Gangsta Boo Lashes Out At Kreayshawn, Calls Her A "Gimmick"

The Memphis, Tennessee native also brands the "Gucci Gucci" rapstress a "wigger."

Gangsta Boo recently spoke her mind on Kreayshawn, speaking to about how she doesn’t take her seriously. During the interview, she explained that the “Gucci Gucci” rapstress is a “gimmick” and that she considers her a “wigger.”

“I don’t listen to Kreayshawn. I’m really not feeling her,” she said. “I think she’s a wigger. I think she looks like she came out the movie BAPS. You familiar with that movie? Like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don’t know if that’s how white girls do it in Oakland.”

She said that she would have to meet with her personally to understand her character, but that from the outside, she considers her a joke.

“I really don't know, I got to meet her personally to feel her out. To understand like, ‘OK, like this is really this girl, like she ain’t a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she’s not trying to be a black girl. That’s just her.’ So until I meet her I have a little bitter taste in my mouth to her. […] To me its an act and it’s a gimmick but its not a funny one.”

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  • jaediggity

    Who the fuck is lady boo???

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a jelous bitch, i bet when they meet gansta boo act nice to suck off kreayshawns buzz check out this dude punching a girl in her pussy during a video shoot

  • Gangsta Stripper

    "Gangsta Boo" supposed to be real? How come when she first started out she was on the grimey tip and when she got some exposure went the Lil Kim route aka stripper route. I think "Gangsta Boo" jealous of Krey Krey, why else would she have done a "shemix" of gucci gucci? She obviously stands for shemale.

    • Anonymous

      Kreayshawm is a gimmick. She does not represent Oakland. She 'll get her ass kick! Here's an article written by someone from Oakland! It says it all!

  • Anonymous

    The whole world will see if they REALLY from the hood in Oakland, cuz um hearin they FOOD if she ever do a concert in Tha _Town. Dont nobody in these streets fuck with no "white mob" they str8 up fake. If they was smart they wud put that money to good use and pay for protection. LOL maybe V Nasty got some homies to put that work in. WE GONE SEE!!! 700 East Oakland come check us out........

  • Anonymous

    SHE CAN DISS ROZAY BUT LADY BOO CAN'T CALL HER OUT???? White girl mob is short for mafia dumbass. She is just fake and using the "real street mentality" as a gimmick so I can see why Lady Boo is offended. Gangsta Boo is really bout that so "don't talk about that if you aint about that".... is what she is saying.

    • $

      As far as I know V-Nasty at least is 'about that' yeh she shouldn't be sayin nigga but it's true that there from the hood

  • Anonymous

    Tell this fake bitch off Lady Boo!!! She thinks she is you or something. Real is real and fake is fake. Lady Boo = real This bitch = fake

  • .

    Ummmm...why would a black man/woman insult a white man/woman by calling them a wigger??...because you're calling them a white n____r?? Ostensibly, wouldn't that be music to a "wannabe black person's" ears?? While we're on the subject, if by saying whites only listen to hip hop because they want to be black, then you're saying that hip hop isn't good enough for white people [or anyone] to appreciate for the music itself. You're therefore insulting your own artform as you're saying nobody could appreciate it unless they were a self-race-loathing individual. This is not true...hip hop stands on its own and is good enough [some may even say superior] an artform when placed next to any other. I don't listen to either of these morons...just find the use of the word "wigger" very contradictory to its usual intent.

    • Anonymous

      A white girl running around yelling nigga is some klan shit!! Plain and simple. I feel bad for Them white chicks like Eternia & Invincible, you know Kreayshawn poppin up just made there job 100x's harder, already had a hard enough time gettin takin serious without the "White Girl Mob" What part of Oakland they from? What street do they post at? I'm born and raised in Tha Town and dont nobody in these streets no these hoes. If they really from the hood or if V Nasty "sell crack" tell me where. Nobody in Tha Town fuck wit no White Mob...LOL, where they at??? Take a video camera to yo set. Fuck outta here wit that fake gangsta shit. 700 East Oakland come check us out...........

    • Anonymous

      Wigger is a white girl saying nigger. Get it now??

  • Victor Hernandez

    Is that Tyler Perry in a wig?

  • x

    How is Kreayshawn a gimmick when she's from the hood.. same with V-Nasty whos frm Oakland projects... 'gangsta boo' only sayin this shit based purely on the fact there white...

  • Anonymous

    She opened herself up for criticism when she dissed Rozay for no reason what so ever. He never said one word to her. She is the definition of a pure W-I-G-G-E-R!!

  • Ryan Vaughn Diezel Nivins

    She just mad cuz no ones checking for her anymore. Put some new music out and stop bitching about others who dong they thing.

