Vinnie Paz Denies Beef With Stoupe, Reveals He Only Appeared With Jedi Mind Tricks 10 Times Since 1992

Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah said that they would reunite with Stoupe if they were creatively in sync, but based on limited experiences together, assert that nothing is changing for JMT.

On October 25, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania veteran Hip Hop group Jedi Mind Tricks will release their seventh studio album, Violence Begets Violence. The group of Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah and DJ Kwestion no longer includes co-founder and producer Stoupe, who submitted tracks to VBV, but left the group based on creative differences.

In an interview with, Vinnie Paz further elaborated on Stoupe's status with JMT. "Find [Stoupe's] phone number. Tell him to give us 10-15 beats that we love and it will be the next record," said Paz on a potential reunion on future projects. "To call it a breakup – Nah! Give us 13 good beats. If not, we are not here dwelling, dissing the guy. We have no intent on that, that’s stupid. We made music together for a long time, we grew up together. We are not like that. We also have an obligation to ourselves and our mothers, this is what we do."

The group, who has been recording and performing since the early 1990s, rarely featured Stoupe in public appearances or interviews. Paz added, "Me and Jus [Allah] didn’t even see the dude anyway. Since ’92, he’s probably done like 10 things with us socially. What really is changing?"

Shuko, Demoz and others are producing Violence Begets Violence, which releases next week. Read the full Jedi Mind Tricks interview with


  • Fan_Man

    It sucks that there's a JMT ablum without a key member of the group. I like violence begets violence: raw beats and rough lyrics. Something you cant get in mainstream anymore. But having that said, this shouldn't have been a JMT album. Vinnie could of label this album as something else rather than a jedi mind album. Its like making a NWA album without Eazy or making a Dog Pound record without Kurupt. These guys could have re-named their group as something other than JMT. PAz should have waited for those beats and then that's his opportunity to use that TITLE: JEDI MIND TRICKS. Its not only his group and its not only Stoupe's group . . . at least stoupe had enough common sense not trying to use this title.

  • uos_spo6

    As a long time hardcore fan of JMT I have to personally say for me it's been over since Servants/Kings. Vinnies fake white islamic power front is terribly old and makes absolutely no sense, along with the routine homosexual bashing and sacreligious lines. Don't get me wrong, I love some sacrilege, but from the lyrical perspective stop sounding like a broken record. JMT has been dead for several years and they didn't deserve the quality of Stoupe's work anymore. If he keeps mailing in beats and collecting a check from Vin cool but otherwise good riddance to dead weight. Stoupe has ascended. Check out Vespertina The Waiting Wolf. It's him and a chic Lorrie Doriza and it's amazing music. It's still completely Stoupe. A real fan will not be disappointed.

  • derp

    Stoupe made JMT what it is. Without beat like "sacrifice" they would be on the streets right now.

  • Hassan Ali

    I always thought Stoupe's beats were better than JMT as a whole... I'd rather listen to the instrumentals instead of Vinnie Paz and thats some real talk...nawhaimtalkinbout?

  • G MON

    I dont know why so many people hating on Vinny for this, he's just answering the questions he probably being asked every day. "Where's Stoupe?" "You guys have beef?". No, he said so himself, they are childhood friends on different career paths. And people who are saying Vinnie is selfish, this guy has has given so many different MC's recognition. The whole damn AoTP crew would not have the same exposure if it werent for Vinnie, he created the group, and gave all these guys a shot, and they are all bigger because of him. The new album will still be good, C-Lance is one of the best new producers in the game. Like buddy below me said, Season of the Assassin & Unholy Terror both had amazing production without Stoupe, same with all the other AoTP CD's. They also have 7L\Esoteric, Celph Titled, Ill Bill, DC the Medi Alien, Shuko, Apathy, Kwestion ... so many amazing producers that have been around the game for a long time, JMT\AoTP will be fine.

    • 83 1

      not only that. vinnie put stoupe's side project DUTCH out through HIS label. vinnie is frustrated, everybody keeps asking about stoupe. ask stoupe about vinnie and JMT. i don't see how this falls on vinnie, if stoupe wanted to be a part of the JMT album he would've been there. vinnie did nothing but talk stoupe up the entire duration they made music together. if vinnie can't get stoupe on the phone about some beats, i don't know what rapper can. unfortunate but it is what it is. i think they'll reunite on the next record. after all the bullshit, it's only right.

  • DidIJustSayThat?

    JMT are straight up my favourite Hip-Hop group along with Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep, but a blind man can see that Stoupe was the Sun in which Planet Paz and Jus were orbiting, so his depature can be nothing but a bad thing. Having said that, I did thoroughly enjoy Season of The Assassin by Paz, along with The Unholy Terror (which were both Stoupe-less), so I hope they keep that standard up. I'll still purchase JMT music if the quality is there, but will we hear another Sacrifice or Trinity again?

  • 2Da9thPwr

    Maybe Stoupe was never feeling JMT's subject matter and you heard it from the horses mouth that he never hung out with them on a personal level. It was professional.

