50 Cent Says His New Album Will Release In December

After several delays, Fif will allegedly release his fifth studio LP by year's end.

50 Cent has spoken on his oft-delayed fifth studio album for the past few years, but he promises that it will finally see the light of day. During an interview with Global Grind (via HHNM), Fif said that the LP will arrive by year's end despite the fact that a single is yet to be released from the offering.

"[Business ventures are] how to sustain a longer career. Because hip-hop culture has a little attention span. So, forget what you’ve done in the past. It’s, what have you done for me lately? I got an album that’s coming out," he said. "It’s on schedule now for the fourth quarter. So I’m ready to get it together. [...] Early December."

The G-Unit general originally revealed that he had begun work on the album, formerly titled Black Magic, in March 2010. He later said he scrapped the project and went back into the studio to record a new version of the LP. He most recently stated that the album would be released in November 2011.

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  • leezy

    these niggas listen on fifty so they can hate playa haterz fifty is legend and ul neva remove that u just sick coz your so caled favorite rappers cant do what fifty did ya,ll niggaz dont know real rap anymore i think u been listenin to too much birdman ha ha ha ha ha fifty we will always suport u caus we understand good music

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross ur screwed

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  • kennyis22

    "50 Cent has spoken on his oft-delayed fifth studio album for the past few years"... His last album came out two years ago, so no he hasn't been speaking about it for a few years. He has an album every two years, so he's on schedule. Get Rich - 2003, The Massacre - 2005, Curtis - 2007, Before I Self Destruct - 2009, TBA - 2011. He's right on schedule.

  • remaster

    anything could happen with how he's going to create buzz for the album

  • King

    whatever this nigga does RED is gon be the album of the year...fuck u...fuck 50 Cent fuck gayo...Ricky shits on this niggas whole career...and those of you who hate on Game go listen to RED...its got more classics then this piece of shit right here...

    • leezy

      its clear to us that u got personal hate on fifty the game and ricky will never reach 50cent creativity interms of music go listen to 50cent from get rich n die tryin until BiSd ul see what i mean and listen to G unit and listen to the games first album dont fuck fifty my nigga that nigga is hip hop

    • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

      red album sucks, and so do game he is a weak rapper, game is fucking overratted just like detox

  • Frank

    50 trying to realese the same day as ross to take some hype from ross cause no one cares bout 50 no more!

  • Anonymous

    50 cent forever!!

  • Anonymous

    absolutely no one can wait for that album 50!!

  • V-Nasty is God

    It's 2011, who still listens to 5-0 snitch? This dude fell off harder than nelly. I predict that his album will go triple Yelawolf first week, that's it. 11-11-11, V-Nasty's mixtape is dropping. The only thing worth listening to until Kreay drops her album. Then WGM proceed to take the game over from all of these wack emcees. Watch.

    • doodie333

      take ur head out of ur ass u fucking scrub. IF u listen to V nasty then u must have an IQ of about 10. and yelawolf is fucking fire his albums gonna be classic and different. NOT a white girl saying nigger like she's black I DONT CARE WHAT YOUVE BEEN THROUGH respect hip hop culture and no your fucking place. once again take you head out of ur ass and go listen to eminem so u can understand lyrical genius and perfect flow delivery

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    50 cent > lil wayne

  • thisis50dotcom

    my nigga fif

  • Brandon Hamm

    We'll see it sometime next year.

    • mike j.

      Check out my team on youtube BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC check out da new video IT'S ALL OVER by Supreme Ra & Doughphresh Da Don give us some feedback support up and coming talent!!!

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Hmm...so is he doing that whole Street King "Feed a Million" shit for the album? And throwing shots at Wayne and Game too? ... either way kids get fed...supposedly

  • Clip One

    Wow guys u need to realise hip hop is not only about the music. It is about sucessful people successful black people in particular. Which 50 cent is a great example of. You guys want to see him in the streets killing people. The man has grown pass that. his sense of responsibility now is different than from when he was in the streets. I respect guy for his success. Yea there are some things about him i dont like. But there is some things about the closest people to me i dont like also. It does not give me a right to hate

  • Anonymous

    50 if your albums don't sale anymore, that means your music career is over. just because you keep your name in the media and own other business (unrelated to music), doesn't mean your music is being sustained lol. he can't accept the fact that he his now a has been rapper like Master P, Mase, Tone Loc, Young MC, Kwame, Big Daddy Kane, Juvenille and the rest of the artist who can't go platinum anymore.

