Andre Nickatina Announces November And December Tour Dates

Dre Dog goes back on the road next week, serving his signature "cocaine raps."

San Francisco, California veteran emcee Andre Nickatina (f/k/a Dre Dog) announced new tour dates. The affiliate of The Jacka and Smoov-E has had a resurgence of late, releasing Khan! The Me Generation last year. At work on new material, Andre will appear at the following venues:

NOV 03 -- Boulder, CO at The Fox Theater

NOV 04 -- Boulder, CO at The Fox Theater

NOV 12 -- Las Vegas, NV at The Hard Rock

NOV 18 -- Missoula, MT at The Wilma

NOV 19 -- Boise, ID at Knitting Factory

Dec 03 -- Santa Clara, CA at The Avalon

Dec 10 -- San Francisco, CA at The Regency

DEC 16 -- Petaluma, CA at Phoenix Theater

DEC 17 -- Redway, CA at Mateel Center

Dec 31 -- Seattle, WA at Studio 7


  • bayboi

    Nickatina used to be tight when he worked with Equipto. The Dre Dog solo shit is classic but his newer shit is wack. and that nigga is shiesty haha forreal danny shut ur mouth dont get ur panties in a bunch homeboy

  • Danny

    To the bitch who doesn't like king Nicky, eat a dick and shoot your self hoe I've never heard Andre put a cd out that wasn't a hit do your research homeboy Andre nickatina is a bay area god. I've been to about 6 shows have every cd and if any one wants to dispute, please listen to SITUATIONS CRITICAL BY DRE DOG before you disagree fuck it pick anything by dre. You east coast artist get love put here but can never show the love back instead you just bite are style. U dick Ryder's stay hatin

  • Coke fiend

    Wuts good wit sum east coast venues dre??

  • keepin it 100

    fuck this shiesty ass nigga!! all his biggest hits are with the help of another MC anyways. reppin a NY hat all the time and he from the bay gtfo...i dare anyone to check out that Khan! album and tell me its not hot flaming garbage.

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