  • bios

    Is anyone really surprised by this move though? Apparently Stoupe wasn't even present during the recording of the last record. He just supplied the beats. It's obvious that Stoupe's heart hasn't been in JMT for a while now.

    • Anonymous

      and stoupe has said nothing. they built a legacy together and stoupe can't pick up the phone? i love stoupe like everyone else but fans need to get off his dick. dude's not even making hip hop currently. JMT is. it's easy for fans to say "where's stoupe", you're not the ones trying waiting for beats. haven't heard stoupe say a thing, no response. he's not mad, why are you?

    • Pablo

      I think everybody is surprised that Vinny Paz is talking greasy about the guy he made so much great music with. So what if he left the group or became uninspired. People expect that to happen with groups. But everything I have seen online has Vinny taking jabs at Stoupe.

  • Pablo

    Its game over for Jedi Mind Tricks. This is a PR DISASTER. These guys need a manager. For the love of god why would you shit on Stoupe? All you are doing is making Stoupe's legend even bigger. Vinnie Paz has shown his true colors. He just doesnt care about anybody. How can you ask whats changed with a straight face?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if hip hop will ever hear from Stoupe Again, or if he's just gonna keep doing the Trip Hop stuff

  • wakim da 7th

    fat farks no gud rapperz !! if i ever see any j m t artists in nyc they gettn hit ya heard

  • tha tactician

    that comment will be dead center of so many expressions of displeasure

  • tha tactician

    i'm excited for the new album??

  • Anonymous

    funny how the biggest JMT fans are now the biggest JMT haters. someone finnd stoupe and ask him about it. writing them off before the album is even out.

    • Destro

      I've always said that too about their fans. And would it surprise you if stoupe never comes out with anything ever again, hell no. AOTP was the best thing vin ever created, if he limited himself only to stoupe all these years they would not be working at all. People dont realize that this life\job is what vin and jus allah do for a living. Stoupe has a job and cant devote his time to projects like they need. The new sound is an AOTP sound, who's complaining about that? If you dont like it move on, it says more about these so called fans now haters then it does about JMT's recent work when you have to go out your way and post hate all the time like little babies.

  • sixtysix

    yeah ill never listen to another one of ur tracks "whats really changing?" he says....everything is changing my friend

  • Gildebrand

    Anonymous you can't even spell "straight asscheeks" dummy. Go to your Lil Wayne alter or shrine and give offerings to your idol. And you other fools, Vinnie just explained, Stoupe doesn't really want to be in the group no more. If he gave them beats they like and can rhyme to, then its a new album. But if not, what are they supposed to do, sit by the computer and wait?? No, and for the record Vinnie's subject matter is repetitive at times, but who's isn't? Hip hop has gotten real complacent and not focused, at least JMT sticks to its bread and butter. Other rappers are "versatile" supposedly but try a party track, hard track, pop track, i mean these dudes spit straight anger, and they're good at it.

  • Anonymous

    These dudes stair asscheeks anyway. The days of the crossbow sorcery magical unicorn universal space etc rap is dead. Better them than young money who are runnin this rap shit

  • SutterKane

    I dont care how many ways Vinny explains it, the fact is that Stoupes music was the only thing that seperated JMT from the rest of the "I Hate Everything" White rapper underground, point Blank....... All Due Respect to JMT's first album "Psycho Social", that one was diffrent, but ever since Violent By Design, Vinny Paz has been repeating the same thing over and over 1. Praise Allah 2. Bash every other religion 3. Bash Faggots 4. Complain about The Illuminati/Government 5. Shout Out Philly 6. Holler "BBBBRRRRRAAAAAPPPPPP" adlibs ^^^^^^^ Thats 90% of his material right there, and Jus is like a 2nd rate version of Vinny At least with Stoupe on board it was tolerable to an extent cause the beats were so Unique, without him they might as well just make this another AOTP album

    • Anonymous

      keep movin on - 3 verses with real life subject matter, situational and auto biographical death messiah - life and death/the after life trail of tears - conscious rap those are just recent examples. vinnies biggest fans are his biggest haters. dude dropped VBD, show some fucking respect. and who sounds like paz? who raps like paz? dudes that bit paz.

    • Anonymous

      All rappers repeat themselves like that...Every single one... I can't think of a rapper besides maybe Nas who talks about different shit on every album.

    • Jess Devitt

      vinnie is nice, but thats a pretty accurate breakdown of his content matter. i remember getting some JMT cd and seeing tracknames like "saviourself" and "death falls silent" and was thinking it would be some crazy dense personal philosophizing on some deep shit, come to find out its constant battle raps and rap rants. thats vinnie for you though. still a fan

    • Anonymous

      While I disagree that Vinny isn't unique, he does basically the same thing...but so does Jay Z

    • true

      I'm one of JMT's biggest fans and i could'nt agree more.

    • whoiscgm

      Word. Plus Ima really need him to stop acting like Jus Allah wasnt around for the past ten years. He's been on 3 of 7 albums. Every JMT album is 13 good beats. Stop bitin the hand that fed you Paz.

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