J. Cole Says His Sophomore Album Will Arrive In June 2012

The Roc Nation rapper says that songs that didn't make his debut will make his second LP.

J. Cole most recently released his debut Cole World: The Sideline Story, but he’s already on to the next one. During an interview with Hot 106’s Rise & Grind morning show (via HHNM), the “Work Out” rapper revealed that he’s begun work on the project and that it will also include songs that didn’t make his debut.

“I don’t know how many, but I got songs that didn’t make the last album that are automatically going to make this one,” he said, revealing the release date. “June. End of June, maybe June.”

In the meantime, Cole is working the new LP, which has spawned the singles “Work Out” and “Can’t Get Enough” featuring Trey Songz. He also confirms that the next single will be “Nobody’s Perfect” featuring Missy Elliott.

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Nate

    oh yea NC4L .. 919 to 704 for me!

  • Nate

    All yall know is what YOU like to listen to. keep your wack ass comments to yourself .. lets stick to the subject. keep hip hop going in the right direction, and dont listen to shit you dont like. nobodys making you haha

  • kareen

    i bought coleworld the sideline story because he puts out great mixtapes and i wanted to support j-cole but the album is SUPER WACK! i only like the song "breakdown" j-cole step ya album game up nigga! word...and j-cole couldnt even come close to kanye west...cole beats are only good for free mixtapes! keep up the mixtapes though ill buy those they be dope

  • Swordz

    (Jigga walk into the wrong studio session) Jay-Z: Hey ....(trying to remember name)... what up little man. J-cole: What up big bro! Just working on tracks for the new Roc Nation album. Jay-Z: Oh... okay cool. Well... Listen, J-cole: Hol up, hol up - let me play you some of the new stuff. You're gonna just lov it!! *Cole closes eyes - starts to head bang* (30 minutes later) J-cole: So what do you think? Jay-Z: ....Amazing! (Silence) Jay-Z: Your dropped from the label. ......Young!

  • Critics

    I swear people say his album is average just because overall critical consensus on Metacritic is average. If Metacritic added up ALL the Cole World reviews then it'd be more like an 80 which is universal acclaim, instead of a decent 74.

  • Anonymous

    So we can expect it to drop in June 2014? Had me waiting for the longest for Cole World!

  • JG

    i dont know how Jcole fans are coming with so much love..Cole World was AVERAGE. didnt change the game at all, and yall call anyone who accepts this truth a "hater". The nigga has skill, but he need to maybe take a little time off the boards and let Kanye work with him on album #2 and he'll definitely have the potential to make a hiphop classic

    • Mike Meraz

      I agree Cole World was average. I disagree on him collaborating with other producers. J.Cole can make some dope ass beats. Him and his labeled just picked some tracks that weren't that great and those tracks will probably be the singles. 'Work Out" "Cole World" "Mr. Nice Watch"..."Nobody's Perfect" is dope as hell though. I've heard most of the songs that didn't make the album and it's ridiculous how they didn't make the album. It seems like making a classic or making the best album of all time isn't what these rappers nowadays are trying to do. It's clear. His album should have looked like this: "Dollar And A Dream 3" "It Won't Be Long" "Can't Get Enough" "Lights Please" "Higher" Interlude "Sideline Story" "In The Morning" "Passing Me By" "Lost Ones" "I Get Up" "God's Gift" "Bring Em In" "Pitty" "Dreams" "Like A Star" "Breakdown" (Hidden Track: How High) Hopefully some of those will make the next album. "It Won't Be Long" should have definitely been on the album. I'm steady rockying the "Sideling Story Sessions" mixtape instead of the album. The album still arguably album of the year though.

    • mbongeni

      cosign... first time i heard cole world i was blown away!! but as time went i just kept skipping songs because they sounded to repetitive because of the beats. in the second lp he should get other great producers like kanye, No I.D etc.. however he should also do some songs you know so that he has some variety not a monotonous sound!

    • Anonymous

      J cole and Kendrick lamar are my fav rappers right now but i have to agree with u. as much as it is cool being able to produce ur own shit. having classic producers only help to make a classic album

  • Anonymous

    He's opening for Watch the Throne tour

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne raps like hes gargling mouth wash..

  • Anonymous

    he trying to do a dmx i hope it works for him

  • blackula

    he should let the first album breathe a bit longer. most likely that June date will get pushed back anyway by his label.

