50 Cent To Give Away One Million Meals In A Week

Fiddy and his Street King partners promise to give away over a million meals within a week.

It looks like 50 Cent is planning to expand to his plans to provide needy children with food. Now, Fif and his Street King partners are using Facebook to bring even up to a million meals to hungry children in one week.

According to a recent press release, Fiddy and Street King are launching a new initiative titled "One Like = One Meal." For every Like that Street King gets on its Facebook page, the energy drink company promises to donate a meal to a hungry child. 50 also promises that if the company can achieve one million Likes within in seven days, he will match their donation and provid another million meals.

Fif and Street King's recent "Hustle to One Million" efforts line-up with the United Nations' World Food Day. Fans looking to get involved can hit up Street King's website for more information.

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  • Anonymous

    What a bossy pic.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't matter if he's doing this for any kind of attention. Like somebody said, the kids are still getting their food.

  • ty

    if his doing for attention or not his making a difference and paying from his own pocket what r u haters doing for the society

  • Anonymous

    50 been doing this shit on the low.

  • Frank

    People please!!!!!! He doing this to get people to like him again n because he has no more buzz!!!!! Come on!! If he was hot like 05' touring er where and doing all those businesses like gunit clothing, shoes, video games, and launching artist people still like ummmm... buck n Game! then we would not being hearing this shit he's fake as fuck!!!!!!!

    • Frank

      Ive never said i was a game fan i jus call it like i see it he wouldnt do this if he was still hot just admit it!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      50 jus doing this cause he aint got nothin else goin! LOL. 50 could never release an album again and still has more money than 50 generations of your shitty family. Dude accomplished in 5 years what took Jay and Diddy 15. And you Game fans should be thankful as fuck, without 50 you would've never heard of your idol. He was on the shelve at Aftermath, til 50 picked this fool up. Game would be there with dudes like The Last Emperor now.

    • Rell

      Shut the fuck up Frank rite 50 jus doing this cause he aint got nothin else goin!

    • Anonymous

      You people can't think. So what if it gives him attention and he uses it for marketing purposes? THE KIDS ARE STILL GOING TO GET THEIR MEALS!!! You just mad that Game's career is over.

  • sssfff


  • Anonymous

    why not provide food for everyday you rich ass count! for one week lol!

  • Curtis "The Real 50 Cent" Jackson

    What rappers would do for attention.I guess since records sales for Curtis don fall way down the drain,he tryna do charity work so we buy his album.BULLSHIT,we aint gonna buy ur album ever,while we love ur charity work,im ma download ur album for free.U got enuff money already.Try establishing schools in Africa, and creating jobs. Feeding kids for a day? i aint impress.Teach em a trade so they can earn money to buy food.50 cent would feed em for a day n when his album start selling he go forget em.No way Hose....WE AINT IMPRESS CURTIS JACKSON LOL....all 50 cent and gunit FA(n)GS can eat a sack of HIV dicks n DIE!!!!! Justin Beiber all day yall lol

    • Anonymous

      somalia is in crisis hes providin emergency aid relief it is not necessarily a long term famine therefore schools and jobs are not the issue its SURVVAL

    • Dizzle

      speek for yourself bitch! Don't put a "WE" in there because were not all self centered cocksuckers like you. I'll be the first to admit that 50 fell off(with music). But at least he doing something. What the fuck are you doing other than wasting bandwidth on the internet to waste our time with your selfish remarks. Why don't you go build schools and teach trades if you think you can revolutionize. Pfft Dumb ass FUCK!

  • Anonymous

    EVERY SINGLE hater should click on that fucking ''Like-Button''. 50 is doing a fucking great thing there, he doesn't have to do this, it's his money, he deserves every dollar. It's fucking SAD that the media doesn't cover all the great things he does and post every bad thing he does for weeks, the love to potray him as the bad guy. Have you heard gunIty? Remember thanks giving(gave out free turkey)? Remember free concert at queens? Remember how many BBQ he did and parks he build in queens? Remember when 40 buses or someshit went from queens too six flags for kids and made a free concert again? What you gonna say to this facts? Theres fucking videos on YouTube. Lloyd banks donated 10gs to a school he went to for books and stuff. This shit is all facts. Last week or the first week of this opening he donated 2.5 million meals and this shit is a fact too. He gave out samples on mail too who ever registered on street king got free samples. And now his asking you motherfucking haters to please like a fucking page on fb that u go on everyday and if he reaches 1 million in one week he will double it and make 2 million meals. Just like that shot bro u aint giving money to anyone just 1 meal to a hungry kid that needs it really bad.. Peace

  • Anonymous

    Always knew he was a good guy. Aside from his rapping, this dude's life story is pure inspiration. He came from nothing and knows what it is like. Many others should join him.