    • GTFOOH

      I would tell you to eat a dick but it seems like you already have a mouth full. Kreyshawn can gone with that gucci prada bullshit. But you may like that kind of bullshit music don't you fun boy

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta Boo is right. The bitch is a wigger and she lame for dissing Ross for no reason.

  • TRE817


  • Anonymous

    ...and everything about you is fake, especially that busted ass weeve. You're hair ain't that long (Chris Rock voice)

  • Shawty Ace Fan



    What part of Oakland they from? What street do they post at? Im born and raised in Tha Town and dont nobody in these streets no these hoes. If they really from the hood or if V Nasty "sell crack" tell me where. Nobody in Tha Town fuck wit no White Mob...LOL, where they at??? Take a video camera to yo set. Fuck outta here wit that fake gangsta shit. 700 East Oakland come check us out...........

    • uh

      who u askin? Why dont u tell every1 where u sell at? while ur at it why dont u give out ur phone number and house number incase the police are watchin

  • 1

    its funny in america how only blacks can be 'ghetto' compared to the uk where u got estates('projects') and other such areas filled with whites aswell who are working class or just straight poor. Big cultural differences between the uk & u.s...

  • Your Grandpa

    It's funny as hell when someone comes out and states the obvious about a situation everybody comes out of the wood work to hate on that person. Everybody and their grandmother knows Kreayshawn is a gimmick of the month or year (if she last that long). Its because Boo is Black and called this trash, exactly what she is, trash that got youll mad. If the rapper is trash (black, white, green, purple) I dont care called their sorry ass out. That way the game wont be watered down with some much trash as isit is today. And besides Kreyshawn will never be nice on the mic like Boo is and if you like that Gucci Gucci shit you must be some undercover fag.

  • Random

    She don't want to mess with Gangsta Boo on the mic (or in person). Any real hip-hop fan would know that. Most dudes wouldn't go at Boo on the mic either. She'd ghostwrite their verse and then toss the body in the ditch.

  • Rogerthat

    She acts white as hell in my opinion, just cause she's half hood and makes hiphop (black music) doesn't mean the broad acts white imo. She definitely is wack though.

  • K-Dogg

    Both sucks, woman sucks at hip hop, woman is in position to ride hip hop dick bitches stop actin like you got penis or sumthing.... Only relevant woman rappah is Missy Elliot. Others are 100% pure genuine garbage.

  • bkstylz

    ....Sounds like Boo is just mad cuz Kreayshawn can naturally grow and style her hair like the weave she is wearing.

  • bkstylz

    So after years of being out of sight, this broad gets on one track with Yelawolf and now we care what she thinks?

  • Six

  • whackboo

    fuck Gangsta boo...trash ass mofo...kreayshawn is a piece of trash, boo aint no better...garbage...end of story.

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta Boo is the real deal. She rob muthafuckas for real and I aint playing either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Everybody knows that little white bitch running around Hip-Hop calling folks nigga aint' hood. That shit is just racist.

  • Anonymous

    dont really give a fuck what she's talkin about, I just wanna say that Gangster Boo looks like a pre-op transexual. I wouldnt even touch u with someone elses dick bitch.

  • James Vega

    From one gimmick to another...

  • Anonymous

    WIGGER- White Ignorant Gimmick Gives Everyone Rimjobs.. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Get that white bitch boo!

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    man LOL at the white boys talkin extra wreckless! u keep all that tough talk in cyber world like the coward you are. talk that shit in real life to an actual black man and you get your shit split, simple. aint nobody playin but yall. This is our life, to you is just rap lyrics and gimmicks. u bitch. saying "nigga" is NOT vital to your existence! get the fuck over yourselves already! WHITE PEOPLE INVENTED RACISM and havent atoned for any of it. thats more than enough so theres no way on gods green earth are you ever gonna be able to spew "nigger" in fun while an entire race sits back and accepts it wtf u thinking? you think some rap lyrics is gonna make anybody understand where your coming from? u white dudes is fuckin cowards man straight up...

    • Hamad Yasouff

      LOL @ SvR....."keep all that tough talk in cyber world like the coward you are. talk that shit in real life you get your shit split, simple" - H.Y.P.E.R.

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      LOL @ DTOM..."keep all that tough talk in cyber world like the coward you are. talk that shit in real life to an actual black man and you get your shit split, simple" -SvR

    • D Tom

      So let me get this straight... Any black person can beat up any white person? Funny I have never seen a black person fight without at least 2 other friends. And why youm ad at a white person saying "nigga"? They are just ignorant, kind of like you. Haha keep that trash talk in Cyber-land? Then what the fuck you doin' after you say that? dumbass

  • Mr.Mean

    Who is Gangsta Boo?!?!

