Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, The D.O.C. & Others Team Up For Dr. Dre's "Detox"

More details emerge from the West as Snoop, Quik, The D.O.C., Battlecat and others team up to create 4 songs for Dr. Dre's "Detox."

More details have emerged pertaining to Dr. Dre's Detox, though fans have been skeptical about its release for years. The album, which originally began to take form in 2002 has undergone several changes, many release dates, years of anticipation and years of criticism. Dr. Dre has even faced criticism from his longtime collaborators Eminem (most notably on one of the album's singles "I Need a Doctor") and Snoop Dogg, who said Dre is surrounding himself with the wrong people

Although many have said the album was close to being released for years, Kendrick Lamar most recently announced this news again. According to Lamar, the album is "basically done" and "getting mixed." Snoop Dogg also shared in the sentiments and it seems he is a greater part of the process now. 

In a recent video, Snoop Dogg joined forces with DJ Quik, Battlecat, The D.O.C. and others teamed up to create four songs for Dr. Dre's Detox. According to Snoop, two of those songs would be solo cuts for Dre while the other two would be collaborations between Snoop and Dre. Two videos were released, both featuring all of these artists collectively working on the project and discussing the need to release quality work. The video footage can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    this shit been so delayed idk if its gonna have the impact its supposed to have check out this dude punching a girl in her pussy during a video shoot

  • Anonymous

    West coast been asleep for a minute now,. lol

  • Anonymous


  • guest

    Lol at them makin tracks JUST for Dre. This things gonna come out and its gonna have like 3 tracks that Dre did himself, everything else is gonna be other people.

  • DK

    I lost interest as soon as Dre said it wasn't a concept album anymore. There needs to be more Rap Concept albums, there have been so few really good ones. The only ones that come to mind are "Minstrel Show" by Little Brother and "A Grand Don't Come For Free" by The Streets.

  • fo shizzle?

    how snoop dogg going to help making a classic when he aint make a classic album since doggystyle. thats 1 hot album ever 20 years that shit lame had spark when he started now he just garbage

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  • rumor

    I heard i Bar is on the new detox, but it might not be true..

  • Frank

    Shit aint never coming n if it does no ones goin to care lets be real here people!

    • Real Talk

      lol all you motherfuckers are funny. Detox was never meant to materialize into a real project. Didnt you read the KRS book ruminations? He said you should always promote an upcoming project even if it isnt real. The real question is: Why are you you supposed hip hop heads dying to hear an album from a guy who not only has an army of ghostwriters, but also needs other artists to spit his verses first so he can understand the flow? Dre is a producer...period..he never wrote for NWA, didnt write the chronic...actually starting to thing dude is illerate...would u anticipate MY album is it had some banging Dre beats and Eminem and Snoop wrote all my verses?!?! lol wake the fuck up, Dre is a rapper not a hip hop artist..learn the difference and you can free yourself from the media trap that is Detox.

  • lootdiamondz

    nothing released thats said to be on the album will be. shits wack. what theyre workin on in that video right there is what it is. SINESTER! str8! you already kno whats its gonna be. smack u in the face west_coast G shit.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Snoop. Get those niggas on point!

  • asdf

    about 70% of the people on this site are retarded.

  • Anonymous

    That video is over 6 months old. Maybe a year.

  • willie naturals

    They just basically sold the album. In my mind, i already purchased that mutha f----- . Big love to Snoop for bringing the essense of the chronic back on the scene.

  • Get in there DRE!!!

    Great videos, awesome to see all this talent in the same room together vibing for Detox, but where the fuck Dre at??? This is supposed to be his album, you'd expect dude to be there when it's being done!!! I know about ghostwriters and ghostproducers he's used in the past, but still, damn.. couldn't you at least show up for the video to give an impression you actually did something except mix that shit? I have no reason to believe the album will be anything less than great, but the absence of Dre here is just DISAPPOINTING. Other than that, the clips were nice!

  • Dae II Dae

    Producers LOVE to see this type of behind the scenes... I love that passion you hear from Snoop seven minutes into that first video. That is no different from what you hear in a locker room from a head coach, a board room from a CEO-that's how you get a championship recipe. Paint a clear picture for the team of what you want so everybody is on the same page. That was legendary though: Battlecat, Quik, DJ Pooh, DOC, RBX, that was just missing Nate Dogg (rip), Dre and Crooked I...I'm just sayin'

  • anonymous

    i dont even kno wat all u fools are hatin about those tracks were bangin ! theres some hope for detox now definetly buyin that shit whenever the hell it comes out.... only thing is i dont understand why dre wasnt there

  • mario

    dj quik shhh was bangin fuck yall goofies talking bout......

