Tech N9ne Speaks On BET Cypher, Backlash Of Fame & Lex Luger Production

The Strange Music chief sounds off on a few topics during a sit-down with Karen Civil.

Tech N9ne recently chopped it up with Karen Civil in anticipation of his upcoming collaborative album Welcome to Strangeland, releasing November 8th. During the interview, he spoke on being included in the 2011 BET Cypher, explaining that the opportunity gave him a platform to show the world who he really is.

“[That was] a milestone for me. It introduced a lot of people to my face. A lot of people don’t know my face, but a lot of people heard my name,” he said. “My name is bigger than me, I think. A lot of people got to see my face, so much love to BET for even recognizing that I had flow to be able to be in the Cypher. Because I had it for years.”

He also touched on the downside of becoming well known in the mainstream world, referring to several incidents that made him want to maintain a low profile.

“Backlash, not yet. But there are certain things that happened on my last tour that never happened before. Like, my homeboy MJ was shot in Reno, Nevada, lost his life. The first time anybody ever died on a Tech N9ne tour. Somebody got stabbed at my show in Fort Collins, Colorado, first time that ever happened at a Tech N9ne show. And it made me think that if this is what fame is going to bring, then I don’t fucking want it because for 11 years, it’s been nothing but good things. But it’s just ignorant people and not fame.”

The Strange Music honcho commented on Lex Luger’s production, explaining that he rapped over similar beats as far back as 2007’s Misery Loves Kompany.

“I was doing beats that was like that with dudes down south in Alabama and Atlanta,” he said. “So when I hear beats of that style, I’m like, damn, I was on that. Back then! Because they always said I was ahead of my time. So when it comes out, I be like, damn, we had something kind of like that! But great minds think alike. So when it comes out and I hear it, I’m like, oh. I felt the same thing about ‘H.A.M.,’ mixing operatic shit with deep bass. We been doing it since we started. So when it finally comes out, we’re like, we’ve been there. But that’s not stepping on anybody’s toes or nothing. That’s just the cockiness in us, I think.”

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Tech, maybe it's God or some other higher power telling you to stop making money and just cash out to focus more on your family???

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at Bboy showing the world he's a fool by getting ethered by other cats. "Jedi rhyme, the way I spit ahead of my time. Show me a billboard and I bet I'll climb" To me that Tech 9 was the coldest. And he's been spitting acid reflux for so many years now. That bar was dropped to the world in '98. Damn was that ever so prophetic then. Glad to see him get critical acclaim and success after all the years grinding.

  • Anonymous

    lmao at BBoy trying to prove a point and lookin like a moron. haha Welcome to Strangeland...

  • Blah

    Bboy you gtfoh. It is on his new collab album. Are you a new fan? Dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne! He dropped 2 dope albums this year. I was a lil disappointed when I realized the verse he spit in the cypher was from a song on the recent collabs album, but I liked the delivery and flow on the cypher version better

    • Anonymous

      actually Anonymous is right. his cypher verse is featured on his welcome to strange land track "who do i catch now" who's the real tech fan now...

    • dizzle

      It's from the collabos album coming out in a couple weeks.

    • BBoy

      You're fucking stupid Tech didn't use that cypher verse in any song off the Gates Mixed Plate.. I've heard that album dozens of times and have not heard that shit once... STFU and GTFOOH... You're probably a new fan of Tech... I been bumping this lyrical legend since 98.. STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY ALL NIGHT

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