Soulja Boy Apologizes To Fans Following Felony Drug & Gun Arrest

UPDATE #2: SB takes to Twitter to apologize to fans for getting arrested.

Soulja Boy was arrested earlier this morning in Temple, Georgia after police discovered ample amounts of marijuana, guns and cash inside of his car.

The “Crank That” rapper, 21, was in a car with four other men when police pulled them over for a traffic violation. After inspecting the vehicle, cops discovered a “substantial amount” of cash and weed, estimated around $70,000, inside the vehicle. All five were arrested, and Soulja Boy is currently being held in Carrol County Jail.

Guns were also found in the car, though it’s unclear if any of them had licenses for them.

UPDATE: According to Billboard's The Juice, Soulja Boy and the four others arrested are being charged with felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a weapon in commission of a crime and possession with intent to distribute. The five will go before a judge to be formally charged.

Temple Police spokesperson Dana Rampy denied that they had "roughly $70,000 in cash and drugs." "I don't know where they got that," she said.

[October 18]

UPDATE #2: Soulja Boy took to his Twitter account to apologize to fans for his behavior, as well as those involved in putting out his new movie.

thank you and i'm sorry. love you forever, seeing your letters and you standing outside that jail made me feel the love. my fans r the best.
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I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie! to those companies i'm sorry! you can see I had a lil situation. the show must go on.
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aye can I have a real nigga moment? my fans was DEEP AS FUCK OUTSIDE THAT JAIL MAN IM SORRY!!! thats love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • kelly dahian hinestroza

    Soulja boy you are so beautiful best black Wow

  • Rogue Agent

    LOL WUT? This nigga got busted for some weed, guns & some cash in the whip. Now unless we know the guns are legitly purchased or some shit, then the gun charges may not stick. Now the weed in the car... not so much. But either way, this nigga gonna go YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU when them niggas get up in him. SB looks like he's about 100 lbs. at best & probably flies away when the wind picks up. Dude is prison candy galore.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    He looked like a scared lil nigga in his mugshot, nappy ass bitch nigga

  • SB lol

    He may pull a T.I. and get a reduced sentence and a slap on da wrist...and leave them other cats in da fryin' pan cause they can't afford lawyers.

  • Tom Kinnebrew

    You got nothing to apologize bro. People should be thanking you. Can't make shitty music in jail.

  • Swordz

    This was all down to "family" issues. See below sourced by an insider at the "tell em' residence. _________________________________ Soulja Boy: I'ma put this on twitter...Fans, I'm real sorry ya dig? (no tweets recevied) SB: Mama - y they hate on us? Mom: C'mon son, you know that your last album sold less than 14 records - they problly be sleeping. SB: Why you be like that mama? Mom: Same reason I put dem drugs n' guns in your vechile... Coz I loves ya son. SB: You lying.. Is that why you let that man superman' on you too? Mom: It was number one for 18 weeks. 36 countries. You lucky I did let those men superman' me... (silence) Mom: no-one wants to hear your un-ed-ja-ma-cated ass nigga - come eat this pussy here. (sobbing) SB: MAMA!!

  • The $ykotic Don McCaine

    Keeping it 100...SB if you zeek'd or zoning right now and you see need help yo...fuk yo' money too, come build wit a nigaa... #realtalk

  • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd........He is still wack.... Now he can be behind some real bars....Lol

  • Anonymous

    Everybody wants to be hard, but we know he aint got the heart, cause if he went to prison, Niggaz would tear him apart.

  • Anonymous

    Soulja boy always been cocky and shit, I dont even know why he even is sorry..probably cause he dont wanna end up in jail...I dont think anyone is surprised by his actions..cmonnn you seriously surprised? lol

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    As long as the puppy made it home safely

  • wtf

    A young black man driving in what I'm assuming was an expensive car , with four other guys, allegedly with 70,000 dollars in drugs and money, plus guns..... in the fucking south. WTF. I feel bad for the youngster.... I hope he understand those are some serious charges and the good ole boys don't have a rep for letting niggas off easy. Im pretty sure his lawyer is working a plea deal and gonna throw the other four under the bus to take the charge.