  • Anonymous

    who is quick? who is snoop? They aint had a hit since 80's/90's

  • Anonymous

    Dre needs new talent not old lame ass rappers whos career is done. Fuck snoop, Quick, d.o.c. And dont get me started about snoop and the d.o.c. made a classic that was 20 years ago!!!!!!!

  • J-Thoro

    Westcoast are all fake

  • Deshaun

    So many comments here and not one mention of the legendary DJ Pooh who is also in the video. C'mon ya'll! The man who produced 'Smooth', 'New York, New York', 'It Was A Good Day' among other classics.

  • Anonymous

    the west coast will be back when he drops this shit

  • Anonymous

    yo those beats were fuckin crazy

  • MYTH

    When will you children realize that 'Detox' is a myth?

  • Anonymous

    i dont care how many years i waited, im still buyin this shit!!

  • 35

    everybody in there BUT dre. dre got niggas working on detox while he lifts weights in solitude. loner ass scared white boy ass nigga. scared of his old friends company, he stays close to jimmy. dre's looking for a hit to mix, since he can't come up with anything on his own. what a fraud.

  • beatz24

    hot dayum man where is dj khalil and danny keyz they wouldve killed them records better yet where is mel man how could you try to study and outdo 2001 without mel man or hitmans input

    • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.`s good to know that someone still reads credits, thanks! It was funny to hear Snoop talk about "Still D R E" becuz only 2 niggaz that`s in these video`s were there. The D.O.C. & Battle Cat, other`s present that day in July of 99 @ A & M studio`s, me, Scott Storch(piano) & Mel-Man(drums).

  • Anonymous

    So at this point, Snoop is dying his facial hair so he doesn't get that salt and pepper look right?

  • Nico 3

    Anonymous - You don't even exist on here faggot. Unless you got something constructive to say, take the moderator's dick out of your mouth, put it back in your ass, and wait for Detox like the broke loser you truly are.

  • Carlos Lincoln

    If only Dilla was here. I could only imagine the input he'd add to it.

  • str82dapoint

    This is crazy... all these dudes in the studio to make Dre's album and he is nowhere in either video. These sessions are probably gonna be scrapped like 90% of the songs that have been made for Detox. This is gonna be one of those things where when Dre passes away they are gonna have a Detox 1-20 to release and the record execs are gonna be eatin off the unreleased shit for YEARS. Funny how Snoop said Detox is gonna feature Em... no shit! He's on the second single I Need A Doctor! LOL That ain't news!

    • Jon

      Snoop was talking about "Slim" referring to Slim Da Mobster, not Eminem. Why would Snoop call Eminem by his nickname?

  • Anonymous

    CAN'T WAIT FOR DETOX literally :( been waiting for 10 years

  • SutterKane

    Tired of clowns talking about "Old ass Rappers" on this site Em is about to turn 40 and outsells all these younger dudes out here, Jay-Z creepin towards 50 and outsells most of them, Talent doesnt have an age limit Plus, If I ran a label, Id make my target demographic cats in there 30's and up anyway, since most the kids out here were born with a keyboard up their ass and probably couldnt even tell you what a record store looks like. lol, your biggest Icon is Lil Wayne and in 15 years he's only sold 10 million albums, smh, his best seller is only triple platinum, which is a joke


    I just loved to see them creative juices and passion in the studio... them cats is vibin

  • David James Robinson

    Spotted RBX in that second vid

  • Anti-matter

    I've got no doubt in my mind now that Detox is going to eclipse every hip hop album thats been released in the last 10 years and every hip hop album to be released in the next 10 years. I really cant see that Detox has been delayed for so long for no reason. This is going to be a monster!!

    • Anonymous

      Then ur like 17 and havent been waiting for it...its changed 10 times. Orignally it was supposed to be no drugs gangster shit and it was gonna tell the story of a hitman..yea kush fits right in.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! 4 more tracks? What's that? So songs 100 to 104? Puhleease with the detox spam articles.


    THA CARTER I & II>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE CHRONIC & 2001

  • Jon

    How late are HHDX's reporters? Snoop put out part 1 a month ago and part 2 a fortnight ago!

  • C.J.

    How come Snoop doesn't put this much effort into his own shit?? Appreciate Snoop for taking the initiative even though Dre is too scared to put it out.

