Tech N9ne Talks BET Cypher, Meeting Lil Wayne

Tech N9ne talks about his appearance on the BET Hip Hop Awards and what he and Weezy talked about the first time they met.

Hard Knock TV recently caught up with legendary Tech N9ne. The Kansas City emcee talked about his recent involvement in the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher series alongside B.o.B., Machine Gun Kelly, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar. Tech says that he was suprised that BET asked him to join in the series, and added that his appearance on the program was just another sign that that his mainstream breakthrough isn't him selling out, but the media finally buying into him.

"That was crazy, for someone to be on BET that a lot of people call a devil worshipper and say 'Aw, that's white boy music,'" he explained. "It was a big thing for the to call me up and say, 'Here's the best, the beat is [James Brown's] "The Payback," we need sixteen bars from you' worked out wonderfully. A lot of people got to see my face because a lot of people just hear my name. My name is bigger than me."

He added, "It's one of those moments exactly because I said, 'Tech N9ne will not go mainstream, mainstream will go Tech,' and that's what's been going this past year, so when [the Cypher] popped up, I was like, 'That's another....milestone because I had no idea that they would realize that I had lyrics because people would shun it - a black dude that paints his face that used to have red hair and named his label Strange Music after a rock band the Doors because he was a fan. It was a beautiful to have BET call me and say let's go."

Tech also talked about first meeting Lil Wayne on Riker's Island in 2010. He said that he was it was an odd experience to meet Weezy the first time in a prison setting. He also added that he didn't know what the two were going to talk about, but that after they got to know each other, they ended up conversing for three hours.

"It was weird [meeting Wayne for the first time in prison]," he explained. "When I was walking in there, and I saw him come out in the orange outfit, I ain't never seen him like that. Seeing this young brother in those orange...scrubs, I was like, 'Damn, I hate to see him like this'...before I went in there I had no idea what we were gonna talk about because we had never me...what are we going to talk about for an hour or two?...I'm a weirdo, I've got nothing in common with nobody. I don't play video games, I stopped smoking weed in '98, I don't watch sports, I only care about the [Kansas City] Chiefs, an you know how that goes...and we talked for three hours about religion, missing our children, T.I., Kanye coming through rapping his whole album to him...we talked about everything."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Steve

    This article had TYPOS OUT THE ASS... You guys need to get it together.

  • Anonymous

    watch... Kutt Calhoun's Flames Mixtape 2 will probably be pushed back the same way Flames Mixtape 1 was and Kutt will get pissed again like he was before...the same way it seems like Brotha Lynch's album was SUPPOSED to be dropped THIS HALLOWEEN...but nooooo...they decide to focus more on MAYDAY, Scoob, Young whatever the hell that No Limit reject's name is, etc. C'mon now...focus on your main day 1 artists! Kaliko is better than C-lo Green and Tech N9ne himself even mentioned that Kaliko's better than him. Kutt Calhoun's been over-looked so much...him not having a weird gimmick like Tech makes him perfect to succeed more in the hip hop world, but he doesn't get pushed more because it seems like they gotta wait for Tech to be famous 1st or something. That's understandable, but kind of not fair, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    man I love seeing tech get big! FINALLY recognition, on a main-stream level.. I heard about him back in like 2002, one of my boys brought over anghellic, and we were playing resident evil on his gamecube while listening to it, perfect shit for real hah. Anyway, when i heard 'tormented' and 'psycho killa' shit is so sick, bought absolute power, and have listened to that shit in my car more than i could say, SO SICK, if you listen to these projects, they are really well done, not mix tape shitty albums, but like, a full out theme, sonically, lyrically, and it's just dope. word. peace.

  • Kirill Kolchaev

    AAAAAAAAA!!! welcome to strange lane leaked download on

  • Tha Plus

    Who ever wrote this story needs to work on his/her grammer. Spell check nigga!!

  • jason

    Good to see that Wack-9 still has Lord Wayne's dick lodged in his throat. At least this dude understands his place in the hip-hop game - he will ALWAYS be underneath Lil Wayne.

  • jjay

    Tech N9ne is dope, I heard his verse on the Carter IV and instantly became a fan.

  • AhmedJ

    Although I wouldn't call myself a Tech N9ne fan, I was curious to see him make an appearance at this years BET hip hop awards cypher. Sharing the same home state as Tech, I was hoping for him to represent hard for Missouri hip hop. But let's keep it real, Tech didn't come correct on his verse! He didnt ride the beat well, he wasnt confident enough, his verse was forgettable; he was just straight awful! Even worse, he made Machine Gun Kelly (who is terrible on too many levels to count) seem okay by default just by rapping after Tech's awkward performance. It honestly took me by surprise because Ive seen Techs battles on YouTube where he lyrically destroys his opponents I dont know why he came across as such a nervous wreck on this one

    • AhmedJ

      There's a Tech 9 from Philly? What the fuck are you talking about? I'm talking about Tech N9ne from KC you retard!