  • Wtf


  • Wtf


  • Re statement (RS)

    It's funny how when somebody goes to jail, the first thing people think about is ass fucking. Do you homo's really sit around all day fantasizing about getting fucked up the ass??? That shit never crosses a real nigga's mind. A nigga might think, "Damn. I'm gonna lose my apartment." Or, "My girl is gonna cheat on me." But you fuck nigga's go right to the dick-in-the-asshole scenario. Public Service Announcement: Niggas don't rape each other in jail!!! That's some faggot fantasy concocted by white and Jew writers in Hollywood, who secretly long to be beaten up, held down, and raped by a bunch of niggas! Niggas fight, play cards, shoot basketball, smoke weed, and work out. But all assfucking is consensual, and only a handful of busters engage in that shit. Get y'all minds off that bullshit! Hold ya head, Soulja Boy.

  • judah nazura

    You should be sorry for not fucking this sweet black isrealite man hole. Ai Sato ain't satisfying my thirst for nikka bone in my ass! Chris berry do you like to fuck dudes ? G armstrong Burgan on facebook. I swallow and get it in the ass, but I got question do you read the bible ? Are you a Black isrealite ? How big is your dick ?

  • Ronnie Guess?

    He needs to apologize for trying to be a rapper!!! worst rapper alive!!!!

  • the god

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  • thought dog

    The thing that gives this away as a publicity stunt is the statement from the Temple police spokesperson.

  • Anonymous

    soulja boy should stay in jail forever, like dat i wont have to listen to his shitty mixtape and cds

    • l0l0l

      rofl no1 is making u listen to his mixtapes and cds...no1 is pointing a gun to ur head to listen to y hate bro?? u r in love with this dude stopid frontin i swear

    • Anonymous

      Fuck solja boi wid those wack ryhmes. that nigga a shame to hiphop

  • Cris Ericson

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  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is he apoligizing to his fans in Colorado for ? If he lived in Colorado and not fascist ass Georgia he wouldn't have even been arrested!! My guns and Marijuana are all registered bitch!!

  • Bishop

    U see kids Everyone wants to have the juice including Souljah boy. U cant have the juice if ya in jail. His jail video got him looking xtra scared. Stop trying to b bishop ur not him even if your playing him in that bootleg movie

  • Anonymous

    does this mean Souljah boy the movie is gonna b delayed? I know it was supposed to drop at blackbuster this month

  • Real

    Good. Fuckin retard needs to disappear from hip-hop.

    • killakm

      damn i hate bitch niggas the minute a successor fails its there time to reign keep that sucker shit to ya self and suck a dick to ya self

  • anon

    I remember these motherfuckers on here saying how soulja boy was a role model for kids cause he rapped for them. This is your role model faggots.

  • Hmmm

    Everybody wanna pop, everybody wanna bang If you ain't built like that, then stay in your lane Everybody wanna thug, they don't wanna stop, look and listen 'Til they get locked in the prison -Termanology (Stop, Look, Listen) Tsk tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

    Check his ''The Best''-Freestyle, nigga can spit like a motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

  • Obi Patrick

    This nigga's whole life is a joke. A one hit wonder to a desperate need to appeal to street niggas. I thought Kat Stacks clowned him enough but damn, Why would you be carrying guns and marijuana after winning a Grammy and selling millions of records

  • Anonymous

    what kind of weed is that for a F

  • The Booty Warrior

    I likes ya and I wants ya. We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. We might even do it the DeAndre way...what's it gonna be? I'MA WARRIOR!!!

    • Anon

      HAHAHA! He would be acting just like Tom if that happened. Fuckin poser. Gotta respect that money tho. Wonder how you-know-who are gonna put an end to him...

  • Chris Newberry

    SB = Silly Bastard = Stupid Bum = Sorry Buster = Sappy Bammah = Sucker Bitch = Soulja Boy

  • sad man

    Can someone weigh in on my health because every time i talk to a girl my butt starts blurting out farts to embarrass me, but when its a guy friend my butt gets quiet. Help me. Im a straight man with a gay butt.

  • Lado

    hope he doesn't end up in jail, he will definitly get YOOOUU'ed! in the ass.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    What a stupid ignorant fuck. I hope he gets what he deserves. As for cred I think Martha Stewart, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma and Da Brat have more street cred than these fake gangsta fake thug rappers out now. Getting locked up is never a good thing, and I don't know why these wack rappers think it means something to be a dumb jailbird. Folks get a record, some money from making that record and then they turn more stupid, or in his case much more stupid than he already was...

