Action Bronson Responds To Comparisons With Ghostface Killah, Other White Rappers

The Queens native says despite having a voice similar to Ghost, he's more influenced by other New York rappers.

Action Bronson spoke with MTV UK's The Wrap Up this week with some insight on the state of the New York rap scene. The Queens newcomer admitted that the scene has changed, but its significant status is undeniable.

"New York rap, it's lost its identity for a while," he said. "Everyone's trying to sound different [from conventional New York rap]. But everyone, they do them, that's cool. I'm just gonna do what I know how to do and that's make New York Hip Hop. Or just make Hip Hop in general because there's no Hip Hop without New York."

With just over a year and a half in the game, Bronson already receives comparisons with New York's own Wu-Tang Clan, specifically Ghostface Killah. But he says there are others he's more influenced by.

"My main influence is Kool G Rap and Cam'ron pretty much. If you were to mix those two people up, I wish that would be me. But once again, I'm not an actor, I don't put voices on, I don't do voice-overs, I'm not a Las Vegas act. I do me. This is my voice. I sound like nobody, I sound like me." 

When he's not being compared to New York rappers, he's being asked about his relation to other white rappers, mainly Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly

"They're from the South, I'm from Queens," he said as a reminder. "They probably grew up in the same type of atmosphere, just in a different place. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon. I didn't grow up poor, but I didn't grow up rich for sure. Being from Queens you're exposed to a lot of different ethnicities and all kinds of people from different nations so you really don't look at nothing but the person itself. So I expect everybody to do the same."

Bronson is currently touring and working on a collaboration album with Statik Selektah titled Well Done.



  • muse

    Ghostface Killah Tears ‘Fat Fraud’ Action Bronson to Shreds in Harsh Video Rant

  • Im2PacsFatherNigga

    If rick ross was a white guy....

  • dazeone

    He is high as hell ...tripping ....but this cat is nice never heard of him previously

  • ai

    this fat piece of shit is a watered down ghostface. funny since ghostface is STILL rapping catching bodies. why listen to ghostface lite when i can listen to tony starks himself? and sorry bronson, you do sound like ghostface. just like shyne sounds like biggie. problem? biggie is way nicer than shyne, and ghost is way nicer than you. i don't think action will make it to see a major deal, due to his weight gain. no joke, he's gained like 100 pounds since i first heard of him a cpl months ago. the rap game is ruthless on the waist line. late nights and bad food. somebody get action some cross trainers and a dog, it might save his life. album with statik selektah? the guy that gets features from every big name, that every big producer jocks, that can't sell ANY records and has no fans? sounds like a winner bronson. rap game sucks. statik sucks. 5 minute beats that sound like premier throwaways. sells 200 copies per album and drops 5 albums a year. dude sucks. wack fat boy.

    • Nuff said

      The absolute truth. The game is so bummy right now. The last thing anybody needs is a culture jackin carbon copy of Ghostface tryin to get shine from Ghosts' style. Don't get mad at my man tellin the truth. How dude can claim he doesn't sound like ghost is as false as his persona..

    • Anonymous

      Shyne DOES NOT sound like biggie clean ya ears out.. this guy sounds so much like Ghost though.. but he is good.

    • just a person

      shut the fuck up man.

  • JayoTheremin

    Bronson is dope. He has never dropped a wack verse. He has personality as well, which 95% of these rappers lack. His work ethic is ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure someone will take a chance on him. Bronson is highly skilled, and highly marketable. It's only a matter of time. All you dudes complaining, go listen to some J. Cole or some sh|t

  • Anonymous

    OBESE WHITE PRIVILEGE what a game dude is drug addled retard too

  • Haysus Cristo

    why so many ppl talkin shit? if u dont like it dont pay no mind to it. the fact that many of you on here took the time to type out a response just to talk shit means you aint got no lives and you just some cornball nigga wantin' some attention. Action is dope and most of ya cant even appreciate that real hip-hop sound that he got. who the fuck cares if hes fat. this day and age one third of Americans are obese anyways. HEs a Chef! he cooks and eats. many chefs are big

  • rn506

    This is why don't respect the commenters on site likes this, you all can only talk about that the man is white..and has a few extra pounds on him? Rick ross was a correctional officer who is the fat as they come, and you embrace him... anyone saying dude is wack, obviously hasn't listened to any of his music what so ever... he is one of the top lyricists out right now., don't sleep.

    • Coon On The Moon

      Rick Ross ** and ** Bronson are two reasons rap sucks. And at least the former Civil Servant has good beats. BRONSTEIN is only getting attention for being white. Sean Prince has been on non-rap tv how many times?

  • Anonymous

    Dude is pretty nice.

