Yelawolf Speaks On Potential Projects With B.o.B & Big K.R.I.T.

Catfish Billy gives a status update on two projects that were earlier revealed.

Yelawolf previously hinted at recording a mixtape with B.o.B and spoke on a potential one with Big K.R.I.T., two projects that he hopes will still happen. Speaking with Sermon’s Domain, Catfish Billy explained that his schedule keeps him from working with the southern artists but that he wants to put in studio time.

“Ah man, I would love to do some records with Bob, but dude is super busy. Now, I’m getting busier and busier so it’s just hard to make things like that happen. When me and K.R.I.T. were coming up with the concept to do a mixtape, we weren’t even on tour. We kind of let time just slip by and we just both got stupid busy. We’re still trying to make that happen. I think it’s going to happen. When, I don’t know, but him and I work really quick. K.R.I.T. makes crazy beats. He’s so super inspiring to be around. Once we lock down and work on it, it’ll get done pretty quick. For all the people waiting for it, it’ll be worth the wait. I’ll say that.”

He also addressed whether or not the possible project with K.R.I.T. would be a free mixtape or an actual retail release, explaining that it depends on the final product.

“If we make something that feels like an album, then that’s something we’ll consider, to put it out on the shelves. But for now, in my mind, who knows? At first it was supposed to be for free. We might stick with that, or if we put together a project we feel is worth buying, we’ll put it on the shelves. Either way, it’s going to be banging.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on singing on STS’s “Hello Sunshine,” working with Diplo and why he picked Eminem and Gangsta Boo for the same record.




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  • crackbeatz

    2 big k.ri.t. got crazy beats...if u need beats check my tracks @

  • Seatlien

    Hi Haters! Have you seen this cat live? If so, you would have the ability to form a more accurate opinion. He is a true hip hop artist. Hip hop needs dudes like this right now. Go catch a show for $20 somewhere in the USA and then criticize. That is if you have the time to stop hatin'!

  • Anonymous

    This dude has had ALL the money, ALL the promotion, and ALL the hype, and this clown just isnt that well liked.... prolly because people seen him a few years back, rapping less wankster, and with no tats... Yelawolf is as artificial and fake as rappers come.... his album is destined to flop, thats y they pushed it back another month

    • doodie FIRST off shady wouldn't have signed him if he didn't think he was capable of being good and able to get better. the dudes flow is crazy and his lyrics are nice. SONGS WITH JUST HOOKS ARE OVER. and what the fuck are u trying to say "thats why it got pushed back a month" almost every album gets pushed back u fucking retard. kick rocks.

  • Prewoz

    You don't have to be multi- platinum to be successful in hip-hop. Shady 2.0 is lyrical, and raw, imo what hip hop should be. If you like it buy it, otherwise shut up. I don't think Em signed Yella thinking he was going to be the next 50 out the gate. I think Em established a good team. Minus Cashis.

  • Anonymous

    The only way Yelawolf will get the exposure that he needs to blow up is to have em do a collab album with him like he did Royce. Em slacking on Yelawolf but I understand em is a busy man so I can't hate

  • Anonymous

    album dropping soon and nobody cares. em might be the biggest rapper out, but he can't turn everything plat like he used to. eminem made d12 go plat. yelawolf has no fans and no idenity. boy cant sell tickets either, thats why dx is giving tickets away. i dont wish failure, unless the rapper is wack and a bad look. yelawolf is wack, and a bad look. eminem waited 15 years to show love to a white rapper, and he picked one of the wackest out. em is a sucka, shady records is a failure. shady 2.0 ringing failure worldwide. slaughterhouse album is going to tank. yela is done. cashis? wheres ya boy em? talk to paul? eminem is a wimp. yela sucks.

  • Anonymous

    props to Yelawolf...that white boy is the 1 of the futures of hip hop, for reals....he also gets my respect because he's against white rappers saying the word "nigga".



    • nelson

      weezy is a genius, eminem is a genius, drake and nicki are the best rappers out right now, yelawolf and slaughterhouse are the best lyricists out right now, why hate on anybody? its all good music i just thank God soldier boys not on top anymore lol

  • prewoz

    If I have to hear about this yella, em, gangsta boo collab one more time.... It better be the actual track!

  • Anonymous

    yela along with wale and j cole are the future of hiphop im goin to pick up radioactive and ambition the first day they are out i hope the rest of hiphop fans do also support real hiphop and help bring it back

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