Yelawolf Talks Eminem's Advice For Debut Album "Radioactive"

One of Shady Records' latest signees praises Slim Shady's input.

As Yelawolf gears up for his official debut album, Radioactive, the Alabama emcee revealed that his label head, Eminem, gave him priceless advice.

"His ideas and his opinions are worth a lot," explained Yelawolf to MTV News. "Artistically, for me, it's worth more than I can pay for — for him to even say what he thinks about a record."

"I've been in the studio with him when I was writing a couple of records for this. He mixed, he did arrangements, he was fully involved," he added.

Recently, Yelawolf was a part of one of the acclaimed cyphers for BET's Hip Hop awards, alongside Em and fellow new label mates Slaughterhouse.

Watch the interview below:

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  • stephan

    Man, people are hyping yela too much like they did with J. Cole. People are going to expect some amazing first album, and when it it drops, it will be good, but people will say its shit, because of the hype. Sideline story was a good album, but people said it was shit cuz it was over hyped.

  • Swordz

    Yela: How come you let Royce lick on your balls so much?? (awkward silence) EM: I don't man. It's like.... I don't dude. Something about his lips just... Yela: You think I could get a taste one day? (awkward silence) Em: ..... We'll see. (stroking his needle dick) Em: We'll see.

  • Alexander Francis DeSimone

    I believe in creatism

  • TheCrit

    fuck this man.. fuck Interscope, they supposed to be promoting Yela like crazy right now. but yo i know he will do gold in a month and he's gonna go platinum believe it or not.. i will personally buy the record



  • Anonymous

    Not sayin yela is bad or anything but I can't imagine Radioactive selling over 150k in the first week. The single is generating no buzz (I don't even think Em is paying for it to go on radio, but I don't listen to radio so i wouldnt know) and just isnt suitable for a first single. You need a catchy chorus and a hot beat to be successful, skills do not sell. And since Yelas single doesnt really have either, he aint gonna do numbers. I wish him luck though, unique style and great flow.

    • Anonymous

      You're over-analyzing something you have no knowledge of. 150K first week for him is good. Tour and do some remixes he can go gold. Once you said something about the radio then stated you don't listen to it pretty much killed any credibility you had. Shady has a satellite station called Shady45, heard of that? I would presume that's why he doesn't spend money with Clear Channel or the likes. Step you music knowledge up.

  • Anonymous

    why isnt yella getting pushed like jcole and drake and bob? hes supposed to be ems new franchise player so wtf is shady records doing? check out this dude punching a girl in her pussy during a video shoot

  • Brandon Hamm

    That haircut...

  • MC123

    I am a black guy and i think it's great that Em Signed another white guy. I started to feel like he was kissing our asses and trying to get black people to like him more. I mean who hate will hate and who loves will love. I know this has nothing to do with race. Yelawolf is talented but it's hard to ignore the fact that eminem signed another white rapper. It's like he is willing the past the torch. Much respect to EM. He is at the top of most

  • Jg

    so this is the year of the protoge? Drake, Jcole, and Yelawolf all gotta compete to see who will have the best project. With the disappointing Cole Worl I think Yela can def take that title

  • shadysoldier47

    shady records!

  • Anonymous

    people that say this album is gonna flop is out of there mind yela has a hudge fanbase trunk music 0-60 has sold right at 100 thousand copies with no promo at all so explain how this album dont atleased go gold with em to help hype it up pluse yela puts out great music most of all

  • btissam

    Why the FUCK doesnt Yelawolf and his team hype the album up??? -.- Yelawolf still a Great White

  • btissam

    " wus goodie stop'n by ta show sum

  • Renijandro

    There's not a rapper named Rittz or this would be possible.

  • Dan

    eminem: hey yela, stay off drugs, they ruined my life. yela: thanks marshall eminem: do you have any drugs? yelawolf: yeah, you want some? eminem: hell yeah paul rosenberg: em, you can't do drugs anymore. give them to me. eminem: sorry paul. paul rosenberg: it's okay, yelawolf you can take double yela: thanks paul. are we going platinum? paul: em is. you're not. yelawolf: is there anything i can do? should i dye my mohawk? paul: i'll ask jimmy. em you have to record with b.o.b. in an hour. pink called, the hook is ready. eminem: can i have a diet coke paul? paul: after you record, jimmy wants you on the clock. eminem: i wonder what elvis is doing?

