?uestlove Says The Roots' "undun" Is Finished, D'Angelo's In "Home Stretch" For Third LP

The Roots' bandleader updates on the group's upcoming album and says D'Angelo is almost finished with his oft-delayed record.

Shortly after announcing the group’s thirteenth album undun, The Roots has completed the project. Speaking with Billboard’s The Juice, drummer ?uestlove explained the concept around the LP, stating that it focuses on a single person composite of several stories.

"We actually completed [the album] at five [o'clock] this morning, so it's officially done," he said of the album, which features Big K.R.I.T. and Phonte. "It's essentially a biographical narrative about Redford Stephens. Stephens [is] a composite of four or five people that we've known over the past few years from Philadelphia."

He also updated on D’Angelo’s near-mythical third record, stating that it’s in the “home stretch” and that Q-Tip has worked on the project. “I'm on his [D'Angelo's] record as well," he said. "He's in the home stretch right now. I know that Fred Wesley and the JB Horns just did a cut that Q-Tip did; I know he's doing his vocals right now."

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  • Anonymous

    Nice! Great news. But how the hell is everybody co-signing D'Angelo's Voodoo album? Brown Sugar blew that shit out the water. For crying out loud, I got laid to that album. Voodoo was dope, but not as much as Brown Sugar. I hope his 3rd lp has that feel to it...

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I'm prepared to wait 20 years for a new D'Angelo album. He's the last great male R&B artist left.

    • oskamadison

      TRUTH!!!...but John Legend and Raphael Saadiq is holdin' it down a lil' something.

    • Raiden

      Last great Neo-soul artist. His next album is heavily weighing on whether his style of production and singing skill has changed, so Its not a matter of time at all. The key thing is has he still got what It takes.

  • Mu

    The Roots last album, "How I Got Over", may have been my favorite of last year. I didn't just listen to that album, I FELT that album. I hope "undun" has the same effect on me

  • jason

    i loved the last album!!! dear God is such a cool ass song and video.

  • harris89

    Word. I was just listening to Voodoo like all day yesterday, hope he drops James River soon!

  • Steezo

    at this point whose checkin for Dangelo? SOO many doper soul singers out that are way better than him Example : Eric roberson,jesse boykins,anthony hamilton,Geno Young,john legend

    • yes

      and have we forgotten a certain Maxwell????

    • jg

      i dont know who this got to bashing john legend, but he made Once Again which I consider the classic RnB album of the deacde..revolver was definitely disappointing but thats because he specifically chose to move away from soul musci for a bit and go for a faster paced pop sound. Not unlike how Kanye switched up his style in 808s. However WAKE UP did not disappoint and I think his next lp will go back a try to rediscover that classic JL sound. I'll also be checkin for the new D'Angelo too

    • djbvax

      Yea Um NON of those artist are better than D'angelo. Quest and Tip are fucking with him because of that reason. New doesn't mean better.

    • Anonymous

      So, by your standards, if an artist is good, but there are others better than said artist, people shouldn't check for that artist? Really

    • Mu

      If the D'Angelo album doesn't drop soon, I will STILL be checking his (and Lauryn Hill's for that matter) music when I'm 50! Co-sign Ughhh tho. The only artist you named who is equal to D'Angelo at his best is MAYBE John Legend, and his last album was trash other than "Green Light"

    • Anonymous

      agree with ughhh

    • Ughhh

      Whenever a comment begins with, "Who's checking for ______ now anyway..." 95% of the time it's pure bullshit. D'Angelo made 2 classic records. Voodoo is better than the entire catalogue of each artist you mentioned. Excellent music doesn't have a fucking expiration date.

  • guerilla jones

    all good things...

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