Tyler, The Creator Says He Has A Beat Saved For Lil Wayne

The Odd Future leader admits that he's "too scared" to submit the instrumental for consideration.

After Lil Wayne expressed his support for Odd Future, ringleader Tyler, The Creator has revealed that he has a beat on reserve for the Young Money chief. Speaking with MTV’s RapFix, the producer/rapper said that he already has the instrumental cooked up but that he has reservations about sending it over.

"I actually have this beat that I want him on, but I was too scared to get it to [my manager] Clancy to get it to them, but Wayne's cool," he said.

Tyler also spoke on meeting Weezy for the first time, recalling that he couldn’t even get a word in while he showered praise on the West Coast emcee.

“I wanted to kinda fan out and sh--, but he gave me a speech about how happy he was that I won a VMA and that seeing my mom go crazy kinda made him feel like he won it too, because that sh-- was real as f---."

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  • David banner

    fuck tyler the creator. his satanic worshipping ass. he says he is an atheist but in almost every song he is always talking about christians and just saying random shit. i dont get how ur an atheist and all u do is diss 1 religion not all. if he was really an atheist, he would diss all but that's not the case. i listen to his songs and my ears bleeds. i'd rather listen to lil b.seriously, id rather listen to lil b

  • sayed

    even though eminem's my favorite rapper i'm not ashamed wen i say goblin and bastard put together are better than recovery and hell the sequel put together ppl criticize tyler and they only listen to one song yonkers listen to the album muthafuckaz a satan worshipper wont do songs like she her and inglorious odd future sucks tyler's the bomb FUCK WEEZY

  • Dastan Abdali

    scared to send someone a beat? insecure bitch

  • Luka CuDi Bali

    fuck y'all haters.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler don't even waste a good beat on that mumbling-ass donkey Lil Wayne. The only good thing about a Wayne album anymore are the beats.

  • Anonymous

    This SATANIC lil pussy... Fuck him and Odd Future...

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Tyler looks like a retarded jackass.

  • Phase

    Fuk Tyler , and Wayne, both of them niggas is sellout ass Pop artist, that ain't real hip- hop Immortal technique is real hip-hop

  • sdfghj

    poor tyler... can't see that wayne is swagger jackin the fuck out of him right now. first it was the clipse, then jim jones, now tyler. shameful shit

  • jr88

    tyler is cool i just wish he would stop talking out of his ass so much...wayne is lame to me but i guess its a good co sign for him....is it me or does tyler have one of those faces that you just want to punch...like if i saw him in the street laughing i would just want to woop his ass...lol

  • Game

    Oooweee I would love to have a threesome with those two. Hit me up guys!!!

  • Anonymous

    say what you want about his rapping but the guy does a pretty good lil wayne impression lol

    • Anonymous

      I didn't see him raping hip-hop culture in that video so I'm not sure how he has a good Lil Wayne impression...

  • Anonymous


  • ThatKidWithTheCrown

    Tyler did a pretty good Wayne impression at the end.

  • the guy

    fucking dick riding monkey!


    i love stretching my asshole, i want lil wayne to stick his tongue and grills in it along with his dick adorned with nigerian hair

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Man, after that "how to love" remix that was poted yesterday that was flaming as hell, wayne better of trying to get ill beats...

  • Anonymous

    this guy doesnt make sense he said in a video that he didnt like lil wayne and now hes cool this guy is a poser,camodity, puppet and all you people that like him are too you dont realize this guy doesnt make sense he hates real dope hip hop likes justin beiber and waka wtf is that all he does is do dumb shit to get attention like a girl if you really listen to his album it has no content its just a bunch of shit talking and the beats are horrid they are really cheap i cant front i used to like him bastard was alright i liked yonkers because of the beat and so did YOU people that what drew yall attention but i sat there and really listen to the lyrics an they dont make sense its just a bunch of shit he saying trying to rhyme he tries to hard to contradict him self but fails call me a hater blah blah seems like given an opinion now is hating to everybody because they cant take good criticism no mutherfucker its just facts

    • P brain

      He said the drought 3 was his shit, which is was. Wayne has some good material. Im not a fan of him, but he does have some good tracks, but then he has some very bads, in which yea he's been influenced by all this mainstream shit, because that what he has become a music star, even though how gay that sounds. I bet you ask tyler if he likes how to love, or most of the other gay songs hes made (lollipop), he'd say no. But wayne can go on a beat he can still make something good. tyler said he got a beat for, i bet the beat is good enough so tyler don't make a fool out of himself.

    • Anonymous

      this man speaks the truth



    • Anon

      for sure. too bad the beats usually outshine his horrible grumbling and whack ass metaphors and low quality flow. Rarely does Wayne catch a beat like a true emcee. quit with the hype...

  • anonymous

    it dont matter what beat you give him, lil wayne is motherfucking WACK!

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna diss B.o.B. and bruno mars but fuck with wayne? rap cats today man i swear

    • Anonymous

      word malcom, you need to erase that fucking pic of your face man... u aint never gonna get play looking like a 35 yr old man holy SHIT!

    • Anonymous

      its funny you say that because goes back to this guy is just trying to get attention since when he like justin beiber and waka flocka but disses bob and bruno for god sakes its gayer to listen to justin then bruno goes back to this guy doesnt make sense, tell me this when the fuck did you see eminem when he dissed nsync backstreet boys etc. go back and be friend them or like people who were just like them isnt that ironic? thats because eminem didnt like them and he really felt like that i think tyler says that shit because he knows whats gonna get him attention he doesnt really hate these people he likes them hes a GIRL

    • Negro

      I was gonna reply to Malcolm, but the lil nigga still in high school (even though he look like an old ass nigga), so nevermind.

    • Seriously...

      You call BoB a pop act? Have you heard anything by him that aren't his first two singles off his latest album? Dude is mad talented and is way more "hip-hop" than Lil Wayne is. I'll admit wayne was the shit 2004-2007, that ain't the case anymore.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Because despite the radio hits Lil Wayne has some song that don't suck total ass. President Carter ain't a bad track off of C4. Neither is it's good. Bobby and Bruno are just pop acts trying to mix it in with hip hop acts.

  • yezzi!

    let the hating begin!!!!! ROUND 1 GOOO

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