    • Jason Williams

      Big Daddy Kane is a HOF and his era was the 80's so he doesn't really fit with your argument here. But I feel ya. Not a huge 50 fan but I'm sure he'll do ok sales wise.



    • beantownflava

      aahahah totally agree that its been washed up 2 albums ago...i listened to carter 4 like 3 times. when i go to my iPod i don't go to the carter 4 i got to marshal mathers go HAM on every track.

    • Lupe Espinoza

      He plans on dropping Carter V and Carter VI later in the future.

    • Anonymous

      i think wayne isn't doing the carter series again. he has 2 more albums that he is going to drop then he is going to retire.

    • Anonymous

      carter died 2 albums ago... now listen to real shit nigga

  • NYC

    B.I.S.D. 110k first week sales!!! THE NEXT ONE... 10K FIRST WEEK SALES!! NIGGA ITS OVER!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 is a fucking legend, see all the comments this article generates? That's a testament to his revelance to the Hip Hop game. Nobody can resist to click and comment on this article. He build a fucking empire in three years, the same thing took Jay and Diddy 20.

    • bleedgreen

      ya i agree with both...50 did create mad dough ridiculous fast but i would never be like yo 50 cent is in my top 10. he will never be able to top get rich or die trying and thats because his time is over he doesn't have any alter personas and theres no one to target. And yea some hip hop fans are very mainstream and have very short attention spans but if i could ask 50 a question id ask "why doesn't that apply to eminem?" cause HES a legend.

    • room2roam

      lmao.. serously?? does that apply to weezy to? well i clicked bc he's interesting, not bc he's a legend. i dont like his music but the man is entertaining. id i wa son twitter i;d follow him bc i know these things about him BUT i would never purchase any of his music. i do not view him as a legend in any way shape or form. just a good business man. his career is a gimmick. he started off dissing ppl and hasnt stopped yet. and to say the hip hop fans have short attention spans is BS. thats only true for artists that cant constantly put out good music. you put out good music, you stick around. that is all

  • K.O.L

    dont understand why they still hating on 50 he been goin hard since 'Before I Self Destruct' that was his best effort since 'Get Rich Or Die Trying'

  • K.O.L

    to me his last album Before I Self Destruct was his best album since Get Rich Or Die Trying... And most of the songs he been droppin this last year have been good tracks

  • Anonymous

    no matter what i`ll buy his cd.Man 50 is 50, he is real and a legend.Those who followed game bi-polar ass better check snoop, ice cube, eminem, dr.dre, krs-one statements about 50 and see who is the real thug and gangsta rap

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    50 aint put out shit since Stop Snitchin and Stop Lyin. He still aint gonna do shit. G-Uflop.

    • Saad Rajabali

      Pretty sure Before I Self Destruct came out and went gold after that weak ass Stop Bitchin' Stop Cryin' shit Game put out. So go fuck yourself idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Must hurt that you would've never heard of your bi-polar idol if it wasn't for 50. His ass was on the shelve at Aftermath before 50 decided to give him a chance. 50 made his biggest hits. Game performs 50 songs at concerts that are supposed to promote his new album.

    • Anonymous

      SK shits on anything Game has ever done.

    • Anonymous

      uhm you just got out of prison go listen to all the tracks from S.K.

    • Anonymous

      That's the reason Game begged to be a part of G-Unit again, huh?

  • Anonymous


  • jg

    hes gonna drop same at the same time as RICK ROSS!! wow this nigga really want to end his musical career...Fif i love all the charity work you doin but when it comes to the rap game you aint relvant no more, Rozay is sittin on the throne and he gna prove it dec 13!! GOD FORGIVES I DON'T!!