  • Anonymous

    In court it's gunna go like this "SouljaBoy tellem"

  • Anonymous

    If soulja boy does time then I can guarantee he won't get locked up in a nice prison based on the ignorant comments he made about our military claiming those guys aren't heroes or real soldiers. I think the cops are gunna have fun with this case and so is the judge.

    • guerilla jones

      lol then what is a hero to you then bro?

    • Anonymous

      They might be soliders by why are they heroes? I just don't understand that p.o.v. They're not "safeguarding my freedom" or whatever the he** people say and they chose to do that job most of the time because they had few options. Some go in becuase they think it's patriotic but to be truly patriotic you need to think a little more critically about the goals of these wars. It's sad to see a young man or woman die for nothing basically. But that doesn't make them, or cops or firefighters for that matter, a hero!

  • Anonymous

    you niggas act like you HAVE to listen to soulja boy.

  • IAmControverse

    I hope DeAndre gets his life together. You would think he would "be his own man" and separate himself from that kinda crap. And whatever happened to that promise of a more positive image? Whatever. Stay up, DEANDRE.

  • The Revolutionary

    I never liked that bitch but it got even worse when he gave shots out to slave masters. That let's me know really he's an ignorant ass simple minded little bitch. Only a sellout or a fucking Uncle Tom would give props to a slave master. Fuck him and that bullshit he call music.

  • Anonymous

    Rappers are so dumb i swear. If u rich as fuck the fuck u doing riding so damn dirty the fuck u need to leave ur mansion with mad tree and that much cash for and guns the fuck hire a bodyguard i mean havin a blunt or two on a ride is one thing but when u got enough to get u felony charges u stupid. Whatever tho u deserve a felony charge for evey dollar u made imo.

  • P

    Did this shit on purpose, to have a street image; what a fucking shame.

  • Anonymous

    He either get off completly or the judge is gonna be lenient knowing the garbage he crank out. quite opposite of the tupac situation.

  • JohnnyBLaze

    ahahaha fuck yes. Cops were probably fans of real hiphop

  • Anonymous

    this reminds me of his series of videos titles rich ni$$a shit

  • sodmg

  • muzikCALI

    If bOi cATcHez time hE 'gOn hafta PAy 2 kEep his bOoTy cleAn iN tHere lol..

  • Anonymous

    You wouldve thought he'd learn from the TI and Wayne incidents. Nope

  • Brandon Hamm

    Wow... Way to go, Soulja!

  • That mothafucka

    He'll probably get a year. You know how it is with these celebrities. But that mothafucka better start working out, because prison is a bitch. And Soulja looks soft...something like a twinkie, lol.

  • Anonymous

    yes street cred finally

  • Absalute

    Check out The Best White Girl Rapper in the game right now: Kat Baby - Aquafina ft. Rock

  • Travion Coker

    This nigga stupid..

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    Three felonies. Don't fall asleep in person, you don't want someone to superman you, do ya?

    • Anonymous

      Lmfao at ^ naw but ive heard from dudes that been locked up it happens but not on no gay shit they do the shower shit just for dominance i guess and dudes doin maaad time will blow dudes for packs of cigarettes. They stupid to think soulja boys goin to a prison like that tho dudes gonna be in a minimal security isolated shit

    • Anonymous

      And another guy thinking about anal rape. Like Chairman said down there, they don't do that like that. But thanks for letting the world know how you think. I hope your job doesn't google your name to find out you have these male fantasies.

  • Old School

    Any old school cats remember the song by Ice T called "You Played Yourself"

  • bkstylz

    Whatever cash was seized is now property of the county. This little stunt is going to cost dude. I hope he has some movies lined up.

  • Anonymous

    Wish him the best, jail is a motherfucker you don't need.


    Personally I dont like the little ignorant muh fucka! Good for his ass. Only kids listen to his bullshit songs and he aint even a good example for them. makin music talkin bout wet Pussy and everything else str8 Garbage that kids dont need to hear. Then he try to be a philospher wit his dumbass saying fuck the troops and explainin that shit in a rap like his mind think on sumth real. Fuck a soulja boy..Tellum I said that. YEaaa

  • Chairman of the Bored

    It's funny how when somebody goes to jail, the first thing people think about is ass fucking. Do you homo's really sit around all day fantasizing about getting fucked up the ass??? That shit never crosses a real nigga's mind. A nigga might think, "Damn. I'm gonna lose my apartment." Or, "My girl is gonna cheat on me." But you fuck nigga's go right to the dick-in-the-asshole scenario. Public Service Announcement: Niggas don't rape each other in jail!!! That's some faggot fantasy concocted by white and Jew writers in Hollywood, who secretly long to be beaten up, held down, and raped by a bunch of niggas! Niggas fight, play cards, shoot basketball, smoke weed, and work out. But all assfucking is consensual, and only a handful of busters engage in that shit. Get y'all minds off that bullshit! Hold ya head, Soulja Boy.

