Mac Miller Speaks On Downloading, Says He's Working With A$AP Rocky

Mac Miller says he has something "in the works" with ASAP Rocky, uses ice cream to break down his thoughts on downloading.

In an interview with Dro Daily Steezin, rapper Mac Miller spoke on illegal downloading and offered up quite the interesting analogy for his opinion on downloading.

“This is how I feel; I give away a shit load of music for free. All the time. I’ve always given away my shit for free from day one. I’ve never sold anything…And just how I feel is if I’m putting it out for sale there’s a reason, you know what I’m saying. If I give away enough free music if it’s meant to be sold then buy it,” Miller explained. “If you sell ice cream and that’s your job. And you sell ice cream and that’s what you do, you make bomb ass ice cream. You give away free samples all the time. I come up and I’m like ‘Can I get a sample of mint-chocolate chip?’ And you use the little spoon, you give me a sample for free and I’m like ‘I appreciate it.’ I’m not gonna then ask you for a free cone!”

During the interview Miller spoke on the newer generation of Hip Hop artists including Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., and ASAP Rocky. He even revealed that he has some material in the works with ASAP Rocky.

“ASAP Rocky that’s my fuckin brother yo. ASAP Rocky that’s my bro for real. Dude out of Harlem. He’s gonna be huge. We got some shit in the works. That’s my bro man; he’s just a thorough ass dude,” said Miller. “He’s just a good ass dude. And he’s funny and our crew, my crew and his crew, we all get along real well. It’s like that’s why I fuck with him. Because you know like a lot of people you meet they don’t always show love to your whole crew, you know what I’m saying. But this is a dude that like keeps in conversation and kicks it with like everyone in my crew.”

Mac Miller’s debut album Blue Slide Park will be released on November 8th. 

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  • Anonymous

    whos this asap rocky character? names a lil too close to Aesop Rock.

    • Peter Marshall

      he's dope, check him out. My boy's homies with dude, hear good things about him. Just signed to RCA records and hes going on tour with Drizzy and Kendrick in January. Check out his song Pesos or Purple Swag. Both songs are dope. Nothing like Aesop though lol

  • Scrubb

    That ice cream analogy doesn't work because the risks aren't the same. Any free music I want is a google search away, it's damn near instant and there's no consequences (on me). I'm a broke ass college student so music, movies, games, porn, software, books, ect., if I can get that shit digitally and for free, then I'll do it without hesitation or guilt. One person not downloading isn't going to change anything, just like one dealer not slangin' isn't gong to change anything. Until something comes along that makes people as a whole stop pirating it's just going to be business as usual.

  • hiphophead


  • Anonymous

    Living in a fantasy world kid Think about it, we live in a world where people fly planes into buildings, where chicks kill there babies so they can go to the club, you really gonna act surprised when people steal from you

  • Anonymous

    that my brother yo, for real man that like my bro, that my fucking bro even though we just met last week

  • judah nazura

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