  • Jeremy King

    She just speakin her mind and not really being disrespectful*


    Gangsta Boo is still sexy. I wanna romance her.

  • tek

    this fat ugly nigger bitch just mad cause her nasty ass roast beef punani all torn up. kreayshawn all cute and tight and shit, this bitch a hater trying to get attention. fuck outta here. by the way, kreayshawn, you whack as fuck, real talk.

    • Anonymous

      I saw the naked pictures of krey and she looked like an albino stray dog that hadnt eaten in months. Would much rather have fat bitch than Golem.

  • AC

    Gangsta Boo is speaking the truth. She has stayed relevant in the underground rap scene since leaving Three 6 Mafia. I bet a lot of ya'll change your tune when her song with Eminem and Yelawolf drops next month. So glad to see that Gangsta Boo is in the spotlight again. She could outrap most dudes rappin today.

  • jg

    lmao wtf in the top pic she lookin mad cute kinda like dawn from Dirty the video that bitch looks HIT

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Them white chicks like Eternia & Invincible, you know Kreayshawn poppin up just made there job 100x's harder, already had a hard enough time gettin takin serious without the "White Girl Mob"

    • R.Pgh

      Was thinking that same thing. Invincible is pretty ill. She makes some quality music, but anyone who would see her without hearing her will automatically lump her in with the Kreashawns of the world.

  • Anonymous

    this black ape needs to stop hating on kreayshawn. black didn't invent none of the clothes gangsta boo is wearing, so she trying to be white. also, last time i checked, brown skinned black women were not born with blond hair. gangsta boo trying to be white!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous

      The bitch was hating in Ross

    • Swordz

      Your a dicck, Firstly - there is difference between wearing clothes (a human thing) - and changing your accent and pretending to be somthing ur not - using the word nigger>>?? Secondly - Rah - gangsta boo looks alot nicer in the profile picture. When I saw the video I was disapppointed. Thirdly - fuck your young white cracker ass! (the last one a joke - im black but not racist or ignornant like your dub ass is!)

  • blunt

    everyone in rap is a gimmick now. And get of the white people saying nigga issue unless you add all the other races in it. Cheap shot to single one race out. I'm from the bay and every race(Filipino, mexican, Vietnamese, Cambodian...and yes white kids say nigga. Why should'nt they. Rappers like wu-tang said it was ok at the concerts we go to. It's in every rap lyric practically, and you want people to buy your records. Shit, Gangsta Boo i'm sure you use the word, but if you want your records to sell the white kids are the ones buying so expect them to repeat your lyrics. That goes for every rapper.

    • Anonymous

      rapper are black. I don't run around calling white people wet dogs on rainy days. What up my wet dog. What up DUB DOG!!!

    • Rain

      Agree with Severe tbh. It seems alot of white guys have been angered hence the overload of trolling in this article. Its fine to be racist online but be very careful when your out and about. Ive seen many a beating over the term, hell Ive even knocked a few dudes about for aggresively calling me a nigga. Wu Tang should not be helping you make life decisions, as a non-black you need to make up your own mind instead of being the sort of sheep that lead to slavery in the first instance.

    • Hyahyahyahyahyahya

      @Severe Go talk loud when u talk bout white in outside nigga, we will take time to listen to ur problem. Otherwise go to counselor or sum shit like that where soldiers from Iraq collecting and talking bout each others problem lol. Long story short you mentally challenged person looks sad when u try hard but no one gives a flying fuck. kthxbai

    • Severe Thebeneficent

      LOL listen at this guy...and the sad part about it is he thinks he has a point! this is typical white boy rebelliousness. rebelling is in your nature! shit if white kids didnt rebel slaves wouldnt have learned how to read, we wouldnt have escaped slavery etc! You could care less about anything else you want your way! whaaaa "wu tang said we can say nigger" whaaaa! LLS! what kinda shit is that? listen as long as you keep your funny ass argument online its all good wit can act as tough, be as brave and say whatever you want without repercussions on the internet! site after site, story after story you white boys are really mad! How are you into hip hop but soon as you cant say "nigga" now everybody is an ape or a black monkey? And dude talkin about Wu tang, how you listen to wu tang and dont overstand equality? its fuckin 2011! wtf are you listening to the words or the beat? And lol at your buddy talkin bout "real talk" HAHAHA smdh...white boys man...

  • What happened to real female mcs

    Meh..the state of female rappers has been long dead for over a decade anyway. Most of these chicks music can't hold my attention anymore. Word to Sean Price.