  • Baisley Pond

    this guy is fucking horrible on every level-- like a brain dead version of I don't know what... Kool G. Rap has sucked shit since 1994 but this mountain of shit can't even beat "Giancana" Nathaniel (which is horrible), nor even the worst Hell Rell verse... If dude wasn't WHITE nobody would pay any attention, nor should they.

  • Horace Harding

    morbidly obese sack of shit who smokes WAAAAY TOO MUCH weed; it doesn't make you ** smarter ** asshole. douchebag is also a HUGE Necro biter who, even if he has a sense of humor about it, doesn't make it listenable. that this 300 pound load gets ** ANY ** attention is testament to just how fucking worthless most NYC hip-hop is in 2011... ... or tell you any of you can remember even ONE verse by fucking Meyhem Lauren who, whatever his good intentions, has zero soul or charisma. keep paying for your pussy though Bronson, 1) it's all you can get and 2) maybe you can at least write a chlamydia rap to make us all laff.

  • Anonymous

    check it out. you sound like ghostface. shyne sounded like biggie. shyne had some joints. end of the day, he sounds like a weaker big. action sounds like ghost. action got some joints. but he sounds like a weaker ghost. plus, ghost would still crucify the kid on the mic. ghost is still active. all that wild food, imagery, is cool. but ghostface is a phenom live with a catalog not many can fuck with. i like dude, but he's nothing new. he's like a decent cover band. least he's not making sucker rap.

  • Up North

    Action is a dope and humorous cat on the mic. Unfortunately people can't see past the fact that he's fat and white. I actually heard him before I knew what he was and came away impressed. I been checking for Bronson ever since.

    • Kissena Roosevelt

      BRONSTEIN is a dope I'll grant you that. Maybe he should think about climbing trees instead of smoking them, that is if this lame white ape can even hoist himself off the ground.

  • hip hop

    the white rick ross!never heard of him

  • Michael Eaton

    "They're from the South, I'm from Queens," he said as a reminder. This guy needs to go back to geography class...Cleveland is not "the south" last time I checked...

    • Anonymous

      the dude is fucking RETARD; almost brain damaged though he'll keep rapping about his 'trees' until EMT has to call in backup just to carry his whale-ass to the hospital.

    • noahc313

      nobody outside of cleveland truly knows or cares where cleveland is located

  • Ivan Geigerman



    He should collab with Mega Trife.

  • Anonymous

    He does sound like Ghostface...Like a dumbed down lyric version...Ghost should smack fire out this nigga

    • Marshal Tito

      Ghostface with a lobotomy, 200 Bosnian hamburgers and about 10,000 too many lungfuls of weed. I will say one thing for this Fresh Kills landfill-sized mountain of shit-- he makes other white people feel talented by comparison.

    • Josue Silva

      no. they're both suck dick

  • Wu Head

    I remember on only built for cuban linx during one of the skits i think it was or before shark niggas biters, he said he doesnt want ANY nigga soundin like him or anyone from his clan for that matter on any song or album, or else hes going to approach a nigga. i think mr bronson should duck any wutang related events for a while haha

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here-- you think Ghost and this clogged artery of a so-called rapper were within ten miles of each other? Just because dome desperate douche "Wu-Element" mixed 'em like caviar and dogshit doesn't give BRONSTEIN credibility.

    • Anonymous

      RZA protooled those verses together...Ghostface and this dude were never in the same room together. Who's schooled now?

    • return of wu head

      legendary weapons sucked.

    • Wu head schooled

      i stand corrected, and as a man i will accept this dropping of knowledge as a lesson learned.

    • turftalka

      Well if you were truly a Wu Head, you'd probably know that Ghost & Action already did a song together on Legendary Weapons. Just because he said it in 1995, doesn't mean he still abides by it 16 years later in 2011.

  • mike j.

    Check out my team on youtube BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC check out da new video IT'S ALL OVER by Supreme Ra & Doughphresh Da Don give us some feedback support up and coming talent!!!

  • bkstylz

    This my dude right here. With up & comers like Bonsalino and Maffew Raggazino, I am starting to get excited about NY rap again.

  • Anonymous

    One ill fat bastard

  • Anonymous

    He's gonna run in to the same problem as Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz & Slaine do, cause as dope as he is, no label gonna take a chance on an overweight, ugly ass white rapper, lol His music is dope tho

    • haysus cristo

      you say "what the fuck is wrong with white people they can't get in shape?" well generally speaking whites have lower obesity rates then both blacks and hispanics. at least he is big from eating quality food as opposed to all the friend chicken blacks eat

    • Anonymous

      J Love is Boriqua papa, check yo self.

    • Anonymous

      action BRONSTEIN = Necro biter also, what the fuck is wrong with white people they can't get in shape? see also Statik Selektah, J Love etc. fucking embarrassing. At least Alchemist and Em have some goddamn self-respect.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      Vinnie & Bill have their own labels, they don't need/want to get signed

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