  • TRUTH........ ACCEPT IT


    • Gman918

      Your dumb as hell anonymous game is only 31 get your facts straight... Needs a track with game kdot and jay rock.

    • Anonymous

      Nipseys almost 30 and cant rap for pushing 40 and is a fucking cloown dises 50 over and over begs to go back gets ignored disses 50 more then drops red album which doesnt even beat bisds 3rd week sales with its first..ur dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Old Ass Rappers like JayZ and Eminem still outsell most of your new rappers .....

    • Anonymous

      dre over all of those rappers

  • jedrick

    someone call the mythbusters to confirm or bust this shit... lol


    DETOX COMING SOON.... and I Can't Wait.

  • dockevoc

    RBX the house!!! Game over!!!

  • Rachael Misek

    rewind trying to bring back a G time.

  • Tony Brackins


  • Anonymous

    album WILL NOT live up to the hype

    • dockevoc

      wait and see homey...Dre is like em except he has black supporters too...triple at least

    • Anonymous

      Ur on crack..this will take years to go 4x platinum..i was there in 99...if u think u compare anything bout this scene to that u werent there.

    • dockevoc

      The first two did and the only difference now is that more people have an outlet to hype shit up...I was there in 1992 and 1999 and I'll be there when then shit drops...You fucking idiots forgot that Dre had the radio on LOCK for TWO YEARS off of the Chronic...Don't believe the hype now but BELIEVE that you will when this shit goes 4x platinum and dominates the airwaves...faggots

  • Tyson Bret France

    omg does anyone fucking care anymore? we keep hearing about all these songs that are gonna be on detox and we've been waiting for this album for more than a decade now. dre just needs to shut the fuck up until it's like a week before release time because at this point he's just pissin everyone off.

  • bigtybeatdowns

    Thank you Snoop Dogg!

  • hahaaa

    10:22 second video......NOW THAT IS A BEAT WORTHY OF DETOX...simple but hard as FUCK


    ok now thats the people i want to see working on detox go get daz and kurupt and we in there way better then them other wack motherfuckers he was working with (i need a doctor) lmao

  • kennyken

    yall must realize that half this shit will not be on the album...these niggas trying to get a certain vibe in the studio! even the shits they coming with on these video's is vibin though, just not very original and that's what they realize

  • kennyken

    got damn quik was down there in serious concentration! lol putting it down

  • dazeone

    This gonna b some BS watch

  • jon

    throw in the towel my nigga. you washed up as hell.

  • Anonymous

    snoop does some questionable shit for money but at the end of the day he always been trying to get back with dre. dre been ducking his legacy for years. dre needs to man up and put the album out. you made gangsta rap popular, now finish it like a man. d.o.c., snoop, just the guys that need to be in there. dre is sheltered, he needs to let loose and release the funk.

  • Swordz

    Thank god for Snoop. Hopefully, "I need a whiteboy" is not on the album - that song is offical the worse song Dre Dre has ever put out to date. Let Scott Scorch, Quick etc handle the beats - with Jay & DOC and Snoop on the pen.... EM can't produce or write anything that sounds remotely "cool" anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, whatever. You faggots can keep on bumping music from tight jean wearing ass fags

    • rise and shine

      FACTFACTFACT dre and eminem have no chemistry wghat so ever anymore, recovery was the most homosexuel hiphop album ever put out, especially by one of the best rappers ever, i need a doctor shoulda went on recovery......hopefully eminem is only on afew tracks on detox even tho kush was sick, akon ruined it, so i hope that aint on detox, and die hard, the beat was sick 0:00 - 0:10....but then eminem had to scream all over it and the beat changed, hope that track isnt on detox aswell fuck...the only track i want on detox is hey young world, that snippet is sickkk asss fuckkkkk

    • BING

      real shit. get eminem away from dre. eminem had dre sounding like a depressed faggot white boy on "i need a doctor". eminem has skills but the boy is a shell of himself. he has no heart, despite all the shit he's been through. he used to write the flyest shit for dre, that eminem is long gone. d.o.c. is the answer, and will always be the answer. never penned wack shit, ever. he won't let dre drop BS like "i need a doctor", he is the guy everything needs to go through. took long enough for dre to come to his senses. dre and snoop, batman and robin. d.o.c. is alfred. makes sure they got everything they need, ready to go.