    • What happened to real female mcs

      I forgot about Invincible, she's actually really dope. I remember a song she did called "The Locusts"..her & some other rapper (I forget dude's name) rapped about the housing situation in Detroit.

    • Anonymous

      Check out Rhapsody and say that real female MC's arent out there, or Invinvible from Detroit, a white chick who can actually tap

  • Mr. 306

    Wigger? How old are you? nobody is trying to be black. There's thugs and gangsters in every culture. I'd gladly snookie this bitch. Kreayshawn clearly has a ghetto pass in Oakland or she would be shot. GUCCI GUCCI MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      A ghetto pass in Oakland. smh HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, the same pass Lil B got K.O.ed with on youtube. Bitch please!!! YOU ARE JUST HER WIGGER FAN!!!

    • shawtyacefan


  • Josh

    Kreayshawn sucks. I'm glad we all agree on that. But who the fuck is this ignorant bitch? "Wigger", bitch please. It's 2011, get out of the 90's you twat.

    • Anonymous

      Why, the 90's were so much better, lol, I try to pretend I'm still there whenever possible too Peace God *Walks off wearing Timbo Boots % Oversized starter Jacket*

  • huh

    saw the first pic of Gangsta Boo: "not bad, not bad at all" scrolled down 1 inch and saw the screen on the video: "shit nevermind"

  • Anonymous

    Kreash-yawwwn will not release an album, and even if she does, it will sell no more than 20k.

  • LosThree

    Thanx for the laughs youngsters. I hope this blows up so u can find out who gangsta boo is the hard way. "black haven style, put the pistol to ur mouth" -gangsta boo Get em girl.

  • dee

    she is a gimmick i have heard one song "gucci gucci" on the radio like twice only other time i hear bout these chicks is on a blog aboout them saying nigga or beefin' with rick ross...wheres the music??gimmick!!

  • Anonymous

    Kreayshawn is a living, breathing punchline , somewhere out there vanilla ice is watching her on TV thinking to himself "And they thought I was bad??"

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta boo is washed up, and never was hot, no ones checkin for her anymore anyway... STOP HATING!!!

  • Bmoreborn84

    Hey faggot ass Matt, hindering society? Funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. You try to make a point but you must be a faggot fan of these garbage bitches. V nasty? Wtf you can't be serious yo. That shit should be Nasty V, nasty vagina! yo I swear all these cats that are under 26 have no fucking clue what real hip hop is. So faggot Matt keep contradicting yourself cuz. Baltimore, DMV, Philly, new York stand up

    • Rain

      You mean under 21 right? Cause I dont know anyone over 21 that listens to WGM trash unless your coon then your excused.

  • Bmoreborn84

    I'm white by the way you clowns, get got cuz. DMI DMI

  • Bmoreborn84

    Are there actually cats defending this dumb krayshawn bitch? I don't care what year it is and where you from but popping off all the time saying "nigga" if you are white is ridiculous. I've been born and rasied in west Baltimore, most my boys are black, but anyone who's real knows to respect others and just not say that shit. Whether you mean it in a bad way or not, y'all must be some young ignorant motherfuckers man! "She just got outta jail, sells crack, and has a kid." haha really cuz, are those the qualifications to be ignorant as fuck and say " nigga "? These dumb ass bitches would last about an hour out here in the streets of bmore. #truth

    • Rain

      Most of the cats defending her wack ass are all the same person. Trust one of her slaves, to run their mouths on the internet talking about how black people should accept being called niggas. Fuck dat shit! Their massa needs to keep a tight reign on their ass .Fuck V-Nasty is God/Pro V-Nasty Anonymous/Mat/Dominic ImaPussy Herrera!

  • Dominic ImaBeast Herrera

    who the HELL is gangsta boo? look like just another fat broad mad cus a skinny broad gettin all teh attention. fukin typical

    • twoholla

      Anonymous: LOL! so your facebook page has it down that you like "the golden age of hip hop" but you don't even know who she is when she was around not too far after that? You're a fuckn poser and a lame. I CO-SIGN ANONYMOUS to the fullest & let me say this...I'm in Oakland & we not all accepting that 'WHITE GIRL MOB''s really a big fucking joke being hyped by the media & internet blog-fucks...except for that big fat roley-poley punk-mista fwab co-signing these bitches because he got a little head from these whack's like this...have you ever had a crew of homies that you rolled with...& in the have that one dude, who talks hella shit but he's only 5feet, & alwayz gets his ass stomped & knocked out first when there's a brawl or beef...& you keep him around because he's funny & entertaining...but you don't really take his threats or words seriously because you know he can't & he won't back any of it up...well that's kreayshawn & the white girl a nutshell...yeah...they may have a FEW real niggaz backing them up...because they sprung on white girlz & white pussy...but 98% of the real Gz, real niggaz, gansters, & hustlers out here don't even know that a Kreayshawn even exists, let alone...any acknowledgement of a new 'mob' or crew that threatens territory or skrilla I co-sign

    • Anonymous

      LOL! so your facebook page has it down that you like "the golden age of hip hop" but you don't even know who she is when she was around not too far after that? You're a fuckn poser and a lame.

