M.O.P. Speaks On Upcoming Projects, Key To Longevity

Billy Danze and Lil' Fame reveal a few projects that are in the works.

M.O.P. is currently prepping the release of Sparta, a collaborative album with German production trio Snowgoons. But Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame have a few other joints in the works. Speaking with Montreality, the Brownsville, New York duo spoke on upcoming projects including a few solo LPs and collaborative releases.

“I got a joint with my man Termanology coming out called Fizziology. Shit’s crazy. And we’re doing another M.O.P. album,” said Fame.

“As well as an M.O.P.-meets-Snowgoons album, which is a production crew out of Germany. My solo album, Fame’s solo album,” added Danze.

The pair also spoke on the key to longevity, explaining that sticking to what you know is how to stay afloat.

“Just sticking to the script, sticking to the game plan. As far as music, we do it from our heart, what we know. So there’s a lot of people from around the world that’s not from Brownsville but kind of lived that Brownsville sort of life. So it’s been working for us so far, we’re just going to keep it going.”

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  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    Here`s a nice lil` M.O.P. mix for y`all to check out... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7NJR3JW4 BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: M.O.P. -- DeM CoLLaB` CoNNeCTs VoL. 1 MiXeD: November 15, 2009 1. iNTRo 2. Stick To Ya` Gunz {ft. Kool G Rap} 3. Down For Whateva {ft. O.C.} 4. I Luv {ft. Freddie Foxxx} 5. Let It Go {ft. Cormega} 6. Torture {ft. Screwball} 7. Y`all Don`t Wanna... {ft. Styles P} 8. Bang Time {ft. Styles P} 9. W.O.L.V.E.S. {ft. Krumbsnatcha} 10. 4 Alarm Blaze {ft. Jay-Z & Teflon} 11. Put It In The Air {ft. Jay-Z} 12. BK To LA {ft. Xzibit} 13. Stomp The Shit Out Ya {ft. CNN} 14. Ante Up [Rmx] {ft. Busta Rhymes, Teflon & Remy Martin} 15. Hip Hop Cops {ft. Wyclef} 16. Pop Shots [Rmx] {ft. Ol` Dirty Bastard} 17. NY Giants {ft. Big Pun} 18. Blood Sport {ft. J. Dilla} 19. Keep It Gangsta [Rmx] {ft. Fabolous, LOX & Paul Cain} 20. My Kinda Nigga {ft. Heather B} 21. My Kinda Nigga Pt. II {ft. Heather B} N`JoY...

  • Shamba Menelek

    I just wanted to say we still need Some M.O.P How about some Hard Core Yeah we Like it Raw!

  • EJ

    i've got such respect for the mash out posse. they show you can achieve great things by sticking to your guns, and never backing down from what you wanna do. every album is quality, the shows are still live, and they wanna keep the hardcore music going for the kids that missed out on it. linking up with the snowgoons shows how connected they are to the music, they have a huge international following, so they enlisted some of the biggest international hip hop producers to shape the sound. you know i love outkast, but m.o.p. was doing it before outkast and is still doing it today. m.o.p. does not get the proper credit. best, most consistent duo in rap.

  • Bowski

    The REALEST crew in hip hop bar none. Their body of work is amazing too I'll ALWAYS support them & their work

  • Anonymous

    these dudes scare me. why do they shout so much? they remind me of my dad...

  • mike j.

    M.O.P. alwayz go hard. Check out my homies hip hop world. Go on youtube and type in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC dey have a new video called It's All Over give feedback peace.

  • The B

    M.O.P. is the shit, but it's got to be an art in itself for Fame to make himself understandable with those big ass shits in his mouth. Niggas from the south can't speak that clearly with nothin' in their mouth. I've been in VA. for 20 years and still have trouble understanding.

  • jason

    Yep sticking to what your good at i agree!!

  • Anonymous

    Love Fame's work with Reks.

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