    • Mansur

      man lets do get real. tech murders everything he plays in. he did a badass job on his verse. especially since he had two days to prepare for this appearance. he by far did the best outta everyone else. i mean technician i am wholeheartedly in life and in death!

    • dukecityspecialist

      Wait a minute dog... So you actually think Tech 9 from philly, who does freestyle battles and tech n9ne from kc are the same person???? You fuckin deaf or just plain stupid ???? ROFL

  • Anonymous

    all you need to hear from this guy is "shadows on the Road"

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge fan of him but gotta respect how much hes done on his own...And a bunch of mc's have been biting his flow the last couple years...Eminem is one that Ive noticed.

    • chico608

      The difference is busta and twista got some flow.. This dude seriously just talks fast.. He's got a couple decent tracks but he consistantly puts out garbage

    • bc

      Em isnt a chopper like tech. that style is more along the lines of fast hard consonants to make a drum sound. Busta does it. So does twista for example. Its different from just rapping fast. Em just sped his raps up but didnt bite tech. Its different

    • Anonymous

      I feel what youre saying but Tech does it differently from Bone and it hadnt been popular until Tech starting getting more popular. If you havent noticed more and more mainstream mcs doing the rapid fire delivery lately then youre retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Oh God, here we go with MC number 10,000 Eminem supposedly bit his flow from People have been rapping like that since Bone Thugs, Get over yourself

  • Troof

    Man the writers on the site are fuckin up wit they writing, it's gettin hard to read this shit

  • Anon

    I'm white,I listen to real rap,I think ICP is gay as fuck.And I'm a fan of Tech N9ne.

  • Tech 9 is slow

    i Bar's got the official iAnthem for the 2011 Halloween season! Check out my video Nightmare for a spooky good time! Google "Nightmare i Bar" (i Bar is one word)

  • bawse

    Tech u gotta get back to that real hip hop u use to spit homie!!! that bet cipher rap u spit was lame as fuQ my dude basically u fell of since everready & killer. ur doin 2much signing bum rappers like young bleed?? wtf are u kidding me....scrap that strange music roster immediately keep ya day1 ni99s, brotha lynch hung & jayrock the rest of them bums need 2go!!!!

  • Anonymous

    his artwork scared younger now im older i realized he pretty dope wit it

  • Anonymous

    tech FT wayne = larger black audience wayne ft tech = lyrical respect wayne ft em = lyrical respect

  • Anonymous

    tech wont stop talking bout wayne. get on that eminem collabo!

    • Anonymous

      for reals! more about Shady more than Strange....peopel wanna read more about Shady's roster than Strange's....especially after Shady 2.0 outshined Tech N9ne's cypher!

  • Anonymous

    Love how the ICP fans are turning against him because he's getting love now from the rest of the world Juggalos are the gayest shit ever, like a urban answer to the Grateful Dead Fans or summin

  • Name

    "Meeting Lil Wayne"...bit patronizing. "Swagger jacked" isn't a phrase.

  • Anonymous

    yeah and he swagger jacked from the end of their concerts, they call everyone up on's funny how after their first tour together, Tech ended up jacking that style in his concerts. Poor juggalos ended up buying into his shit and bought a lot of Tech's merch. Little do they know, Tech doesn't really care about juggalos anymore because he's too busy attracting a mainstream crowd nowadays, that's why he has that attitude acting if he doesn't care, but he does....that's probably why he wanted his fans to take his "Pledge" LMAO, what is he now? A Pastor with commitment cards or something? Oh wait...he just used to dress like one with the robe and all.....surprised that if "Mainstream will go Tech", then WHY didn't he paint his face for the BET cypher? LOL, what happened to F.T.I.?? He must love Fucking The Industry I guess...hell, I don't blame him...he's making that money I guesssssss *smh*

    • Anonymous's okay...I'm sure there are other rappers out there to reach your demographic...don't worry, girl....there ARE homosexual rappers there to reach YOUR demographic. LOL!

    • Anonymous

      lol, who said I was a juggalo??? I never stated that. But you have to give some white rappers like ICP some props for being able to sell out concerts and a bunch of merchandise after over a decade in the music biz. If they have a demographic, then they have a demographic. Hate all you want, but they're laughing all the way to the bank and aren't in debt like some other big named and independent rappers out there.