  • LMAO

    What's with these J. Cole haters? Oh alright, they are Kendrick Lamar/Big K.R.I.T fans now that J. Cole finally achieved mainstream success. Sorry fans but if you want your new hero to be relevant he has to hit mainstream at some point. 2pac was a mainstream rapper and still could of been one if he were alive. I remember Kanye came, everyone loved him. Then came his public stunts and he gets bashed. Then Lil Wayne had the most dickriders until he was featured in every fucking song on the radio. Then Lupe Fiasco was everyones favorite emcee until he released Lasers and bashed Obama. Drake came up with a promise despite his background but then was considered to be a soft R&B singer rather than a rapper. Kid Cudi was supposed to be big but headed to an emo rock position that even Big Sean took the spotlight from him. B.o.B was supposed to be the next elite rapper but sounds more like crossover pop rapper now. Wiz Khalifa was supposed to be the next Snoop Dogg until he went out with Amber Rose, etc. Many rappers have potential but they "fail" to appeal their fanbase cuz they didn't live up to their "mixtape" days. People buy Big K.R.I.T as the next underground hero but I either seem take a David Banner path (One major hit and then fade away) or he'll be more remember as producer than a rapper (a more likely scenario). Kendrick Lamar has a bigger potential but he's gonna be in J. Cole's position until Dr. Dre finally releases Detox lol. Someone has to make a move sooner or later. I just wish the best for J. Cole.

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    Hope he live up to this promise i mean Drake 1st album dropped 09 an now Take Care is 2011 end of the year at that.........J.COLE DONT FAIL US CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

  • Ricardo Balkcom

    whole sideline story was dope, not a big fan of nice watch tho...

    • Anonymous

      @ant: u are a stan too, because u added the part about "maybe he will be but for right now". in other words, u still couldn't hide the fact u luv cole, even with ur fake hate. u are so very see through lol.

    • ant

      newflash noone is a j. cole stan he not that hot maybe he will be but for right now nope

    • Anonymous

      stfu acting like you not a big fan, you stan. the nerve of your stan azz lol.

  • Nick

    Whats up with all these J cole haters ?

    • Anonymous

      i have to agree Cole hot though , but nobody touching Kanye, sayinng that is just disrespectful.

    • Ant

      Kanye production skills? u trippin have u heard the album the music didnt sound nothing as good as college dropout, late registration, or graduation, it didnt even touch 808 & heartbreaks but he is a dope artist and thats it! smh

    • B BK

      These haters are mad that Cole is going to take over the game with rapping as well as production. He is like the best of both worlds. This guy has Kanye's production skills and Jay Z's bars, so watch out for this star next summer. I predict 5 more number 1 albums in a row!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustAFan

    He should be letting this album ride for a while & if not then he should at least be doing all new material for the second album. We all know that release date is gunna get pushed back like crazy. & next single is nobody's perfect? Don't get me wrong I like that song but Cole shot a video for Lost Ones like two years ago - where the hell is that?! But at the end of the day, I'm just a fan so who am I to call the shots or decide what's best?

  • Kalie Riemer

    Knowing J. Cole, the next album will be just as great. His video for Can't Get Enough is one of the hottest videos I've seen in awhile! http://www.vevo.com/watch/j-cole/cant-get-enough-clean-version/USQX91101318?recSrc=artB&source=watch

  • Jermaine

    I rap like it's christmas eve, guys. Don't worry. My next album won't be on some math class shit, ya know, givin you problems. I cry sometimes, ya know. Cole World

  • jason

    Weezy and J. Cole = Top 2 rappers in the game

  • Anonymous

    idk about that man. we'll see

  • Anonymous

    this means his second LP is going to be doo-doo

  • mike j.

    J. Cole iz da truth. Check out my homies hip hop world. Go on youtube and type in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC dey have a new video called It's All Over give feedback peace.

  • Anonymous

    i like jcole but as much as his debut album got pushed back y is he telling people his sophmore album will b out and its not even november yet? dnt say shit til the album is completely finished and ready to ship

  • Anonymous

    I actually loved Cole World, so..yeah. I'm looking forward to this.

  • Mohammed

    Now that the album dropped some people are turning on him I see. I will although that the album is great and easily one of best Hip Hop albums this year I think it could've been better. I think the 2nd album will come out next summer not June but maybe around July or August. I hope he worries less about making or trying for singles and just make a full fledge raw Cole style album. Full with potent lyricsm and deep introspective records. The album had those type of songs but it could a benefited a bit more those.

    • ruuky

      he probably wants to do that but now he has two different sorts of fans to appease: the mainstream ones and the old fans.

  • Conway Wes

    Album was wack, next one will be too.

  • Bump Ugly

    its a shame listened to the album 3-4 times and not really impressed except for a few tracks but not the majority... going back to section 80!

  • Anonymous

    i bought the first album, dissapointing, only a couple good tracks. i feel like his music is to soft. production not that great. lyrics mostly about women.

