Jean Grae's "Cake Or Death" Album Trailer Released

UPDATE: Jean Grae gears up for her new album with a teaser trailer.

It's been three years since Jean Grae dropped her last album, Jeanius with 9th Wonder. In an interview with The Well Versed, she said that she's in no rush to release the follow up to Jeanius, Cake or Death, especially when more time could amount to better quality.

"My thing is taking the time where it needs to be sounding like a good record." she said. "I don't care about the radio. I don't care [if] this is coming out on a mixtape…I'm comfortable putting it out when I'm ready to put it out and also not putting it out all at once. Because people have the attention span of gnats. And even if you put out an amazing album, in the next two weeks they're like, 'Okay, so what else?' [or] 'Oh my God that was so classic! That is so old school…' Taking your time versus instant gratification is a good thing."

She said that she's performed two to three songs from the upcoming album, although audiences are unfamiliar with the songs.

"If I chose to do a show, I'd choose to do a show where no one had actually heard any of the songs--which I've definitely done. It requires something different. It requires you to be an actual performer."


[October 26]

UPDATE: Jean Grae has unveiled the trailer for her upcoming album Cake or Death.


  • Pope

    Why are people worried about her tattoos? She can spit, that's all that matters.

  • 2da9thpwr

    I dont care what you talk. Jeanie is one of my favorite female emcees. Those tattoos are kinda sexy in a suicide girl type of way. She can shit on any mainstream/commercial rapper male or female and she consistently puts out dope music. Whether she reaches mainstream success or scores a hit doesn't concern me. Anyway, Im not the type of dude to listen to shit because everyone else is bumping it. That's just me though, I know how freedom tastes like.

    • LoonyTunez

      AGREED. Jus wait for thoze who count album sale figures to Jump in Any Minute... Try'n to say they favorite rapperz went platinum but still ain't worth bronze. Look 'yall, reaL Rap Lives Tru headz know about it. Catch Up. Jean Grae Iz the Truth in that fact.

  • da1

    I thought this broad said she was going to retire with her last album. I guess you should never trust a rapper when they say that they're going to retire.

  • Anonymous

    Jean Grae is nowhere near 40 talk about hate! Shit ain't Shawn Carter like 45?! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    Jeanius was dope hell alot of these "artists/puppets" need to take time out to record good material can't wait for that newness to drop

  • Anonymous

    jean grae is a stinky dike bitch who thinks shes better than she is. not worried about the radio? good. you shouldn't be. you're too sloppy for tv. i really can't wait until this disgusting tatted dike bitch drops and flops like every other outing. female rappers just flat out suck. they either suck dick on wax or rap about beating niggas up, shit will never work. it takes a real talib kweli nigga (soft nerd feminist bitch type) to bump jean grae. good luck honey.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda sad that about 50% of the comments are trolls.. well anyway I am definatly anticipating this new album.

  • Senario

    I thought I was the only that noticed she wayned out with the tatoos. That shit is not nice. Aside from that I agree with a lot of the comments in this thread saying she's been given loads of chances. It makes one wonder if Sean Price was correct write off a lot of these female rappers. I most certainly have not bought a single Jean Grae album, even though I think she's a good rapper. talib seems like the worst mentor aswell, that may be the logic behind her having no memorable lines/quotes/hit songs. She's in a very bad situation where her smart ass attitude is stopping her from attaining the achievements of our hip fore fathers, Rakim, ATCQ, EPMD, Pete and CL, Gangstarr etc.

  • Youngindy21

    Jean Grae is a really good rapper but she doesn't make HITS which is why she is NOT as successful/popular as she could be. She also completely lacks sex appeal. She has wayyy too many tattoos on her which is NOT sexy. A few OK but she went overboard. There is reason why rappers like Nicki Minaj do well. Not only is Nicki a great rapper but she makes music people want to listen to and she is attractive. When Jean Grae finally does release her album I'll check it out on itunes but there is no guarantee that I will buy it.

    • Anonymous

      Jean Grae has ZERO charisma and yes, the neck and other tattoos are fucking absurd. How much did she pay for that shit? The ** only ** reason anybody even pays her a little mind because of the residual sexism of rap-- in pop or rock her bullshit would not fly even a little. Open Letter To Jean Grae: Move it along you BITTER OLD BAG, nothing to see here.

  • Anonymous

    BITTER 40 year old broad with more tattoos than fans, "nice look."

  • swiff

    jean looks like she got a stink puss. sweaty lesbian rap pussy. raps about battling dudes. she rolls with 2011 gay pharoahe monch and kweli. the team is weak. zero classic records. zero quotables. zero fans. zero sex appeal. bitch couldn't sell out if she tried. and she has. have another beer, and find another bitch to lick, jean. you live off traveling with gay ass kweli. LOL

  • thought dog

    Looks like the Drake fans decided to hop in here and do what they beg everybody else to stop doing to their man in his comment sections. Jean Grae's tight and Id wait 10 years for her one album rather than buy one Drake album per year.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      I agree. She makes great music. The majority of rappers out now make crap that all sounds the same. I'd rather wait for an album where I get good, quality music that is creative and original as opposed to wack shit that sounds the same.