    • Anonymous

      Dudes dont kno shiiit. Sorry but ive had people do from small to long bids and ive heard from several shit will happen but u did somethin to deserve it. Shit they say even the guards will walk out the shower and let it happen cus if not theyll start riotin. And they say dudes get blown all the time by other dudes for a pack of smokes or two. Besides that its pretty much ball cards bullshittin smoking cigarettes weeds rare work out read chill dudes get bored learn new shit read the bible play chess whatever

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign that whole statement.

    • Anonymous

      Well said Chairman of the board.

  • Drew

    This guy is garbage for hip hop. As for him getting locked up the hip hop world could care less. Soulja you say fuck the military, well then fuck you too nigga.

  • Sourheadband420

    I believe in Georgia, u can carry a concealed weapon, so hopefully one of these dudes has the paperwork right. The weed may be the problem with the gun, though in the eyes of the law depending on the quantity. Im sure sOuljah boy doesnt see 1 day in the county for this weak ass case.

  • Malvin Tafadzwa Nyahangare

    its a good thing he locked up ,now we can finally listen to some realshit by realniggaz

    • Anonymous

      LeBron James is the greatest ever.

    • Anonymous

      Yall all racist bitches for real. Theres white geniuses like nklov tesla, edward Leesklanin, or marko rodin that did/ are doing shit that u cant even believe or possibly grasp( science cant even), its a known fact that africa was once the most sought place in the world for knowledge, Amazing black americans are known throughout its history(so many that i dont wanna list as to not only shine light on the generics)indians are brilliant every god damn person has the potential to be anything. If u dont think u can do some shit how u gonna do it? Thats got nothing to do with race. All yall on some ignorant shit grow ur damn minds.

    • Anonymous

      So you're speaking about ALL BLACK AMERICANS? BE CLEAR. YOU have your nose turned up at Black Americans, LIKE YOU'RE BETTER THAN US. Do yourself a FAVOR, and speak to some EDUCATED AMERICAN BLACKS who can tell you who and what you're REALLY DEALING WITH in America. Now let's try this AGAIN, it's STUPID to wish another Black male should be locked in jail just because YOU don't like their music. DO YOU AGREE? Do you even see that most of these comments come from CAUCASIANS acting like they're Black? Just remember I'm not your enemy, and the one who can show you your enemy when you can't see them is the one you dislike. Peace and prosperity.

    • mbongeni

      @anonymous2..shut the fuck Black americans even care about Africa i dont think so? you guys fight over stupid shit, like gang territories and whine and complain about everything when your country has all the resources! in college i got some american friends we cool.. i jut do not like the way yal think you are better than Africans because you are americans...but peace tho

    • Anonymous

      And you are even worse, thinking American Blacks only can teach you harm. You sound even more stupider than the other guy. The white man's tactic of divide and conquer has settled in your conscience very well. You even consider your distant ancestors to be young stupid teenagers. But I understand, you don't need your brethren, just the white man's money.

    • mbongeni

      @anonymous please do not show your ignorance. American black people are the teenagers of this world..what teachings can you give us? gangs, drugs? Africans do not need your teachings... Ndeipi Tafadzwa

    • Anonymous

      He hasn't had a buzz in a year. Why would you want him to stay in jail for? You sound real stupid Afrikan brother. You need more American Blackman teaching, your first mistake is commenting with your full government name.

  • Anonymous

    Part of Hip Hops problem anyways. We don't need him rapping anymore.

  • Malvin Tafadzwa Nyahangare

    come on yall the kid is a crankster and Nas is an Emcee u can't compare the two.

  • Swordz

    I'm starting a Free Soulja Boy campaign. Unfortunately I can't guarantee any of the monies will actually reach the artist or will be used for the purpose stated above. SO.... if you'd like to donate, let me know.

  • LOL @ these comments

    You white boys couldn't wait for a story like this so you could use the n-word! LOL! We see you!

