Chase N. Cashe Discusses Friendship With Drake, Calls Him "The G.O.A.T."

Cashe calls Drake the leader of this generation and the greatest of all time and says he's like a brother to him.

During a recent interview, Chase N. Cashe discussed his friendship with Drake and his overall admiration for the Canadian emcee. Cashe referred to Drake as "The G.O.A.T." and said that he is doing everything emcees wish to do. Cashe also noted that his relationship with Drake is one of mutual respect and love, saying the two share a brotherly bond. 

According to Cashe, his friendship with Drake is one that began many years ago. 

"This goes back to when we were 16 years old," he said in the interview with The Source. "We're talking about two people who met each other, had the same dream coming from different backgrounds but very like-minded. We're talking about two people who've always been introducing each other to new stuff. I've met a bunch of beautiful people through him and he's met a lot of beautiful people through me and we've done a bunch of beautiful things together. We're always going to have that bond to where anything I learn, anything he learns, we're going to give it to each other."

He went on to further explain that their relationship is as close as the one shared by brothers and says they help each other out of love. 

"It's a brotherly bond. It's what you would do with anyone you care for, anybody you love. You want to see them at their best and that's the bond we have." 

Still discussing Drake, Cashe continued by calling him the greatest of all time, saying he is doing what others wish to accomplish. 

"We've got to stick together. That's one thing I try to do. Me knowing Drake's position in this Rap shit right now, he's really the forefront leader of our generation. He's the G.O.A.T. right now. As far as, if we were to say, who's doing anything you want to do, success that the new generation wants to achieve, he's the one who's done it. He's the one paving the way for us in the street and the Internet." 

For more from the interview, check the video below.

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  • DamnWhat?

    Drake....G.O.A.T? I don't know what to say....





  • Anonymous

    LOL drake? goat? guessing this guy would put vanilla ice 2nd

  • Anonymous

    He's the G.O.A.T. right now. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ And how the fcuk can he be the Greatest Of ALL TIME right NOW Chase?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with KoolKiller, a blog for Drake's friend to ball-slurp and disrespect others who put in the work to even be considered GOAT is going overboard. This dude is speaking of Drake like he's his Daddy.

  • Moses

    Haha, G.O.A.T., yeah right.

  • Ant

    TRUE SHIT RITE HERE!!!!!!!!!

  • KoolKiller

    Congratulations, hip hop. We are now creating interviews out of DICK RYDING sessions. We really going to make a story out of this ball-sacking-hangingness? Seriously. Why is there an interview about a dude no one knows talking about his friendship with drake? Analyze that for a few ticks.

  • Anonymous

    One Album does not a GOAT make SMH......... Fuck outta here with this shit

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a fucking idiot! DRAKE? Baby buffalo head ass drake the GOAT? HA HA what a fucking moron this kid is! Drake is a soft ass, pinkbooty, emotional, feminine, fairy ass dude who was built by the industry to cater to bubblegum teeny bopper bitches who bump "best i ever had" and think its the best hip hop song ever and this fucking cornball "chase n cashe" thinks hes the GOAT? What an imbecile!

  • wow

    way to end your career. now one will respect you. "greatest of all time"? come on son. how you all time after one album? just case u get a chance to work with drake dont mean he is all that. smh. boi-1da was talking that same bs on bet.

  • stephan

    Man, this chase dude has to be from Toronto, cuz I swear half of these stupid kids in the T.O. think Drake is the greatest. Drake is an average rapper, far from a GOAT

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      I'm from Toronto(Bajan/Canadian), but I don't even like drake, he's wack. Then again I'm not a kid(I'm an early 80's guy), and even when I was a kid I knew what good music sounded like. That ymcmb shit is wack, just like most rappers out now. I know people here in Toronto who can rap circles around drake and a lot of other rappers from any country. Problem is good music from any country or region doesn't get it's shine these days. Never heard of this chase n cashe kid, and don't really care about him at all, I just know folks like him should just not speak.

  • def

    i'm sick of mother fuckers throwing around "classic" and "g.o.a.t" so loosely. gtfoh

  • Anonymous

    Drake the GOAT? He's obviously saying that just because they are friends. First off, Drake only has ONE album. One of the things a GOAT should have is consistency. We cannot tell if Drake is consistent yet. Second off, Drake's flow, lyrics, and subject matter are not of GOAT standard, or debatable. He is an average rapper. And thats not even including his "Freestyles" and other stuff like battle rapping and diss tracks..

    • DS

      He did say greatest rapper of all time Heres a quote from the article above."Me knowing Drake's position in this Rap shit right now, he's really the forefront leader of our generation. He's the G.O.A.T. right now." Blasphemy!

    • macaso

      calling someone the 'Greatest of all Time' doesn't necessarily mean rapper wise, most likely as in friendship wise. It dosn't say anything of about him being G.O.A.T. rapper

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