  • jason

    Best Plan for Detox: release it on black friday so you make weekend money for X-mas. make it a double cd since its taken soo damn long and we all know you have like 400 songs in the vault. one disc should have the heavyweights on it like Warren G, Xzibit, DJ Quik, King Tee, Kurupt, Snoop, DAZ, and the other disc should have all these newcumers in the game. that way all of America is pleased.

  • jesterxxl

    I just left Detox I didn't see one single fuckin doctor never met a patient called Dre! What's the difference between Relapse & Detox? When you relapse you get a release date! The Next Episode? Detox Season 66!

  • far and wide

    this is good news good lookin on dre's part reachin out to his people

  • shady83

    b4 this record cmes out Dre needs anther single for sme mre hype nd i dn't see tha album coming out in 2011 at all 1st quater of 2012 if wer lucky ffs!!

  • Nico 3

    DJ Quik? DOC? Whose coming through next, The Twinz? lol No teenager is going to bump this if it comes out with all these old timers. It's going to be epic alright... An epic failure.

    • Pj White

      He'll be the FIRST dude bumpin' 'Detox' when it drops...might even toss his Wiz Khalifa out the car window (IF he even has a whip)!!!

    • Nico 3

      Just cause I like dick in my mouth doesn't make me a fag

    • Anonymous

      Nico, STFU you piece of sh*t. The f you know about good music?

    • Anonymous

      dre should get drake to sing on the single. and he should get a beat from david gueta. that would be dope. STFU you faggot rap fan. old timers still sonning the young boys making that garbage. ill take d.o.c. in a wheel chair and no voice over that shit getting spins on the radio. billboard rap fans, gross.

    • Ricky Sheffer

      who would u rather be on there.. Lil Wayne, Lil B, or the faggot Drake...GTFOH SKINNY JEAN WEARIN HOMO LMAO

  • Mr. 306

    Hey Dre go fuck yourself. The original generation of hip hop lovers are angry, the few 90's babies(myself included) who grew up on 2001 one dont care about it anymore and the latest generation who think Kanye is the greatest producer ever dont even know who you are anymore. I'm a massive hip-hop nerd and buy EVERYTHING. I will not be purchasing this. No respect shown to the fans at all.

  • K.O.L

    they on the right path some of the beats where bangin... its good to see that snoop took the responsability ist bout time... they need to have game & kendrick wiht them too so they can say what they think from a fan stand point


    FUCK DETOX WHO waits 10 years to make one albumfans should start a revolt against detox either detox comes out or quit talking about it dre, snoop the rest of ya'll shit or get off the toilet. snoop was reported in the studio making tracks for years fuck that wack i need a doctor eminem is wack, 50's wack gAME'S ALBUM IS GOOD BUT UNDERRATED. LET'S STAR A HATE DETOX MIXTAPE HOW ABOUT FANS DEMAND SOMETHING OR THEY KILL THE NOISE FUCK DRE AND DETOX GIMME WC, MC EIHT AND KOKANE.

  • Big Wo0orm45

    fuck Dr. Dre and fuck Detox. shits been in the making forever and a day. Since when was it cool to look forward to an album that is well known ghost written entirely??? Since when did ghost writing become accepted in hiphop. Dre and Snoop admit to having ghost writers. Shit is ridiculous. Dre should stick to just producing other peoples shit. Things like this is what make me mad about hiphop along with the bullshit we have allowed to happen to it as of now. Bring true lyricism back people. Please for the sake of a genre, stop accepting this shit.

    • Big Wo0orm 45

      @swordz shut up mr homework. cats like you piss me off from your stupidity. Its not a fucking artform its fucking fraud. now its acceptable which it shouldnt be. and tho his 1st two albums are "classics" they rly shouldnt be since ITS NOT HIS DAMN WORK. You fake ass hiphop head go plank on the bottom of a lake and respect true artists who WRITE THERE OWN SHIT! and as far as wayne goes, its ben rumored about his ghost written albums but as far as Dre its PURE FACT

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne has put out nothing but ghostwritten albums, and he still sells, so It doesn't matter

    • Swordz

      Since Dre first put out his entirely ghost writted first and second albums. Do your history on our culture before you comment. This is an artform.

  • Anonymous

    just get it done suckers

  • Grizzle

    I don't give a fuck, I'm loving this. If the shit comes out and it's dope, niggas will forget all about the wait.

  • tee-dogg

    for you youngstas that were playing in the dirt when west coast classic music was being made..just take a seat and be patient..the legends are at work..the daddies of weezy, dreezy, jeezy, sleezy, sneezy, and whoever else grew up off them and their swag..just take notice!

