Young Jeezy Announces New Release Date For "Thug Motivation 103"

After a string of broken release dates, Jeezy announces yet another new date for "TM103."

Young Jeezy has announced another release date for his oft-delayed album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, which is now set to impact stores on December 20th.

At the end of a promotional clip for the LP, Jeezy unveils the new street date, which comes in the wake of yesterday's news that U.S.D.A. will release its new album The After Party on November 15th.

Watch the video below (via RR).

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  • thizzelle

    jeezy was at tha top of his game on thug motivation an i dont think he gonna b that real n raw ever again, but he still come thru harder than alotta niggas these days.. its too bad really

  • Pabloescobar

    mosy of yall caint relate to the shit.....

  • Anonymous

    How many music videos this guy make?! Holy crap, good luck recouping for this project! But I do like Jeezy, his shit is consistent, but with very little buzz, its gonna be hard to sell..probably sell like Game..a bit more, since he does have some pretty hot joints..

  • DC

    yall crazy - Jeezy has dropped nothin but thorough Albums! Straight ridah music all day. Not to many artist have dropped as many anthems. Ok, so it's been a couple years since his last album but do you realize how many damn mixtapes he's put out since then. The problem is that consumers don't respect the game enough to support anymore. That's why TM103 has been delayed. Everybody want some free sh!t. 10 years ago the average artist in every single genre would drop an album every 2-3 years. That was the norm. Now yall mothaphukkas want an artist to drop an album every 7 months or yall think somebody fell off. I can almost guarantee TM103 will be one of the most official albums to drop in a minute. Not every artist has that type of essence. It's rare. It's a lot of artist who can spit better but I'll ride with Jeezy before I ride w/ Wayne, Drake, YMCMB, Ross,Fab,Jada,Kanye,or even Jay. When you need to throw on some soldier,ride out, hype sh!t - who better? You can put on his first album right now and not too many artist got that type of feel or sound. Period....

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jeezy, Fuck CTE, Fuck Def Jam, Fuck TM 103 #YMCMBMMG is all we got!!! I bet MMG will release Wale's Album 11-11-11 and Ross is due a delay due to his illness , what is Jeezy's excuse for the 15th time.

    • dickjones

      jeezy is the man ym and mmg r wats wrong with music today straight garbage,just like jeezy said i listen to it now its in the trash can

    • Elbow

      Fuck you to! Get off of YMCMB dick. If you needed some theme music to go to War would you play Jeezy or Wayne/Drake/Nikki/. Jeezy always been official and always did his music His way. It's not about just throwin an album out, it's about puttin out a quality product and all of Jeezy's albums have had quality music you DUmmy...

  • Cheddah B we are back on this same road that we been down before... being told Jeezys new release date for TM103 Dec 20th now...enough already 3 years this album was supposed to come out its been detoxed so i dont believe talk i believe actions..yeah i said it the day i go to the store adn see it then ill believe he finally put it shouldnt take this long to put out a simple album 3 years one album really? anyways till then im still waitin on it gettin pushed back yet again...inspite of all the let downs before

  • Anonymous

    tracklist leaked this morning: 01. realer then real 02. thug 4 life 03. thug till i die 04. guns and coke 05. bitches and coke 06. the realist 07. my crew is the realest 08. i shoot to kill 09. selling white 10. let it snow 11. money in my pocket 12. they call me Young Escobar 13. real motherfu.... feel me 14. to real for this world 15. thuggin' 2011 16. im not a rapper but a trapper iTunes bonustrack: live and die in Snowland

    • ETK

      plus you can only pull those things off with lil' wayne and the likes. that joke works out for almost any low-end rapper.

    • Real Talk

      wow quit copying every other person that does a fake tracklisting. Like seriously get a life. come up with your own damn jokes. yawn.

  • Anonymous

    Another rapper who has fabricated his gangsta lifestyle. Okay he sold a little bit of dope but come son? Please stop rapping! You always rap about how real you are and how much coke you sold. You a 35 years old, get a life! You aint 16 years old.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nigga ur career was ethered by Rawse. I dont know any niggas lookin for this fools garbage ass music with his two lines, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, that's riight. Nigga ur career is over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truthenola

    Aint nobody checkin for dis fool anymore....Hip hop checks for people who put in work ,. not fabricate attention. with phony releases n' shit

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Damn he better have a single poppin off by the end of the month if not we all know it's going to get pushed back...damn jeezy, in high school you was the man homie....

  • judah nazura

    damn I'm thirsty!!! Nikkas come fuck me !

  • Psycho412

    THIS IS NOT NEWS PEOPLE. this release date has been in place since the middle of september. HipHopDX is just extremely late in getting the news out there, and is probably presenting this as new news to cover up the fact that they fucked up yesterday when they posted the news about the USDA album and wrote that TM103 is yet to have a release date. :-)

  • judah nazura

    Now this thug nigga here is my boo . He ain't with that masonic, demonic , illumanti efinate shet. He is a African Aamerican and not a black isrealite like me but he can play Hitler with my booty hole. hell the enitre CTE can hit this right here. Aye brandon Pitts can I suck you big dick ? Do you want to fuck me in the ass ? You are one sexy 9th wonder looking dude damn ack! Do you like black isrealites ? Do you read the bible ? Hit me up on facebook G Armstrong Burgan . I will show you a good time. jeezy , i just want you and them thug nigga CTE dude to butt fuck me in the back of the pathfinder!!! G Armstrong Burgan facebook!



  • the god

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  • thought dog

    How old is young jeezy? What's the age limit for calling yourself young?

  • Brandon Pitts

    Yawn... I was ready for this over the summer now I can care less.

  • tylr

    dec 20? i heard that date maybe more than a month ago

  • Anonymous

    i hope its true cause its bout time a real nigga put out an album the fakes been fucking things up for toooo long support a real nigga when it drops fuck a fake

  • DSGB


  • Ash

    December 20th of which year?

  • IoM

    not happening. i stopped believing in this project months ago. it's one thing for the label to be holding it up. but jeezy and camp been leading fans on acting like it's business as usual, downplaying the delays, scared to say what's really going on. writing a tracklist in pen, releasing it for the fans, producers swearing it's coming out, only to get it pushed back again. that was the last straw for me. how many videos he done? magazine covers? def jam pumped a lot of money into the guy and has seen nothing back. i like jeezy and hate def jam but the nigga is not getting it done. 103 has been an epic disaster. by the time it comes out, if ever, nobody cares.

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