Cam'ron & Vado Release Trailer For "Boss Of All Bosses 3"

UPDATE: The DJ Drama-hosted threequel is slated for release on December 16th.

Vado's gearing up for a busy next couple of months, as Cam'ron's protege has plans to release Slime Flu 2, as well as his long-awaited solo debut.

“We were thinking about Halloween [for the release]," said Vado of Slime Flu 2 in an interview with XXL, "but that would be too close for [DJ] Drama, so right now he’s hosting it and he’s going to give me a date. I’m thinking about putting out a mixtape every month, keep em going every month until the album.”

Vado anticipates his solo debut to drop "first or second quarter" of next year, and in the interim also plans to release Boss of All Bosses 3 with Cam'ron, which Vado says is complete.

Vado recently dropped "Okay Y'all," a single from Slime Flu 2 featuring Fabolous.

[October 23]

UPDATE: Cam'ron and Vado have released a trailer for the DJ Drama-hosted Boss of All Bosses 3, releasing December 16th.

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  • Skid Markz

    This mixtape series is super dope but I hope 3.0 is a lot better than 2.8 because 2.8 was the only one out of the series that sucked. Keep Jaz off the album!!!

  • Meela Dymme

    I dunno Cam. You need a makeover like Gucci did. When him and Jeezy beefed Jeezy outshined him, so Gucci waited till that "new guy" shine got off jeezy then 4 years later Gucci started coming out with those catchy clubby mixtapes/doing singles with all these RNB singers he became hot. Hell hotter than Jeezy(currently.. Cam got that freshboi look he just need a good hook

  • Anonymous

    Truthfullt the homeboy just dropped SLIME FLU 2 shit was pretty vicious too so do what you like Vado just dropp the album when you say you are..

  • Anonymous

    boab3 was pushed back because of dramas album cam said released in 2 weeks from oct 5th so... should be out tomorrow. but probably wont be

  • Anonymous

    whatever, i was feelin vado, if u cant drop somethin every 2 months or 3 months like currensy, forget it, plus cam is in the way

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Anonymous

    Drop a mixtape every month until then? smh, that will just take the anticipation away from his actual release. another mixtape rapper to add to the ever growing roster that won't drop albums...

  • Maff

    Vado has lost ALL of the tiny buzz he had, he's been in hibernation after releasing the underwhelming Slime Flu and after seeing it flop he changed his mind rather calling it a mixtape rather than his debut album. I've almost given up on Cam, he's making these terrible movies but not releasing any music. Dipset aint comin back, they just getting that tour money. Vado will be another JR Writer.

  • annoymouse

    Where the Fuck is Boss of All Bosses 3??? You niggaz said it was dropping Oct. 5th. How the fuck does a mixtape get pushed back. smh.

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