  • Dan

    yelawolf is about to the impossible. FLOP under the white boy. eminem might still sell records, but his fanbase is the same retards buying bieber records. they don't give a fuck about yellowhoof or daughtersblouse. guy aboslutely fucking sucks. spaz flow, annoying voice, no clarity, garbage bars, weak content, faggot image, bitch attitude. trash beats. plus he's a sellout. em picked a winner. paul rosenberg is a blood thirsty devil that has seized complete control of shady's sober soul. jimmy iovine will cancel shady 2.0 after yelwolf and slaughterhouse flop after millions were spent promoting them. eminem can no longer will anybody to commerical success. eminem has to feature lil wayne rihanna and drake to pop now. shit is sad. good luck yela. you will be opening for asher roth on the failed white rapper tour in 18 months.

    • Anonymous

      I don't buy bieber,young money, rihanna, or other pop records. I buy real hip hop and support real hip hop. You can't make a generalization like that

    • Brandon Hamm

      Just for the record... Obie Trice (after first album), Stat Quo, Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater ALL flopped under the "white boy". So it would be no surprise if Yelawolf flops as well, although I'd say he has a chance. Slaughterhouse, on the other hand, will stay relevant for at least a few more years, if not longer.

    • Anonymous

      Dan u sound fuckin retarded...

    • Anonymous

      You dont listen to much Hiphop do you? Cause your statement is dumb as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      hey man how you doing? relapse went platinum with no pop features? how you explain that? on another note, who cares if they sell or not, isnt it more important that they make good RAP music? thats what they gon do and thats why they were signed

  • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

    I keep telling ppl this album will move alot of units...look at history. Anyone connected to Eminem sells on their debut album. D-12(went platinum), Obie (went platinum) 50(went DIAMOND) so if history repeats itself then Yelawolf is looking nice right about now! Plus he repping my state! lol #Bama #SEC

    • tylr

      here are the facts, look it up obie sold 900k 50 went 8x platinum bizarre dropped his albums independently bobby creekwater and stat quo left shady records when em was recovering from his drug problem and if bad meets evil can go 600k, D12 could sell about that too not much goes platinum anymore, rick ross has never gone platinum, gold is the new platinum yelawolf is much more memorable than obie trice, will he sell 900k, prob not cuz its 2011 and obie came out in 2003, but he'll do better considering the time period

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Ummm..... not even man. Bizzare's solo albums flopped. Most of the cast if the re-up either left or got dropped, and if D12 were to put out an album today it wouldn't go platinum. Look at history again chuckles.

    • King

      rofl...obie went gold...50 went 6x plat max not diamond

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Why the FUCK doesnt Yelawolf and his team hype the album up??? -.- Yelawolf still a Great White

  • Nathan

    Nice Glasses Brah!!!

  • Anonymous

    i wanna hear him em and rittz on the same track

    • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

      I think they already got some older material together. I believe on Rittz's album "White Jesus"

  • Ahim Anyd Mind Control

  • Anonymous

    Sad that this has no hype. Yelawolf is dope.

  • Anonymous

    WHERES WHITE JESUS????not a fan of Em or slaugtherhouse but Yelawolfs album going to be tight. His last two singles are dope and get play. PUT RITTZ OUT! I NEED THAT RITTZ THE RAPPER ALBUM!

  • 013

    Yela is dope but he's gonna flop, they're not even advertising his album

  • ItsTheTruth

    What was the advice? I really had to come to this article for yelawolf just to say that Em was fully involved?

  • thought dog

    Should be tight...ymcmb will be the label for the ladies and shady will be for people that appreciate hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      u know what? that is the most simple way u can put it, and not stay or come across as biased. I am a real hiphoper an its great to see the actual balance in the industry rap game. It actually makes me like and appreciate YMCMB more at the club and bars.

  • Brendon Silver


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