  • Anonymous

    One of the realest rappers ever.



  • Just'C

    Yea thats a gud wun bola pakhale sustainability

  • Rowan Vermeulen

    So what happens after those children are fed? Do they suddenly have a positive future? SMH

  • Kashif Ilyas

    Great going fifty. If all the multimillionaires actually cared about their community, they could do so much to uplift the poor.

  • Anonymous

    why cant i just read a fucking article without some obsessed ass nigga wanting to talk about young money and lil wayne?

  • Anonymous

    good to see rappers giving back to the community

  • Gunitinthehouse

    Damn, the General is making huge moves that the rasta starvin marvin young hunnies general wouldnt even dream, or care about making...GENERAL, I salute you! Gunit fanbase >>>>> Young Hunnies fanbase. Its the unit bitches!!!

    • @Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up you angry ass skinny jean wearing wayne fan, get the fuck out of here

    • Anonymous

      nigga your whole fucking life revolves around that nigga wayne. hes not even in this article and you thinkin about him. damn that nigga is winning and fyi wayne gives back... just cause he doesnt make a spectacle of it doesnt mean he doesnt do. just cause your mom doesnt cheat on your father publicly doesnt mean she doesnt do it.

  • jr88

    nobody can hate on this....50 is giving because he comes from the bottom man...most of these rappers today come from middle class homes (which there is nothing wrong with)but they act like they street and come from the ghetto.... 50 knows what they going throgh

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This is a good look and good ish 50 is doing... What he needs to also do is give away a million dollars in a week to me....

  • DrDreBeats

    Respect to Fif, so many billionaires in this world yet none of them would do this. Whats a few million to a billionaire

  • sirwilliam

    yo real talk this is what he has to do this is what he wants to do i can respect a man who gives becuz he wants to not cuz his A&R people tell him it will look good Yo 50 you been doing ya thing in movies i must a admit no homo I'm a fan and i agree with feeding the need the other day i took my lil sister out and we went looking for a homeless person to take them to subway to get a meal and have a conversation with them and see what happen what caused them to be homeless what was they like in school did they have friends money was they always poor? hey even the poorest person is rich with knowledge why not share that and stop saying if you had it you would do it cuz you have it and you not people should go to mac Donald's and buy someone in line a happy meal why not I'm not rich and I've went to foot locker and seen a kid looking at shoes and asked the mother if it was okay if i bought them for there child we all need to be more giving it feels good to know you made someones day..

  • Miguel Hernandez

    why does he need the likes? I don't get it. I mean I totally support him and I'm aware that he's going to make a BIG difference, but why the likes?

    • Anonymous

      its initiative to get people involved. he's being interactive and getting people to participate

    • Anonymous

      Did you know donations are nearly 100% tax free? So people will see SK and buy it thinking they are healping poor kids eat and they are.. But 50 is making some massive bottom line of this but who cares... everyone wins apart from Americas Tax system... but this will probably be the most revenue any rapper will ever see...

    • ilexx

      Every "like" he gets, each individual will now see SK news in their news feed because they are fans. Not to mention 1 million ppl liking it will exponentially build brand awareness for SK, so that one million ppl will expand without a hickup, penetrating different networks of people that they may have been unable to get to otherwise.

    • aar

      he needs people to share so they become aware of it so for the next time they see SK they'll know what it is and buy it , thats why in my opinion

    • thatperson181

      So people can feel like they're helping out?

  • don

    why does he need a like on facebook just feed the people i mean does everyhing have to be tiad to that danm site

  • Anonymous

    GREAT move. 50 is a boss.

  • jason

    damn first non greedy millionaire in a long time!!! im impressed.

  • Ali

    That's nice of him, he should open some schools

  • Louis Fdda Guthrie

    #SK lets go world!

  • Sligger

    nice guy.. kind of reminds me of i bar.. the guy who raps ifan

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