Rick Ross Cancels Georgia State University Performance To Recover From Seizures

Ricky Rozay was originally supposed to appear at homecoming in Atlanta, Georgia.

After canceling his performance in Memphis, Tennessee this past weekend, Rick Ross has scrapped yet another gig to recover from the two seizures he suffered last week.

According to WSBTV, Ricky Rozay will no longer appear at Georgia State University’s homecoming in Atlanta, Georgia, which was scheduled to take place this Friday.

“We are disappointed he had to cancel, but completely understand that Rick Ross needs to take care of his himself at this time. We hope he is better soon,” said concerts director George F. Baker III in a statement.

Some students originally objected to the show because of the content of Ross’ songs. All ticket holders will be given a full refund as school officials said there was no time to book a new performer.

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  • Frank

    Get better brah!!!!!!!!

  • jharp

    God Forgives I Dont is a sick album title!!!Cant wait for the album!!!

  • GHOP


  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at Carol City's Investigative Reports featuring Bill Kurts type reporting below. I don't wish ill will or health on anyone, even my worst enemy. However, this should serve as a wake up call for Ross hopefully just to ease up and get himself right in whatever fashion and aspect. That title for his album is indeed a slap in the face. Really? I don't know when it became cool to blatantly blaspheme and be feminine as f as a man. Just unbelievable.

  • yungstallion

    shouldnt hav tawked dat shit bout God...he heard rozay...he forgives you even tho you and satan dont.....watch yo mouf dood...ROZAYYY! -from the man in the sky that sees all and knows all!

  • the god

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  • hood star

    The man is educated that's why he has a sick flow not just from the streets but book smart too.

  • HAA

    Really? I know someone who has seizures all the time and when they have one they'll be back to work 2 days later. He's milking this shit out for as long as possible.

    • BGG

      you and the dude that goes back to work 2 days after having a seizure are both fucking retards...ever consider him goin back to work so soon might be reason it's recurring dumbass

  • carolcity

    Had a clean record untill January 2008 Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I'm in the entertainment business I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood

  • carolcity

    William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months Had a clean record untill January 2008 Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape

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