Tech N9ne Reveals Tracklist For "Welcome To Strangeland"

Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, 816 Boys and more appear on Tech's collaboration album.

Tech N9ne has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming collaboration album Welcome to Strangeland, which showcases his Strange Music roster, due November 8th.

Guests on the project include Kutt Calhoun, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, ¡MAYDAY!, Brotha Lynch Hung and more. “Anyone I'm collaborating with understands where I'm coming from and the level of quality I represent,” says Tech. “That's why I'm always completely behind these Collabos releases. Seeing how the artists on Welcome To Strangeland are all artists fit to be members of the Strange Music roster, this is the strongest, Strangest Collabo release yet."

Producer Plex Luthor helms the lead single “The Noose,” inspired by Tech’s visit to Camp Pendleton with U.S. troops injured in combat and the morbid feelings that come with it. “To me [‘The Noose’] is just saying I don’t wanna be taken by another man. I don’t want my fate to be in another man’s hands. So ‘I’m hanging up the noose now, waiting for the end.’  That’s how I looked at it.  I don’t condone suicide at all, but I understand…Let me be the reason why I die. Not saying that I’m condoning suicide, but damn, some of these people think like that.”

Check the tracklist below.

1. Stars
2. Welcome to Strangeland (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
3. Unfair (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Ubiquitous of Ces Cru & Godemis of Ces Cru)
4. Kocky (featuring Kutt Calhoun & Jay Rock)
5. Who Do I Catch
6. My Favorite (featuring Prozak & Brotha Lynch Hung)
7. Retrogression (featuring ¡MAYDAY!)
8. Bang Out (featuring 816 Boys)
9. Beautiful Music
10. Won't You Come Dirty (featuring Young Bleed & Stevie Stone)
11. Sad Circus (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & Courtney Kuhnz)
12. The Noose (featuring ¡MAYDAY!)
13. Slave (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun)
14. Overwhelming (featuring Jay Da 3rd)
15. Gods (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun)
16. I Need A Drink
17. The Real Thing (featuring Liz Suwandi)
18. EMJ

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  • ryver hawk


  • Brian R

    Does anyone know if Welcome to Strangeland isn't going to be available on Itunes? I looked on there and it's not even showing up. WTF?

  • Anonymous

    these haters talkin shit about tech prolly suck dick for a living while listening to justin beiber

  • AlleneHarrison

    waiting for this to drop!!!!!! and waiting for november 16th!!!

  • Cinthia Moreno


  • Cinthia Moreno

    I can't wait for this album to drop in stores..... The Noose and Beautiful Music are awesome by i want all the songs already...

  • RECK

    Tracklist looks off the hook!

  • Anonymous

    It's not Halloween yet, but it's Halloween month and they said that Brotha Lynch's album was supposed to be out in Halloween. There's no hype about it on Strange's website unless they will do a "Good Morning Black America" to it like they over-did it with "Everready: The Religion" and sadly, to Kutt Calhoun's "Flames Mixtape" in the past....I mean it's cool that those albums finally came out, but they're not Dr. Dre....they're Strange Music. Ya know!??? Release your crap on time if you want people to continue buzzin' about you before that shit dies out and people start being impatient and shit. lol

  • JCookBallin79

    I believe EMJ has features on it as well, I've heard Stevie Stone, and Jay Rock are on that and im pretty sure that is the case. There might be other people on it as well,maybe it features everybody from strange music ha ha. Looks good just what tech said, scoob is sick. As far Irv Da Phenom not being on the album is surprising too he was all over the gates mixed plate the last tech n9ne collabos album.

  • Anonymous

    GOD OF MUSIC!!!! Cant wait for this to album to drop cause I know Tech is going to back up that quote! G.O.M

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne is probably one of the worst raperrs out right now, hes a clown

  • Tim Technician Kline

    Tech N9ne the best rapper to EVER live. . . His music saved my life! . . Aint not one artist out there doin it like he does! Much love to the GOD of Rap! . . GOD of Music!

  • mz

    Tech + Krizz on the hook = epic

  • Anonymous

    so sick cannot wait! i was hoping for some thing like 24 tracks, but 18 will do i guess. need it now!

  • Jay Fountain Prettyboibeats

    This Is Jay Da 3rd!! Make Sure Yaw Check Out WELCOME TO STRANGE LAND!! ITS A CLASSIC!! The Whole Album Is OVERWHELMING!!! @PrettyBoiBeats @SFOEntGroup

  • Anonymous

    lol, yeah & I heard that the Tech concert in Anahiem didn't even really sell out...I'm surprised after the attention he got from the BET bad...Shady took all the attention.. haha

  • Anonymous

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE BROTHA LYNCH HUNG ALBUM that was SUPPOSED to be out THIS HALLOWEEN!??????? 4 Reals...stop signing all these other new fools to your label if you can't concentrate on your core group of folks like Kutty, Kaliko, Lynch & Jay Rock......good to see Prozak back.

  • Anonymous

    "Unfair" seems Strange. Can't wait for these collabos!

