control those things better now - hence the 100million deal he did last year for 360 rights to his artists over the next 10 years.... (good move) - but to keep he's artists from going elsewhere he's given them 50% of the label share (bad move) don't get me wrong - he's estimated to be worth between (150/250 mil) But beat Diddy? or Jay? or even 50?(debatable) Birdman portfollio is 90% music. Compared to Jay's which is 20% Manufacting, Retail and Distribution 60% Real Estate.

    • GuessWhat

      Everyone looks at Diddy, 50, and Jay like they have the most money because of buisness. Outside of music, yes they do. But when it comes to money inside of music, then Birdman BEEN making money from Cash Money for the LONGEST. Since the Mid/Late 90's Birdman been doing Mack Maine, Hot Boys, Big Tymers, & the Cash Money group music. HE FOUND LIL WAYNE. so he been gettin money. Not to mention those rappers everyone was listenin to like BG, Juvenile, Manny Fresh, etc. When they were rappin, and they were signed to CASH MONEY, BIRDMAN WAS COLLECTING. PERIOD.


      they own 100% not sure jay, puff or any rapper can say that

    • Anonymous

      check his music stats. Birdman actually has one of the best deals in the industry when it comes to Cash Moneys music. Several credible sources have stated it. Look it up bruh. As far as other ones yea jay and diddy have better businesses outside of music but when Birdman says "We Own Everything", hes not lying

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