  • Ricky Rozay

    Like anyone gives a shit when this nigga drops his album. His career is over after Rozay ethered him. havent heard shit from him since except for news of his album being pushed back. BTW officer down was a lame ass diss track. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • ahahah

      YOU JUST GOT SHIT ALL OVER ahahahaha damn that was a fucking dumb ass statement. u don't even have to think hard all u gotta say is...oh ya pretty much every eminem album except Encore

    • land lord

      Nas:Illmatic,It Was... BIG:RTD,Life After...

    • Jason Williams

      OB4CL & OB4CL 2. GhostFace's first 4 albums, B.I.G. 2 Albums, Kanye West up until 808'S(If we sticking with just HipHop) then every Kanye solo has been a classic. Ur logic is flawed Sir

    • Anonymous

      outkast-first 4 albums Public enemy-first 4 albums Nas-illmatic/ it was written Mobb Deep-infamous/hell on earth 2pac-Me against world/All eyes on me need i proceed?

    • Anonymous

      Which rapper of his caliber goes to cyphers becase he is all for the competite sport of it? Which rapper of his caliber does a whole project with a motivated underground rapper and makes sure that he gains complete new audiences? Who can come back after a 5 year retirement and countless trends in Hip Hop to sell millions of records? To receive all these grammy's? His commercial orientated tracks are mor lyrical and technically perfected than your favorite album. You go against Eminem, you lose by default. Nobody is able to flow like he did on Hell: The Sequel and still go gold.

    • Anonymous

      Anybody who denies Em's classics, doesn't know shit about Hip Hop. His rapping style influences countless underground rappers to this day. Every single album of him had a huge impact on the scence and commercial-wise. He always brought new rapping techniques and unbelievable concepts to the table. If Eminemm Show ain't a classic, nothing that has been released in the last decade is.

    • yawooh

      my bad, i meant to say Illmatic and It Was Written @Swordz- how the hell is the Eminem show not a classic? Till I Collapse(still used in commercials 2day), cleaning out my closet, sing for the moment, without me, white america, when the music stops..those r just to name a few standout tracks on dat classic LP

    • Swordz

      @the Em stan. The slim shady lp & Em show - are nowhere near classic. Maybe in your teeny white coloured brain they are... MMLP - is arguably a classi - however I disagree as I played for like 2 months in 2000.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Enter The Wu-Tang and Wu-Tang Forever.

    • yawooh

      Blueprint, Black Albulm...Illmatic,Stillmatic

    • EWAY

      A Tribe Called Quest did..actually 3 classics in a row.

    • Anonymous

      lol dude got shut out right away

    • Anonymous

      The Chronic , 2001 ....

    • Anonymous

      slim shady lp, marshal mathers lp, eminem show... thats a classic followin and classic followin another classic!!!

  • ItsTheTruth

    "Hip-Hop culture has a little attention span. So, forget what youve done in the past. Its, what have you done for me lately?" Real shit tho.

  • Brandon Berlow

    hopefully this album is as good as his first and third and not as bard as his last one, bc hes losing all his fame now

    • K.O.L

      to me his last album Before I Self Destruct was his best album since Get Rich Or Die Trying... And most of the songs he been droppin this last year have been good

    • Anonymous

      his first as in Guess Who's Back or GRODT?..because Guess Who's Back is 10x better then any album after Massacre, Curtis was tight though

    • Anonymous

      his third album was the shittiest one of all! BISD wasnt bad but GRDT and massacre were classics!

    • Anonymous

      nobody has every followed up a classic with a classic,. except DMX

  • Anna Bolena

    50's album will release what, dipshit? Release a couple ropes of jizz in your hair? Release a limited edition Steven J Horowitz knucklehead doll? Will be released from Coleman Federal Correctional Facility? Or did you mean it will RELIEVE itself and take a dump in your cubicle while you're out getting more junk food for lunch? Your mastery of the language is awe-inspiring, Horowitz-- your Hebrew School teachers must be proud.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Holy shit, you faggots wanna talk about ethering, check this shit out- this cat went in on good ol' Steven J. This faggot clown fake author just got served hardcore. Hey steven horowitz you fuckin pussy hows it feel to get f'ed in the a? fag

    • Anonymous

      What the FUCK are you talking about....

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