  • Anonymous

    Yea This Finna be Dope Quit Wait Tech N9nes Collabo's albums Neva Disappoint

  • Wazeer Shah

    ball so hard muthafucka's wanna fine me

  • Taylor McNelis

    I think track 15 Gods, is gonna be "the" song haha. Cause he's been talkin about the whole God status thing bein above the stars. And He has Krizz and Kutt on there with him. hell YEAA

  • Nithesan Yoga

    816 Boyyyyyyys :D Styll, this is gonna be a dope album I can't wait. I'm surprised there isn't any Big Scoob though.


    kinda upset that irv da phenom or big scoob aint on this shit...

  • Anonymous

    What the hell are those features? This an EP or something? Tach N9ne is goood and all but come on man, get some good features on your shit or it's going to sell like... wait for it... SHIT.

    • Joe Blow

      Tech N9ne's collabo album's are his version of a mixtape. He say's in many interview that he doesn't collab with artist's just for record sales, the beat calls their name (so on, and so on). He also said he wasn't going to work with anyone outside of strange accept a select few.

    • Anonymous

      If thers one thing Tech aint worried about its record sales, dude's got a cult fanbase, they buy whatever he puts his name on like ICP fans

    • Jeffrey Boatman

      It's called Welcome to Strangeland...only Strange Music or affiliates...only a calabo album like Sickology 101 or Misery Loves Kompany.

  • Thomas Smith


  • Jasiah C.

    Can't wait, I ordered it a few weeks ago. I can tell it's dope already.

  • T-Dogg

    Looks dope! Cant wait! Album of the year next to 6s & 7s..? Peace from Norway.. PS: Tech, come back soon!!!

  • Eddie Chavez

    TECH N9NE is the best raper hes songs are the best TECH TECH N9NE N9NE

  • Devlin Harris

    I can't wait for this CD! And unlike some fans I'm behind Tech no matter what. The only time I will question buying a CD from him is if he does a CD with Justin Bieber.

  • skitzo408

    18 tracks and they all sound like theyll be off the hook. tech n9ne knows how to deliver. cant wait till i get my autographed cd.

  • Anonymous

    yeeaaaa tech n9ne

  • Tina Ramos

    DWaaaM!Can't wait!!

  • theCool

    I am ao fuckin pumped to hear Kaliko and Kutt tear shit up with the Ninna again. Ces Cru? Yes, please. Thats my shit. Jay Rock & Brotha Lynch? Pretty fuckin please. Even if Mayday or Stevie Stone aren't really my forte, this album can't be bad. TECH N9NE

  • Marc LBlanc

    Awesome. Looks like it'll be the best Collabos yet.

  • Devon Ray

    Throw an extra kabosh track on there ;) can't wait for #15 though...

  • Michael Tank Hanna

    Yeeeee back to the old Kutty Cal and Kaliko Cds

  • mike

    Kinda glad there isn't any outsiders from the strange music camp featured on this album. Gives everyone a chance to shine, hopefully they make the most of it.

  • Spencer Mason

    STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY ALL NIGHT... TECH N9NE!!!!!! Cant wait for this to drop. Alli listen to is strange. Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9NE, PDM, Cognito....all of them. STRAAAAAAANGE!!!!!!

  • DharmaOfDope

    STRAAAAANGE. So hyped for this album. KC!!

  • Justin Parsons

    this album is gonna kill it. all the new fans that came from the all 6s and 7s release get another taste of what strange music is about. lucky fans get a taste of 2 tech albums in a year.

  • Miles Elliott Price

    IM DEF NOT A JUGGALO! in fact strange music is the ONLY hip-hop i can tolerate...all other rap is non-existent... and those of you complaining, if u dont like the new shit, listen to the old shit - its that simple... anghellic will always be the best, but every album is a good album PERIOD!

  • Gerald Hughey


  • Drew Roberts

    Cant wait. BEST RAPPERS EVER 1.Eminem 2. Tech N9NE

  • Thomas Akrofi

    tech is doing his thang boi. quit hating, hater. btw is this the first album without any skits ???

    • it dont matter

      na man i no Anghellic didnt have no skits. unless thts the one where thy called him ab bein at the airport

  • Nicolas Spicochi

    Real talk... The Noose may be one of Tech-s best songs ever. It took him a long time to do mamma-nem... and now he did one for the troops. What a world.

  • Berliet Rodrigues


  • oh..shit

    this is looking promising... only bad thing is his "collabo's" album.. and regular album have the same amount of features... I will always listen to tech. some albums more than others but JUST DO MORE SONGS WITH LESS FEATURES ON THE ALBUM...

    • rideonemjixxer

      I agree,but i think he does it cause tech is one of few successful artists who is all about putting his people out too.

  • savehiphop

    Tech u a Satanic troll!

    • lolar67

      In the words of aaron yates.....who is satan and why is he worthy of my praise...dont critic things you dont know shit about

    • theCool

      savehiphop you crack my shit up. As if Tech didn't devote, Idk, his ENTIRE discography short of sickology 101 to showing up clowns like you? I bet you were the one who says "Woah tech is losin it" in Come Gangsta...

