Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Friendship With Drake, "Club Paradise" Tour

K. Dot explains how he ended up as one of the two opening artists on Drizzy's upcoming tour.

Earlier this month, Drake announced the preliminary dates for his upcoming “Club Paradise” tour with A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar. Speaking with Good Fella Media, K. Dot explained that his friendship with Drizzy runs deep and that he’s not taking the opportunity for granted. 

“Shout out to Drake. I sat down with Drake in Toronto a while back when I did my first show out there. He called me up and we had a few drinks and he always said he was appreciative of his music,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan of his music. We just been chopping it up since. He hit me up one day and said ‘You know what? Handpicked, I want you to be on this tour with me.’ There’s a lot of artists out there who could have been out there on tour with him, for him to sit there and respect my music. We have the same mutual respect.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on who he would choose as openers for “Club Paradise” if it were up to him.




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  • Anonymous

    LOL @ internet geeks who think kendrick lamar is the savior of hip hop hip hop is dead and this compton nerd can't save it. dude is trash. soft raps about the hood on garbage production with a doofy accent. voice sucks. no classic lines, no big hooks, no hit songs. "snoop and game said he's the next big thing on the west coast, derp" the same game who stripped and had a red mohawk? the same snoop who works with katy perry more than dre? "he's on dr.dre's detox derp" the detox that's never coming out? dr.dre loves gay rappers, he's a closet gay. ask dee barnes.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nah he aint like drake.. he just knows itll be good for his career to open for the dude.. as long as he dont work with drake in the studio/ start making drake songs.. this is just a smart move nothing more

  • JET$

    Kendrick needs to take Method Man's spot on the Smoker's Club Tour since he said he would want to tour with KRIT and Spitta. No one is trying to hear Method on the solo.

    • Loaves

      No one is trying to hear Method Man? Are you retarded? You are one of the reason Hip Hop is dying. Oh yeah, and by the way, the Jets suck!!!

  • HHDX Community

    hurr durr, i speak for the whole dx community when i say, this nigga like Drake? man he is a fag now, hur burr gurr shurr we hate Drake and anybody else that coming up bur clur

    • Anonymous

      lmao at the hhdx trolls.

    • HHDX President

      As Commander in Chief of HipHopDX, I approve this message. Kendrick Lamar is now losing credibility because he is now working with Drake. We as a community need to come together at this time of hate-need, and start hating on Kendrick, because as you and I both know that Kendrick is an up and coming, talented rapper. It is unfortunate that he is now friends with another talented rapper, but hated for that reason, Drake. So we now have no choice, like J. Cole, Big Sean, and Drake, we must now commence hating on Kendrick. We must come together and start calling him a faggot, a poop pusher, and any kind of weird homosexual slur we can think of, because that is how we, the HHDX community, operate. Remember, we only think an artist is good until his album is about to come out, then we turn on him. It is the HHDX community way. I would like to thank you all for your hate, have a nice evening.

    • HHDX Congress

      We co-sign this.

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