    • Anonymous

      nickel.....listen to "S.H.E.", he dedicated that to you, hahaha

    • Anonymous

      yea i was disappointed he didn't paint face but i was more surprised that he was on there in the first place

    • JBlaze

      Then Tech finally joined the rest of the world. No one gives a fuck about Juggalos, kid. I won't lie, I didn't give this guy a chance for so long because of the whole Juagglo fan base. ICP is absolute trash. "Miracles" is a prime example of how talentless they really are. "Fucking magnets, how do they work?" Did they really ask this?

    • nickel

      go listen to "love me tommorrow by tech" he addresses stupid f*cks like you

    • Justin916

      LOLOLOLOLOL! some of yall are too stupid a

  • Tech N0ne

    lol, Tech & Wayne had a conjugal visit in prison with each other? No wonder people say that Tech sold out & joined the illuminati. I wonder if that was a part of his pledge to join? We may never know.

    • Anonymous

      yup....looks like Tech's going to get that "ABSOLUTE POWER" he always, 1 of his albums' names was "Absolute Power"; go figure. All it took was a conjugal visit from Wayne?? Hahahahaa funny as hell!

    • Anonymous

      illuminati is about POWER, not RACE...

    • HaHa

      Who said a black man in the Illuminati? Last time i checked that was the biggest racist party.. Your ignorant still believing they control people. They control you cause ur para as fuck

  • SutterKane

    Tech aint lying tho, his audience is almost nothing but white Juggalo kids, I went to see him with Slaughterhouse a few years ago and it was 90% white kids with there face painted Banging around in a mosh pit Shame that so many real hip hop fans ignore this guy for so long because of the whole Image, people are starting to come around now tho

    • Anonymous

      he blew at da right time when all da weird shit started poppin

    • SutterKane

      I wasnt dissing anybody or shit, just reporting what I saw at the show, I know thers alot of White Hip Hop Heads, wasnt trying to be racist..... Just the main people I saw that show were white guys with there faces painted who prbably listen to ICP, lol, no offense to anyone

    • DoomChalla

      So am I. Most of Tech's fans do seem to be white, but not all are Juggaloes. Me and some of my dudes (all white) were at the Tech N9ne/Slaughterhouse show in Orlando in '09. The Slaughterhouse part was mainly black people then when they were done, it was full of mainly white people for Tech, although the majority didn't have face paint. I don't like ICP myself, although some legends themselves have admitted that they're Juggaloes, Ice Cube and Chuck D being the main examples. Meth and Red also performed at the Gathering too.

    • Anonymous

      There are white "kids" that are real hip hop fans.. I'm one of them...

  • ETK

    yeah above poster I'll concede that one, my bad son. you got me :)

  • hold on

    this article has been posted before...wait nevermind, this idiot always talks about Wayne and when they first met.

  • LOL

    I like Tech N9ne. He's a real nigga. But he needs to take Wayne's dick outta his mouth.

    • ETK

      panties riled up? nah lol, I'm sittin on cloud nine, no fuckin' problem here, don't be hurtin' too much yourself tho :)

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ ETK. irregardless isn't a word. like saigon said 'you need to get your ass to school and get them grades up'

    • LOL

      I really don't care either way. I was just stating an observation. N need to get ya panties riled up bitch.

    • ETK

      man the dude's just hollerin' at another nigga and people talkin about having his dick in his mouth.. shit, maybe Weezy's a cool guy(irregardless of talent level)

    • Brandon Caminero

      Its not his fault thats all he gets asked in all his interviews since the mainstream knows nothing about him just sayin...

  • MookieBlaylock

    i heard drake and nicki minaj hire hookers to come and party and they get them drunk. then drake cuts off the clits of all the hookers and fries it on a pan, making fried clit sandwiches. also, dj khaled plucks out his pubes and puts his pubes in his dickhole. then he tries to pee and the pee gets everywhere and all over his thighs because of the pube blocking his dickhole. lil wayne once had an orgy with the OMG girls and he took a shit in t.i.'s daughters vagina and scooped it out with a spoon and fed it to his daughter. t.i. got mad at wayne so he rolled up a booger thin and long like a blunt and made lil wayne smoke it. after he smoked it, lil wayne turned into shawn kemp and dunked on shawn hunter from boy meets world.

  • JayBO


  • SuckMyPussyhairs


    • Anonymous

      ..if people ask him that question the fuck is he supposed to do? blame DX for posting it up every month or so

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