  • Anonymous

    He has all this money and he goes and rides around with guns, pounds of weed, and cash??? Anybody that stupid deserves to go to jail. Hands down, he is a dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      You don't realize there are doctors, lawyers, businessmen who have way more incriminating stuff on them when they get pulled over, or don't get processed, you just think because you haven't heard about it means it doesn't happen. I work in the court system, I see it EVERYDAY. Now who's stupid? How YOU would live if you're caked up DOESN'T MEAN OTHERS THINK THE SAME WAY. I saw a rich guy get bagged with having an OUNCE of crack, MANDATORY Rockefeller law jail time, and got off.

    • bkstylz

      The original poster is right....Anybody that is caked up is stupid to roll around like that....Just asking for it. He isn't getting any of that money back now because of the way they charged him and when you add up all the lawyer fees and fines, it is going to cost him a nice chunk of whatever money he has left.

    • YUP

      Yeah wtf "richer people drive around with way more incriminating stuff than he had, they just don't get pulled over" that comment right there was probably the stupidest thing I have ever fucking heard.

    • Anonymous

      No shit richer people drive around with more incriminating stuff but that doesn't make it right... Whether he has been doing it for 2 days or 2 years doesn't make it smart... why put yourself in that position?

    • Anonymous

      I think you're the dumbass because richer people drive around with way more incriminating stuff than he had, they just don't get pulled over. If you were really smart, you would see that he's been doing this for a while. Did you ever think the cops were watching him?

  • Anonymous

    he should be locked up for his etched in eyebrows before anything else




    homie days of going plat is gone somebody pass da fork


    Felony weapon in commission of a crime? WTF?

    • jnr

      Only if other "whiteys share the same sentiments as you about the "WE BLEED RED" line, then we can all live in peace!

    • I stay high....not really, but you know.

      Hey hey, common now. Whitey's can be cool, just not the greedy, racist, closed minded ones. It's like the worthless, wild, unlawful Blackies. They're just as bad. Just stay cool and don't worry about race, it makes you look really dumb. We bleed red.

    • Big Bad Brow

      Carrying the weed is a felony. The guns make it firearm in the commission. Get it? I'm so proud that so many of you young brothers have never been in any trouble!!! Keep it up! Stay in school. Say no to drugs. Don't trust whitey. You'll be all right...

  • Anonymous

    Why do blacks hate on another black man who made it?

  • Anonymous

    50 makes sure that his ass will be safe.

  • Anonymous

    "They should've never gave you niggers money"

  • White or Black.

    About time he did something gangster enough to go to jail, personally I would have locked him up for them wack ass raps. At least 50 will protect his bum in jail...

  • logic

    I'm not a fan and yeah the young homie did something stupid but at that age who hasn't. Ya'll some real bitches on here for wishing him the worst in jail. As for the racist comments, well hey this world has a time limit so soon (if not already) you'll have more pertinent things to worry about than "dumb niggers" survival. I want you to remember that when it get gets to the point you contemplate suicide as the better option.. my gift to you :) Hopefully this experience does SB some good if not well this world will quickly make an example of him. If he lets it get that far he'll get no sympathy from me.

    • Anonymous

      He's only 21. He's at that age where his fame and money give him the false security that he is invincible. What people need to understand is just because he has money and is in a good space in life, that doesn't mean he's smart enough to know what to do. People need to stop treating celebrities like they are deities and expect them to be perfect. Because they are not.

    • Big Dan

      After getting set up by that groupie and after all the gun arrests and serious jail time of other entertainers and athletes, dude has NO excuse. Why would any rapper today go let him/herself go get caught with a gun charge. Let's not blame this on him being "at that age" please. Well first off, "Soldier Boy" was a long time ago, so dude is probably pushing 25. Second, this is not the kind of mistake you make because you are a dumb kid. Maybe there are rappers this day that are living under a rock, but for all the others, you get caught with a gun that's not registered, or you are a felon and should not have one then screw and you should do serious time just because of the dumbness, and there are multiple dumbnesses here. Five brothers (I assume the others were all black) rolling in a whip anywhere in GA that's outside downtown Atlanta, should assume they will be stopped. You need to be 100% clean so you can tell the officer f you and thank you when you're handed back your license.



  • Lupe Espinoza

    On some #Realshit, I can take Lil B, YES the BasedGod, more seriously than this goof. Like just look at his gotdamn face...smfh!