    • Mohammed

      Breakdown, Lost Ones, Sideline Story, A Dollar & Dream, God's Gift, Rise and Shine, Nobody's Perfect, Never Told and Lights Please all great songs. Production was on this album was his best yet. Lyrics weren't mostly about women

  • Sam Ritz

    i predict, including pushbacks, 2nd week of july 2012 relase

  • Jason

    LOL yeah sure!! everyone says June then its fucking September. lol even though June is black music month only Eminem's album dropped this year in June WTF?

  • Frank

    whatever it'll get pushed back a couple times first, i hate when rappers make claims about their lps a year inadvance not knowin exactly how its goin to turn out! smdh

  • da1

    Wont be checking for it. He really isnt the one to drop fresh material with his albums. He's gonna use tracks that werent good enough for his first album to be used on his second? LMAO so that means the songs on this new album is gonna be wacker then the ones on his first one(which is kinda hard to do)lol

    • Ladi

      He took out songs that didn't fit the album, not songs that weren't good enough

    • Donny Dickshinski

      first of all i've been listening through his album all the way through at least once a day and the only skippable songs are in the morning and lights please since i alreadyh heard them 1,000 times.. and maybe mr nice watch. and second that's not why he's putting them on the second album, it could be cause it didn't fit in with his theme or he couldn't get sample clearances in time or he just planned to put it on his second album..

  • Anonymous

    Jay won't let him do that. Anyways, Cole World was good, but not great. Hope he will drop a true classic with that second album.

  • nice

    but i have my doubts that it'll be june, so many artists say that they're album is coming on a certain month but then it's all always pushed back

  • ItsTheTruth

    I'm one of the J Cole fans that became less of a J Cole fan after his debut dropped. Dude opens up with dollar and a dream 3, some real ass struggle shit that ppl can feel, then it's off to his lame ass bitch singles. Half the album was materialistic shit and J Cole talking bout females. How does cole go from "What do you do just when you on yo last dollar? And the stress and this mess your in can make yo ass holla". Then next song he's saying "Your son out in barbados, cheese eggs and potatoes." Sorry the album was not a classic, I was so hyped for this album. I just hope the next album is more towards the "real" side of J Cole, and not the materialistic bitch shit that the labels are forcing this kid to do. And cole, your 26, we don't need another highschool basketball player theme the next album. Get on your grown man shit, fuck these bitches, and speak to the niggas thats struggling out here.

    • Anonymous

      @mindrelated radio does not play what people want to hear. they play what the labels pay them to play. this is why the music industry is messed up, they tell the consumer what to listen to when it should be the other way around. but teens are too stupid to know that there is better rap out there and they eat up the garbage rap the industry shoves down our throats. turn on your radio and you will hear nothin but pop-rap. there is hardly ever anything worth listening to on the radio anymore

    • mindrelated

      Another person who Loves to see a person stay stagnate. He can talk about both things because those are both of his experiences. I grew up in Brooklyn, experienced violence and poverty all around me...I can speak on that. I also went to college, obtained my degrees and live a completely lifestyle...I can now speak on that. To belittle his work because he has range in the content he can present is insane. I would possibly understand if he was rapping about things he could not possible have or have experienced but such is not the case. Lastly, lets not blame J Cole or the label for him making what you ignorantly call "bitch songs" but blame the people who listen and buy/steal Hip-Hop. The radio plays what people want to hear and nothing else. The labels then cater to this with their artist all to satisfy there customers. If the customers say we do not want "bitch songs" we want "real songs" then that is what the will play because that is what they know will sell. However, there are alot of people out here who apparently who enjoy the very songs they find themselves complaining about.

    • Anonymous

      Dude's lines are corny as fuck. They seem to be so fucking random. LOL.

  • BakerBoyz

    Cole needs keep promoting this album, so that it can go platinum. I hope he doesn't let all of the negative talk about this album make him give up on it. Just remember that Jay Z was the same age (26) when Reasonable Doubt came out. Most people didn't even realize Jay had a classic, so Roc stopped working it. Vol. One came out the next year and then the next year Jay Z took over the game. I really see history repeating itself with J Cole. Remember you heard it first from me.

  • JG

    lmao so he makes an average, yet applaudable debut...and then decides hes gna start his second album, which many people want to make up for the lack-of-a-classic debut, with throw away tracks from Cole World? This guy is straight trippin. He better have a Fashawn feature on there

  • Anonymous

    Just because they didn't make the album doesn't mean it was because of a lack of quality. The sound or message could've just not went well with the album. Or maybe they' make the album be too long. Chill out people

  • Nunke

    Im glad they put the best song on the album as a single this is going to bring missy back and bring him more urban fans, mostly woman what I would want

  • Anonymous

    june is a long time away kid.. dont sell yourself short,. we dont want left overs/.

  • Anonymous

    real talk. leftover songs NEVER make the next round unless they're on mixtapes or soundtracks or what have u. Cole we dont believe u.

  • first

    at the rate his album's get released his sophmore should be out by june 2017

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