  • casper21

    that's a good look in that studio, that's what I wanna see. No excuses now, I'm glad they said Still Dre is where the bar is set, cuz imo that's the highest standard for a dre beat, FLAWLESS!

  • Shame

    This albums Gunna suffer the same fate that J. Cole's Cole World: SLS did, get the excepectation of being a classic and not being able too meet them. I loved Cole World and he's dope but is album wasn't a classic. I think dre's album will be good but not to it's hype. A boy can dream right?

  • Its Um

    That's some hard shit going on in the studio.

  • V.I.P. Records Is a Landmark

    Nice to see the sleeping giants awaken, They SHOULD still be runnin Rap, They COULD still be runnin Rap, No more excuses, There's too much talent within that crew to not be puttin out hits for this many years!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    jay killed that shit thats right snoop.

  • Anonymous

    this the shit im talking about detox CANT be made with the young cats

  • Anonymous

    they just started working on this album this year dont fall for the bullshit

  • t

    snoop nailed it, it HAS to be better than 2001 and give u that feeling when it dropped, when 2001 came out the whole world was rockin to it and smokin to it at the same time,the pressure for this album is unreal and snoop pointed it out i jus dont see how they can pull it off,detox pretty much has to be the best album to drop in the last 15 yrs if not ever!!!! thatll be the day if it actually comes out

  • rick

    Quik, DJ Pooh, Battlecat, D.O.C. all in one room making music!! DAMN!!! Quik, DOC, Snoop & Dre ....thats a winning combo there.

  • rise and shine

    10:22 second video...that beat sounds serious, would be sick to hea xzibit, dre and kurupt onit. iv herd detox may be droppin 2011 december...doubt it, hopefully early/mid 2012 hey young world snippet is the best track iv herd on detox for far, fuck i need a doctor and kush (fuck akon off and that track would be nice)

  • swampelli


  • Google

    Ok I finally figured out Dr. Dre "Game" he actually has no intention of releasing and thats the conclusion that I came up with. 1# what would happen if he brings out detox and it flops then Beats by dre and Hewlet packard deals would lose a lot of steam .he has succesfully made a career the last 10 years of eating off of eminem 50cent,Game and other various productions.The reason it hasnt come out is because he doesnt have anything to present that gonna pop Have you guys heard of anyone work on a album for half the time (5 years)and it come out and everyone said "oh my God" that sthe best shit I heard in my life. Hip Hop constantly eveolves I dont believe you come out with dated music and it still be fresh.



  • Mr.Mean

    Doesnt mean shit if the album never drops....

  • Just GEE

    Damn. Never seen so many West Coast legends in one room together. Hip Hop!

  • NaSty

    Damn I love how Snoop brings up, "Still Dre" cuz thats the kind of heat that needs to be on Detox. I love the energy, like Snoop said, it needs to make people stop and say, GOT DAMN!!

  • kennyken

    this shit gonna be like iphone 4s

    • Anonymous

      An overpriced trinket to keep overpriveleged, narcissistic, like-minded sheep distracted from the real world?

  • kennyken

    oh trust, its gonna be hell when this cd drops guaranteed.

  • Sensaye252

    Dre is like The Wizard of Oz. He's trying to maintain his mystique and legendary status, but everyone is realizing that there's really nothing behind the curtain except a man who has lost his production team and his magic. It's been literally ten years that I've been hearing that Detox is 'basically done'.


      lol@ The Wizard Of Oz comment which is right on point if not you mos def got the OZ part right considering his label is one big HBO show if you get what i mean by that but im not here to gay bash so im gonna say this he needs help cause in fact the dude is wack if it takes ten years and he still has to have quik come show him how to do it then he needs to get off his own dick or literaly speaking off someone elses. see for people who dont understand music or how its made and jus sit around waiting it doesnt take a year or a month or a week to make one beat if your any kind of good. what your ghost producers are out for lunch be back in ten years lmao gtfoh wit that bullshit he is a fraud lettin his name carry him and not the music or skill. yo i dont believe you you need more people. shout out to the people who can do an album all by themselves in waaaay less time and still sound dope keepin it FRESH for 2011 and beyond "you suckaaaas"

  • Thomas Curry Curr

    finally something

  • Vadim Panteleev

    Detox album by Snoop Dogg ? I'm right? Seriously, i hope snoop and dre work hard again and make detox and doggystyle 2.

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