  • Dooh Ece

    Soulja Boy is a casualty of rap. He's one of the kids who was grew up in the dipset/gunit era who tried to emulate it when he was never really about that lifestyle. The dude is sniffing coke, carrying guns, smoking weed.. When before he was just a kid who did a funny dance..smh I know a lot of people like this kid...Hiphop fucks up people who have weak minds/bad parents...I'm glad the gangsta rap stuff is finally dying out.. Deny it all you want, but gangster rap was a huge and bad influence on kids.

  • Anonymous

    good for him, u wanna b a g now nigga?? sittin behind them g walls aint cute is it???

  • Anonymous

    Doing this >>> growing up in QB.

    • Anonymous

      Hate is a strong word. I just speak the truth about Nas' overrated ass that his sensitive and delusional fans, that don't know shit about Hip Hop, can't stand. Easy as that. I didn't post any ''hate''-comments. Everything was based on arguments.

    • Cory McKay

      You guys finally exposed me! I'm Cormega. I should be in Nas' place. I watched this dude growing up. Illmatic was about ME!!! I dedicated full-length LP's to Nas, because he didn't go out to buy my CD. I got kicked out of The Firm because Nas couldn't outshine me. He never did any crimes, he was a bitch that started to cry when others bullied him. Check my lyrics, my frustration helped me to write them: A nigga named Nas think he live like me Now its on 'till he R.I.P, the odds might be Against me, you real, convince me, I think you a bitch Pardon me Nas, I think you suck dick Whens the last time you came to Queensbridge to see the kids Speak to Ill Will moms, or gave cheese to Wiz Streat Dreams don't put me in the fridge You a hossa, a greedy pig Junior Mafia was eatin' wit Big Jay let Bleek and 'em live Nore got Capone comfortable All ya mans ever do is smoke blunts with you Fuck a Willy Esco outfit, nigga, I'm about chips Look at my crew we all got whips Nasty Nas all ya life you praised me Your daughter might be Jay-Z's Illmatic was real cause you was tryin' to portray me Matter of fact, time for Sony to pay me For "Life's a bitch, God forbid the bitch divorce me" "Street Dreems", and every other rhyme you got off me I shoulda kept the rhymes for me Fuck it now the whole world know Who coward ass Nas tryin to be You was broke, Killa was buyin' ya weed Ya Lex got repossessed, I had mines on the street You shoulda kept it real wit Nature Steve Stoute taught you how to deal wit paper Kings lose crowns, and kingdoms fall When ya queen moves foul, obviously she's Jay-Z's boo now, what should he do now? Off the throne when the fours get blown Lake can't save you, Lord is just fold Big's last words was "You lost it homes" You the reason Ill Will is in the coffin yo When he got shot, you was too soft to roll Talkin' 'bout you a brave Pac Nah you a fake Pac I get down and take blocks You bend down and take cock Cause Chris Lightys behind you, get it? My niggas'll find you drippin You give ya niggas nothing, the diamonds, the bitches I got shot ain't no denying I did But I was sendin' fire at niggas What the fuck you talkin' 'bout bitch!! Poetry Check it, I had ''One Love'' for niggas, those days are over ''Halftime'' expired, the game is over ''It ain't hard to tell'', you pay niggas, not to rob you ''Life's A Bitch'' and so are you ''I Am'', a nightmare to ''Street Dreams'' My ''New York State Of Mind'' will outshine ya weak team Take a trip down ''Memory Lane'' Niggas had ya ride in flames You didn't ''represent'' nigga you cried in pain If ''the world is yours'' nigga why you hide ya chain? If ya girls is yours, I won't even go there My niggas, respected, yours is labeled cowards If rap is a gun, ''I Gave You Power'' You better watch them niggas, thats close to you Or I'ma pop them niggas If you could see the future, whats the outcome nigga ''It Was Written'', you think you a thug You rule the world, I'ma ''take it in blood'' You a ''Suspect'' Nigga wit a ''live niggas rap'' I'm sendin' you ''the Message'', ya rhymes are wack ''One time for the mind'', I'ma make you bow And I'll prove who's the illest, so ''Hate Me Now'' Don't forget to cop my now album, it already sold 85 copies. Nas didn't buy it, but others will!!!

    • O

      Really though bro, what does that even mean?

    • Cormega?

