Rick Ross Cancels Los Angeles, California Performance To Recover From Seizures

Ricky Rozay is focusing on his health after suffering from two seizures last week.

Rick Ross has cancelled another scheduled performance after suffering from a pair of seizures last week.

The gig, set to take place this Sunday (October 23rd) at Los Angeles, California's Nokia Theatre, has been pushed back to January 13, 2012. Busta Rhymes, Y.G., Jayo Felony, Eric Bellinger, Pure and more were slated to perform during the show.

“We truly want Rick Ross to be at 110% so that he is able to offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime show,” said co-promoter Tru Royalty Entertainment. “His healthy recovery is our main concern, and we have worked with management to ensure the new date gives Rick Ross enough time to recoup.”

Ross has already scrapped shows in Memphis, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. He is reportedly taking a mini-break after his health flared up last week.

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