    • Anonymous

      "They call me 'Devil Boy' and I don't like that, those who recite that, Thats where the fights at, cause I'ma tight cat, who hella write rap"

    • John Scott

      Tech a Satanic troll hmm what a funny little joke you do no that tech always has a cross over the bridge of his nose and has made alot of songs that have stuff about god in them, im not saying that he 100% believes in god neither do i and i would never worship something like Satan. He doesn't worship Satan thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

    • savehiphop:

      Y cus its truth???? You dont like FREE speech you ignorant fuck, I bet you never even held a gun in your life.... CLOWN

    • Anonymous

      u should be shot for that statement

  • Anonymous

    Technicians = new juggalos, Im down to listen to tech for his music theres no denying that, but damn all you fans complaining he should do this, shouldnt do that, yall sound like females, man up let him do his thing enjoy the music, and shut the fuck up, simple... i never even heard juggalos cry this much and their music idols suck.

    • theCool

      Tolerate is the perfect word for it. Its like, you have a cousin that listens to ICP. You love that cousin because you know the type of person they are, so you don't punch him in the face everytime he starts acting like a dumbass. Everyone knows those people... Turns out they're all juggalos. Let it go. ICP sucks but they're selling their shit just like you should be doing in the music industry.

    • Bru Sant Torrente-Tejano

      Dude, I've never liked the Juggalos. That was some of the worst trash I've ever heard in my life. In fact, I'd bet that most fans of Tech tolerate Juggalos at best.

    • Anonymous

      i was saying they sound like new juggalos with all the crying, im just saying quit bitching about what kind of music he does, buy it or dont, im just tired of everyone sounding like females crying over his music like he broke their heart.

    • john

      not all tech fans are juggalos...actually quite a few tech fans hate myself

  • Troy Lewis

    damn straight and he kills it straight tech n9ne style on that beautiful music track

  • No Face

    "Beautiful Music" is dope! Really liking the track! "The Noose"? Ehh.... Not so much, sounds a lot like the Lemmiwinks song from South Park!

    • Anonymous

      man listen to it a couple times. the beat aint no club banger but listen to the lyrics, thats what makes the song. tech got the best lyrical flow out there, and hes on some real shit, not all pussy weed and gettin money (although aint nothin wrong with that!)

  • tha don

    the noose is a dope ass track,gotta give it up..

  • zach

    dude is an idiot for doing this off the back of his last album. He released his most commercially viable album and hes already looking to flood the market with new shit? what about all the potential singles on that album regardless of airplay go and shoot some videos for that shit. how you gonna call this a collabo album when it features noone outside the strange music camp? we dont wanna hear this shit to be honest with u, no hating but WTF the album had the collabos and not this dude needs to realise what hes doing here

    • Anonymous

      zach, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about smh

    • Bru Sant Torrente-Tejano

      Who cares if it's commercially viable? If you own your record label, do you think you worry about that? It seems like Tech can put out what he feels like and that's pretty awesome. The thing about Tech is that he's just some crazy dude that does good stuff. I think that people that listen to popular rap had to catch up to him.

    • Thomas Akrofi

      tech is doing his thang boi. quit hating, hater. btw is this the first album without any skits ??? sorry for the double post.

    • Tim Wilkens

      I would agree that Tech has had some questionable business moves in the past. He toured with the Kottonmouth Kings not one but two years in a row (not gaining many fans there). Coming off Killer which had some major guest features from Ice Cube, Scarface, etc. (he was picking up steam) he went to releasing his darkest album, KOD, which would obviously turn off some people. But in the end he is doing what he loves and having a blast - he doesn't want to follow the typical path of a mainstream artist (plug the same album for years). He is a music machine, and who gives a fuck about business moves when he releases elite shit every single year (sometimes more than once a year)? As a fan of all of his music, I and the rest of the fans couldn't be happier this way!

    • Brent Bertrand

      Wow. I don't think I've ever read a more retarded post.

    • McCody

      dude you dont even know what your talking about.... think about it if tech just said this was his album i would be dissapointed there are too many features which is why its called a collabos album. its also called Strangeland why would he have other people from different labels on it?

    • Dylan M. Pischke

      Someone must be a newfan. i.e. Zach. If you weren't a newfan you would know that this is how Tech ALWAYS does his album releases. "we dont wanna hear this shit" Speak for yourself bro, a lot of us definitely DO want to hear this shit.

    • Jason Crist

      Zach, the reason he released this so soon after All 6's and 7's is because he is constantly recording new music. That's why Technicians, like myself, are so loyal, because he doesn't let the mainstream or anyone control his music. Tech is the KING of KC and the KING of the UNDERGROUND for a reason!!!

    • HAA

      I'd much rather have another album from tech and strange music than a whole bunch of music videos.

    • Greg Kirby

      Its strangeland lol which means it would only be people with strange. that and when people do music together its usually called a collabo

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