      Why do you keep leaving multiple Nas hate comments on every article on this site? Get a life my dude...

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      what the fuck is that supposed to mean

  • The One

    They could've at least give me credit for catching them, raping them, and alerting the authorities. I guess I rape for just and not for recognition. Its just another day's work for me. Get right or get raped!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy has much more street cred than Nas now.

    • Noe Gomez

      If that is true, who cares. Soulja Boy is still one of the worst artists to ever live and Nas is one the best. Fuck Soulja Boy.

    • Ross

      How? Because he wasn't slick enough to not get caught up? Street cred isn't rewarded to ignorance.

  • really

    yall all out of line stop being racist please because you are ok. You are so full of shit can yall please stop saying nigga thank you and i wouldnt look at you as racist shit

  • Anonymous

    hope he gets locked the fuck up and loses all his money/career. fads live forever now. kid shoulda been history years ago. wack niggas live forever on the internet. hope he gets rocked in the can. loud mouth faggot.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a small town. Sb should know better...get his boy to drive a seperate car with the guns and drugs if ur driving thru america. Small american towns hate seeing black people in cars.

  • jon


    • Broward

      SutterKane, you obviously never been locked up... not saying that's a bad thing. Nobody's going to fuck with Soulja Boy in jail. Hardly anything bad ever happens to people in jail- that's why people KEEP GOING BACK! If anything, guys are going to audition for him, and hope he puts them on when they get out. Jail and prison are nothing like you see on TV. It's more like a summer camp for bad kids.

    • Anonymous

      rick ross never got locked up, maybe for a few hours he does the locking up

    • SutterKane

      Rick Ross and Lil Wayne were famous before they got locked up, are you fuckin serious?? And I highly Doubt Soulja Boy wants to sit in jail for any reason, as small as he is, he wouldnt even stand a chance in County jail, let alone prison...... Plus you know some black power muslims in there aint forgotten about his "Shout out to the slave masters" remark

  • Anonymous

    ppl always talkin no fan of sb....but its obvious...he was just tryna smoke n he keeps a gun cuz he's a celeb n u never kno wen someone will try to get at u

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    damn SB going hard now. I thought this nigga was gonna end up like bowwow, grow up and try to be all diff. but naw he actually been slanging like this since his first album yall just aint no.......owell

  • Anonymous

    Watch some clowns on this site turn it into a race issue Soulja Boy was probably driving over the speed limit with smoke pouring out the windows, and people will say its because he's black...... and then totally ignore the fact that he's driving around with drugs and guns in the first place



    • hnic

      Alright. I get it. The only ones getting arrested in the world, are black people. White people never get arrested. There's not a single white person inside jails of the world... You must be colour blind you dumb fuck. Think before you state shit.

    • Anonymous

      Negros are dumb as fuck. I'm not going to deny facts because these apes will pull the race card. Soulja Boy is one of the prime examples for the black stupidity.

    • Self Hatred

      Its not racist to state facts. Niggaz are dumb as fuck. Its way too much to go into on this thread, but SB, lil wayne and the likes are all idiots, not really hurting themselves, but destroying the future's of so many kids...

    • GET A CLUE


    • Anonymous

      Any time you start a sentence with "I am not a racist" you're pretty much guaranteed to say something racist

  • RIP

    RIP SOULJA BOY (2007-2011)

  • Mr.Mean

    Hopefully he gets locked up. When he gets in the clink, them niggas is gonna name him "Peaches", and buttfuck that ass till its raw.

  • amp

    see, soulja boys label felt he wasnt 'real' enuf, so they stage this and then they gonn have him try bring gangsta rap back on his next album

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha Soulja's gonna find out first hand what it feels like to get Supermanned

  • Worley

    How does a traffic violation turn into a full-blown search? Two theories: four black men in a car is "suspicious" and/or the officers "smelled marijuana." GTFOHWTBS

  • Michael Eaton

    Maybe he should rent out his jet to lil b while he's in jail for the next 3 years

  • yuhj

    jay-z said it best"most rappers never had a jail record until they had record" get it...

  • HAHA

    you kno damn well this 95 pound nigga is gonna get punked

  • yep

    This nigga is stupid, be broke next week if he keep on the part he is on, he better save his money instead of paying back taxes and lawlers, becuase this nigga is about 1 song from being done with the rap game, being that he is wack.

  • 50 Cent

    50 Cent Run New York!!!!!!!

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