  • mr tibbs

    Work ethic?!!! What yall want the bitch to strip and drop it like its hot? If yall havent noticed the only female rapper selling is Nicki which is sad because she sucks. So whats the rush? If your making me wait for quality material fine, Im cool with that. But shes touring and doing shows how is that lazy? As for the Rah Digga comparison they're about even to me. I do like Jeans voice better.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yeah. The ish is past tiring with her. I'm always one to give someone a chance and the benefit of the doubt but seriously... how much abuse can a nigga take? All she does is complain. All she does is bullshit. All she does is put out inconsistent material. All she does is complain. All she does is everything but what she is supposed to do: provide us with top notch quality music and actually have a work ethic worth a damn. If she was as nice as she states, everyone would line up to work with her. But they don't. Why is that? Hell Preemo and ALC work with EVERYBODY! They work with cats you haven't even heard or known to exist. They work with mad underground cats. And I must thank whoever that was who mentioned her and Kweli as a couple of smart dumb niggas. Kweli just... man I don't know. LOL! He doesn't get it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if she worked on her PERSONALITY and VERSES like she did those idiotic tattoos people would give a shit. Jean Grae stays losing and the rest of think shut the fuck up, bitch.

  • Ann Peebles

    what a joke-- keep whining jeanie, nobody expects differently from your OLD wack ass... ... meanwhile, would anyone compare this BITTER hag with any of Nas' o Ghostface's or Doom's top 300 verses? yeah, i thought fucking not.

  • Abbey Lincoln

    Jean Grae has ZERO fans-- ** ALL ** she does is fucking complain about one thing or another. A shame too, her PARENTS were very talented musicians, she got the desire and none of the genius. As for the 'rawest,' Jean is maybe tolerable for 8 bars here and there, never more, and someone like Rah Digga could eat her up and spit her out without even trying. People think Jean and her knucklehead sponsor Talib are 'smart' but where's the fucking evidence?

  • mr tibbs

    Jean is the rawest female rapper out, even better than some of these dudes. Fuck a Nicki Manaj she cant write a bar raw enough to fuck with Jeannie. I hate pricy bitches anyway. Jean is that business!!! Respect.

    • Anonymous

      bullshit-- Jean's as superficial a cunt as anyone, catch her on the plane to Miami to be stupid again and tell me otherwise.

  • Frank

    Man i miss Jean Grae she's a dope artist i wish she get signed to defjam that'll be a good label for her

  • Anonymous

    not only is jean grae wack musically. the bitch is hideous. i can't stand bull dike rappers. bitches that rap like they got a dick. i don't like female rappers period. especially female rappers that threaten the listener like they got hands or guns. bitch is gassed. she has no fans, been in the game for years and she doesn't have one classic track, one notable verse. best thing she did was a hook for masta ace. masta ace probably wanted to smash until he saw her. she always opening her mouth, talking bout how hard it is, being her. you're an ugly drunk bitch that hangs around gay rappers like kweli and monch. monch can spit, but dude is a homosexual, and that's a fact. she got a gay squad.

  • Google

    Music waits for no one ....Eternia and Rapsody are definitely watching the throne

  • Anonymous

    If she spent more time actually recording dope material instead of fending off critics talking about her poor workrate I would be inclined to support her. She's mad talented but pisses me off when she panders around releases. Mainstream zombies have their own top female mc (Nikki). Now Its up to the underground/peoples champion female mc to buckle down and make a classic I can actually go out to buy.

    • Melba Liston

      wow, Jean Grae complaining? That's new! The world owes this bitch ** ANYTHING **!! She's had way more chances than she deserves and her Time. Is. Up. She's a mediocre writer at best, boring as shit live and that leaves what? Try real estate, Jean, or open up a salon though you're lousy attitude doesn't make it seem like you're a people person either.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your reply. I'm not saying there's not rah diggah, bahamadia and other such females. But they all have hallmark releases from the 90's when It was even more important to prove ones talent as a female rapper. This required finding the best beats, correct single promotion etc. Jean comes off as not caring regardless of sarcasm and that's why I can't understand why Talib is amping her up to be as successful as Nikki. I heard cookies mixtape and I just wasn't feeling It, she said she wants to do an all out acoustic album, well yeah go ahead and see how that shit flops. Elmatic and some of the roots albums have been the only acoustic albums I've rated to date. I think she just needs to be woken up somehow, cause If her next release is not onpoint, like someone said their other young females gunning for her spot.

    • Bowski

      I appreciate and agree with most of your comments, however we already have an underground/people's champion female mc in Rah Digga. Jean is dope and I also agree with what she was saying regardless of how sarcastic she was, but the truth is that she needs to drop something with her stamp on it. That to me is the true measurement of an artist's work. There's nothing more personal than an artist's album...

  • R2die

    I LOVE Jean Grae.. cant wait for the album

  • datNIGGAJ

    my future ex baby's mama

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