  • Vann Digital Networks

    Fuck all that!!! The world need another Gangsta Boo album.

  • Anonymous

    gangsta boo looks hot in that pic...not in that vid lol

  • matt

    gangsta boo better watch her fucking mouth before she gets her jaw snapped no challenge. anyone who gets "offended" by white people saying nigga are probably either a) white or b) old as fuck. either way your hindering society's development by continuing to latch onto the taboo and pain that stems from a certain word that's being desensitized by the young generation, both black, white, brown, etc. who don't get offended by the word. the area v-nasty's from doesn't specify the word nigga to black people anymore, it's free reign. chances are , v-nasty is more hood than gangsta boo is, at least at this point in their respective lives. nasty just fucking got out of jail she fucking sells crack and has at least one kid. and she's barely older than twenty. v-nasty is more of a gangsta than gangsta boy. but people are scared to express that opinion because they're hindered by standards that the hip hop community, which is narrow-minded in a lot of ways, has instilled. bow!


      Tell me where in The Town V Nasty sell drugs? What street does she get money? What jail was V Nasty in? What pod? What color was she wearing in that pod? Name the people in her pod. What area, or set do they hang? FUCK OUTTA HERE...IM IN THA TOWN DAILY AND NOBODY WUD CO SIGN THESE HOES OT HERE IN THESE STREES. I AM_THA TOWN

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck are all those qualities of V-Nasty (jailed, drug dealer, young mother) held up as positives?

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta Boo lool faill

  • Anonymous

    Gangsta Boo loooooooooooool Gimmick

  • SMH

    Kreayshawn is definitely a one-hit wonder, but I refuse to listen to a chick who calls herself "Gangsta Boo".

  • Bom919

    nah its her wack ass sister that needs the ass whooping. Kreashawn was the smart one that didnt use the N-word. Atleast in public but her bitch ass sister v nasty was chanting it like it was the coolest word in the world. Screw that bitch why the hell has no one merked her yet?

    • Vann Digital Networks

      Kreayshawn done said the N-word 1 time on Twitter that I know of. Thats how this whole shit started.

  • V-Nasty is God

    (-.-).... Now I know that this old ass played out transvestite looking crime mob... no wait.. triple 6 mafia reject does not have the nerve to call out the hottest female rapper in the game right now. Talking about how Kreay looks like something out of "BAPS", bitch you look like something out of ru-paul's drag race. Kreayshawn is pure authentic Oakland. She's just mad that her career is dead... MUERTA! Homegirl hasn't put out an album since 2000. Sit down somewhere. V-Nasty makes this weak bitch look like jigglypuff. NOBODY is touching the white girl mob.



    • V-Nasty is God

      Fuck "BMore", the east coast ain't got shit on the WESTSIIIIDE. WGM 4 life.

    • Bmoreborn

      Hahahha. Come through west Baltimore and pop that bullshit. The bitches here would have none of that shit. White and blacks! white girl mob?.hahaha I'm white and I feel bad that these dumb bitches are white as well. They are some straight up sad fucking excuses for human beings.#real talk DMI. BGF

  • Hypestyle

    Tell Boo to stop dressing mannish and let her natural hair color grow back.. sheesh..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah if your name is Gangsta Boo, you aren't allowed to criticize anyone on being gimmicky

  • V-Nasty takes it up the pooper

    I really do...

  • Anonymous

    You hear that kids? Thats the sound millions of hip hop fans chanting for White Girl Mobs ass whooping.

  • Anonymous

    Ive never heard of gangsta boo or whatever the fuck that other name is lol...

  • jack johnson

    ok who the hell is gangsta boo and give gives a rats ass what she thinks

    • Violent J

      How have y'all never heard of Gangsta Boo she was an Hypnotize Camp Posse original member..... Just look up "Who Run It" on YT thats Gangsta Boo.

  • Anonymous

    It would be lovely if she would stomp he ass as well.

  • Daddy

    too bad she didn't mention V-Nasty.

  • grimm

    kreayshawn is lower than trash

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